I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 682

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Episode 682: Mad Scientist (1)

“I only trust you!”

Sheridan instantly disassembled the railgun using a magnetic cube.


The parts scattered in the air made the powered armor spin around like electrons around an atomic nucleus due to magnetic force.

When Powered Armor raised one hand, the parts came together and formed a large shield.

It was a shield large enough to hide the massive size of the powered armor.

Pension Union.

Scrap metal shield.


Sheridan pulled the lever forward and increased the output of the powered armor to maximum.

A subtle blue light appeared around the powered armor, and intense magical energy erupted from behind.


The powered armor holding a shield and charging towards the automatons firing magic was like watching heavily armed cavalry crossing the enemy lines in war.

The magic that was fired with the intention of destroying the aircraft was blocked by the scrap metal shield and had no effect.

Of course, physical shock was applied to the powered armor through the shield, but the powered armor made by Sheridan did not collapse from that shock.

The ivory automaton eventually had to make a different choice.


The automatons pulled out blades from the backs of both hands.

A bluish aura formed on the blade.

Compared to an Auror with the sharp cutting power of a real knight, it was a bit lacking, but an Auror is still an Auror.

No matter how strong the scrap metal shield is, it will be cut off the moment it touches that sword.

Ivory automatons rushed in.

Some of them were hit by Sheridan’s shield, but instead of being bounced away, they stubbornly clung to the shield and swung the blade imbued with aura.

Kaang! Kang! Suddenly!

Sparks flew out, and the corner of the shield was greatly cut off.

As the five automatons frantically swung their blades, the durability of the large and strong shield quickly reached its lowest point.

Here, we had to throw away the shield, retrieve the parts by ourselves, and create a new weapon to respond.

However, Sheridan took a step forward by increasing the aircraft’s output.

Her role is to clear and create a path.

Even if this aircraft collapsed, it should never have stopped.

It was an extreme choice that I could make because I believed in Arpa.


The shield that was barely holding on finally broke.

The automatons that crossed the shield clung to the powered armor like bugs.

Sheridan saw the sight, closed his eyes tightly, and shouted.

“Ugh! “I didn’t want to do this!”

Sheridan pressed the emergency evacuation button.

The back of the powered armor opened with a clanging sound, and her small body was thrown backwards.

And before the automatons had time to react, the magnetic cube released an output exceeding the threshold and caused a violent explosion.


A huge explosion caused by sacrificing the Powered Armor itself.

Even though the distance was sufficient, Sheridan was caught in the aftereffects of the explosion and rolled backwards several times.

Sheridan, stretched out on the floor, muttered.

“The road is open.”

“thank you.”

Arpa jumped over Sheridan like a gale and approached the black automaton.

At that moment, red eyes appeared above the black automaton’s sleek visor helmet.

It was finally starting to work.

When the black automaton held out its left hand, a magnetic force filled it, and the metal pieces around it gathered together and turned into a sword.

It was implemented by imitating Leslie’s magic.

In addition, a dark red aura hovered over the black automaton’s sword.

This auror was similar to the power of Night Verom’s Living Armor.

Victor couldn’t control his joy and roared at the sight of his success.

“Oh Hyo-hyo! Look at this! My masterpiece! My beautiful creation! “This ultimate automaton was created by scratching the characteristics of the First Order of the Black Dawn, my former employer!”

A black automaton that Victor put a lot of effort into creating.


Black order.

The Black Order raised its right hand, which was not holding a sword, towards Arpa.

A flame the size of a lighter rose above the smooth black palm that was wide open.


The flame expanded in size in an instant, and a giant with a scary face popped out from inside.


The giant made of flame opened its mouth and roared at Arpa.

High-temperature flames spouting out with a roar.

Before Arpa could react, flames engulfed his body.

Even if Arpa was an automaton, there was no way it would be fine in that level of heat.

The Black Order’s attacks did not stop there.



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The steel sword imbued with a dark red aura was swung and a crescent-shaped slash was fired.

I intend to completely end Arpa as it melts in the flames.

Sheridan and Velaruna could only watch with wide eyes.

This was because a blue flash burst out from the flames that were only filled with scarlet.

The icy cold split the giant’s breath vertically, shattering the crescent moon sword energy flying beyond it.

That wasn’t all.

The blue flash continued without stopping and split the fire giant vertically from the forehead to the bottom.

Sparkling blue powder filled the surroundings.

The scattered powder washed away the heat and made the surroundings cold.

Sheridan, who saw this, muttered in disbelief.

“Is that magic?”

High-temperature flames that will melt and melt even steel.

Despite this, Arpa appeared in a normal posture and was holding a sword in one hand.

It was a great sword made of ice.

When Victor saw the great sword, which could be seen just by looking at it as being made of magic, he shouted in astonishment.

“W-what?! “What on earth was that just now?!”

Although he was making a fuss and shouting, Victor’s insight immediately figured out what Arpa had done.

“The automaton uses magic! “That’s impossible!”

Arpa used magic.

That too, according to one’s own will.

The magic used by Victor’s automaton was not that orthodox.

Just like a scroll or artifact, it was simply an engraving on the automaton itself and then quickly activating the magic using the magical power of the magic stone.

As a result, its power was lacking compared to that used by a real wizard.

But Arpa was different.

He used his own magical power and used magic to manifest magic.

Just like a real person.

Whether Victor was surprised or not, Arpa just stared at the ice greatsword in his hand.


-Yes, teacher.

I vividly remembered the conversation I had with Ludger before the crusade began.

-To be honest, I don’t want you to get involved in this fight.

-yes? Why? I am also a proud member of Owens!

-Because you are still a child.

-For me, an automaton… … .

-Not anymore. Don’t you know that too?

