I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 50

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◈ Episode 50 Anti Magic (2)

Chris thought it was finally here.

He had offered a bet with Rudger. Among the students assigned to them, they decided who would win this match, and the loser would give one of the magic research papers to the winner for free.

It was Chris himself, not anyone else, who suggested it first.

Since he declared that he would bet in front of many students, he couldn’t even say no.

Chris was about to say something, but gave Rudger a hard shot.

“you are… … Did you know that commoner student possesses anti-magic?”

“yes. That’s right.”

Chris cried out in tears at the answer that seemed so natural.

“Did you make this bet knowing that!”

“hmm. I don’t understand why Mr. Chris is so angry.”

“I mean that now… … .”

“Miss Chris, didn’t you know that student Aidan possesses anti-magic?”

“… … .”

At that, Chris became a mute who drank honey.

It was as Ludger said.

He did not know that Aidan possessed anti-magic.

okay. I didn’t know, so I allowed this sparring.

“I heard that Mr. Chris is in charge of the first year students. Didn’t you check the first year students who entered this time?”

“… … .”

“Above all, Aidan never used anti-magic throughout the match. Did you see that his mastery of anti-magic influences the outcome of sparring?”

Chris kept his mouth shut.

As Rudger said, Chris was not in a position to argue with this match.

I knew it, but it was him, not anyone else, who didn’t want to know.

Because they were commoners, they were insignificant children, so they didn’t even pay attention to them. He thought it was unnecessary.

The narrow-minded thoughts he usually possessed ended up spinning around and flying towards him like a boomerang.

Who should be to blame for that?

Rudgar who knew but didn’t tell?

Aidan who learned anti-magic from a commoner?


What is wrong is, in the end, yourself.

Without any thorough preparation, without even thinking about gathering information in advance, they just vaguely misunderstood that they would win.

His arrogance was the cause of his defeat.

“If you had always checked out what specialties students had, things like today wouldn’t have happened.”

“… … .”

Chris didn’t answer, just bit his lip.

okay. It was clearly his fault for not realizing anti-magic.

However, if there is something that hurts his pride more than that, it is that the outcome of this sparring was not determined by that anti-magic.

Aidan didn’t even use half of his anti-magic skills in sparring.

Just pure, he came to Seorn and used only what he had learned and defeated the majority.

There was no way he could say such words as being cowardly or cheating.

The moment he says that, he is truly defeated.

Rudger got lucky as he watched Chris, trembling and unable to say anything.

“I remember that I bet on an academic thesis on magic in exchange for a bet.”

“… … It was. great. What can I give you?”


At that, Chris was taken aback.

“Now, what the hell… … ?”

“I will not accept anything.”

“any… … Also? Why all of a sudden… … .”

“It’s not all of a sudden. I had this in mind from the beginning.”

At Ludger’s words, Chris couldn’t understand what he was doing.

no. In fact, I understood, but it was close to denying the reality.

“It’s demeaning to rob others of their teachings in return for a bet.”

With those words, Rudger turned his back and left.

It seemed that he had no intention of continuing the conversation with him.

The look made Chris look devastated.

‘Are you saying that your status is low?’

I wasn’t this annoyed when I was ignored by him or when I lost a bet.

However, when Rudger said that even though he won the bet, he didn’t receive anything from him, and that the act of betting itself was degrading.

Chris felt more than frustrated.

The man was like a mirror. A mirror of the heart that reflects the ugliness of this side so clearly.

The more he antagonized him and glared at him with the stronger hatred, the more disgusting he looked at him.

‘Me, this Chris Vennimore… … Do you think it’s downgraded?’

Chris bit his lip. A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

He didn’t even think to clean it. He only glared at Ludger’s back with bloodshot eyes.

‘Ludger Chelsea.’

How much longer do we have to trample on this side’s pride to release our castle?



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can’t forgive It is unacceptable.

Next time, I will surely repay the humiliation I suffered this time by multiplying it.

“Miss Chris.”

Hugo approaches and calls out to him, but Chris doesn’t respond.

He didn’t want to show his ugliness to anyone now, so he hurriedly ran away from his seat.

