I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 52

◈ Episode 52 James Moriarty (2)

The air that lingers in the back alleys of Ledervelk is cold enough to make your skin tingle.

In that dark, dark blue space, Hans leaned his back against the wall and raised his head.

‘It’s filthy high.’

Hans also boasted that he had seen many things while touring various cities, but Ledervelk, the capital of the Empire, was taller than any city he had ever seen.

Even this shabby back alley where he stands.

It’s like a prison made of bricks and brass.

‘Shall I carry that wire hook or something like my older brother later?’

If there was one such thing, it would be easy to escape in a dangerous moment in Laedervelk.

Of course, the biggest reason is because the look Ludger used when chasing the werewolf was cool.

At that moment, the darkness beyond the alley shook and the shadows wriggled.

It was an amazing sight, as if a ghost had appeared, but Hans, who removed his back from the wall, greeted them by adjusting his collar.

Because I’ve seen this scene a few times already.

“Are you here?”


Before I knew it, the shadow changed its form and took on the human form.

A jet-black Inverness coat with a cape over the shoulders.

Black leather gloves on the hand holding the staff made of gold and black.

Unlike usual, her hair was completely undone, and she was wearing a silk hat with a neatly styled all-back hairstyle.

That alone made Ludger’s impression look completely different.

“What is the situation?”

“hmm. First, I’ll tell you what I find out. Isn’t our hideout a back alley?”

“It did.”

“Well, if it’s obvious, then, of course, there are several underworld organizations in the vicinity that divide and divide their forces.”

Hans summarized the information he had checked and let me know.

It was to confirm this that I had been wandering around diligently for the past few days in the first place.

“They are largely divided into four organizations. Among them, there is one large organization that is the strongest and largest in size, and the other three are medium-sized.”

“A total of four places. It’s a big city, so there are a lot of them.”

“First of all, I will explain the medium scale below. First of all, there is a circus troupe formed by those who are disabled or marginalized.”

“A circus troupe?”

“Because it is essential to make a living in a city like this. This circus troupe, Circus, is a trade union and a kind of gang of such people.”

Rudger nodded in agreement.

“Circus. good. What next?”

“The next one is only made up of women. No matter which city you go to, you will never be left behind.”

“It’s a brothel.”

Without even a hint, Rudger got it right.

A normal person would express discomfort or displeasure just by thinking of the word, but it was a place that could never be left out in a back alley like this.

This was such a world.

Even on the 21st century Earth, places like this have always existed.

“Still, I am not weak, and I feel like I live as an organization because I have my own know-how. It is said that the ability to gather information is considerable. And besides, I’m reaching out to various businesses in the city. They say they share the pattern of a very small jet-black rose to confirm that they are members of their organization, so they say their names are Black Rose Ladies.”

They are the women of the black rose.

Rudgar whispered the name.

“The last one?”

“Lastly, it is a union made by children and the elderly. People who are old and unable to work properly but are full of know-how and experience, and children who are still young but jump into the front lines to earn money.”

Rudger nodded.

In fact, working as a labor force at a young age was a common sight in this world.

Because right now, walking around the streets is full of children selling newspapers.

Besides that, there are children who are shoplifters and pickpockets, and there are also children who are in charge of house chores.

Among them, the most severe would be the case of doing manual labor in a factory or mine without taking a proper rest.

“They call this place where old people and children gather like that Old Kids. It is said that this side also focuses on gathering information, making it a match for the women of the black rose.”

“Because children listen a lot.”

If I were to summarize the information Hans gave me, it would be like this.

Circus troupe Circus.

The women of the black rose at the brothel.

Labor Union of Old Kids and Children Old Kids.

A total of three are medium-sized organizations in the underworld.

“Now there’s one big one left.”

“An enemy society, a back alley gang.”

“An enemy society. You seem to have heard the name at first glance.”

“They’re the ones who are crisscrossing the back alleys of Laedervelk. Kidnapping, blackmail, drugs and drug distribution, the liquor industry, work that requires fists and much more. There is very little of the dirty work that they have not touched.”

What if the previous three organizations were created by chance by uniting and uniting to survive on their own.

The Red Society was an inevitable existence created by literally gathering the shadows of the world and bugs attracted by the stench.

“This back alley is maintained in a state of balance between the enemy society and the other three organizations. It’s like the enemy society going rogue and the other three joining forces.”

“It’s the enemy society that needs to be dealt with.”

“Right. In the first place, the other three organizations are the ones who don’t even react unless they are directly touched. In fact, the risk itself is low. but… … Enemy societies are different.”

“I guess so. First of all, they are the ones who will subdue all the small ones and put them under them, or smash them.”

“Be careful. They are quite powerful and will be difficult to subdue. Recently, the eyes that have secretly watched our hideout have begun to stick one by one. So, take it step by step, starting with the tail… … .”

As Hans expressed his thoughts, Rudger shook his head and cut off his words.

“No, it is. You don’t have to grab the tail first. It’s a waste of time.”


“Hit your head. Then the rest of the guys will take care of themselves.”

“Oh, no. But how are you going to… … .”

Seeing Hans bewildered, Ludger smiled.

“Of course it’s a frontal breakthrough.”

For that reason, I deliberately matched my clothes like this.

Hans tried to tell him not to be crazy, but when he realized that Ludger meant it, he raised the white flag.

