I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 486

◈ Episode 486 Meeting (1)

A very sudden surprise question.


Casey tried to drink black tea before dinner, but involuntarily spits it out.

Marias reprimanded softly.

“oh. What are you doing unapologetically? That part still hasn’t changed.”

“Kellock. Kellogg. That, that’s because my sister suddenly asked such a question… … !”

“I don’t think I asked a question I couldn’t do. Or is there something poking you?”

An innocent expression that he had no idea why he would react so violently.

Rudger saw it and realized.

‘I was aiming for it.’

From Rudger’s point of view, Marias blatantly asked such a question to annoy Casey.

And that was just at the timing when she was drinking black tea.

Seeing that you talked about the wedding even though you said you were engaged, you might have some doubts about this relationship.

‘He said he would hang out with me, but I can’t light candles here.’

Rudger casually took out a handkerchief from his pocket and brought it to Casey’s face.

“Let me wipe it.”


“No. I’ll have to clean it myself.”

Rudger wiped the black tea from Casey’s mouth with a handkerchief before Casey could say anything.

The touch was delicate and gentle, as if treating a real lover.

Casey found it pleasant without even realizing it.

Realizing this belatedly, she blushed.

‘What, what are you doing!’

Casey asked softly so only Rudger could hear.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean, this! Wiping your mouth with a handkerchief! Ma, it’s like a real fiance!’

‘Wasn’t it supposed to be like this? And you’d better refrain from reacting a little. My sister will look at me suspiciously.’

Casey also accepted Ludger’s touch, coughing and clearing his throat, perhaps saying ‘hehehe’.

Marias looked at her and put her hand to her mouth and laughed.

“Oh my gosh. You two are really good. Shame on me.”


Casey shot Marias with a red face.

With a light gesture, she vaporized all the black tea spilled on the floor.

Marias was still smiling as she stirred the tea cup with a small spoon.

“So how long have you two met?”

Marias slipped a sugar cube into the tea.

However, I did not put in one, but put enough black tea to overflow because of the sugar cubes.

The throwing of sugar made even Ludger, who was watching, feel chills down his spine.

As if it wasn’t just for display, he even drank it as it was.

You mean you drink it as is?

There was nothing strange about acute diabetes.

Even Ludger, who was perfectly fine no matter what poison he ate, couldn’t help but to quiver inwardly at Marias’ eccentricity.

Marias said, perhaps feeling Ludger’s gaze.

“Since I am a person who uses my brain a lot, I often need sugar supplements. Please understand.”

“… … Ah, yes.”

Rudgar shook his head.

Once again, I was able to understand a little bit why Casey had said that her sister was an idiot.

“So I have a question, where did you two meet? you know that A monumental first meeting.”

“Earlier this year. I went to Ledervelk and met Lee. Since he’s Ceorn’s teacher, we met by chance.”

Perhaps feeling something about Ludger’s point, something strangely changed from Casey’s choice of words referring to Rudger.

Rudger felt more at ease if he came out like this, so he replied with a nod.

“Oh, yes? But Casey, you’ve been busy these days. Didn’t you have time to meet someone?”

“joy. what is not Everywhere I go, people follow me until I get tired of them.”


Marias cut off Casey’s answer and concluded it.

Casey’s shoulders trembled involuntarily at that determined voice.

It was as if she couldn’t get rid of the anxiety that her sister was monitoring her every move.


At that time, it was Rudger who came to the side to help.

“It was at the Kunst auction house that I actually met her. When she was caught up in an incident there, she came to her aid, which was the trigger for her fate.”

The Kunst Auction House Incident.

Rudger deliberately took it out.

“… … .”

Marias stared intently at Rudger, trying to determine if it was a lie or not.

Of course, I couldn’t see the pupil properly because it was narrow, but I could feel it in his eyes.

‘Of course you know. That there was such an incident at the time, and that Casey and I were there.’

However, there is no time to confirm exactly what happened between the two there.

At that time, because of the monster in Reportang, my eyes were focused on that direction.

Of course, if you use that incident as an excuse to continue your relationship and rise to the position you are now.

Even if Marias doubts it, she can’t completely deny it.

Because I didn’t lie.

