I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 492

◈ Episode 492 Subjugation of Hellfire (2)

“So what should I pay attention to?”

“That the power is very strong. And that the user’s mental state is strange. You just have to pay attention to these two.”

“What do you mean by mental state?”

“The Fel Magic School is a group of black magicians who aim to maximize the power of magic. In addition to the existing pure magic, they use magic by mixing specially processed magic.”

If ordinary magic power is ordinary oil, hell magic is synthetic oil with all kinds of additives added.

Originally, synthetic oil is made for stability and efficiency, but Hell Magic is the opposite.

The only goal pursued was destructive power.

Excessive power of fel magic produced side effects.

“Precise control is impossible and excessive output comes out in any situation, so it is difficult to distinguish between peers.”

“It is truly a walking powder keg.”

“The biggest thing is to make you get addicted to magic.”

“Magic addiction?”

Casey was puzzled, then clapped his hands together as if he had heard it somewhere.

“that’s right. I heard that the more you overuse your magic power, the more strange it is to feel pleasure.”

Hell magic was different from pure natural magic.

It mentally inspires users and makes them addictive, and the more they use it, the more crazy they feel.

Those who were intoxicated with hellish magic wanted stronger magic, and were quickly ruined in the boundless spiral.

“The power is so high that even second-tier magic can produce third-tier magic. However, since it is easy to learn, in the past, quite a few wizards turned to the fel magic school.”

However, it is addictive, dangerous, and even mind-breaking.

It was the reason they were treated as black magicians.

“It’s so powerful that it has the upper hand even against mages higher in the hierarchy than you. They are pretty dangerous.”

“So you didn’t bite everyone around you.”

If a fight breaks out, the logistics warehouse area will become a mess.

Not to mention where they are hiding, the entire area in the vicinity will be completely blown away.

At least it was a remote place, mostly empty or abandoned warehouses.

Occasionally people came and went in the middle of the night, so it was essential to control the number of people.

‘I never thought I’d be cooperating with the Ministry of Magical Intelligence.’

It was a new feeling to be in charge of eradicating criminals after doing most of the illegal work.

I’ve been fighting the wicked in a place where no one else can see, but it’s not common to deal with official affairs like this.

“Rather than that, did you really talk about something with your sister?”

Ludger frowned slightly at Casey’s question.

“You are persistent. Didn’t I tell you several times that I didn’t talk much?”

“Is someone like that blocking the sound and talking?”

“It wasn’t me, it was your older sister.”

“You didn’t refuse either.”

“I know you’ve already said something about this. There’s a place you’re looking for and you just asked about it. I just heard the answer.”

“Do you know where my sister is?”

“He said he knew.”

Casey asked involuntarily at those subtle nuanced words.

“Do you know? Won’t you let me know?”

“… … done. After all, this has nothing to do with you.”

“wait for a sec. it’s not related Did you forget that we are a partnership now?”

“A partnership?”

“You are my fiancé.”

“Imitate your fiancé. And just because you’re a fiancé doesn’t mean you have to divulge it all.”

“… … Oh, is that so?”

When Rudger drew the line, Casey’s expression cooled.

Contrary to what she had planned in advance, she turned her back and walked forward alone.

Rudger asked Casey’s back as he walked away.

“Where are you going?”

“Never mind. You’re not even a fiancé, so what does that matter?”

“… … .”

Rudger couldn’t understand why Casey was angry at the voice that said that he was offended just by looking at it.

I wondered if I should chase after him and catch him, but the time was running out.

The time to start the operation has arrived.

Perhaps to inform them, one of the agents approached Ludger.

It was a man in his mid-twenties wearing an epaulette that symbolizes the Ministry of Magical Intelligence.

He looked quite young and had a slender figure.

Being a member of the Magic Information Department at that age would mean that he had quite a bit of talent and ability.

In fact, as if he was quite proud of his position, his eyes toward Rudger were not very favorable.

A strange mixture of alertness and annoyance.

It was as if he was asking why a guy like that was in this place.

“Are you ready? Where are the other people who were with you and are you alone?”

“It looks like they’re trying to move separately.”

When Rudger looked around, the man’s expression hardened.

“Are you saying this because you don’t know how serious this matter is? Would you like to take individual action? Are you kidding me?”

Maybe he didn’t like it originally, but the man’s voice rose a little.

“You don’t have to be so. One skill is certain.”

