I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 6

◈ Episode 6 False Identity (1)

Photography has not yet become popular in this world.

Most of the photos exist only in black and white, and even those photos are of poor quality, making detailed comparison impossible.

When comparing people, in the end, it is inevitable to rely on clothing, age, and overall physique.

It was not unreasonable for them to be mistaken.

‘I’m sorry. Mr. Rudger.’

It’s a pity for the dead, but that doesn’t mean I can’t die either, right?

The living must live.

And Rudger’s status was very helpful in escaping this situation.

“Unbelievable. You were the new teacher at Seorn Academy. The magic I saw then… … .”

It was because the moment the name Seorn was mentioned, Veronica’s voice towards me changed.

As expected, she muttered something to herself while doing this.

Right. Did you see me using magic?

Maybe that’s what made her trust me even more.

Even the officer who was half-suspicious and tried to interrogate me immediately bowed his head to me.

“Oh, this was a lot of rudeness! Given the circumstances, please forgive me for committing rudeness.”

“it’s okay.”

Even as I said that, I thought to myself that the name Seorn was really great.

The only magic academy that exists in the Empire.

The leading academy on the continent is Seorn.

Seorn’s name was never light, and it was natural to be surprised to hear that he was a teacher teaching the students there.

“The teacher of Seorn.”

“At such a young age, great.”

Other guards and police also whispered among themselves.

Anyway, I decided to act more brazenly.

For this moment, I will be Ludger Celish.

“Well, we will guide you to the exit.”

“it’s okay.”

“no. You are the one who will nurture the future of the empire, how could we just let you go? You wasted your time because of us.”

“It’s fine.”

“It is because we are sorry.”

No, moving with you guys is inconvenient!

I couldn’t shout the words out, so I answered with a blunt face that I knew.

“Miss Veronica. I’ll just go. It was a short meeting, but it was nice to meet you.”

I said goodbye to Veronica before leaving for the last time. She thinks it was a brief encounter but not a bad relationship.

She smiled and waved at me, probably thinking the same thing.

“Yes, Mr. Rudgar! See you again if there is a connection later!”

“yes. then.”

I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’ll see anything in the future.

Guided by the guards, I was able to make my way safely through the crowd to the exit of the train station.

It was a train station with a lot of people coming and going, so it was crowded with people at the exit.

I opened my mouth thinking I was at this point.

“I’ve come this far, that’s enough. From here on, I will move alone. Anything more than that is embarrassing to me.”

“Ah yes. All right. Please take a look!”

The guard saluted me and then disappeared back into the station.

After bowing lightly, I let out a sigh and relieved the tension in my shoulders.

Seriously, I almost got into trouble.

It’s fortunate that the other side misunderstood me at will, otherwise my false identity would have been exposed and I would have been accused of being a terrorist accomplice.

But now that the emergency has passed, it will be fine.

“Are you Mr. Rudger Celish?”

At that moment, I felt my blood freeze cold at the voice I heard right behind me.

There was no presence in the voice.

When I slowly turned my head and looked behind me, I saw an old gentleman with a modest attitude looking at me.

I calmed my startled heart and answered calmly.

“yes. That’s right. Who are you?”

“hello. My name is Wilford, a servant of Theorn Academy. I came to meet Mr. Rudger.”

“… … Do you mean pick up? me?”

“yes. I heard that the train was attacked. I came to see you in a hurry, wondering if something had happened, but I’m really glad you seem to be okay.”

After saying that, Wilford opened the door of the wagon he had been pulling.

“ruler. let’s ride I will take care of you until Seorn.”

“… … .”

I rolled my eyes. Can I say I’m looking at the wrong person here?

I don’t know how long that old man named Wilford has been around, but since I’m pretty sure I’m Rudd, I must have seen him break up with the officer.

It is virtually impossible to pretend and refuse here.

Above all, when he first appeared, his presence was not felt, and he was hiding it as much as possible, but this sharp prayer flowed out subtly.

this man.

Absolutely no ordinary user.

“… … I see.”

I had no choice but to get on the carriage.

