I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 60

◈ Episode 60: Almighty Stone (2)


Lyne, who was lying on her bed in the dormitory and staring blankly at the ceiling, continued tossing and turning.

I closed my eyes to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep.

It was partly because the time was earlier than expected, but partly because her heart was a little disturbed.

‘Looks like Mr. Rudger finally selected an assistant.’

It’s not particularly strange. There was no reason why someone like Ludger wouldn’t choose an assistant in the first place.

However, I felt a bit regretful that the place was not my own.

But it was something else that kept bothering her from before.

‘A book about non-attribute magic.’

Lyne held the book at the head of the bed and opened it while lying down.

Inside the book, there were detailed articles on non-attribute magic.

The part where she felt uncomfortable while performing magic until now, and the situation that she hadn’t realized yet.

This book is full of such experiences.

For her, who had been inconvenient in many ways due to the non-existence of attributes, this book was difficult to obtain even with a thousand gold.

‘No matter how many times I read it, it continues to seep into my heart. Why did Mr. Rudger readily hand this over to me? And where did you get this from?’

They say he has a black eye for magic, but he wasn’t so stupid that he didn’t know the value of this book.

Clearly, the value of this book is high.

no. It’s not high-level, it’s astronomical.

To the point where you could gain enormous wealth and fame for the rest of your life just by bringing it to the Mage Tower and handing it over.

But Rudger didn’t.

He said that he did not write the book himself, and that it was right to return it to its rightful owner.

‘Then who the hell wrote this book?’

Line felt a strange feeling every time she opened this book.

The author of the book did not reveal his name. He didn’t even say why he wrote this book.

Little unknown.

No matter how much you look, it’s hard to even find a clue as to who the author is.

‘But I don’t think I’ll be a complete stranger.’

It was just a feeling, though.

Every time Line read the handwriting of the book’s author, she felt her heart swell.

The familiarity and longing that I do not know the reason felt in the writing itself. And even the sadness that makes my heart eat.

Rene couldn’t figure out why he was doing this.

‘Strange. I have no idea why I’m doing this.’

In the end, Line had no choice but to close the book.

“Aye! Let’s go to sleep while we have time to care about these things!”

Rene pulled the blanket over her head.

However, I still couldn’t sleep well, and I had no choice but to toss and turn for hours on end.

* * *

I’ve been traveling all over the continent for a long time, changing my identity.

sometimes mercenaries.

sometimes hunters.

Sometimes criminal consultants.

sometimes, and sometimes.

There was only one reason why he walked around the world hiding his true self.


An unknown world where magic exists. An ancient relic that contains overwhelming mysteries even within it.

I wandered the world to find the piece of Relic I had.

The sun had completely set, and the sky was full of stars at night.

I sat by the window of the inn and sat still in a chair bathed in the moonlight.

‘I got information that there was a Relic in the Empire and came over, but I can’t believe there was one more in Seorn.’

I feel like I saw an unexpected income.

Of course, I don’t think the Relic I’m looking for and the <Almighty Stone> in Seorn are the same Relic.

These relics are also called the same relic because there are different types, but there are cases where the effect or performance is completely different.

However, rumors that it is a stone that grants wishes are circulating because there must be a reason for it.

‘I don’t have to covet the Almighty Stone itself, but if I can search for the Relic Fragment I’m looking for with this Almighty Stone.’

In a way, this was an opportunity.

Since Relics are so rare by themselves, they are not easy to find even if you want to find them.

Even me, who has traveled the continent for a long time, met countless people and experienced all sorts of incidents.

Because there are only 3 pieces of the Relic obtained through that hardship, including ‘this’.

‘Assuming the size and shape of the pieces, there are four remaining.’

A total of 7 pieces must be gathered to complete one relic.

‘If that’s the case, surely I… … .’

I stared at the ‘first piece’ in my hand in silence.

Coincidence upon coincidence when I first got this.

The miracle that the last remnant of power that contained this Relic fragment showed me.

If only I could recreate it… … .

“… … .”

Beep Big.

Thinking that far, I slowly got up from my seat.

It was because the signal came from the crystal ball that I had left for personal contact.

I poured magical energy into my fingertips and gently poured it into the crystal ball.

Eventually, the crystal ball shone softly and a voice came out.