“under. What do you do when you are sure of your skills? Are you someone who has never been properly trained? In the first place, she didn’t like the fact that she was Marias-sama’s sister.”

Rudger shrugged lightly.

“Well, Casey is a bit too selfish.”

“I hear you’re engaged, and you’re going to regret stepping into this halfway. If you want to avoid being in trouble, just follow the directions given and keep your seat properly.”

Apparently, this man knew that Rudger and Casey interfered in the operation at will.

No, maybe he didn’t accept it even though he heard that he was an outsider called by Marias himself.

Admitting that would hurt my pride.

“You can do nothing, just stand still, breathe, and stand still. Rather, it doesn’t get in the way and it’s more comfortable.”

The man who was about to say something more turned around when he saw his comrades on the other side.

‘He looks pretty disgusting.’

Rudger and Casey’s role is to deal with the runaway petty warlocks.

First of all, this work was led by the Ministry of Magic Information, and they are nothing more than subs even if they treat them favorably.

‘Nana Casey is an outsider after all. There’s no way we’ll be given a chance to play an active part in the first place. Even so, is it treated like this?’

It’s not just the agent who showed displeasure a moment ago.

The other agents of the Ministry of Magic were also not very good at Rudger and Casey.

For them, this operation is to eradicate warlocks who pose a threat to the country.

A private detective who ran away from his family in an important real battle and his fiancée, an academy teacher, go out.

Even though the private detective is a wizard with the title of color, and the teacher is from Seorn and is a genius who created new magic.

That’s just the ‘theoretical’ part after all.

In practice, it was bound to be different.

Ludger stared at the warehouse with a calm gaze while letting out a chuckle inwardly at such an evaluation.

The warehouse area under the night sky seemed to be a quiet place with no one on the outside.

‘Looking at it this way, it’s different.’

Rudger took out his monocle and put it on his eyes.

When I checked it with the artifact, I could see that there was a small, but magical flow in every corner of the factory.

‘If you look at the size of your magical power, it’s defense magic and warning magic. Is the real one a bit lower?’

It was clear that there was an underground passage at the bottom of the factory, seeing as there was no magic reflected in the naked eye.

‘Then the escaping warlocks won’t come to my place.’

In the first place, they openly guard the road from the outside like this.

Unless they are fools, they will use the escape route prepared in advance.

But will they really run away?

They were the ones who tried to commit an assassination in the Selmore family.

Considering their outgoing tendencies, they probably have enough power to prepare for this fight.

‘There is a possibility that a trap has been dug inside.’

I wondered if I should warn you about that, but they’re not fools either, so they’ll take care of it.

If so, what this would do was simple.

‘I deal with the warlocks as I am.’

It’s because it doesn’t suit my taste to be stuck in a seat like a mangbuseok.

* * *

operation has begun.

The Magic Intelligence Department agents rushed into the warehouse in perfect order.

“Sense magic dispelled.”

“3. 2. 1. until the defense magic is dispelled.”

“Exploration complete. There are currently no enemies.”

They quickly looked inside the warehouse and saw that no one was there.

But no one thought it was bullshit.

“It’s also underground.”

“Warlocks really like dark places.”

“Focus. It’s real from down there.”

They immediately discovered a secret passage leading underground.

“Check your equipment, reinforce your protection magic. If you’re in a hurry, don’t save your recovery medicine and drink it.”


“When you’re ready, let’s go.”

The agents entered the pitch-black passageway.

and after a while

From the inside of the aisle, wild explosions echoed one after another.

“He is coming.”

Carloto put the cup he was drinking on the table at the vibration he felt from afar.

A dark and humid space.

While all the other warlocks worked hard in this poor environment, Carloto was enjoying tea time sitting in a chair.

It was a kind of habit.

Although a black magician, Carloto, who wanted to live like an aristocrat, could never give up.

In fact, even when he lived in Isla Machina, he stayed in a mansion that was quite old-fashioned for a warlock.

Although they were kicked out now, the reason why they made appearances like this was because they couldn’t forget their life back then.


The sound of the explosion was getting closer.

Maybe it’s because they’re from the Magic Information Department.

We launched traps and surprise attacks, but they are responding without showing any signs of panic.

No one was hurt, and no one was caught.

okay. It’s kind of elite.

“You guys get ready to receive guests.”

Carloto slowly rose from his seat.

At that, the subordinates bowed their heads and prepared to greet the guests.

Carloto watched the scene and left the seat with a few of his direct disciples.

