I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 58

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◈ Episode 58 Recruitment of Teaching Assistant (3)

The period I gave to Sedina Rosshen was 2 days.

Until then, he said that he could just submit the application for a teaching assistant leisurely.

However, Sedina put the application form in a neat manner and came to my accommodation an hour later to put my words to shame.

I gasped for breath at how quickly I ran.

“… … .”

I didn’t know that I would want to become a teaching assistant that much, so I accepted it with a bewildered face, and Sedina was appointed as my teaching assistant through a formal process.

and class the next day.

After handing over the class materials to Sedina, I told her to go ahead and put them on the podium, and I was on my way to the classroom.

‘First of all, I need to imprint who my teaching assistant is on the students.’

Even though Sedina seems lacking and young, she is very thorough and straightforward towards others.

Rather, she often shows her wary of others, and I guess it has to do with the reason she joined the Black Dawn.

The only reason she behaves strangely is in front of me, who is mistaken for the First Order.

I’m not sure whether I should like it or not, but it’s still easy to pamper.

‘I guess I can go in now.’


When I opened the door to the classroom and went inside, Sedina, who was standing on the podium, found me and bowed her head to me in a hurry.

“Good work.”

“yes yes.”

After only saying one word, Sedina left the lecture room trembling with emotion.

I naturally climbed onto the podium and took a sneak peek at the students.

‘Is there something strange about the reaction?’

Most of them were looking at me with their eyes wide open in disbelief.

No matter how you look at it, it’s clear that this reaction is because I chose Sedina as my teaching assistant.

Is that such a surprise?

‘Besides, why is he like that again?’

In particular, Flora Lumos’ gaze was too noticeable even among the students.

He gritted his teeth in order not to show his emotions somehow, but glared at me with a ferocious gaze.

I ignored her gaze and watched the reactions of the other students.

‘Maybe it’s because it’s been quite some time since the beginning of the semester, but the eyes of some students are starting to change.’

Until this time, some students had been hiding themselves as if they were spying on each other because it was the beginning of the semester.

Is the search war over now?

The momentum of some of the students has changed quite a bit since the beginning of the class.

If that was the trigger, it would be Aidan over there.

“Uh, huh?”

Aidan flinched as if he felt my gaze.

The public sparring between Aidan and Jevan Pelliot was enough to create a ripple in the calm atmosphere of Ceorn in the early days.

Before that, there was a werewolf case, but the blatant event of confrontation between a commoner and an aristocratic student must have been the decisive blow.

You can’t say it’s Aidan’s fault.

It was going to be like this one day, and Aidan just accidentally cut the lead.

In a way, you can see that this guy was very unlucky.

Whatever it is, it is true that a wind came to Seorn.

The timing when the students affected by it will begin to reveal their true nature.

If there is a problem, it is that no one knows whether it will flow in a good direction or the opposite.

‘That’s probably why the classroom atmosphere is noisy right now.’

Being surprised or amazed that the teacher chose a teaching assistant, or, conversely, staring at this direction.

Looking at the various reactions, I want to believe that students are students.


The students who were chatting among themselves became quiet at my words.

After all, all the fuss is between students.

That I don’t have to worry about it.

“Let’s start class.”

Teachers only need to do well in class.

* * *

“It is more than that. What I learned today will be put on the next test, so be sure to review it when you get back.”

After two hours of class.

After giving the students a simple assignment, I tried to organize my textbooks and leave the classroom.

“Miss Rudger. I have a question.”

At that time, one of the students raised his hand and said so.

Even after class, it was a caution not to refuse personal questions, but it was the first time that a question flew like this.


Up until this point, everyone was just looking at me and I didn’t even think about approaching me.

“What are you curious about?”

So, there was nothing I couldn’t answer, so I asked while staring at the student who raised his hand.

The first thing you see is snow-white hair.

It was the same color as the ice caps I saw in the Northern Aret Mountains before I came over to the Exilion Empire.

The moment I saw that iconic hair color, I could think of her name.

“Julia Plumheart.”



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“oh. You remember my name.”

“Because you are a student in my class.”

Julia Plumheart.