* * *

Veronica, the vice-captain of the Knights of Cold Steel, remembered Ludger who had left.

‘Ludger Chelsea.’

From the first time I saw him, I thought he was an unusual person.

because she saw

The image of him wiping out all the terrorists with pure white flame.

The other members of the Knights Templar couldn’t see it well because they were far away, but she definitely saw her, who prided herself on being better than the leader in one eye.

Even his opponent is a wizard like himself.

A man like that, Rudgar, was defeated without a single wound.

As if it was natural, the man’s behavior was so natural.

Even when she used her hands excessively to brutally kill a terrorist just in case.

Ludger’s face did not show even the slightest movement.

It wasn’t the reaction of someone frozen in fear.

Rudgar, that man was looking at the whole situation with cool reason.

‘I wasn’t a normal person.’

A simple yet glamorous black frock coat with a neat suit and golden thread over it.

A reticent look and serious eyes.

Style your long hair slightly back and tie it at the nape of your neck.

If you look at it calmly, it was the nobleman himself with a sharp impression.

Above all, what stimulated her nerves the most was the spirit that subtly radiated from Rudger.

‘At first, I thought they were members of the royal family who hid their identities.’

The grace that emanated from Ludger was similar to what Veronica felt when faced with a noble status in the imperial family.

So when I heard that Rudger was going to be appointed as a teacher at Theorn Academy, I was convinced that this man could do it.

No, on the contrary, I even thought that even that huge name, Seorn, could not serve as a medal for this man.

No one marvels at fish swimming well and birds flying in the sky. The same is true of Rudger being in the position of Ceorn.

I accepted that it was too natural.

That strong sense of déjà vu became certain when I heard the name.

‘Ludger Chelsea. I’ve heard of it. A young mage with a recent reputation. He was the youngest person to achieve the 4th rank, submitted 12 papers to the Mage Tower, and even re-established one of the difficult problems, the Langster formula.’

In addition to that, I heard that he had a history of being appointed as an officer in the military, and that he even made a major by hunting cryptids.

‘Didn’t I say that I would be appointed as Seorn this time?’

If so, I’m curious.

Because her brother happened to be attending Seorn.

If I ever get a chance later, I’ll ask my brother.

How was the class he taught?

* * *

My plan to run away as soon as I left the train station was disrupted from the start.

I can’t believe that the academy sent someone directly to pick it up.

I wondered if this was too much of an action, but since it was from the Cereun Academy, I was convinced.

If you are a teacher assigned to the best academy in the empire, you will be treated well wherever you go.

Hearing that such a high-class manpower was involved in terrorism, Seorn must have been worried.

I understand that you send someone to serve comfortably.

‘It’s a big deal.’

I looked inside the wagon.

A fluffy red chair and colorful patterns around it. No matter how you look at it, it was a carriage that could only be thought of as luxurious. There is almost no wobbling even when running fast.

Leading this black carriage was a golem in the form of a steam-breathing horse.

It was just amazing to see this means of transportation, one of the results of the latest magical engineering, created by a half-mix of machine and magic.

Above all, the old gentleman driving the carriage, Wilford, was unusual.

It was to the point where I didn’t even notice him until he got close to me. In addition, he has a strong body that cannot be hidden with neat clothes.

‘The opponent is from a minimum knight.’

Knights do not become senile as they grow older. Rather, the old knight had to be more vigilant.

Because they have superhuman bodies and even age.

Running away in a situation like this is crazy.

‘If you try to get out of here with an excuse, you’ll be suspicious. You can’t sneak away, and even if you succeed, you’ll be tracked down as soon as a report comes in.’

In addition, there were many other problems.

First of all, it’s about the status of Gerard that I used to use.

Since this false identity had virtually died and disappeared, it was necessary to create a new one. And it was only natural that this process would cost a lot of money and time.

The back world that is not even the regular route you need. It is also a job to gather information in the back alleys of the city you are visiting for the first time and find a place to stay until you create a new identity.

Having lost my identity, I am no different from an illegal immigrant.

Having no status is no different from not having human rights. It is said that even if you are taken somewhere and die without knowing mice or birds, no one will know.

