I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 5

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◈ Episode 5 Cold Steel

i saw

The scene of knights in pure white armor running on the snow and jumping on the train one by one.

movement beyond human beings.

Beings strong enough to overtake horses on their two legs and break rocks with their leg power.

that’s the article

And they were the knights in charge of the most rugged area of ​​the Exilion Empire.


“Imperial border guards! Everyone run away!”

“help me!”

The screams of terrorists echoed everywhere.

If the border guards, each made up of elite members, stepped in, it would be obvious without looking at what the situation over there had become.

The short time that took less than a minute after the border guards came forward like that.

That’s how the train raid ended.

* * *

‘Is it over?’

Cold Steel Knights under the Border Guard.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal when you hear the name, but it’s a knights who have considerable individual skills as they are made up of those who are active in the rugged and cold Aret Mountains.

I returned to room 403, which was still intact.

And he slumped down in the first seat he sat in.

The inside of the train was full of knife marks and scorched marks, as if to prove the fierce fight.

At least it had a defensive magic circle engraved on it, so if it was an ordinary train, it would have already derailed and fallen down that cliff.

“All of the thieves have been subdued, so please rest assured. The train will arrive soon, so please wait for a while.”

Knights were seen pacing the survivors inside the train.

In fact, even the survivors were all first-class people who were protected in the safest place.

In other rooms, it is difficult to find survivors. No, it was virtually annihilated.

It was unfortunate even considering the small number of people on the train.

‘Still, it’s fortunate that all the terrorists were eliminated.’

All those who attacked the train were killed by the knights.

It was a truly futile result for bringing in many wizards.

‘ah. I must have killed that wizard.’

Now is not the time for me to worry about that.

Soon the train will arrive at its destination.

After passing the mountain range covered with pure white snow, fresh vegetation began to be seen sparsely.

The sheer ice mountains disappeared, and wide plains replaced them.

And what was visible beyond the horizon was <Leather Velk>, one of the large cities of the Exilion Empire.

‘It’s big.’

Even though it is far away, the majesty of the city is magnificent enough to be seen at a glance.

Buildings soaring high like towers towards the sky. Factory chimneys spewing endless white smoke. Even large flying boats roaming among the clouds stained with light.

Mechanical boats made of springs and brass are lined up on the riverside that runs through the city, and steamboats run fast between them.

Magical engineering created by combining advanced mechanical engineering with magic.

The civilization it created is very similar to what is commonly referred to as ‘Steam Punk’.

‘It’s not surprising now, though.’

Still, the strange feeling created by the gap caused by the memories of the previous life could not be erased.

How surprised I was when I died in an accident in my previous life and came to my senses to find out that I was born as a baby in this world.

That was already 27 years ago.

I feel like the years have passed so quickly.

This world is a unique world in which magic dwells in the world commonly referred to as the Victorian era and Belle Époque, and sub-species and monsters are added.

Wouldn’t it be better if I entered the world of a game I used to enjoy or a novel I liked… … This is a different world that doesn’t even exist in my memory, literally without even an ointment.

“Are you okay?”

Someone spoke to me as I sat quietly in my seat and stared at the approaching destination.

When I turned my head, I saw neat black hair at the entrance of the half-destroyed room.

Is it the female knight who saved me in the first place?

She was looking this way with a worried gaze.

“I wonder if the terrorists suffered any harm just a moment ago… … .”

I immediately shook my head.

“no. It’s okay thanks to the help of the knights. Was it just something to think about?”

“ah. If so, I’m glad.”

The sight of her laughing while sweeping her heart, saying that it was fortunate, was like a rose blooming.

I’m saying it now, but she was quite a beauty. Pure white skin and white armor without blemishes. Contrasting black hair further highlighted her strong image.

He is a good person with no angular character.

Otherwise, there’s no way he’ll come and stay by my side just because he’s worried about someone like me.

Seeing that he belongs to the Knights of Cold Steel, he seems to have abilities, and he looks young, but that means he has talent too.

I thought he was a person who lived in a different world from me.

“My name is Veronica Deville. What about that one?”


I’ve heard of it. Did you say that it was a prestigious family that produced many famous knights in the empire?

“I am… … .”



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Just as I was about to say my name, the train honked to announce its arrival.

I naturally kept my mouth shut, and Veronica turned her head to look outside.

“ah. We have finally arrived at Ledervelk.”

The train, which slowed down slowly, came to a complete stop at the train station.

The station seen through the window was full of people.

Apparently, he heard the news that the train was attacked and came to see it. They looked at the exterior of the train, which was broken or damaged in places, and chatted among themselves.

The police came forward and erected a wall to prevent people from approaching, and there were also reporters trying to get a scoop through the cracks.

As expected of a big city, Leatherbelk was crowded from the start.

“Are there too many people? It seems that the news has already spread.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Because it has nothing to do with me anyway.

Now, if I had to pick one thing that I regret, this train, which should have gone to the capital, had to stop at Ledervelk because of an unintentional attack.

However, there was no way to get a refund for the already paid ticket, so I had no choice but to get off here.


At that moment, the closed door was thrown open violently, and uniformed policemen rushed in.

what happened all of a sudden?

“Passengers, please do not leave and wait in your seats. I have something to check for a while.”

“What is this?”

Veronica asked, and one of the cops asked back.

“Who are you?”

“I am Veronica of the Knights of Cold Steel. I want to ask you what the hell happened to this.”

