I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 56

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◈ Episode 56: Recruitment of Assistant (1)

The day after the public sparring.

“Ugh. tired.”

Aidan staggered down the hallway, stepping like a zombie.

Even now, as soon as class was over, some students approached him and talked to him or pretended to be friendly.

The excessive attention from the other students was too much of a burden for Aidan, and it made his stomach ache.

“Ugh. Why did this happen?”

“That’s because you showed off your performance in front of everyone. Are you stupid?”

Hearing Aidan’s self-talk, Leo made a face of bewilderment and slammed him.

“is it?”

“Ugh. You are completely unaware of this.”

Leo sighed, realizing that Aidan was serious. Aidan scratched his head awkwardly.

In the first place, Aidan is a person who doesn’t like to show off how good he is.

A case where he enrolled in Seorn purely because he liked magic rather than with the mindset of succeeding as a wizard.

How many people, including Aidan, are there in Ceorn?

“In the first place, winning the magic sparring against the nobles wasn’t enough, so I even used a strange magic to remove magic, but it’s weird if you don’t get attention.”

“Is that so?”

“Aidan. Rather, what was the magic you used back then?”

Tacey, who had been walking a step closer than usual to Aidan’s side, couldn’t contain her curiosity and asked.

In her eyes, there was a strong will to find out the magic Aidan used.

At that burdensome gaze, Aidan hesitated to answer.

“Uh, um. just… … i learned it when i was young No big deal.”

“Nothing? hey. If that’s not a big deal, what are we?”

“that’s right. It’s magic that erases magic. I’ve never heard of that. Stop talking and answer me.”


Aidan hesitated to answer.

It was because Master had sternly warned her not to reveal this magic carelessly.

That was the reason why he desperately avoided answering the persistent questions of other classmates.

I’ve heard that it doesn’t matter if you tell me if it’s someone you can really trust.

‘Will it really be okay?’

Aidan pondered for a moment.

Tacey and Leo. All of them are precious friends he made here in Seorn.

We had known each other before he started using anti-magic, so I didn’t think there would be any political calculations mixed into this relationship.

Suddenly, I remembered what Master had said.

– As you live, there will always be something you have to choose. In that case, follow the flow of your heart.

Follow where your heart flows.

Master himself said it lightly, but Aidan never forgot that teaching.

Aidan made a decision.

“good. I’ll let you know.”

“Oh, really?”

When Aidan answered seriously, Tacy was surprised.

To be honest, I asked as if pushing hard, but I didn’t expect much from Aidan, who kept his mouth shut despite the barrage of questions from other students after the class ended a moment ago.

I thought that there might be a story I couldn’t tell Aidan, so I was just going to poke him, but this kind of answer came back.

“Let’s move to a quiet place for now.”

The three of them headed to the Rose Park, which is out of reach of students.

* * *

A rose park full of fragrant scent under the dazzling sun.

Sitting on a secluded bench in a park with colorful and beautiful roses in full bloom, Aidan pondered over what to say first.

“hmm. As for what to say.”

Then, in the end, I thought it would be better to talk from the beginning and opened my mouth.

“The one I used was anti-magic, so it’s magic that removes magic.”

“I can see that.”

“You call it anti-magic.”

Leo and Tacy’s conflicting reactions.

Aidan smiled shyly and continued.

“Ugh. And it was my master, a wandering wizard, who taught me this magic, but in reality, I’m the only one who knows how to use anti-magic now.”

“what? why?”

“They say that only special constitutions are possible. I didn’t know, but Master said so.”

“It’s only possible with a special constitution… … .”

“Who is that Master?”

What Taish and Leo were most curious about was Aidan’s teacher.

Who the hell is it that a wandering mage teaches anti-magic? If he had that level of skill, there would be nothing strange about him being named anywhere.

Aidan responded by scratching his cheek with his index finger.

“I don’t know either.”


“… … Are you saying that?”

Aidan threw up his hands and made a hasty excuse at the sharp gazes of Taish and Leo.

“no! It’s real! Because I was very young, only 8 years old when I met Master in the first place. That was 10 years ago.”



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“10 years… … .”

“Besides, he is so free-spirited and hard to follow, so even now I don’t know where he is or what he does. can’t even contact He disappeared like the wind when he left, so there was no time to ask his name.”