“Carlotte. Are you okay?”

the first disciple asked.

Right now, Carloto was in the process of withdrawing from the hideout, leaving his men behind.

“Does not matter. There are plenty of guys who can replace them anyway.”

Those left in the hideout were disposable items that were used moderately and then thrown away.

They don’t have the talent they have, but they’re dolls that listen well to what you’re saying.

Because of the addictive power of hell magic, it was easy to make a bunch of guys like that.

Sending them to the self-destruct commandos, and considering the hell explosion traps they set up at the same time, would be enough time buy.

“Anyway, guys like that can fill it up quickly. That’s not what we need to worry about now. You have to hit them on the head, not the agents of the Ministry of Magic.”

To do so, it was connected to another place and then headed to the hideout.

They will also realize that the hideout is a dummy, and will quickly pursue the real one.

Carloto intended to properly greet the opponent there.

So Carloto walked through the dark underground passage accompanied by five of his disciples and several high-ranking warlocks.


Drops of water condensed on the ceiling and fell to the floor.

Carloto, who was walking in the lead, stopped and raised one hand.

The black magicians who followed all stopped.

“I didn’t know that the rats had already entered. It’s faster than I thought.”

“That’s a harsh word.”

A woman’s voice came out of thin air.

Eventually, the water curtain was lifted and Casey appeared.

“A rat to a lady.”

“Did you hear that? I just said it as a compliment.”

“As expected, perhaps because he is a low-level black magician, his ignorance is evident from his words and actions. Is that Carlotto?”

“That must be Casey Selmore. A magician of color.”

“It’s an honor to know.”

“I was just wondering how exaggerated the rumors are.”

Carloto raised the golden-decorated staff in his hand.

Just as Casey was about to jump right into battle, Carloto lowered his wand again.

“But right now I’m busy, so I’ll leave this to my students.”

“what. Are you trying to run away?”

At the word ‘run away’, Carloto’s face twisted, but he quickly regained his sanity.

Carloto had work to do.

I had no intention of fighting an unwanted fight in a place like this.

‘Even if it’s a narrow place, there’s no particular hindrance to my magic.’

It wasn’t completely underground, and if you used magic here, you could create a new field all the way to the ground.

However, the reason why he didn’t fight right away was because he didn’t want to be swayed by the opponent’s intentions.

You are the one who leads the fight, and you are the one who should have the upper hand in this fight.

It was not even in his mind to fight in the middle of the move like this.

Casey twitched his lips as if he had guessed what Calotto was thinking.

‘Right now I’m arrogant that I don’t even care. Rather, judging from the hostility towards me, he is quite a self-conscious warlock.’

I didn’t intend to let her go like this, but Casey had no choice but to give up on that idea.

This is because Carloto’s disciples immediately targeted her and prepared magic.

While this side was also trying to respond, Carloto quickly stepped back.


Casey couldn’t pursue him even while watching the backs of Carloto and his disciples moving away.

It was because of the green sparks flying towards her.

It was flame-type magic that was activated based on hell magic.

“The Wizard of Color. We will kill you here.”

Carloto’s direct subordinates.

Even if they are not disciples, they are the leaders of the Fel Magic School, and all of them are black magicians who have achieved at least 4th tier.

That number is 5 people.

At least the 4th tier, considering the power of the magic they use exceeds the 5th tier.

Casey was also an opponent that could not be caught off guard.

Still, Casey grinned.

“It’s fun. Try it somewhere.”

* * *

Carloto, who led the disciples, arrived at the hideout prepared in advance.

A real hideout, different from a dummy made of dummy.

It was a black magician’s workshop that contained his essence.

“Everyone get ready. If you want to raise your fel magic beyond the critical point, one minute and one second is not enough.”


The disciples are ready to activate the magic engraved in the workshop by generating magic.

Then something flew out of the darkness and attacked the disciples.


The first and second, who had excellent skills, responded somehow, but the three below them did not.

The third through fifth disciples fell to the floor, splattering blood, not knowing how they had died.

Carloto’s expression hardened.

“Who are you!”

His eyes wandered around, but no matter how hard he looked, the enemy was nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t hide, come out right now!”

Carloto looked around with his eyes wide open, then exploded magic power at his feet.

“Here it is!”

Immediately after that, the shadow receded far away along the floor.

And in the darkness, a man burst out from under the ground.

“You’re quicker than I thought.”

Ludger stared at Carlotto, his blue eyes shining in the dark.

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