I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 494

◈ Episode 494: Fallen Magic Beast (2)


A large fire was scattered in the air.

The sight of the black skull blazing with green flames made the spine cool.

“It’s magic that uses the owner’s corpse. Since it was derived from magical power, should we call it a magical beast?”

I didn’t know that fel magic had such a characteristic.

It probably wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for that high-ranking black magician.

There was no choice but to have an example so far.

I thought it would explode now.

Rudgar guessed the guy’s strength from the heat he felt on his skin.

‘Is it this much even though I don’t have any will yet?’

It may be more dangerous than its original owner, Carloto.

Carloto suppressed it and used it in order not to be swayed by it, but that guy didn’t have to worry about that.

But fortunately, the black skull looked at Ludger for a while and soon turned its head to another place.

‘Am I ignoring you?’

Thanks to this side, I took over Calotto’s body and regained my freedom, so it could have meant that I would take care of it this time.

The Black Skull moved slowly.

With each step he took, green footprints remained and burned.

The place the Black Skull was headed was the magic circle where Calotto’s two disciples were injecting magical energy.

The two disciples did not notice the black skull slowly approaching as they were concentrating on imbuing them with magical energy as instructed by Carloto.

‘This… … .’

Rudger’s eyes narrowed.

An anxious imagination flashed through my mind as to what that skull wanted.

‘Seeing how Carloto desperately tried to activate that magic circle, that magic circle is important for this job.’

Considering the characteristics of the infernal magic that Carloto was using, there was only one result that could be produced with that magic circle.

Right away, it is to cause the flames of hell to explode.

Perhaps Carloto was trying to set off a trap prepared here after stopping the magic intelligence agents’ time in the dummy hideout.

It was Rudgar who interrupted it, and I wanted to end it now, but that skeleton didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping it.

‘It’s not Carloto’s will, but the will of Hell’s magic wants that.’

If Carloto did this to kill the Ministry of Magic, that black skull was a little different.

Its principle of action is instinctive, and it is a little more pure.

It was just to make the hell magic that can be called his own power overflow more.

To put it bluntly, that guy was the same as the twisted spirit of fire, Quasimodo.

A terrible monster that burns everything around it with its pure will.

‘A big explosion in a distribution warehouse near the port. Something similar happened on Earth in my previous life.’

Halifax Explosion.

The incident occurred when a cargo ship loaded with gunpowder exploded.

At the time, it was famous for creating one-tenth the power of a nuclear explosion with just the amount of pure gunpowder.

The target of comparison is that ‘nuclear bomb’.

Even the Halifax explosion was recorded as the largest explosion achieved with pure gunpowder before nuclear weapons were developed at the time.

‘If I implement it similarly here.’

It doesn’t even use gunpowder, it uses much more dangerous fel magic.

Its power, scope, and destructive power.

There was nothing strange about it being far more than several times the size of the Halifax Explosion.

Perhaps, indeed, there could have been an explosion comparable to a nuclear one.

“I tried to do it moderately, but I ended up using dumping.”

With a small sigh, Ludger took out the Pasca Spirit Stone.


Anyway, that black skull is also a being made of flames of hell magic.

If you eat all of that, you’ll be knocked down in no time.

It was an order given with that thought in mind, but Pasca was silent.

Rather, as if he did not like it, he turned on the light and went to sleep.

“… … What are you doing?”

Pasca has already eaten the flames of the fel magic.

And he said he didn’t want to eat that tasteless thing again.

“A shameful bastard. It is very arbitrary.”

It’s embarrassing that he won’t fight unless he’s in a good mood, but there’s no way to forcefully call him.

‘I should have learned how to deal with spirits in the first place.’

When the spirits see only themselves, to be precise, they run away or are wary of the power of the god that dwells within them. Where is the opportunity for that?

‘I’ll have to seek guidance from Selina-sensei when I go back to Seorn later.’

The priority now is to stop that black skull.

Ludger put the spirit stone roughly into his pocket, then created a column of ice in the air and blew it at him.

The pillar of ice shot like a siege weapon moved toward the black skull, melted by the heat, and turned into steam before reaching the body.