“Ah, you are a Knight of the Knights of Cold Steel. Nice to meet you. I am Officer Remlus of the Lederbelk Metropolitan Police Department.”

“Yes, Officer Remlus. nice to meet you. So what is this?”

“Before I came here, I heard that there was a train raid on the border of the Aret Mountains.”

“yes that’s right. We dealt with all the raiders.”

“Thanks to the hard work of the Knights of Cold Steel, I received a report that all the thieves who attacked the train were repelled, but there is something suspicious.”

What’s inconsequential?

At those words, I became anxious because I thought things were going strangely.

Come to think of it, there was something stuck.

“Even though there was a wizard among the raiders, there was no way that the magical engineering train protected by magic would have allowed the raid so easily.”

“yes. It was.”

“It is clear that the terrorism that took place this time was not just committed by someone from the outside, but also from the inside.”

“that… … .”

Veronica’s eyes widened in surprise.

But then he nodded and agreed with the officer’s words.

In the first place, that assumption is not a leap forward.

I actually ran into a guy who disguised himself as a train employee and disarmed the magic curtain from inside.

Because of him, the terrorists could easily break into the train and kill the passengers on board.

“Even if they’ve already identified the corpse, they wouldn’t know. Among the survivors inside, there may be someone who has been in liaison with the terrorists, so we are just trying to identify them. Don’t worry too much. Those whose identities have been verified will be sent back soon.”

“Oh, I see.”

Veronica smiled and turned around.

Her smile was full of relief, but instead, cold sweats broke out on my back.

Are you verifying your identity? In this situation where the bast face is peeled off?

I calmly touched my face with my fingertips.

okay. Certainly, the bast face is not covered now.

‘It’s a big deal… … !’

I boarded this train as Gerard, a wealthy merchant in his mid-40s.

Of course, the name of Gerard would be written on the list of passengers.

That’s fine, but the problem is my face right now.

How can this face without beard or wrinkles be called mid-40s?

‘… … What do we do.’

I did not lead the terror and I am a passenger who was caught unfairly, but I couldn’t be confident.

Gerard is a fake identity to hide my identity.

False identity is a felony in any country.

There was a high possibility that he would be hanged only if he was lucky, or even severely tortured if he was involved in a suspected terrorism situation.

If he was a normal person in the first place, there would be no need to fake his identity.

what to do Should I run away like this?

‘That can’t be.’

Now, there are Cold Steel Knights on this train, and even outside the train, there are soldiers of the Empire in preparation for any unexpected situation.

The moment I try to run away from here, I won’t last even a minute and my neck will fly off.

Running away is truly the worst option. But if you stay still, your true identity will be revealed.

I tried not to show my anxiety.

In the meantime, the police who brought the list documents were handing over the paper.

I’m trying to compare the people on the train one by one.

he asked me

“What room was the guest in?”

“… … This is room 403. Here are the tickets too.”

I calmly took out a train ticket from my inside pocket and showed it to the policeman.

He confirmed that the ticket was not fake and immediately flipped through the paperwork.

“where… … No. 403. ah. Here you are. Two guests stayed in the room. Rudger Chelsea. A man in his mid-20s. And Gerard, a man in his 40s.”

Then he raised his head and glanced at me.

It was like asking why are you alone when there should be two of you.

“How is one of you?”

“… … They were caught in an explosion as the raid unfolded. It fell down a steep cliff in the Aret Mountains.”

Falling down the precipice of that rugged mountain range, even the corpse will not be found.

At my words, the police gave me a more suspicious look.

I clenched my fists, desperately sticking to an expressionless face.

get caught If you go on like this, you will be caught.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t think of a way to get out of this situation.

There are a lot of police and soldiers outside. The siege is very strong.

‘escape? It’s impossible in the first place.’

And another problem, Veronica, a woman in a fluttering white cloak in front of her.

She is the woman who, just a moment ago, split the top of the terrorist’s head and cut it in half.

He had no hesitation in killing people.

She treats me with a smile now, but the moment it turns out that I’m suspicious, she’s the first woman to pull out her sword.

Considering his ability to join the Knights of Cold Steel at a young age, he must be far more intimidating than the cops outside the train.

By the time all kinds of thoughts are swirling in my head.

Veronica, who had been watching the situation quietly, stood up for me.

“Wait. He is not a suspect in the first place.”


“Because he was fighting the terrorists before the arrival of the Knights of Cold Steel. I saw it with my own two eyes.”

“You said you had a fight?”

The officer muttered in disbelief and looked over the list again.

Then, as if he had understood something, he nodded and looked back at me with a face that had changed in an instant.

“So that means Mr. Ludgar Celish survived and Mr. Gerard was caught in the explosion.”

… … uh?

no wait. what the heck now

The face of the officer who checked the list more closely was stained with astonishment.

“uh? A new teacher who will be assigned to Seorn Academy this time?!”

“yes? Seorn’s teacher? Really?”

Officer Remlus’s cry made Veronica’s eyes widen as well.

Watching the two people’s reaction like a scene from a comedy, I realized how things were going.

It was really unbelievable, but… … They believed me to be Rude.

It was all too sudden, but I made a quick decision.

I immediately regained my composure and nodded.

“yes. That’s right.”

Responding like that, I picked up the suitcase that Rudger had dropped before he died.

It was good to have it in advance just in case.

“I am Rudgar Chelsea.”

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