I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 67

◈ Episode 67 Relic

Rudger traveled the continent in search of artifacts.

To be precise, the original of the ‘pieces’ he is collecting.

was to make it

I faced many cities, many countries, and many peoples.

As a result, there were times when I unintentionally encountered a Relic that had nothing to do with the sculpture.

Even a normal wizard would never encounter a Relic in their lifetime.

On the other hand, Rudgar has seen several Relics so far.

To Relic, Ludger was more experienced than anyone else.

“Stay still.”

It chants as if commanding, generating magic.

<Almighty Stone> violently generated magic as if resisting Ludger, but Ludgar was not surprised.

Occasionally, an unusual Relic has this kind of ‘will’.

A small mystery caused by the strangely powerful power of Relic.

All-purpose stones exist to fulfill the needs of others.

The fact that Relic scatters the wavelengths of desire around him is that the blind purpose of ‘fulfilling the desire’ has sublimated into will and has an effect on the surroundings.

In a way, the Relic was also a cursed item.

That’s why he resisted Ludgar, but Ludgar laughed at Relic’s will.

“You can’t make my ‘real’ wish come true anyway. in any way.”

Even before the almighty stone, Rudger rather did not believe in the almighty stone itself.

You say you’ll grant me a wish?

Will definitely listen. But that would be within the limits allowed by the power of the stone.

How can you say that it grants a wish?

A wish with limitations is not a wish after all.

it’s just fake

“If it’s fake like that, be fake and follow what I tell you to do.”

The almighty stone did not give up.

Instead of scattering waves of powerful magical energy around, it focused on one Ludger.

Green magic wrapped around Ludger’s body.

Ludgar frowned at the magic seeping into his brain.

“Useless struggle.”

However, it did not push or block the magic of the stone.

On the contrary, he committed a bold act by further increasing his magic power in the hand holding the stone.


Then, it was the almighty stone that was taken aback.

What the hell is this human doing? Instead of defending, you’re accepting magic instead?

The all-powerful stone did not stop invading Ludger’s mind while questioning his actions.

Rather, the moment when I thought it was a good thing and went into Ludger’s inner world.


At some point, the mana flowed by the almighty stone was blocked as if it had hit a wall.

What are you stuck on?

The all-powerful stone, whose purpose is to respond to the inner desires of humans, questioned the situation in which it could no longer enter Ludger.

Did he block it by pretending not to be Rudger? Why?

I knew right away that it wasn’t.

It wasn’t Ludgar’s magical power that blocked the almighty stone.

A foreign power completely separate from Ludgar’s magical power. What stopped the all-powerful stone was a strange force that couldn’t even be classified.

It is an incomprehensible force. Not even analyzed.

horsepower? no. This heterogeneous aura was different from that.

higher than that. As if something else was watching over him and protecting him.

“You’d better stop there.”

Rudger warned against the ‘will’ of the almighty stone.

“If you go further than that, it will do nothing good for you or me.”

Rudger’s warning wasn’t just bluff.

This was heartfelt advice.

The conviction that if you try to go beyond that, something worse will happen.

If the almighty stone had emotions, he would have been moved by the remark.

However, the all-powerful stone’s will is only to do its best to fulfill its role. There is no emotional component in it.

The all-around stone accepted Ludger’s proposal.

If you try to go any further, you will be ruined to such an extent that you will never see the light of day again.

If so, you will not be able to fulfill your role in the future.


“Good job.”

The almighty stone broke his will.

To be precise, it was close to stopping after hitting a wall, but it was the will of the stone that made that choice.

Ludger put his power into the almighty stone as it was, and forcibly entered one ‘wish’.

“This relic fragment I have.”

With my other hand, not holding the stone, I took a piece out of my inner pocket.

“Tell me where these other four fragments are.”

At that moment, a dazzling green light burst from the almighty stone.

If it were an open field, the light was clear and strong enough to be seen clearly even from a very far distance.

However, in a closed space where the waves of magical energy are blocked, the light only illuminates the inside.

when the light is completely gone.

Rudgar let go of the almighty stone.

“Two, okay.”


It was the number of fragments that this versatile stone showed in response to Ludgar’s ‘wish’.

All Ludger wanted was the location of all four, but the only limit the stone could show was two.

And of the two, one already had a rough idea of ​​the location.

‘As a result, the income obtained is the entire position of one piece.’

It was a really ugly effect for a stone that grants wishes, but Rudger decided to think positively.

Just by finding one more missing piece, he saved years that could have been wasted.

‘Even so, I never thought I’d be this close.’

The whereabouts of the pieces he unintentionally learned about.

Because it was already in the great city of Lethervelk.

“I’m glad I found out about one.”


The almighty stone shook finely as if protesting against Ludger.

If thanks were helpful, ask him to take himself outside.

However, Rudger lightly ignored that will.

“You are a dangerous object. He will continue to destroy those who come under his influence. You will continue to stay here.”


The almighty stone tried to protest violently, but Ludgar had already cast a shadow over his body and had permeated into the darkness.

Left alone, the almighty stone flickered green as if protesting, but it soon became quiet.

Because no one would listen to it.

* * *

Returning to my room, I sat down on the sofa for a while to rest because of my exhausted mana.

After all, jumping over space isn’t something you have to do multiple times.

It’s dizzy and disgusting, and above all, it consumes a lot of mana.

On top of that, even consuming the power to use the almighty stone.

It was to the extent that it was forgivable that he had not collapsed from exhaustion.


Noise creeping into the brain.

I frowned at it and shoved the pill into my mouth roughly.

The magical energy contained in the medicine spreads through the body and replenishes the consumed magical energy, but it is not enough.