Hugo’s face distorted at that figure, and before long he could only swallow his annoyance when he saw the president smiling lightly while looking at him.

This day will be remembered as a disgraceful day for the nobility in general.

‘Ludger Chelsea.’

Reminds me of the man who is the culprit behind all this.

Hugo Burtegg gritted his teeth.

* * *

Aidan, who was drunk with the joy of winning with his friends, suddenly remembered the promise he had made with Jeban.

His gaze staggered toward Jeban, who was getting up from his seat.

The three of them met each other’s eyes, nodded, and moved towards Jeban.


Jeban asked in a weak voice as he saw Aidan and his friends coming this way.

“Was there anything else left to laugh at me for?”

“All. You haven’t forgotten the promise you made before Dalian, right?”

Jeban’s face crumpled mercilessly at the word promise.

I couldn’t get out of the shock of defeat and I couldn’t even think about it.

“Jean Pellio. I respectfully apologize here and now for saying harsh things to my friends.”

“Now, dare… … You want me to apologize?”

“You were the first to place a bet and apply for sparring. all. I’m just saying keep it. please apologize respectfully.”

“… … .”

Jeban clenched his fists tightly, but that was all.

He was completely defeated by Aidan. Even the surprise blow was unsuccessful.

It wasn’t just that I was defeated, but that I was defeated ugly.

There was no longer any place for him to stand in Ceorn.

Jeban was in tears for no reason.

“Damn it. It’s all because of you! because of you i… … !”


“shut up! don’t call me by my name! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have gone through such an ugly sight in front of everyone! okay! It’s all your fault!”

“… … .”

Seeing all of the people chattering half out of their minds, Tacy tried to leave, feeling emotional.

Aidan raised a hand to restrain her.

“Aidan. why?”

“Because it’s useless.”

Aidan knew. The fact that no matter what Taish says here, most people won’t listen to it.

Aidan realized something greatly when he saw Jeban’s actions.

I believed that people and people fight because they do not know each other, and when they know each other, the story will be different.

I thought we would get to know each other through conversation, and then we could become close.

However, Aidan still couldn’t forget Jeban’s face with a lively expression.

I felt like my thoughts were shaking at the sight.

In the meantime, Jeban cried even more desperately.

“shit! damn it! Because of you filthy commoners, I can’t stay in Seeorn any longer! We, the Felio family, will not be able to raise our heads anywhere from now on! Because of you! Because of you guys!”

Jeban had already erased from his memory any foul or cowardly acts he had committed.

I just couldn’t stand it because I was resentful and unfair about why I had to go through this.

“why! Why does someone like you have that ability? Why not with me!”


“Damn it. damn it I just… … I just wanted to raise my family’s reputation!”

Jeban lowered his head and cried out.

Even if he knew the way was wrong, he wouldn’t have stopped. Only because he aimed for such an end.

Aidan looked at everything like that and tried to say something, but kept his mouth shut.

It was difficult to continue a proper conversation, let alone receive an apology from everyone in that state.

Even Tacey, who would normally have been angry at telling her to do it in moderation, spared her words as she saw how everything was ruined.

Seeing Jeban act like that in order to raise the status of the family, she also felt a sense of tightness in her heart.

‘Maybe I, too, might have become like that.’

The thought struck her, and she trembled in shock.

At that moment, a cold voice settled between them.

“The sparring is over, what are you still doing here?”

“Rudger, sir.”

Ludger, dressed in an all-black outfit, exuded an irresistible and strange atmosphere.

He stared at Aidan and his friends, then fired coldly at everyone who sat down and sobbed.

“Jean Pellio. What are you doing unseemly after losing in Dalian?”

“… … .”

“It wasn’t enough that he was defeated in battle, he didn’t accept his defeat and even attacked him uglyly. What on earth is it that makes you shed tears because you feel so unfair? Do you deserve it now?”

“Lu, Mr. Ludger.”

Aidan stepped forward, wondering if he was talking too much, but Ludger didn’t stop.

“It’s insignificant. It’s so insignificant. Your appearance now is far worse than the common people you used to hate and despise so much.”

“… … What do you know!”

In the end, everyone who couldn’t stand it jumped up from their seats and glared at Ludger.