The Black Skull stopped and looked back at Ludger.

“Where do you go like that? I’m sorry, but you have to die here at my hands.”


The flames flowing from the black skull grew stronger.

She tried to ignore Rudger, but changed her mind after realizing he was trying to sabotage her.

Even when there was no hostility, the heat was unbearable, but when I properly recognized this side as the enemy, the momentum was much stronger than before.

‘Certainly stronger than Carloto. Is pure power the 6th tier?’

The Black Skull stretched out its hand towards Ludger.

That hand was also burning with green flames, but the flames moved the moment he aimed at Ludger.


A cross-shaped light burst from the skeleton’s fingertips.


Rudger hurriedly turned his head to the side.

A green ray of light from the fingertips passed between Ludger’s eyebrows.

The green light beam, traveling through the air, pierced the wall of the warehouse and hit another nearby warehouse.



One warehouse was blown away with a huge explosion.

“That’s ridiculous.”

Rudgar laughed at the huge explosion he felt behind him.

“Because you are the very essence of hell magic, are you saying that your speed and accuracy have risen to the point where you can’t compare to Carloto?”

Even if I was a little late in reacting, my head was pierced.

I never thought it would fire compressed flames so precisely and quickly.

‘Even if the reaction is fast, it’s a problem. Even if I tried to block it with halfway magic, it would have been pierced right away.’

Rather, ordinary wizards were used to using defensive magic, so nine out of ten would have been beaten.

An indefensible attack aircraft.

The only option to take from the victim’s position was avoidance.

At that moment, lightning flew from afar and struck the black skull.

The skeleton’s body, which aimed its arms at Rudger again, staggered slightly to the side.

Rudger looked away.

I looked up to see who it was, and they were agents from the Ministry of Magic who joined the scene just in time.

Among them, I saw a familiar face, including a young wizard who warned Ludger to stay still.

“There! That guy is Carloto!”

“It looks a little different, but that magic power. It must be Carloto.”

“Everyone be careful! I don’t know what he’s up to, but we have to end it here!”

The agents were obviously excellent wizards.

They continued to cast their magic at the Black Skull.

Since he is engulfed in flames, the main attributes he uses are water and ice.

If he occasionally tried to fight back, he would raise up dirt and cover the surroundings or block his view.

‘It’s true that they’re agents, so the sum is good. It’s like looking at an intricate cog machine that meshes well.’

It was not a sum that could be made in a day or two.

While attacking the opponent’s weak element, divide the attack and defense groups and do your best in your role.

It’s just the right link that doesn’t give strength to the shoulder, but it doesn’t lose strength.

However, the opponent was not good.

No matter how much magic he poured, the black skull, which had already sublimated into a higher existence, did not fall.

Rather, as the flames flowing from his body grew stronger, the magic that attacked his body disappeared as if it were offset by the heat.

“Uh, what… … .”

As the attack did not work and the enemy gradually became stronger, the expressions of the Magic Intelligence Department agents gradually darkened.

A very slight gap caused by unexpected circumstances.

The Black Skull did not miss the opportunity.

raised fingers.

The direction my finger was pointing was the most stupid young wizard among them.

Instinctively, he noticed that he was the weakest among the group, and it was the choice he made.

The moment when the magic power gathered at the Black Skull’s fingertips reached a critical point.


The light in the shape of a cross flashed as if it were spinning, and a green beam of light was shot out.

The young wizard saw the attack flying towards him and performed a defensive magic spell.

As if he didn’t enter the Magic Intelligence Department through personal connections at a young age, his defense magic was very sophisticated and fast.

From the fact that he reacted to that quick blow in the first place, it was a clear proof of his skill.

Then someone grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and dragged him sideways.

“Uh huh?”

The young mage felt his back dampen as a green ray of light pierced the defense magic and cut through the air.

The defense magic broke through so easily.

If someone hadn’t pulled him, there would be nothing left on his neck.

“Who, who?”

Having hit his butt, he looked up at the man who had saved him.

His eyes widened.

“All, you… … .”

“Get out of the way because you’re in the way.”

Rudger left behind the man’s words and slowly approached the black skull.

The guy was staring at Rudger, probably upset that his attack missed again.