No matter what he says, Rudger will do what he says.

and you will succeed Because he’s always been that way.

“but. Same with that outfit. Will you use that identity this time? You know. A self-appointed crime consultant, a tycoon who rules the underworld.”


Rudger replied and put on a gold monocle from his pocket that could only be worn on one eye.

The usual sharp and cold military figure was erased at once.

Instead, he appeared as an intelligent, well-behaved man with the impression that he might be harboring a poisonous snake somewhere.

James Moriarty.

That was one of the past identities that Rudger would use this time.

“Are you really going to break through from the front?”


“It’s because the atmosphere of the enemy society is quite heinous right now. Uncharacteristically, the members of the gang gathered together with their blades standing.”

“It’s ugly. I think I know why.”

“How does your brother know that?”

Hans was intrigued when he replied that Ludgar seemed to know something he hadn’t figured out yet.

“The reason why the enemy society is in trouble now is probably because of that. The death of Belvote Rickson, the rich man.”

“The death of Bellbot Rickson and what these bastards… … ah!”

“I guess you noticed.”

Hans’s face became even more serious as the question was answered.

“There must have been some kind of connection between Bellbot Rickson and the Red Society.”

“okay. Bellbot Rickson was notorious for doing a lot of dirty work before. A mysterious death by a rival businessman, or a fire in a shantytown against factory construction, and so on. Could such a human being really take care of all those things by himself?”

“I guess I had limbs to move instead.”

“That is the enemy society.”

“but. You also need someone who is compatible with such a wealthy person and takes care of the dirty work for you.”

“Hans. Now that Bellbot Rickson is dead, the Red Society must have been quite agitated as their biggest source of money was gone. For now, I will stay calm, but sooner or later I will move to make up for the lack of money.”

“… … I guess that’s why they’re flocking around. no wait. If so, isn’t your older brother actually their enemy and the main culprit?”


At Ludger’s cool answer, Hans’s expression became dumbfounded.

In fact, the Red Society is angry because Ludgar killed Bellbot Rickson.

Of course, since they don’t even know that Ludger killed them, they wouldn’t even call them enemies.

“And now is the lesser time. It’s because these guys who normally should have been scattered all gathered together.”

“… … Are you really going to do it?”


“Well, brother, since you’re a wizard, you’ll be fine no matter how many gangsters attack you, but the problem is that the enemy society isn’t an ordinary gang either.”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“Armed with all sorts of weapons… … Well, bullets don’t fly in front of wizards, so even so, there are a lot of guys who have eaten a little bit of knives among them.”


“Why are you there? Those who tried to become knights but failed due to money or personality problems, or those who had a lot of bones in mercenary work. There are many such people in the enemy society. In the first place, that’s why the enemy society must have won first place here.”

“Has quasi-knight-level power, is this it?”

If the articles are mixed, that becomes a little annoying.

On Earth, when you think of a knight, you think of an old-fashioned swordsman in armor, but that’s not the case here.

A knight is a superman.

Those with the extraordinary physical ability to deflect incoming bullets as long as they hold a weapon in their hands.

They have been rivals with wizards for a long time, so the most difficult opponent for a wizard to deal with is a knight.

Those who deal with auras cut through or penetrate quite a bit of magic.

That’s why Hans wanted to take the safe route even if it took a little time.

Even so, it was too dangerous to go into enemy territory at will.

“That’s fun.”

However, Rudger smiled as if he was having fun at the words.

Hans thought he had heard something wrong.

“No, brother. Are you really going to go anyway?”

“Is there any reason not to go?”

“There is a quasi-knight class!”

“A quasi-knight is only a quasi-knight, not a real knight. Hans. I don’t think you’re familiar with it, but the difference between a semi-article and an ordinary article is huge. And those knights and commanders are even bigger.”

“No, I’m not talking about that now… … .”

“I wouldn’t know if it was a regular article, but the article I gave you is nothing special.”

“… … .”

At Ludger’s confident tone, Hans fell silent and said, ‘Is that so?’ I seriously thought about it.

There was nothing wrong with what Ludger said.

The difference between a semi-article and an ordinary article was actually great.

In fact, it was a knight who gave it to me in a good way, but weren’t they the ones who didn’t actually become a knight?

It is true that he is weaker than an apprentice knight who waits by the knight’s side and receives his instruction.

“… … Does it sound like that at first glance?”

Come to think of it, I was judging too pessimistically.

okay. They got scared by having an article in their name, aren’t they really nothing special?

Thinking that his worries were overdone, Hans nodded, saying he couldn’t help it.

“Well, if your brother says so.”

Of course, that was Hans’ big mistake.

It is true that the knights who gave them are weaker than regular knights or apprentice knights, but they are not so weak.

There was a difference, but I couldn’t call it decisive.

Even if they were semi-knights, they were skilled enough to rip off an opponent with just a spoon.

For the people of the underworld, that would be close to an irresistible wall.

Ludger knew about it but hid it from Hans.

Even if Hans knew that fact anyway, he would have invaded the enemy society.

In that case, it would be more convenient for Hans to follow him without knowing anything.

“Take it.”

Rudger threw something at Hans.

Hans snatched it up and immediately checked it out.

“I need some help from you.”

“… … Are you serious?”

What Rudger threw at Hans.

It was a wolf’s tooth.

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