This time, it took more time, especially since it consumed a lot of mana.

“I’ll turn.”

In order not to hear this noise, I always had medicine in my mouth.

Of course, this time I took advantage of this irritating noise.

The almighty stone had infiltrated my mind, but thanks to that, I was able to get past it without being seriously hurt.

Still, I can’t help but be annoyed.

It’s fortunate that it’s ‘Stage 1’ now, but if it gets worse than this, recovering is also a job.

I lightly pressed my throbbing forehead with my fingers as if I was doing acupressure.

Perhaps thanks to being still for about 30 minutes, the noise in my head disappeared at some point.

is it over

I sighed in relief and stood up. Now that he knew the whereabouts of the sculpture, he thought of making inquiries.

When I held the contact crystal ball and sent magic power, a response came immediately.

[older brother. Did you call?]


As if he had waited, Hans reacted immediately. The fact that she received it like a knife even though it was already past midnight.

He must have been waiting for me to contact him.

[The fact that you contacted me just now, is the work you were trying to solve finished?]

“It ended sooner than expected. Thanks to you, I can afford it.”

[That’s fortunate.]

“You can make an appointment earlier. A weekend would be better.”

[I still thought it was the right time. So I don’t think I contacted you just to tell you this, is there anything else?]

Is it Hans too?

Maybe it’s because he’s worked with me for quite a while, so he’s quick to notice things like this.

“I found another piece of whereabouts.”

[…] … where?]

“They’re in Ledervelk. Look mainly at the auction house.”

[It’s an auction house. There must be only one auction house in Ledervelk.]


If there is an auction house in Ledervelk, there is only one.

Ledervelk’s unique auction house <Kunst>

It is one of the auction houses operated by ‘Luke Company’, the largest auction company in the Exilion Empire.

The influence of this Kunst Auction House was not simply limited to Laedervelk or the Exilion Empire.

The Kunst Auction House shows a very high participation rate because rich people from all continents can gather and purchase goods.

Money begets money.

Quality antiques, historical objects, and outstanding artifacts.

Good things attract rich people.

And those people invest huge amounts of money to show off their wealth.

It is this auction house where so much money is exchanged that even I, who receives a huge salary in Seorn, sticks out my tongue.

When such an overwhelming winning bid comes out, word spreads again and attracts the attention of people in other countries.

A virtuous circle of repeated money.

That created the current Kunst Auction House.

And if my prediction is correct, the ‘sculpture’ I’m looking for will be in this Kunst auction house.

‘The timing isn’t bad since they said they’re going to hold a big event at the Kunst Auction House soon.’

Hans would easily be able to check the list of items to be sold at the Kunst auction house soon.

“Check the roster, and know when it’s up for auction.”

[I know you don’t have to say that. By the way, brother. Anyway, isn’t the Kunst Auction House a bit big?]


[Then I wonder if the ‘usual’ method would be a bit difficult.]

The slightly worried voice of Hans made me realize what he was worried about.

“I know. For now, I plan to act properly as a guest.”

The Kunst Auction House maintained terrifyingly tight security, befitting a place where all kinds of rich people gather.

When the auction is held, it’s to the point of hiring a knight-level person to guard it.

It means that the scale of the auction is huge, and the reputation of Luke, which is conducting it, is great.

Where is it just an article? Even the wizards participated in it, and all the valuable items were covered with security magic.

It was unreasonable to stick to the old ways in such a place.

“Don’t worry too much. After all, there is plenty of time left.”

[What is that… … Got it. Let’s check the list of items first. Ehh?!]


Suddenly Hans screamed and I wondered if something had happened.

[no. It’s not really a big deal. It’s because one annoying insectivore smokes Dingkkang.]

“A troublesome insectivore?”

[Your brother called. One is already here.]

“ah. is it.”

You arrived earlier than expected.

At that moment, a voice shouted from the other side of the crystal ball.

[madam! wait! I’m going!]

Seeing Hans shouting like that, he must have come first.

[Anyway, brother. I’ll see you around again soon.]

“okay. suffer.”

I finished talking to Hans.

He must have gained something to gain by using the almighty stone, and all those who tried to steal it must have died.

With this, the case related to the wish-granting stone is over.

‘With this incident, I can erase most of the president’s doubts, so that’s enough.’

Now it was time to go back to the daily life of ‘Ludger Celish’, a teacher.

The only thing that bothered me was Flora Lumos.

‘I don’t think we met by chance in the forest.’

She came to exactly where I am.

Or, in the middle of the night, stumbled upon the place where I was? Even in the silent forest?

But if it wasn’t just a coincidence, if she came looking for me.

That’s even more absurd.

The “Ather Nocturnus” I used erases my own presence, so it’s not something that students can only recognize.

Didn’t even the president recognize me?

‘Flora Lumos.’

Or, is there something else peculiar about her?

‘Fortunately, judging from the reaction, they didn’t see me using magic.’

Perhaps it was thanks to the high-ranking destruction magic that the president used to draw attention instead.

But it doesn’t change the fact that I can raise doubts about why I was there.

For the time being, I was consistent in silence and passed it over.

‘I’ll have to be careful.’

Flora Lumos’ actions also needed to be closely watched.

But since I pointed out this time, it will be quiet for a while.

Thinking so, I fell into a late sleep.

Because tomorrow I have to get up early again.

* * *

In front of the teachers’ office early in the morning.

I had no choice but to stop when I saw a girl hanging out in front of the office door.

“Flora Lumos.”

“uh? Ah, ah! Lou, Ms. Rudger?”

She, who was still worried about what she had met yesterday, was waiting for me in front of the teachers’ office.

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