[older brother. Are you there?]

“Is it Hans?”

It was Hans who made contact.

Well, in fact, Hans is the only one who has personal contact with me.

More on that later, but not right now.

“What is going on?”

[Since my older brother did a lot of work, I’ve roughly finished organizing it.]

“The rest of the organizations.”


Hans’ voice coming from the other side of the crystal ball contained even the relief that he had finished his task.

“So how did it go?”

[First of all, there is no one who is hostile to this side. It’s fortunate. Either us or them.]

“Was it unexpectedly easy to accept our existence?”

[yes. Well, what if it’s not true? Just the two of us, we divided the existing enemy society into five parts. No, in fact, he did it alone.]

“Even so, they too have been rolling in the darkness of Ledervelk for a long time. It cannot be ignored.”

[I know. That’s why I said I was lucky. Well, this side isn’t interested in hegemony or anything like that in the first place, it’s just enough space to sit properly.]

“Even so, the enemy society must have been quite talkative about the pre-existing powers?”

The Red Society was in charge of all sorts of dirty business in the underworld of Ledervelk.

drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Even with drugs, the bars and gambling houses run by the enemy society were large enough to circulate significant amounts of money.

The organization that was touching it disappeared overnight, so the surroundings must have become quite noisy.

There must be some guys who want to stretch out their hands saying that they will try it out on this opportunity. The guys who couldn’t even dare to raise their heads one by one.

It was truly a time of chaos.

At this time, if someone does not appear and settle the confusion, there will be a bloody smell in the alley.

[For now, the other three organizations are suppressing it by joining forces, but I think we need to discuss this later.]

“I guess so.”

[First of all, this side has the initiative, but no matter how much it is, I have no idea how to negotiate something like this by myself. So I need your help.]

“When is the pig?”

[The sooner the better, but it’s not urgent. I want you to decide what is convenient for you.]

Whatever you say, I know that you shouldn’t set the grace period too long.

You’ll need to get to the negotiating table in at least a week.

It would be easier to move right now.

‘There’s something related to the almighty stone, so it’s impossible right now.’

Sooner or later, the universal stone will be moved out of its original storage location and into a temporary storage location.

In the preparation process, information leaked out and rumors spread.

Perhaps it can be said that those who lead this work already know the time and place when the almighty stone will be moved.

‘It must have been the work of the Black Dawn, but the question is who the hell is leading this.’

I haven’t received any contact yet.

If that were the case, Sedina would have tipped me off right away.

‘I don’t know yet if another First Order other than me did something on their ship, or if there is another reason.’

But one thing we can be sure of is that the incident surrounding this almighty stone will definitely happen sooner or later.

So, I can’t leave Seorn right away.

“Let’s go within a week.”

[…] … What happened there too?]

“It’s something related to Relic.”


Since Hans had a keen ear for information, when he said one word, Relic, he immediately understood.

[Your brother is still a teacher in name, but how come you seem to be experiencing more incidents than before?]

“I agree.”

[Even so, it’s a Relic. hmm. After all, it’s the prestigious Seorn, is it? Who would have thought that the school kept the Relic?]

“Because it is a place with so much history and tradition.”

[According to rumors, there is a secret dungeon made by the first president, but isn’t that a real thing?]

“Hans. Stop talking nonsense there.”

[Shit. Just kidding. Anyway, this side will try to adjust the negotiation time to the next week as much as possible before my brother comes out.]

“okay. Good job.”

After I finished talking to Hans, I looked up at the window in silence.

‘Is it a Relic?’

They say it wasn’t aimed at, but I never thought I’d get caught up in a Relic-related incident.

The thought of whether this is fate comes to mind.

Today, the moonlight floating in the night sky felt exceptionally cold.

* * *

“Princess. Shall we prepare a bath?”

“no. All right.”

“Would you like to eat?”

“I’m already full.”

“At least a snack then.”

“It is a caution not to eat anything in the evening. Please step back.”

At Erendir’s command, the servants bowed their heads and retreated, though at a loss for what to do.


Erendir, who was barely left alone, let out a small sigh so that the servants could not hear it.

If someone overhears you sigh again, they’ll cling to you like crazy and bother you about what you’re worried about.

Erendir, finally freed from the gaze of others, entered his room.

‘it’s hard.’

