I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 490

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◈ Episode 490 Accidental Opportunity (3)

After solving a case, Rudger and Casey returned to Selmore Mansion.

Although they couldn’t capture the black magicians who directly instigated this, they caught ex-military criminals who had contacts with them, so it wasn’t without income.

“what. If I had a room, I would give it to you sooner.”

Casey, who was waiting with Rudgar, clicked his tongue when he heard that Frederick was assigning a new room.

“I knew it would be like this. Are you sure you did that on purpose?”

“Still, it’s a relief that we can now use each room.”

“That’s right. It’s a good thing. I almost got beaten up by a man like a wolf.”

“This is not something a person like a fox would say more than anyone else in the world. And let me tell you, you owe me twice.”

“ah. Are you? If it wasn’t for you, would I have reacted?”

It was real, not fake.

Even though Casey looks like that, he always scatters small particles of water around him.

That itself was her territory, and if something came into it, Casey could notice it like a ghost.

“Debt is number one.”

“Still, I saved you. Surely you don’t underestimate your own value that much? No.2.”

“It doesn’t matter because I’m a tomboy like the one my family gave me. no. 1.”

“If it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t have been assigned a new room because of this incident. No.2.”

The push and pull continued without any retreat from each other.

It didn’t seem like it would end if things went on like this, so the two decided to make a dramatic compromise.

“good night. I concede and make it 1.5.”

“for a moment. Where is the number 1.5 in debt? I just have to clean it up.”

“Then round up to 2.”

“Let’s make concessions and make it 1.5, then.”

Trying to build up his pride again by asking who made concessions here is like Puck Casey.

Rudger shrugged lightly.

“So what? I am the one who erased the debt, so I can pass it on with generosity.”

“it’s annoying.”

“You’d better get out of debt with me quickly. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’m going to ask for.”

“under! to bluff. Do you think I would be afraid of that?”

“… … .”

“… … It’s a bluff, right?”

Seeing Ludger’s eyes, Casey swallowed.

It was just a moment, but to the point where I thought it would be nice if someone shot Ludger here.

Then can I save you like a knife? and I’m talking Since I saved you, let’s pretend we’re debt-free.

But the reality was harsh.

The bullets that had already flown once did not fly any more.

In the first place, the place where the two of them are now is also a place where such danger does not reach.

Just when Casey felt a sense of danger and was about to get impatient, the door opened and Marias came inside.

“Are you both okay?”

Casey and Rudger nodded, not knowing the intent of the question.

“good. Where should I start talking? To get to the point, I need the help of two people.”

“So suddenly?”

“Seeing that you are asking for help, do you mean that it is difficult to solve on your own?”

Marias didn’t bother denying that fact.

Casey asked curiously.

“It’s hard even if you and your subordinates step up?”

“I can’t come out because I have a seat. On the other hand, people on our side are optimized for gathering information and are far from clearing out criminals.”

“It’s not that bad, though. In the first place, the agents of the Ministry of Magic are not the ones who are ignored wherever they go.”

“There’s nothing you can’t do. But you know. It takes time, manpower, and permission from the top to carry out such an operation.”

Casey snorted.

“What is permission? While my sister is a stamper. You can even make the documents you want yourself.”

“Just because you can take pictures, if you overdo it, you’re not the kind of person who would be there. With a position comes responsibility.”

“So, you’re asking us to help you because you’re having a hard time moving right away?”

“That’s true, but I got some interesting news.”

Considering who the source of the news was, it was quite a big deal.

It took less than 30 minutes to get the necessary information against a person who has won a victory in the world of violence.

The fact that the time was short was in line with the meaning that the opponent suffered unbearable pain.

“sister. It could be a lie.”

“hmm. Is it really a lie?”

Casey closed her lips at Marias smiling and asking the other way around.

Seeing that reaction, I am confident that the other person will not lie even in that situation.

what the hell did you do

Casey sighed in disgust.

“Whoa. So, what is this interesting news?”

“That there are black magicians behind them.”

“That’s what I heard and know.”

“Those warlocks flowed here after being pushed out in a power struggle, and even dared to fearlessly take root in our kingdom.”

“Are you pushed aside in a power struggle?”



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Casey stuck out his tongue.

“So you tried to touch her because she got in the way.”

“Exactly, I was aiming for you.”

“I couldn’t target my sister right away, so I was targeting my family and trying to attract her. That means there is a way to deal with her sister. That means… … .”

“It means that a very good black magician is behind it.”

Casey nodded at Marias’s agreement.

“I need to call at least a 6th tier warlock to deal with my sister.”

“oh. Do you rate me so highly? Thank you.”

“what. I am saying this because I was given the title of color. The other side probably didn’t know that either, but you were aiming for your sister. She was aware that her sister was as much a hindrance to their growth as she was, but at the same time she thought it was worth fighting for.”

Casey didn’t understand that part.

“Isn’t it strange that you dare to think of fighting the wizard of color? He said he was pushed out of the power struggle. In fact, they were demoted and kicked out of the place where they used to live, so they have that much power?”

“The story changes when you know where he was kicked out.”


“A place you might know.”

Casey’s eyes widened like a surprised rabbit.

“Are you from Isla Machia?”

Marias nodded.

Isla Makia.

It was the name of the island, and at the same time, it was also the place where the God Magic Tower existed.

An island where magic engineering is developed and white steam is said to be constant.

The headquarters of the New Mage Tower would ask what kind of black magician he was, but the reality was different.