After considering all these possibilities, I decided to give up running for now.

Now was the time to buy yourself.

‘Now, let’s not do anything to arouse suspicion.’

Let’s go to Seorn Academy for now. It wouldn’t be bad to think about the future there.

All right. All right.

When the fast-running wagon slowed down, I had a hunch that I had finally arrived at Seorn Academy.

As if to prove that, the front window of the wagon slid open, and Wilford spoke to him.

“Ludger. Im here.”

At Wilford’s words, I glanced at the scenery outside the window.

The first thing you see is a grand and huge gate. And beyond that was a vast expanse of land.

The road for carriages was neatly paved, and green trees were evenly planted on the left and right sides of it, adding to its sophisticated beauty.

In the dazzling sunlight pouring down, the buildings of the Seorn Academy shone white.

Is that the main building, that is a villa, that is a park, that is an auditorium?

Aside from the large scale of each one, it was unclear exactly how wide this site was.

Isn’t this bigger than a decent city?

The guard guarding the front gate immediately opened the door and bowed lightly toward this side.

As I passed the front door, I could see how much enchantment was etched around the area.

The number of magic circles piled up in layers was so great that the original shape could not be seen.

You’re crazy.

There won’t be any big guys who come to the front door, but if there really is one, they’ll be turned to dust in a second and disappear.

All right. All right.

The place where the steel horse leading the carriage stopped was a building further inside than the main building.

Towering high like a crown, it was truly a majestic castle.

“This is it. Get off.”

As I was about to pack my bag, Wilford stopped me.

“I’ll be back anyway, so you don’t have to carry your luggage.”

“… … I see.”

I got off the wagon and followed Wilford past the fountains and beautiful stone statues into the building.

The inside was spectacular.

The light from the window spreads as if it is reflected softly inside, creating a warm color and gently wrapping the skin.

A fragrant smell from somewhere stimulates my nose, and I hear the chirping of birds. It felt like a dream.

The interior has a refined yet clean design, reminiscent of beautiful medieval European architecture.

If the adjoining city, <Leatherbelk>, has a steampunk atmosphere full of steam, this one is much more geared towards fantasy.

-ha ha ha.

– Hey, don’t do it.

As I went up the stairs along Wilford, servants and students in academy uniforms passed me by.

Every time that happens, I hear the whispering of a conversation behind me. I’m sure I’m not gossiping because I look like a country boy, right?

Since I was stabbed for no reason, I straightened my clothes or straightened my hair.

Before I knew it, I arrived in front of a large elevator.

Are you going to ride this again?

“Come this way.”

I boarded the lift with Wilford. I thought it was high even when I saw it from the outside, but I was surprised once again to see that it was up to the 30th floor.

I thought that this was indeed the scale of the empire.

When the elevator arrived and the door opened, there was a long hallway lined with red carpets and a single wooden door at the end.

“The president is waiting for you. I will be waiting here.”

“Thank you for guiding me.”

“no. It’s my job.”

I crossed the hallway and stood in front of the door to the president’s office.

Just as he was about to raise his hand and knock on the door, he heard a languid yet alluring voice from inside.

“Come on in.”

“… … .”

I opened the door and went inside.

“nice to meet you.”

A woman sitting at a desk with her back to the window greeted me.

The author is the President of the Academy.

Considering that among the existing 8th tier, at least a 6th tier Lexorer or higher can sit in this seat, the girl in front of me is an undisputed first-class magician.

Looking at her appearance, she only looks to be in her mid-twenties.

She was holding a fountain pen in her right hand, probably just doing paperwork, and stared at me as she let go of the pen.

Her white hair, flowing down like a curtain, shines even more dazzlingly in the light from the glass window behind her.

The outside of the hair is white, but the inside is a two-tone hair that is subtly pinkish.


The moment her golden eyes turned towards me, I felt an indescribable feeling.

Deep in my soul, I felt the beauty of that figure.

I tried to ignore the strange sensation and spoke in a hard voice.

“This is Rudgar Chelsea. The president called and came.”

First of all, because I am Ludgar Cellis now.

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