While the other students were assigned dormitories, she, the princess, was assigned a large mansion and was living there.

Even though Seorn treats everyone equally, she did not dare to ignore her royal blood.

Erendir was dissatisfied with that.

‘I wanted to live a normal life like the other students.’

It is her honest feeling that she wants to start a new semester, make new friends, and lead an exciting academy life.

However, the position of the 3rd princess did not easily leave her alone.

Aside from the luxurious mansion, the hospitality of more than 30 employees made her more than grateful and uncomfortable.

‘Still, it must be unavoidable.’

It was a part that even Erendir acknowledged and moved on because it was a seat.

If she acted on her own without paying attention to others, it would only make it harder for the servants and her dedicated maids.

In order to be considerate of them, it was necessary to listen to what they wanted little by little, even if it was uncomfortable.

‘But, well, it’s not to the point where I can’t stand it.’

Normally, the stress would have piled up a lot, but lately, that kind of thing has lessened.

It was because Erendir also had someone he could call a friend.

Linera was a very pretty and true junior.

The fact that he was a commoner was a problem, but that was because he was worried about Rine, who would meet him, and he had no intention of making fun of the other person because he was a commoner.

Maybe it was because he became friendly with Line and treated him without hesitation.

Erendir felt good because he seemed to be practicing the life he wanted little by little.

‘I wish I could make more friends like this in the future.’

At least, if it was here, she would be able to escape from the hands of her fierce sister.

Just as she was thinking that, someone knocked on her door.

Erendir, who had been relaxed, immediately adjusted his mind and asked in a solemn voice.

“What happened?”

“Princess. I got a call from outside.”


At the word contact, Erendir thought a little inwardly.

It was impossible to contact the princess directly unless one had a fairly high status.

And usually, in this case, the opponent was definitely decided.

‘Couldn’t it be the older sister?’

1st princess.

Although they are the same heir to the throne, the relationship between the 1st princess and Erendir was not particularly bad.

In fact, since the first princess had confirmed the succession to the throne, there was no rivalry between siblings.

Especially since Erendir didn’t really want that kind of position in the first place.

However, the older sister, the 1st princess, showed a strangely fondness for Erendir.

Sometimes, to the point of going too far.

‘I’m not my sister’s doll.’

The fact that Erendir came to Ceorn was not for the purpose of escaping from her sister’s interference.

In a way, it was natural for him to be worried that he might be trying to interfere within Seorn.

Fortunately, however, the person he was contacting just now wasn’t the first princess.

“Hoguk-kyung, this is Terrina Ryanhowl.”

“Terina Knight Commander?”

Rather, he was an unexpected person.

Terrina Ryan Howl.

I never thought that she, who is regarded as the strongest knight in the Exilion Empire, would contact me.

“Bring it.”

The servant immediately brought the contact crystal ball he had prepared.

Then he bowed his head and stepped back.

After confirming that no one was there, Erendir activated the crystal ball.

“I heard you were looking for me. Commander of the Knights of Terina.”

[Sorry for contacting you late at night. Princess Erendir. Because it is so urgent.]

“no. are you okay. Rather, I was curious about why the knight commander suddenly contacted me. So what’s going on?”

[I heard that there was a werewolf appearing in Seorn recently. Did the princess hear it too?]

every know

She had met the werewolf face to face.

If Rudgar hadn’t shown up to help then, he might have been seriously injured.

However, if he said that, there would be no choice but to talk about the safety of the princess, so Erendir hid that fact for now before replying.

“yes. I heard And even the fact that it was quickly resolved.”

[Werewolves have also appeared here in Leatherbelk.]

“yes? Sir Terina, then is she in Leather Velk now?”

[yes. We are investigating an incident related to that matter.]

“It’s an incident… … .”

[Please forgive me for not being able to inform the princess as this is a secret investigation.]

“no. Even something like that.”

The fact that Terrina stepped out means that the Security Department moved.

Of course you have to be careful.

[While I was investigating the case, I confirmed that this werewolf incident was not normal.]

“Wasn’t that normal?”

[Someone did it intentionally. As soon as I checked and tracked this, the clues were completely cut off.]

Terryna Lionhowl’s powerful voice echoed through the room beyond the crystal ball.

[Princess. Can you guess who solved the werewolf case in Seorn?]

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