I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 66

◈ Episode 66 Witch’s Trap (2)

When I came out to the entrance of the forest, most of the people had left, and only a few people in charge of the field remained.

Among them, the most notable human being was, of course, the president.

Because her unique two-tone hair stood out clearly even at night.


“ah. Mr. Rudger.”

The president greeted Ludger with a soft smile.

Then he widened his eyes at the two schoolgirls standing restlessly behind Ludger’s back.

“what? What are the two students doing?”

“I was just entering the Silent Forest on my own and bringing out students who had lost their way.”

“To the Silent Forest?”

The principal narrowed his eyes for a moment.

Cheryl Wagner, shivering, trembled more as if she couldn’t stand it, and Flora Lumos pursed her lips.

“Hmm. To go to a dangerous place called the Silent Forest in the middle of the night. For what reason?”

“I-I’m so… … !”

Sheryl’s throat choked and she couldn’t speak properly.

At that moment, Flora stepped out.

“It’s because of me.”

“Ph, Flora.”

“I did it by entering the Silent Forest on my own. Sheryl is like that because she is chasing me like that.”

“A student of Flora Lumos?”

Flora Rumos, Seorn’s sophomore senior, was also a student whom the president was watching with interest.

House, appearance, even magical talents.

Did she wander into the silent forest?

I usually do small troubles, but I’ve never come to a dangerous place like this on my own.

“What happened?”

“no. It just happened that I was walking without thinking to change my mood differently than usual. Then Miss Ludgar saved me and Cheryl.”

“Hmm. I see.”

The chancellor did not ask Flora why she had entered the Silent Forest.

Because he already knew that Flora Lumos was innocent.

Saying that it entered by mistake is not in itself absurd.

Since the Forest of Silence is so large, it is virtually impossible to manage all areas in Seorn.

Particularly on a dark night like now, there are times when students are unknowingly drawn to the magic of the forest, so this time it must be the same reason.

She was simply possessed by the magic of the forest.

The president stared at Ludger, who brought the two students.

“Thank you for taking this far. Mr. Rudger.”

“It was something I had to do, of course.”

“But I’m sorry, so what? The situation is already over.”

“Has the president finished everything?”

“yes. Because I’m in such a hurry.”

The president was apologetic and carefully observed Ludger’s reaction.

But Ludger’s expression did not change.

He wasn’t surprised, he wasn’t relieved, he wasn’t annoyed at the fact that he’d been in vain.

I just accepted the current situation as it is.

“All right.”

“what? Aren’t you offended? I asked for it and ended it on my own.”

“Since the President, who is more capable than me, has stepped forward, I think he handled the matter properly. That would have been a more efficient and quick way to do things.”

At Ludger’s words, the president nodded with a bewildered face.

“that… … yes. Well, that’s right.”

“I have no complaints about that fact. There is no such thing as disappointment or sadness over such trivial things.”

“… … .”

The president was at a loss for words at the answer that was so honest and sober.

Do I have to say that I am from a military background?

From the first time I saw Rudger until now, he has been very consistent.

“Rather than that, it’s in the president’s hands… … .”

Rudger opened his mouth as he saw the president wrapped in a cloth in his hand.

“Oh, is this? It’s nothing.”

“Is that so.”

When the president said that much, Rudger decided to turn his attention away.

In fact, I was just acting subtly while knowing it.

Rudger nodded and glanced sideways at the two students he had brought with him.

“So what can I do?”

“ah. How can students make mistakes like that? So, I think we can take good care of him and send him back to the dormitory.”

“Doesn’t it have to be a penalty point?”

“Oh dear. Mr. Rudger also says things he doesn’t mean. I’ll take care of it, so just let it go.”

“Second, it’s the president!”

Sheryl looked up at the president in awe with a look on her face, impressed.

Flora just stood still, as if she wasn’t interested in that.

“Then I’ll take responsibility and send it back.”

“yes. Mr Rudger. Please do a little more work late at night.”

“All right.”

Rudger finished the meeting with the president and left.

* * *

“So how are you?”

After Ludger left with the two students, Wilford, who had been watching the situation from a distance, approached and asked the president.

“A man named Rudger Celish.”

“It can be said that this incident completely erased all doubts.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. He didn’t react much when he saw me. If you had anything to do with them, you should show agitation, but there was no such thing.”

In addition, Ludger even brought two lost children out of the woods.

Perhaps she called and hurriedly came this way and found the student who had gone into the woods.

“The work is done quickly, and I like the attitude. Above all, even the strong mental strength that does not fall under my charm.”

“Looks like you liked it.”

“Well, would it be? I guess the same goes for Mr. Wilford?”

“haha. Well, I won’t deny it either.”

Wilford was a former knight, so he was particularly fond of Rudger.

A restrained and sharp prayer that is incomparable to other corrupt wizards.

In particular, the tempered body that stood out subtly over the costume showed that he was different from ordinary wizards.

Physical training was not wasted.

That part made a pretty good impression on Wilford.

“Anyway, it seems that this incident has alerted them.”

“well. I wish it was.”

“Or should I have been captured alive and interrogated?”

At that, the chancellor shook his head violently.

“Mr. Wilford knows very well that that kind of thing won’t work for them.”

“That’s right.”

They are members of a secret society hiding in Seorn.

No matter how many people like that are caught and interrogated, they won’t spread information about their organization.

If he was such a weak guy in the first place, he wouldn’t have been chosen.

In addition, some measures may have been taken to prevent another possible leak.

Capturing and interrogating such extremists takes a lot of time and mental energy.

It is much better to get rid of the visible tribe.