It wasn’t the magic information department agents who didn’t know that strange atmosphere.

“What is this atmosphere?”

“That guy. We don’t even care.”

The black skeleton opened its mouth wide.


A breath like a sigh came out of the boy’s mouth.

Flames of fel magic mingled with his breath flew in waves.

“Blood, avoid!”

“Everybody back off!”

I witnessed just a little while ago that the youngest’s head was almost blown off while trying to block the attack.

That attack is dangerous.

Having judged that, the Magic Intelligence Department agents quickly retreated.

However, Rudger took a step forward rather proudly.

“What, what is that madman doing!”

It was a while for the agents to cry out in fright at the act that was tantamount to suicide.

They couldn’t believe their eyes at the green breath that split in half.

A green wave that splits right and left with Ludger as its center.

Rudger, who was at the forefront, was still standing upright.

“Just what… … .”

“Wasn’t that a force that could not be defended?”

“What did you do… … .”

An astonished look of disbelief turned to Rudger.

Marias was brought in, but I thought she was just a student or a teacher teaching.

Casey Selmore, who thought it would be helpful, even moved arbitrarily because of her personal behavior.

So I didn’t expect much, and I wished they wouldn’t interfere, but the result was the opposite.

Rudger wasn’t here simply because he was Casey’s fiancé.

because it’s a skill.

And Marias Selmore knew that, so she involved him in this operation as an outsider.

“How can a teacher… … . Are all the teachers in Seorn such monsters?”

Rudgar ignored those mutterings and looked down at the spirit stone in his hand.

“You can use it like this.”

Before the green flames approached, Ludger took out Pasca’s Spirit Stone again and held it out toward the flames.

I wondered if it would be absorbed again, but the result was the opposite.

As if to desperately oppose the food he disliked entering his mouth, Pasca pushed away the flames of hell.

The result was now.


Pasca protested harshly, asking what he was doing.

“Wouldn’t it have been nice if I had helped right away when I was told to help?”

Pasca was dumbfounded by that statement.

“Well, okay. I’ll turn a blind eye to your childish grumbling for letting go of the attack earlier.”

Also, Pasca, who thought he would use himself arbitrarily, blinked as if he was surprised by Ludger’s answer.

Why are you doing this all of a sudden?

“What? No big deal.”

Rudgar’s gaze turned upward.

“I don’t need your help now.”

What Ludger’s eyes reflected was a huge spray of water pouring down from the air.

A huge mass of water poured over the black skull, as if it were raining in a local area.

Chii profit!

Cloudy steam rose up and spread thickly around.

“late. What are you doing here now?”

“what. Have I been too busy?”

Casey, who pretended to be next to Rudger’s complaint, pouted his lips.

“Are you trying to steal something delicious from me?”

“I was just trying to deal with what you missed.”

“Didn’t you miss it? I was thinking of dealing with the other guy and slowly chasing him!”

“Being so complacent, you lose your share.”

“Heng. But since I took it down this time, this fight is my victory.”

“I don’t even know when we ever made a bet on something like that, but well.”

At Ludger’s meaningful words, Casey asked with his eyes what that meant.

Rudger pointed forward with his chin instead.

Casey also had to raise his eyebrows as he looked straight ahead.

“What is that?”

The misty steam slowly dissipates, and green flames begin to burn within it.

And what happens at the center is a burning black skull.

I threw water on the guy I thought was Calotto, and I wonder if that wasn’t the case.

“That guy. It’s Carloto.”


“Exactly, that corpse. Now, he has become a puppet, being swayed by the hell magic he was dealing with.”

“Then that… … Are you saying that magic itself is a being with a will?”

“If I had to put it that way, it would be about the corrupted magic number. That’s why it’s more dangerous. Unlike Carloto, who is made of cloth, that guy has no limits.”

The Black Skull glared at Casey, who poured water on himself.

The green flame fueled by that fierce life burned vertically and high.


Casey’s lips curled up.

She too was aroused by the flames of hell that seemed to show off.

“So anyway, fire is fire.”

Casey grabbed the wand and summoned magic.

“Hang in there. I’ll turn it off right away.”

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