It was also the home of the New Mage Tower, but it was also a place where all other wizards gathered.

If the mystery night is like a traditional market where wizards gather regularly.

Isla Machia was a new city for modern wizards.

Naturally, all kinds of wizards were attracted to the island, and the black magicians were no exception.

Among the world’s wanted black magicians, those whose whereabouts remained undisclosed were usually one of these two.

have been in a guesthouse somewhere.

Hiding somewhere in Islamakia.

“To think that a sixth-tier black magician would be kicked out of a place like that. What the hell is going on inside the island? What is the New Mage Tower doing?”

“The new mage tower doesn’t touch that part. Just like the existence of the police doesn’t make gangsters and backstreet bums go away.”

In Isla Machia, rather, there is a part of mutual aid.

Business items that can only be used by warlocks bring a lot of money to the island.

Magic research requires a huge amount of money.

Even if the source is dirty, if there is a wizard who uses it, warlocks do not disappear.

Only then did Rudger understand the reason for this drastic process.

“Since those who were active there flowed in here, the poison must have risen as much as it should.”

It’s not just criminal organizations, it’s warlocks.

If one school came in intact, he thought it would be enough to cause a disturbance in the kingdom of Seville.

They thought they were good enough, so they probably chose this small and medium-sized kingdom.

The only thing that bothers me is that in the kingdom of Seville, there is an MI-6, commonly known as Magical Intelligence section 6.

It was Marias Selmore, the current head of Selmore and Casey’s older sister, who held a position that was truly unprecedented, not even the director of the place.

‘Even so, if a group of warlocks of this size were kicked out, something happened inside Isla Machia as well.’

Since he was a Ludger with a kite in Isla Machia, he felt uncertain about something happening there.

Should I visit once?

While Rudger was thinking about that, Marias brought up the topic.

“I hope you two can help me wipe out that warlock.”

When I asked why he said this, it must have been his purpose.

“for a moment. Even if it’s me, why is this man?”

“Because he is also a very good wizard.”

“Even if they are excellent, their opponents are vicious black magicians who try to manipulate my sister. And what if you get hurt?”

“Isn’t it fine if you protect me well?”

“what are you saying… … .”

Casey rolled her eyes to look around.

But it was Rudger who stopped it.


Casey glanced at Rudger with a gaze asking why he was stopping.

Rudger shook his head lightly at Casey, then looked straight at Marias and said.

“Then, how would you like to be compensated for this job?”

“It’s a reward. It’s nice to be sure. Of course, I didn’t mean to ask for help with my bare mouth. Of course, you should be compensated accordingly. It’s to prevent an incident that could turn into a national problem if something goes wrong, but it’s frustrating if there’s no compensation, right?”

Marias added an afterword.

“I’m not talking about the level of completely pulling out the opponent’s roots. Anyway, the main one is me. I’m just asking you to cut a few twigs so that things don’t escalate the other way.”

“I will accept that much.”

“Are you really okay?”

“If I say no, Casey will.”

Given Casey’s personality, she will definitely go out of her way to help her sister.

It’s not because he cares for his sister terribly.

This is because he cannot allow dangerous criminals to set up in his hometown and kingdom.

After all, what makes Casey move is his innate sense of justice.

Actions motivated by good intentions to make the world a better place to live.

That was Casey’s strength, but on the contrary, it was also the shackles that bound her.

At least as it is now.

“It’s not like sending your fiancé alone, so I’ll help too.”

Marias already noticed that this was no ordinary wizard.

If Rudger backs down and leaves the job to Casey, it will become a problem for this side’s reputation.

Rather, it was far better to venture out here in a spirited way.

In fact, considering Marias’ personality, it’s clear that she brought up the story expecting her to respond like this.

So, Rudger also thought to fit in there.

‘I’m only stepping out out of necessity, so I don’t have any intention of blaming it.’

I had a question about the warlocks.

In addition to that, Marias promised compensation, so it was rather a surplus business for Rudger.

However, there were still some uncertainties.

Does Marias Selmore really have clues about the scenery she saw?

He aimed for that and said he would help, but he couldn’t rule out the possibility that Marias didn’t know.

So I had to check it out here.

“There is something I want to ask you.”

“Hmm. I suddenly have something to ask you at this timing.”

Marias narrowed her eyes.

He must have noticed that what Rudger wanted to ask was quite important.

Marias snapped her fingers lightly.

A barrier of pure white frost was created around Rudger and Marias.

It was a very thin translucent wall of frost, but I couldn’t hear Casey’s shouts from the outside all the way inside.

“great. What are you curious about?”

“There is a place I am looking for.”

Ludgar explained what he had seen with the fragments of the Relic.

A strange forest that I have never seen before.

Even though it was like a forest, I could see several ruins somewhere, and the color of the sky was strangely mixed with various colors.

“Do you know where this is?”

Marias thought for a moment.

What Rudger said seemed to have no way of knowing unless it was Marias who had a lot of information about magic.

“Can I ask why you are looking for it?”

“It is related to magic research.”

Of course, Rudger also prepared an answer accordingly.

In fact, since Ludger was writing and researching thesis on magic, Marias didn’t have much doubt about it.

“It is quite difficult. From the unbelievable scenery… … .”

While muttering that, Marias remembered something.

“There is one similar.”

“Is that true?”

“yes. But is it really right there? Didn’t you see it wrong?”

Marias’ eyes in the narrowed eyes asked seriously.

“Because it’s a place that no normal person can ever go to.”

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