I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 62

◈ Episode 62 Coordinate Designation Magic (2)

Coordinate magic.

The students did not scream at the appearance of a new magic, but their eyes were already on the verge of flipping.

Like an active volcano burning hot beneath a deep surface.

“Wow, my God.”

In the meantime, there was a student who admired the appearance of pure new magic with envy.

It was Aidan.

“Leo. saw? It must be Mr. Rudger too! Inventing magic like that!”

“… … .”

“Leo? Leo!”

“… … .”

When Leo, who should have responded normally, didn’t say anything, Aidan shook Leo’s shoulder.

“Leo! are you okay?”

“Uh, huh? uh? uh.”

“what’s the matter? I mean, I’m dumbfounded. Not like you.”

“Aidan. you… … Do you know how great that magic is?”

“huh? Why is that? It’s great, but is it surprising?”

“You, ha. done.”

Leo sighed and shook his head.

Sometimes I thought about how comfortable it would be to be in the position of not knowing anything like Aidan.

Because Leo knew a lot, it was hard to pay attention to the groundbreaking magic Ludger had shown him now.

‘It’s magic that transcends space. What is the identity of that teacher?’

Leo couldn’t help but have doubts about Ludger’s identity.

Like Leo, some students were surprised to see Ludgar’s magic.

The more you know, the more you see.

One of the representative examples was Flora Lumos.

‘What, what is it?’

Flora almost lost her mind for a moment at the sweet scent that lingered strongly on her nose.

And that’s not all. All kinds of colors appeared in front of my eyes in a complex way, and it felt like even my vision was paralyzed.

Synesthesia of magical power.

Her natural talent was confusing her at this moment.

‘I’ve never seen it. Magic like that.’

It was also a small thing to hear and learn, but Ludger’s magic was unique to that extent.

Until now, the magic she felt with synesthesia was always the feeling of looking at a picture in a frame.

It was possible to tell how well the magic was made by looking at it.

However, the magic Ludger was using now was different from usual.

If I had to express it, rather than looking at the artwork itself, it felt like being in the center of a fireworks display.

Firecrackers explode in all directions, and colorful lights dazzle the eyes.

Flora had a hard time keeping her sane.

‘Where the hell did you get that kind of magic… … .’

Flora closed her eyes tightly involuntarily, but as she did so, regret flooded in again.

a little bit.

I want to see that magic a little longer.

I want to feel that sensation, that pleasure again.

With that thought in mind, I opened my eyes and closed them again due to excessive stimulation.

Princess Erendir also stared at Ludgar’s magic with a hard face, and Line, who sat next to her, let out a pure exclamation.

Julia Plumheart had the same face as usual, but the narrow eyes were much sharper than usual.

Ludger, with the attention of all those students, stopped his magic.

“How is it? Are you a little interested?”

The students could not answer Ludger’s question due to the appearance of magic that transcended space.

With a still dreamy face, he blankly recalls the scene from a moment ago in his head.

Rudgar opened his mouth again.

“It may be quite a strange and surprising magic to you, but in this wide world, this magic is only a very small part. This is nothing more than a slightly altered expression-type magic.”

Isn’t that just a little bit modified?

At Ludger’s words, the students had no choice but to doubt their ears.

But Rudger was sincere.

This spatial coordinate magic he used in the first place is nothing compared to the ‘real’ he used to know.

“This magic I used was nothing more than inspired by the magic of a wizard.”

“oh my god.”

“Is that true?”

At the students’ question, Rudger nodded.

There was no need to lie or brag about it.

“There are still many more unknown magics in the world. And anyone here can create and develop their own magic.”

He said it so easily, but none of the students looked down on Ludger’s magic.

Even if you see and feel inspired by it, changing it into your own is another area.

“Of course, I did not show this magic to teach you guys.”

At Ludger’s words, some students let out an exclamation of regret.

Since it was a magic that was newly shown after the source code, there were some expectations.

“No matter how much I do, I can’t shake off all of my money. To be satisfied with what you show.”

“Aren’t you going to tell me about the principles?”

“Yes. If you are curious, think and analyze for yourself.”

“Then why did you show me?”

“I hope you see this and realize something.”

Some students looked at him asking why he would show them when he wouldn’t teach them, but Rudger also had intentions.

“I also made this magic based on someone else’s inspiration. After all, magic isn’t just pure creations of your own.”

Certainly, magic is born anew by imitating someone else’s magic.

It was so difficult and virtually impossible to make it pure from zero.

It was for this reason that Ludger showed his magic to the students.

“Don’t try to make magic too difficult and complex. Of course, if you dig really deep, you’ll get dizzy enough that your head hurts, but sometimes that’s just looking at things like that.”

Rudger’s words awakened the spirits of the students.

The reason Ludger showed this magic now was to awaken the mindset of the students who were tired of this boring class.

Enthusiasm for new magic.

And even advice that anyone can do it.

“Of course, there are probably some students who are genuinely curious about this magic I manifested. Also, there must be some students who are already analyzing magic.”

How many people were stung by Rudger’s words, their bodies trembled.

“So if you are curious, pay attention to the class. What you need to perfectly sublimate the enlightenment you gained from watching magic into your own is a solid foundation above all else.”