-… … .

Arpa couldn’t say anything.

What Ludger said was true. After the Dreamland incident, Arpa realized the true nature of his soul.

-teacher. I still want to fight.

Arfa looked down at her empty palms.

It looked exactly like a human hand, but inside it was full of clockwork mechanisms that provided no warmth.

-I have become stronger. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I still want to fight with this power. To help the teacher.

-Are there any lies in what you said?


Arfa answered while staring at Ludger with pure eyes.

Ludger stared at Arpa for a moment and then shook his head, saying there was nothing he could do.

-I guess I can’t force your actions now. But you should definitely know. The fight ahead will be difficult even for your strong body.

-I am fully prepared.

-But I can’t just ask you to help me like this, so I’ll also teach you how to become stronger.

-How can I become stronger? Do you have it?

-okay. If you are aware of who you are, it is possible.

What Ludger said to Arpa was quite shocking.

-From now on, you learn how to use magic.

-Magic? But I’m an automaton, so I can’t use magic.

-The body is like that. But your soul and mind are not like that.

Ludger used magic power to create a bluish shape on his palm.

-How can humans use magic? This is because they can accumulate it in their bodies through the mana floating in the air. However, this mana is not necessarily exclusive to humans.

A beast with a lot of mana becomes a spirit beast.

In environments rich in mana, plants also evolve into different forms.

Arpa knew about these changes because he had seen them with his own eyes in the Kasar Basin.

– Various machines, including steam golems, use magic stones as raw materials. It is operated by the power of the magic stone, the magic power contained within it. So, let me ask you a question here. Is the magic power handled by a steam golem really different from the magic power handled by humans?

-Well, that’s… … .

-What do you think?

-… … It would be the same. Ultimately, it is a power that comes from Mother Nature’s mana.

-okay. Humans, animals, plants, and machines. All can use mana. The only difference between humans and machines is whether they use them of their own will or not.

Ludger’s blue eyes watched Arpa.

-Arpa. Are you a machine? Or is it a human?

That alone was enough for Ludger’s will to convey.

-Ha, but I can’t accumulate magical power, and I don’t know how to construct a spell.

-Why do you think you don’t know?

-Because I never learned it.

-okay. I never learned it. But haven’t I seen it a lot?

-… … .

-You can remember everything you see. So you know. How much magic you saw that day in Kasar Basin.

Arfa looked down at her hands again.

A greatsword was once again held on top of a smooth hand without any calluses.


Arpa remembered everything.

The techniques used by wizards during the fight that day.

The art of people who draw beautiful pictures in the air using magical power as lines.

When he was a human, the boy wanted to learn and follow it.

He was finally able to obtain what he had longed for.

To be of help to someone.

To protect my colleagues.

Arpa stretched out his left hand.

Flames formed around his wide open hand, and before he knew it, a stone statue made of flames appeared.

“Grandpa Limray. “Let me borrow your strength for a moment.”

Arpa recalled the image of the wise man Rimray smiling kindly, grabbed the staff of flame and swung it wide horizontally.

Sheridan and Velaruna, who were watching the scene, felt the illusion of an old man emerging behind Arfa’s back.


A tidal wave of flames rippled and engulfed the Black Order.

“profit! Don’t lose! Black Order!”

At Victor’s command, the Black Order spewed out red eye light and unleashed magic.

Ice attribute magic built into the artifact and magic stone was activated one after another.

Although it was less powerful than the magic used by actual wizards, the number of spells that could be used at once was much greater.

From 1st to 4th tier.

Most of the ice attribute magic was fired like a machine gun.

The ice petals unfolded, a cold wind blew, sharp spears made of ice flew, and hail rained down from the ceiling.

However, it was all useless in front of Arpa’s flame staff.

All of the ice magic broke through, and flames exploded over the black body of the Black Order.

But the Black Order withstood the flames.

As an automaton that Victor put a lot of effort into, it naturally had some resistance to flame.

However, the great sword that came flying after did not do that.

Damn it!

The ice greatsword was diagonally inserted into the Black Order’s shoulder.

Because of the hard body, it stopped at about the collarbone, but that alone was a huge blow.

Arpa released the great sword from his hand and swung it this time, creating a path made of purple lightning.

Next, the whip of water, the spear of rock, and the blade of wind were blocked by the Black Order’s body one after another.


The Black Order’s bodies were cut into pieces and scattered in all directions.

“Unbelievable. “My, the best automaton I’ve ever made is being attacked!”

Beyond the goggles, Victor’s gray eyes glared at Arpa.

“Yeah, that’s right! I finally understand! you! You’ve breathed soul into the automaton! That’s why I was able to use magic! But how? “If you transfer your soul into a steel machine, it will be damaged and you won’t even remember that you were human!”

Victor took off his white robe.

“It doesn’t matter what happens! On the contrary, since we can find a specimen in such a rare case, we have no choice but to catch it, tear it apart, and study it step by step!”

“Do you think you can catch me?”

“Oh Hyo-hyo. “It seems like you underestimate me too much.”

After taking off his gown, Victor had the appearance of a small, shabby scientist.

But as Victor began to exert strength, his body gradually swelled to a gigantic size.

“Do you think you prepared for all of this by just making machines?”

Surprisingly, Victor performed physical surgery on his own body as well.

“A true scientist must not even spare his own body!”

“I knew so.”

It was Bella Luna who answered those words instead.

At the same time, with a sound, Victor felt a stinging sensation on his thigh.


When I looked down, I saw that Bella Luna had approached me and had injected an injection into my thigh, which was as thick as a log.

Bella Luna looked up at Victor and smiled heartily.

“I thought that if he was a mad scientist, he would naturally modify his own body as well.”


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