I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 489

◈ Episode 489: Accidental Opportunity (2)

It is only natural that swarms of ants come out of the ant nest.

It was a quiet factory from the outside, but once shaken, quite a few people jumped out.

“what. When did your magic power increase so much?”

Actually, Casey’s interest was in the magic Ludger had shown him earlier.

With pure magical power, the factory door was blown away in one blow.

It’s a shabby factory door on the outside, but it’s a fact that anyone can tell that there are all sorts of reinforcements on the inside.

But Rudger broke them all as if none of that meant anything.

“There has been some progress.”

“What, did you pick up and eat the legendary elixir?”

“I ate something similar. Have you ever heard of the fruit of the World Tree?”

“He tells a funny joke. Where in the world is that?”

That’s it. I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Rudger swallowed the words behind him and gazed at his enemies with a sunken gaze.

His outward appearance was no different from that of a worker at a nearby factory, but his stocky physique and his distinctive grim eyes told him otherwise.

“Can you see?”

“I can not see.”

“The number is too many to ask one by one.”

“See over there? The man in the hat slightly behind.”


“He’s the tallest guy.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Your clothes have cigar powder on them. It would be obvious if you were the only one smoking expensive cigarettes in a crowd of menacing people.”

“It’s a reasonable inference.”

Rudger took a step forward.

Looks like he’ll solve it himself.

Casey was still.

Rudger said he would step in, so if he intervened, it would only be more of a hindrance.

‘Besides, since the hideout was attacked, the other guys will move.’

Enemies wouldn’t expect to leave Hideout undetected for the rest of their lives.

Of course, in case you get caught, you must have double-tripled the safety device accordingly.

Even in small and medium-sized countries, they are active in the capital, so they must have that much potential.


Casey’s sharp senses cleverly picked up foreign traces.

Something was shining on the roof of the building where the location of this factory could be seen.

It’s not a sniping, it’s probably just a telescope to check this side.

As Casey moved silently toward his target, Rudgar was already engaged in battle.

Rudger aimed his staff and fired a magic bullet.

Some of them trying to avoid the attack were swept away and rolled on the floor.

The reaction was quick, but the power of the explosion was so great that it was difficult to avoid it.

But no one has completely retired.

Rudger’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

‘The response is faster than I thought.’

It’s amazing how he moves in perfect order even after being attacked, and how he calmly reacts without being surprised even though the opponent is a wizard.

It means that it was assumed that this situation would come from the beginning.

“This is where the winning was right.”

Something like a metal barrel flew from afar.

It fell around Ludgar and pushed it, spewing white smoke.

A thick smoke that happened in an instant.

It wasn’t an ordinary fumes.

It was clear that it was tear gas as I saw strange irritation on my skin.

‘That’s a good response. Since the wizard is the opponent, the gun doesn’t work, but it’s perfect to be prey if you blindly engage in close combat.’

So, by detonating a tear gas canister, it covers the field of view, and at the same time makes it difficult to formulate a formula.


Through the thick tear gas, those wearing gas masks rushed at Rudgar.

number three.

They aim at Ludger’s vital points from different directions and wield their swords.

The sword is not a regular sword used by knights.

The sort of things more suitable for cutting than for cutting.

There are literally no human butchers.

“What kind of work are the guys who should be working at the butcher’s shop gathering here?”

Rudger stomped his foot lightly.

Then, with strong magic, the wind rose and pushed the tear gas out.

The three rushed in panic, but they didn’t stop.

Rudger raised the staff in his hand and deflected the attack from the front to the side.

As the opponent leaned forward, Ludger used the force in reverse and threw it at the guy coming from behind.

The two collided and rolled on the floor, and the sword aiming for the remaining side was hit by Ludger’s knee kick and bounced up into the air.

I could see the eyes on the inside of the gas mask worn on his face were stained with astonishment.

It was unbelievable that the wizard showed skill in close combat, even kicking the side of the sword he was wielding with his knee.

Rudger swung his staff and hit the guy in the face.