“… … A solid foundation.”

“Is it real?”

“Those who have properly laid the groundwork can properly analyze and use magic later when they want. I bet you.”

In a way, it’s a really mouth-watering sound.

However, it is also true that these obvious and obvious words carry different weight depending on who speaks them.

Some students, who thought that there was not much to learn and that the class was just boring, had no choice but to reflect on their attitude.

“And if I have to give a hint, these coordinates are the concept of space. Become aware of the space centered on yourself, and think about how to send your magic to that place.”

“Is that your homework?”

Someone raised their hand and asked.

Flora Lumos was still unable to recover from the magic shock Ludgar had shown her.

Rudger stared at her for a moment, then nodded with an expressionless face.

“I could see it that way. If you see and analyze my magic and can even vaguely imitate it, it’s proof that you followed my instructions well.”

It’s just something I’ve said, but I never thought I’d answer so seriously.

Flora was at a loss for words about her teacher, Ludgar.

“If you think you have mastered this magic, just come and show me. If you do, I will give you the shop.”

A lot of it too.

The last words left behind were enough to inspire the students.

“Today’s class ends here. Everyone seems pretty tired, so I won’t give you any assignments today. It seems that the magic I showed you has already become a sufficient task for you guys.”


When he said there was no assignment, the students raised their hands and cheered.

For students who take multiple classes every week, it was a reality that each assignment in one class was very heavy.

Mr. Rudger is hard and thorough, but he’s really good at this part.

The students, who were already excited about the fact that they had no assignments, chatted among themselves.

“Then, before the next class, thoroughly study and review. Today’s class doesn’t end here.”

“yes! Thank you for your effort!”

Rudger nodded at the students’ roaring answers and left the classroom.

* * *

After class, I returned to the office and sat down in my assigned seat.

Sedina, who had only glanced at me, came closer to me.

“I, sir… … .”

“done. Just go.”


“I’m done with today’s work, so you can go back and rest.”

“Ah yes.”

He must have been worried because I looked a little tired.

It’s a one-sided relationship that this side uses, but this guy is cute when you look at it.

Still, right now, I’m more comfortable being alone.

Sedina answered in a small voice and left the office, as if she could not bear to disobey my order.

Left completely alone, I stayed in a daze for a while before picking up the teacher-only crystal ball on the table.

‘It’s time to start talking about the almighty stone.’

all-purpose stone.

‘Relic’, the source of the rumors that heated up Seorn now.

The president said that he would put the almighty stone in a temporary storage place and then return it to its original place.

And in the intervening process, he said he needed my help.

From what she said, the process itself didn’t seem to take that long, so it was time for the president to contact me.


“You can’t be a nobleman.”

Looking at the crystal ball sending a signal, I immediately activated the crystal ball.

“yes. President.”

[Mr. Rudger. It’s a big deal.]

big deal?

Contrary to what I thought, the voice of the president I heard was quite serious.


I also straightened up and waited for her next words.

“What’s wrong.”

[The almighty stone was stolen.]

“… … .”

* * *

No way, I hadn’t even stood on the starting line yet, but the fact that the incident happened was something that even I could not have predicted.

After thinking for a while, I asked in a cautious tone.

“What exactly happened?”

[I looked at the enemies too lightly.]

“What do you mean?”

[That they are more deeply entrenched in Seorn than I thought.]

“… … .”

After listening to the conversation, I understood why the president said that.

It is said that the matter related to this almighty stone was a secret matter that was notified to a very small number of people in utmost secrecy.

Even though the rumor had leaked out, I thought it would be okay if I quickly brought it back to its original place.

It must have been a mistake.

It is said that the enemy already knew the location of the reserve storage location and struck first before tonight arrived to put the plan into action.

Currently, the assailants who stole the almighty stone are hiding inside Seorn.

It is said that they are chasing after quickly forming a tracking party, but they do not know when they will be caught.

[Above all, if they use the almighty stone, things will get out of control.]

“Surely so.”

I don’t know how powerful the almighty stone is, but since it’s a relic, it’s undeniable that it’s a very dangerous item.

What if the guy with the almighty stone makes a mistake and goes berserk?

Colossal human casualties may result.

But now, to declare a state of emergency for the whole of Seorn, that doesn’t even make sense.

Is there anything that will cause students to panic?

Moreover, if this fact was reported, it might damage Ceorn’s reputation. There’s already a lot of talk about the werewolf crisis, and we can’t do more here.

After all, it was a race against time to put out the fire before it spread completely.

“How much do you think the golden hour is?”

[Until midnight today.]

“okay. All right.”

[…] … Don’t you ask more than that?]

“Because it would be better to move right away at that time.”

I left those words and hung up the phone with the president.

I can’t behave like someone else when I might get caught up in it.

Relics can be dangerous weapons that can blow up a city if misused.

There is no guarantee that the aftermath will not affect me.

If I run away irresponsibly from here, I will also be accused of being an accomplice in a state where I have not completely cleared my suspicions.

It’s irresistible since I’ve already covered my bare face.


I sighed and turned off the sound barrier I had set up before talking to the president.


When I called in a low voice, I felt a flinch on the other side of the door.

He had known for a while that she had not left and was hanging out at the door.

“Come in.”

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