“what. Then you don’t know if he’s alive or dead.”

“Ugh. Still, considering his skills, he must be living well where he lives. I think so.”

Such a carefree reaction to a teacher who taught him the bizarre magic of anti-magic.

Teishi tried to say something about Aidan’s behavior, but kept her lips shut.

He subconsciously convinced himself that he could do that because he was Aidan.

Tacey was overcome with regret.

‘I wanted to know more about Aidan.’

Suddenly, Tacey realized that she was overly interested in Aidan.

‘Ahhh! no! I’m interested! It’s only important to me to revive my family!’

Teishi immediately cleared her thoughts and shook her head vigorously from side to side.

Her red hair, tied in two ponytails, swayed in sync with it.

‘It’s just curiosity, simple curiosity. okay. That’s all.’

Leo, who had been listening quietly, raised a question as Tacy was suffering internally.

“It’s more exciting than that. Even 10 years ago, the anti-magic you used wasn’t that well known.”

“Ugh. Maybe it’s because it’s so rare?”

“The rarer magic is, the more famous it becomes. because people care Especially if the magic is to erase other magic.”

Anti-magic obviously has no lethal power.

Compared to other wizards, there seemed to be very few things that could be done with anti-magic itself.

However, when dealing with only one mage, anti-magic shows ridiculous performance by itself.

“Aidan. Does that anti-magic thing work for all regardless of the magic hierarchy?”

“hmm. I don’t know that either. To be honest, this is almost the first time I’ve used it properly. I haven’t had anything to use it for until now.”

“Didn’t Master tell you that?”

“I have never explained it in such detail. Master isn’t like that. Besides, I just liked learning magic back then, so I just learned it without thinking.”


Leo sighed at Aidan’s answer.

It was a collaboration between an irresponsible and non-explanatory secretive master and an immature rural kid who just loved magic and thought that anything would matter as long as he learned it.

“By the way Leo, why are you asking that?”

“just. I feel like I heard something in the past.”

“Did you hear?”

“Your Master. You don’t even know his name?”

“Uh, huh? huh. I didn’t ask for your name. Maybe he told me, but I don’t remember.”

“Perhaps you didn’t tell me your name. The catch is that such a person has not been heard from for the past 10 years. If you’re a person with that level of skill, there’s nothing strange about putting your name on a page in a newspaper.”

“is it?”

Aidan was a stranger to this, so he couldn’t answer properly.

“I think it’s because you’re not aware of it yet, but anti-magic is magic that will surely make noise just by its existence. Especially the whole magic world.”

“But after going through that, the other guys don’t seem to know much about it.”

“That must mean it was so secretive. Things that are difficult for students learning magic now to understand.”

Then Tacey, who had been listening, interrupted.

“But for that matter, didn’t the teachers know? If they didn’t know, the teachers wouldn’t have left Aidan alone.”

“Some of the teachers opened their eyes wide in surprise. I know about anti-magic, but that was the first reaction I’d ever seen of anyone actually using it.”

“Did you check it in the meantime?”

Leo nodded.

When everyone sat in the audience and watched Aidan, who used anti-magic, with a blank face, Leo focused on the audience’s reaction.

Among them, there were a few who reacted naturally, as if they knew this from the beginning.

People who knew about anti-magic, knew Aidan used it, and weren’t surprised to see it right in front of them.

“First of all, the president.”

“President? Well, you should know that the president is a great person. Are there more?”

“There were also Miss Hugo and Miss Marie Ross who seemed to have been in the teaching profession for a long time. Other than that, the new teachers were ignorant. but… … .”


“Mr. Rudger Celish was different.”

“Mr. Rudger… … ?”

“okay. It was a natural reaction from Mr. Rudger, as if he knew about Aidan’s anti-magic from the beginning.”

Aidan suddenly remembered Ludger’s appearance that day.

I thought it was because he was always the same person, but when I thought about it, there was something strange about his attitude even though he used anti-magic.

“Perhaps Mr. Ludgar knew something about the anti-magic Aidan used?”

“Did you know? If so, to what extent?”

“I don’t know about that. I’m just guessing, it might have something to do with Aidan’s master.”

Then Tacey stepped up and retorted.