At the same time, he created a magic bullet and quickly subdued the two entangled on the floor.

Perhaps sensing that the situation was going strangely, I saw a man quietly stepping back from among the gathered group.

It was the smoker Casey had just spoken about.


Rudger chased after the man who was running away.

To stop such Ludger, all kinds of big people clung to each other, but to no avail.

One spell per person.

Rapid magic using source code was fired at intervals of milliseconds.

All those who rushed were subdued.

‘It’s kind of annoying because I have to adjust my strength.’

No one was killed.

First of all, this is a foreign country, and he is a teacher of Seorn by status.

If you kill everyone blindly, it will be difficult to deal with them.

But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to conquer.

It’s literally just annoying.

“This, you mad monster!”

The man running away entered the factory and pulled an unknown lever.

Inside the factory, the mechanical springs turned and engaged with a clanking sound.

The trap installed on the ceiling had been activated.

A dark shadow fell over Ludger’s head, who was chasing after him.


Massive chunks of steel crushed Ludger.

Pretending to run away, the man who lured Rudger smiled in contemplation.

“ha ha ha! That’s what happens because you follow me like that! What an idiot!”

I made sure it was properly placed in the trap.

It probably couldn’t even maintain a human form under it.

“Damn it. Even so, I would follow you here. When I told you to clean up properly, did you bite your tail?”

The man took a cigar from his waistband and lit a match.

“The sniper also failed. Anyway, this is why dealing with warlocks is bad luck in many ways.”

“That is a very interesting story.”

The moment I was about to take a sip of my cigar, I heard a voice I shouldn’t have heard.

The man was puzzled and looked around.

Then his eyes turned to the floor where the voice came from.

To be precise, in his own shadow.

Someone abruptly rose from the shadows.

The cigar he was holding in his mouth fell to the floor at the unbelievable sight.

“Uh, how… … .”

I’m sure you’ve seen him fall into the trap properly?

The man couldn’t bear to finish what he was thinking.

Rudger rose from the shadows and stared at the man with a cold gaze.

“No one escapes the shadows.”

The moment a man tries to put his hand on his waist.

Rudger’s cane stabbed him between the eyebrows first.

* * *

Rudger swept the scene and the police arrived shortly after.

Marias Selmore, who came with the police, defeated the police and left alone with Ludger.

“Did you find it?”

“I’ve captured it here.”

Rudger pointed at the man who had stunned him.

Not even with a rope, but with wire, the man still had his head down.

“Judging by the reaction, it seems to be the sniper himself. And he talked about making a deal with a warlock.”

“That seems right. It must have been their order.”

“They weren’t usually brave guys. I can’t believe you’re committing a big deal by trying to assassinate someone from the Selmore family.”

“It could have been that desperate, or it might have been that there was a bigger player behind it.”

more giants

Rudger also agreed with that part.

Although it was related to the black magicians.

Even a warlock could not touch the Selmore family carelessly.

Even if it wasn’t aimed at Marias herself, would it offend the magician who had the title of color for being crazy?

The reason she did such a thing was because she was confident that at least a fight could be established even if Marias became feverish.

‘A group of black magicians like that.’

It could have been at least a 5th tier, maybe a 6th tier warlock.

‘Because there are many organizations other than the Black Dawn.’

The Black Dawn Society is just exerting its influence evenly across various countries across the continent.

There were many organizations with more real power than the Black Dawn in the local areas.

“Amazing. I hope you find it this soon.”

“I got a lot of help from my younger brother.”

There was no need to show off here, so Rudger claimed that Casey had found it.

Perhaps taking that as humility, Marias laughed.

Of course, it was difficult to properly understand her thoughts, perhaps because of her narrowed eyes.

“You are talented, but even humble. He is my younger brother, but I met a man who deserves it.”

“Thank you for the compliment, even if it’s word of mouth.”

“oh. Aren’t those words spoken? That’s too bad. How am I better than my brother?”

“That’s a well deserved offer, but I already have Casey.”