“I hope this calms you down for a while.”

* * *

“Go back.”

Ludger, who escorted Flora to the dormitory, turned his back without hesitation as if he had finished his work.

“I… … .”


Flora called Rudger and tried to say something.

However, no matter how many times he pursed his lips, his voice could not come out properly.

“The night was deep. I will go if I have nothing to say.”

Even if the other person was Flora, Rudger was not considerate or concerned.

He disappeared like the wind as if he was busy.

Even Cheryl, who was by her side, stuck out her tongue.

“and. Are you also Mr. Rudger? I really don’t have a car. Flora. are you okay?”

“huh. I am fine.”

“You were worried. Why did you go into that forest all of a sudden?”

“just… … .”


“There were times when I just wanted to walk around without realizing it. And then, of course, I entered the forest.”

“… … uhh ok Should I be careful next time though? I was very scared too!”

“huh. Thanks for caring, Cheryl.”

Flora returned to the dormitory with a weak smile.

After washing, she changed into pajamas and lay down on the bed.

She kept thinking of Ludger, whom she had seen in the Silent Forest a while ago.

‘teacher. What I was holding in my hand must have been something like a pillbox.’

Rudger was a little taken aback when he asked about it.

Even when she first spotted Rudger from afar, only his back could be seen, but Rudgar was clearly shaking.

Why did you do that in a place where there were no people?

‘Are you sick somewhere?’

One hypothesis that springs to mind.

Flora involuntarily raised her upper body.

‘Could it be true?’

Thoughts, once lost, would bite their tail and not let go.

It certainly looked like that.

Body trembling in pain. Even the act of secretly taking medicine by hiding in a secluded place out of sight of others.

‘There’s no way Mr. Rudgar is taking bad medicine. Maybe I was pretending to be strong, but I’m not in a bad mood, right?’

Flora shook her head, saying she was overthinking.

‘no. Nothing is certain yet. So let’s not think too deeply.’

But no matter how much I denied it inside, I couldn’t help but keep thinking the same thing.

next time.

If you get a chance, you should check it out then.

Flora thought so and closed her eyes.

Today, unlike usual, it seemed that I would not have nightmares.

* * *

A night past midnight when everyone fell into a deep sleep.

Finally, the president confirmed with his own two eyes where the real <Almighty Stone> was located.

“That’s right.”

Turn your eyes away from the fakes and safely move and store the real ones.

For that simple distraction, she moved herself to get rid of the cockroaches hiding in Seorn.

Even while keeping it a secret from others.

It was unavoidable to do the job properly.

It was fortunate nonetheless.

I was able to wipe out some of my enemies thanks to the decoy, and the real one was kept safe.

A space like an altar.

The President sighed in relief as he looked at the <Almighty Stone> at the center of it.

It looks the same as the replica made by deception, but that relic is so dangerous that you shouldn’t approach it recklessly as it is real.

Like a wish-granting stone, it responds to the owner’s desire and grants that wish.

‘The problem must be that there is no degree.’

That’s what the omnipotent is afraid of.

That stone responds to the darkest and most powerful desires hidden deep inside the user.

Even if someone wishes to earn a lot of money, it will not come true unless it is a real desire.

Rather, they often force themselves to do things they did not want.

Most of the strong desires of humans are based on dark ‘malice’.

Rather than earning money and being happy, he implicitly wants the person he hates and hates to be broken or suffer.

That stone grants just such a wish.

‘But if there is no user, the Relic scatters its own magic waves and leads the people who are affected by it.’

Therefore, the almighty stone had to be stored in an enclosed space covered with countless bulkheads.

so that the power does not leak out.

And the people guarding the area had to be people who would not be easily seduced by magic.

‘Because it’s something I have to be careful with.’

In the few remaining documents, there is a record that a kingdom disappeared in the past because of that stone.

You might wonder why such a dangerous thing should be stored in the Xeorn, but in other words, it is an item that can be safely stored because it is the Xeorn.

If it fell to the Mage Tower or other kingdoms, a war would have already broken out.

‘I’m glad I went over without a hitch.’

After checking the almighty stone for the last time, the commander-in-chief closed the entrance to the bulkhead completely.

The 3-meter-thick metal outer wall, which blocks the waves of magical energy, closed with a thud, and darkness settled inside.

Only the green light flowing softly from the almighty stone dimly illuminated the surroundings.

In this way, the almighty stone would be placed here again for a long time without being seen by anyone.

If only the shadows hadn’t wriggled in the dark.


A doll rose from within the shadows.


Rudger, a man who shook his messy hair once and sighed, raised his head and stared at the almighty stone at the center of the enclosed space.

‘That’s for real.’

It looked similar to the fake, but the atmosphere it gave off was qualitatively different.

Rudger’s keen eye immediately discerned the genuine article.

The almighty stone also scattered more intense waves around it, probably realizing that there were humans around it.

Rudger felt it with his skin and frowned.

“Are you tempting me?”

A stone that grants wishes.

If there is an entity within a certain range that can be mentally responded to, it emits a wave of magical power to make a wish for itself.

It doesn’t just affect the body.

It is to dig into the depths of the mind and touch the desires hidden deep inside.

“You are doing something interesting.”

But that’s something that’s only eaten by middle-aged guys.

Rather, Rudger approached the almighty stone.

Then he reached out and grabbed it.

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of making you realize my desires on your own.”


The almighty stone vibrated as if rebelling against Ludgar.

If you’re the first person to be hit, you’d be embarrassed and allow yourself a gap.

“How many artifacts do you think I’ve seen so far?”

He was an expert in this area.

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