Gray hair, pale skin, and a strange atmosphere that would make you freeze just by getting close.

But she always has a seductive yet subtle smile.

To put it bluntly, it was a smile that looked dark inside.

However, the most memorable reason is that she is the first-year senior who took the first place in the entrance exam this time.

Even more so, he is a rookie who is unsparingly promoted by the Magic Tower as a hopeful.

‘Until now, I was just quietly taking classes, but it’s surprising.’

I was thinking it was because I didn’t show off much myself, but now I’m asking a question.

“So what are you curious about?”

If it’s a question from a rookie boosted by the Mage’s Tower, is it about magic?

I stood still and waited for Julia’s question.

“How did you choose your assistant?”

I wondered what it was, was it related to the teaching assistant?

There’s nothing I can’t answer for something like that.

“I saw it myself and pulled it out.”

“Then, are there any conditions? For example, my magic skills are good enough to be a teaching assistant.”

At her words, the students all stared at me curiously.

* * *

Julia’s question seemed like she was asking out of pure curiosity, but in reality it wasn’t.

Her intention was to stab Ludger.

Suddenly, an assistant was hired, and I wondered if it was certain that the current assistant had the ability to match it.

Her question was implicitly interrogated.

“Or what, are you from a famous place that you can recognize just by hearing the name?”

When Rudger didn’t answer, Julia asked a more explicit question this time.

That is the intent of the question after all.

Did you get something from the assistant and pick it up?

It might be offended by that subtle attack, but Ludger just stared at Julia with calm eyes.

Eventually, when everyone’s attention was focused, his mouth opened.

“When I choose someone to be my teaching assistant, I only look at one thing.”

“what is that?”


Julia was speechless for a moment at this confident answer.

“When I look at or select someone, I don’t look at things like rank, position, or honor. only see humanity The reason I chose my current teaching assistant is because he has become a human being.”

“Then, are you saying that you don’t consider anything else when choosing an assistant?”

“Yes. Anyone with good character is welcome. Of course, you have to interview me before that. There will be a basic Q&A session.”

Rudger said that and pointed at Julia.

“However, it seems that you can’t be my assistant.”

“… … .”

Julia’s smiling face changed as if she had been beaten.

What he said was to say that her personality was bad.

Rudger looked around at the other students without even looking at Julia’s reaction.

“Is there anyone else I can ask?”

“Ah, here it is!”

Rudgar’s gaze turned to the source of the sound.

What I saw there were Aidan, Leo, and Tacey. Leo seemed to be speaking, but it was Aidan who was taken aback.

“What else are you curious about? Aidan.”

“Uh, yes?”

“Didn’t you just want to ask a question because you had a question?”

Aidan hesitated to answer Ludger’s question.

Clearly, it was Leo who raised his hand, but the atmosphere suddenly passed over him.

Leo patted him on the shoulder, telling him to stay strong.

However, I felt that this was an opportunity to ask Rudger a question rather than blaming Leo.

However, the question that came out of his mouth was a completely different thing.

“this time… … Have you heard the rumor about the wish-granting stone?”

Aidan wondered what kind of stupid question this was after he said it himself.

I was so flustered that my brain froze, and I just spat out the words without thinking.

I was going to ask about Master.

Teishi and Leo, who were cheering by the side, also asked, “What are you doing all of a sudden?” He stared at Aidan with a smile on his face.


“… … !”

The students said, ‘Are you going to answer this again?’ It became an unbelievable face.

“that… … .”

“I heard it, but I want to tell you that it is a rumor. Or, you’re probably not a student in my class who really believes in such false rumors?”

No one could answer that question.

Because everyone knew that I wasn’t asking because I was genuinely curious.

“In the time you have to pay attention to such nonsense, hone your magic at least a little. You probably know that the first evaluation day is coming soon, right?”

Rudger’s voice, which had become even heavier, weighed down the entire classroom.

Primary Assessment Test.

The chapter of exams that all grades in Seorn face quickly with the new semester.

It was approaching right in front of us.

“At that time, those who did not produce proper results will be regarded as not faithful to their studies because they were distracted by useless rumors. You will know when you see it.”