“I’m sorry.”

what’s sad

Rudger thought that he couldn’t be vigilant at Marias’s behavior, which was subtly examining him.

It’s a proposal from a beautiful woman, but how can you trust someone who doesn’t know what’s inside?

Rather, it was better to show a firm appearance in this area.

“Rather than that, what is this man going to do?”

“Uhm. Are you curious?”

Rudger shook his head at Marias’ attitude as he asked with his index finger on his cheek.

“You’d better not listen.”

Perhaps that man will never stand before the court formally.

You won’t be put in jail, you won’t go to jail.


You will be taken to a very quiet and secret place.

It was clear that it was a place where no one’s eyes could reach.

A place where there is only violence, where there is no law, no justice, no mercy.

Maybe that man will vomit all the processes he has lived from his birth until right before he dies.

“thank you. Thanks to you, I got it faster. Originally, it would have taken a few more days.”

“I just did what I had to do. Rather, I am honored to be able to help.”

“Still, I received help, so if I just let it go like this, it will hurt my face. If rumors spread, others will look at you behind your back. He said the Selmore family didn’t even know grace. I don’t want that, so if you want something, you can ask for it.”


Rudger asked as if he had been waiting for an answer.

“You don’t want to let go?”

The smile on Marias’ lips grew even thicker at that provocative question.

like look at this It seemed like he was asking.

“Usually when I make a suggestion like this, people are surprised or even wary.”

“I think my liver has grown a lot while living with my younger brother.”

“Oops. I didn’t want it to resemble that part. Ah, the answer to the question I just asked is ‘yes’. There are no restrictions. Ask for anything.”

It’s a really big proposition.

But Rudger knows.

That the word itself is a kind of trap.

Depending on what you’re asking for, discretion will vary.

If you don’t know the subject and ask for too much, it clearly shows that that person will be ruined someday.

It’s good to have ambition, but it means that you didn’t recognize your limits.

Conversely, if you ask for something too small, you become a fool who can’t take advantage of the given opportunity.

They said that there was no limit on compensation, but in fact, this was the most difficult.

Because I have to say exactly the same level of reward that made this job a success.

‘Just right. Considering the exact benchmark for her gains from this.’

Rudger smiled lightly and said.

“There is only one condition I wish for this time.”

this time?

For a while, I felt a strange sense of incongruity in Ludger’s words.

Rudger said what he wanted.

“If you go back to the mansion, you can prepare a separate room for Casey.”

“… … .”

The corners of Marias’ eyes were torn.

A very subtle facial expression change.

Marias’ head rolled quickly, though it didn’t show it on the outside.

‘and. He’s such a fun guy.’

She exclaimed inwardly.

Depending on what request you make, it becomes a vessel to show the man named Rudger Celish.

Are you an ambitious person who doesn’t even know the subject?

Are you a petit bourgeois who can’t seize the opportunities given to you?

Or is it someone who is good at pulling ropes like a ghost?

Usually it was all three of these.

Surprisingly, however, Rudger was none of the three.

To put it bluntly, Ludger is the type that exists outside of that framework.


He was of the same class as you.

‘It seems like a light requirement at first glance, but if you take it lightly, it’s the same as thinking I’m ignoring Casey. However, if you consider that to be a really excessive demand, then as the head of the household, you will be able to take issue with my status.’

The justification is also perfect.

Instead of taking compensation for her own self-interest, she went to take care of her fiancé, Casey.

‘Is it fun?’

Rudger, who was originally on the cutting board of evaluation.

He transferred the object to himself with one question.

It was an outcall.

Marias smiled and nodded happily.

“As much as you like.”

“Thank you for listening to my insistence.”

“I’m not stubborn. In fact, even if there was no such request, I originally intended to give you a separate room.”

“this. I must have done something wrong.”

Whoop whoop.

ha ha ha.

Rudger and Marias looked at each other and laughed.

“I’m here.”

Casey, who arrived at the scene after catching the watcher just in time, looked at Marias and Rudger and shuddered.

“… … Ugh, they’re both really creepy.”

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