“no way. No matter how you think about it, that’s an overestimation. Didn’t you think that she might not have shown off when Mr. Ludger knew?”

“It’s you who don’t know, Taish.”


“lets think. What on earth was Miss Ludger being nice to Aidan for?”

“Did you treat me well?”

Leo’s words raised Tay’s eyebrows.

“Did you forget? When lecturing about elemental elements, Mr. Ludgar praised Aidan.”

“No, that’s because Aidan did a good job… … .”

“That cold-blooded one? Haven’t you seen Flora Lumos-senpai? The person who didn’t spare even harsh words against that genius was Mr. Rudger.”

Come to think of it, it was.

“And what matters is what comes next. Do you remember the bet Mr. Ludgar made with Mr. Chris?”

“That’s natural.”

“At that time, Mr. Rudger bet that Aidan would win. Without the slightest hesitation. isn’t it strange Until now, Aidan has been an ordinary student with nothing much known about him.”

“that… … .”

“What did Mr. Ludger see about Aidan that convinced him that Aidan would win against an aristocratic student? And why did he spend his personal time teaching me a technique called maneuvering?”

The more Leo talked, the less Taish spoke.

After hearing it, Leo seemed to be right.

“I checked and found that the maneuver technique is a practical technique used only by special people in the military.”

“You said that Mr. Rudgar served as a military officer.”

“That’s the part. lessons learned in the military. military officer. Knowing something about anti-magic. I found a connection here.”

“what is that?”

Tacey asked, and Aidan waited for Leo’s next words, intrigued by Leo’s guess.

“Maybe Aidan. Ms. Rudger might know about your master.”

“Miss Rudger? But how?”

“I don’t know much about that. However, my guess is yes. Mr. Rudger must have met your master when he was a military officer. If you do that, the story will be solved. The reason why your master has such skills and is not famous and secret is probably because he came from a secret unit in the military that should not be known.”

Leo was convinced deep down that his reasoning was almost right.

Hearing this, Aidan felt a little shaken.

The soldiers he knew were strict in discipline and always thrifty, so to speak, he was like Rudger now.

However, in his memory, Master was more like a free-spirited person like the wind than a soldier.

‘No, if you’re from a secret unit, you might be different from a regular soldier.’

In a way, I thought that Leo’s guess might be correct.

“Does Mr. Rudger know about my master?”

“Considering the behavior I showed you, I think it’s possible. Otherwise, there’s no way I’ll be good to you. Maybe the two of you were friends.”

It was the natural acceptance of anti-magic, and the fact that Ludger, who seemed not to pay attention to others, spent time teaching Aidan the maneuvering technique.

Leo’s words made sense.

“Then, if I ask Mr. Ludgar, will he tell me about Master?”

At Tay’s question, Aidan pondered for a moment before shaking his head.

“no. it’s okay. Because I’m not sure yet. Besides, I don’t want to bother the teacher again. She’s already had enough help.”

“… … what. If you think so.”

As the conversation gradually matured, Tacey opened her mouth as if she had remembered something.

“ah. Rather, did you guys hear that rumor?”


“What rumors?”

“therefore… … .”

* * *

I was sharing a meal with new teachers who were my motives for joining the company.

First of all, they are the same motives for joining the company, and it is essential to maintain a minimum network no matter how much it is.

This isn’t such a hassle.

If you sit still and eat in silence, other teachers will ask for news on their own and exchange them among themselves.

In particular, Miss Selina loved chatting so much that she chattered nonstop while eating.

Of course, it’s not annoying or anything.

Rather, Selina-sensei’s actions were the mood maker of this meeting.

Still, I didn’t pay much attention to the information I asked because it was close to not having much nutritional value, with a batting average of less than 10%, about 1 out of 10.

“Oh. Isn’t Mr. Rudger doing that?”

However, the fact that this time was news of a home run with the bases to me is different from usual.

I turned to Miss Selina and asked.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Mr. Rudger has been working alone all this time. From collecting data, arranging textbooks, and checking assignments. Right?”

“you’re right.”

No, isn’t that the teacher’s role and work?

As I was thinking that, teacher Selina innocently asked me.

“Why doesn’t Mr. Rudger have a teaching assistant?”

“… … .”

… … Was there anything like that?

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