“How do I know how I feel!”

“Should I know?”

“… … what, what?”

“That’s why I need to know that.”

“this person… … !”

Everyone tried to shout something, but when they met Ludger’s eyes, the thought went into it.

The burning anger was quickly quenched, and instead was fear.

Ludger’s pupils, those cold gazes staring at us.

It was like a nightmare faced in pitch black darkness.

“You get into a fight as you please, and you lose the bet as you please. You didn’t even accept that and the collapse was all your own fault. But then again, you want others to understand your feelings. Why should we know how you feel?”

“That, that… … .”

“Do you know that this is still your family? Do I look like a babysitter who listens to your grievances?”

“I, I… … .”

“A kid who can’t even take care of himself properly, only squawks and shouts his anger like a baby bird. You, who don’t even know how embarrassing your actions are, are disqualified as magicians. What is a nobleman, and what is a wizard.”

Unlike the usual Ludger, with words that were almost violent, Jeban couldn’t stay sane.

“I, I… … .”

“noisy. I don’t even want to hear your excuses. I will refer the rudeness you showed me a while ago to the disciplinary committee, so know that and get out of my sight right now.”

At Ludger’s warning, which was close to threatening, Jeban, whose complexion turned pale, took a faltering step backward and eventually ran out of the arena.

The three musketeers who silently watched the scene from beginning to end had the same thought.

It’s obviously embarrassing, but wasn’t it too much?

In particular, Aidan’s expression was not very good.


“Yes, teacher.”

“The activation spell has been properly implemented. Good job.”

“It’s all thanks to the teacher.”

“But your expression doesn’t look bright for winning.”

“that… … .”

Aidan couldn’t understand why he was in such a low mood.

Clearly, in front of everyone’s eyes, he won in Dalian in a splendid way. There was no room for disagreement about being happy about it.

Perhaps it was because he heard the screams of all the people afterward.

“well… … I do not know.”

“I do not know?”

“At first, there was definitely a sense of exhilaration. Jeban insulted my friends and started a fight with me. The thought of wanting to defeat all of that has definitely not changed. but… … It was a problem after that.”

“Did you just get shaken by that rant?”

“Certainly I didn’t have to listen to that. yes. It was enough just to ignore it. however… … That didn’t work.”

Aidan smiled bitterly and spoke frankly.

Rudger looked at Aidan in silence.

I knew from before that Aidan had overly righteous and upright values, but I didn’t expect him to be so weak-minded.

To have sympathy even for the generals who ignored and looked down on him.

But if you ask me if it looks bad, it wasn’t.

Aidan is young and a student in this shining world called Seorn.

Because I am a student, because I am young.

It can be enough. It works though. He couldn’t blame him for being stupid or frustrated.

Because that was the way that child looked at the world.


“yes. teacher.”

“As you live in the world, someday you will come across various people.”


“Engrave it. I mean, not everyone is like you. Someone will hate you, hate you, and even be hostile to you. After all, that’s it. Because your world and other people’s worlds are different.”

“… … is that so.”

“But that changes depending on how each other behaves.”

At those words, Aidan, Taish, and Leo looked at Rudger as if they were slightly surprised.

“There is nothing wrong with trying to take care of yourself. And the act of giving up everything is not stupid. But in the end, what you need to live in this world is moderation.”

“Suitable… … .”

“Half. Aidan. Selfishness and altruism are about half. If I concede half instead of taking half to someone. Then the day will come when we understand each other to some extent.”

At those words, Aidan turned to Tacey.

I definitely remember that the first time I met her wasn’t that good.

Because Tacy was like a rose full of thorns.

But from a certain moment, the two of them started to hang out often.

“I’m not going to say don’t give in to anyone and don’t be considerate. Because you seem impossible So that’s what I’m saying. It may not be all. But it’s okay to be selfish at least halfway.”


At those words, Aidan felt a tickling feeling as if something might be caught.

“I was talking too much. I will go and see.”

“That, Mr. Rudger!”


“… … that word. I will definitely listen.”

Ludger glanced back at Aidan, who answered with a determined face, and then left the arena with a light nod.

The three of them stared at the back of Ludger in silence until the figure disappeared.

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