At Rudger’s last words, some students gulped.

“Does anyone have more questions?”

“… … .”

“I will go without it.”

With those words, Rudger left the classroom.

Sedina, who was waiting for Ludger with her back against the wall next to the door, saw Rudger come out and greeted him hurriedly.

“oh. Hey, thanks for the class. Stand up, sir.”

“Have you been waiting all along?”

“yes. I happened to see it.”

“From now on, please wait comfortably in the assistant classroom. Don’t waste your time anywhere.”

“Ah, yes!”

Sedina wriggled her hands to see if she had anything to say to Rudger after answering that.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“uh. that, that… … .”

Rudger remembered Sedina Rosshen’s reaction and Julia questioning him.

“Is it Julia Plumheart related?”

“Oh, no, that… … !”

“Looking at the reaction, it seems right. do not worry. I have no intention of prying into personal matters.”

“… … yes.”

Sedina nodded in relief at Ludger’s answer.

“Take it.”

“Yes, four?! Aww?”

When Rudger handed over the stack of assignments he was holding, Sedina hurriedly stretched out her arms to accept them.

It was so sudden that she stumbled, but she managed to keep her balance.

“Let’s get it sorted out before work today.”

“yes yes.”

“Answer only once.”



At that moment, the back door of the classroom opened, and a girl with long blue hair approached Ludger.

Flora Lumos.

Upon her appearance, Sedina took a pile of assignments and stepped back.

“Flora Lumos. What’s your business?”

“Well, I heard that the teacher selected an assistant… … .”

“As you can see. once one was selected. But why do you ask?”

“that… … .”

Flora Lumos wanted to ask Rudger.

Why didn’t you tell yourself when you were choosing an assistant?

Then, belatedly, he realized what he was thinking.

oh my god. Trying to argue why you didn’t suggest a teaching assistant. Doesn’t it seem like someone’s jealous?

Flora thought that this was an unusual behavior.

Watching Flora continue to groan and open and close her fists, Rudger asked nonchalantly.

“Or are you thinking of applying for an assistantship?”

“Oh no?! Why me?!”

Flora involuntarily raised her voice and shouted that.

Belatedly aware of her ugliness, she covered her mouth with her hand.

Her white jade-like cheeks flushed red.

“is it. I wish I didn’t like it.”

“Oh no, so… … .”

“However, opportunities are always open. If you change your mind, you can apply. Maybe you can.”

With those words, Rudger turned his back.

Left alone, Flora blankly stared at Ludger’s back as he walked away across the corridor.

is it possible for you

Anyway, what does that mean?

Flora clenched her fists and bit her lip.

‘… … it’s annoying.’

Either yourself who cares about trivial things for no reason, or Rude who continues to worry after the first class.

Flora couldn’t figure out how this happened, so she felt helpless.


Still, it doesn’t show on the outside.

Because she always had to be arrogant within Seorn.

* * *

Returning to the private teachers’ room, Rudger couldn’t even rest and had no choice but to stand up again.

[Mr. Rudgar? Can you come to my room for a moment?]

It was because the president himself called Rudger himself.


Rudger didn’t have time to ask about it.

The pager turned off as soon as I finished my business.

In the end, Rudger had no choice but to move to the president’s office.

I took the elevator in the main building and went up to the top where the president’s office is.

Rudger reached the door across the corridor and knocked on the door with his fingertips.


“This is Rudgar Chelsea.”

“Come on in.”

The door opened by itself with the president’s voice.

Inside, there was only one rector. Rudger naturally sat down in the empty seat across from the president.

“What did you call for?”

“Miss Rudger. Did you hear the rumors?”

Returning to the question is a question, not an answer.

Rather, what does rumor mean?

“Rumors about an almighty stone that grants wishes.”

“You mean the almighty stone?”

Rudger nodded.

“I did hear a bit. It seemed to be quite popular among students.”

“As expected.”

“However, I thought it was just a rumor, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.”

“ah. Did Mr. Rudger think it was a rumor?”

The president shook his head with an incomprehensible smile.

Then he spat out a bombshell.

“In fact, there are all-purpose stones that can grant wishes.”

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