‘Me and Casey Selmore were at the Kunst auction house at the time. A bad incident occurred at the Kunst Auction House, and many people were killed or injured. Just saying that is enough of a trigger.’

He actually met Casey there, so it wasn’t just a lie.

Marias had no choice but to put aside her doubts for now, since there was absolutely nothing wrong with Ludger’s words and the information she had come across.

“I think Mr. Rudger speaks very well.”

That word had a rather heavy connotation.

But Rudger decided to take it as a compliment.

“Aren’t you a teacher? This is the minimum required to teach students well.”

“How. The students will really enjoy the class.”

“I don’t know that much.”

“Do not worry. Mr. Rudger will get the highest score in the teacher evaluation.”

“How do you know? It won’t be time for the evaluation results to come out yet.”

“I heard rumors.”

“A rumor, you say?”

That’s funny. Can there be rumors about the teacher evaluations that are quietly handled internally?

That is a display and a threat.

Now, Marias was implicitly asking, ‘I know everything, but I’m not lying, right?’

‘Really, that sister and that sister.’

Since the sisters were not normal bets in pairs, Ludger was not reluctant to deal with them at all.

But how long has it been since I’ve had a conversation with someone while wearing a mask like this?

It was also true that I suddenly felt a little excited after thinking about the past.

Rudger sipped his tea lightly.

The prepared food was getting cold, but it wasn’t a situation that made me feel comfortable enough to eat it.

‘Still, rather than completely doubting me, he’s more wary of who’s attached to his younger sister.’

Even after all this, is her worry about her sister real?

Seeing as how she was being reported on her sister’s every move, that love might have been quite heavy.

‘Even Princess Eileen wasn’t like this.’

If Princess Aileen seems to be self-righteous, but gives her autonomy.

This side seemed to give an autonomous judgment on the outside, but was trying to tie it down.

The purpose is the same, but the method is completely opposite.

However, if I had to pick one thing in common, it would be that the inside is very black unlike what it looks like on the outside.

‘I don’t know if it’s a curse or a compliment.’

Then Marias smiled and asked.

“By the way, I was curious. By the way, how did the two of you even get engaged? Oh, of course, if you look at the outside, they match each other. Another important thing is the compatibility of personalities, right?”

“Did you tell me? There was a connection at the Kunst Auction House. After that, we met a few times and continued our relationship.”

“Who confessed first?”

As if it wasn’t a big deal, the two people answered the question thrown at the same time.

“Yes, of course it is this man.”

“She did.”

The two looked at each other at the same time.

“You did.”

“Didn’t he do it first?”


Casey lit twin wicks in his eyes.

Rudger also didn’t lose and responded to that gaze.

They will play the role of a fiancée, but the response is that they can never yield this much to each other.

On the contrary, Marias asked lightly without much thought, to the point of embarrassment.

“Uh, so who’s first?”

“This man.”

“She did it first.”

“… … under. Are you really like this?”

“I don’t know what you mean. Who was the first person who approached me like an obsession?”

“I was… … my.”

Casey was about to burst out, but on reflection, he remembered that he had really done something similar.

Casey immediately counterattacked.

“You were the one who flirted with me in the first place, right? As you quietly approached me With a sinister purpose.”

Casey pointed out what happened in Delica Kingdom.

“Wasn’t it you who approached me first and quietly asked?”

“It’s not? I was just asking out of curiosity?”

“ah. Will you come out like that?”

Rudgar shrugged as he turned to Marias.

“Your brother is like that. It seems he doesn’t want to admit it because he’s too shy.”

“Who is to say?”

This attitude of the two could pose a great danger to this fake relationship.

Ironically, however, Marias saw some traces of the friendly quarrel that couples usually see in fighting each other with all their heart.

“Are you two really good?”

At first Marias snorted when she heard that her sister was bringing her fiancé.

fiance? you?

I rather believe that elves date dwarves.

Marias knows Casey well.

Her younger brother was the crystallization of her arrogance, united with confidence as if she was the best in the world.

Being praised as a great detective and building a reputation, it was great that no one pointed out her.

In fact, his exceptional talent also played a part in creating such an environment.

It was Casey who was always winning and winning.

I couldn’t see the bitter taste of life, so I had no choice but to remain like a child.

Casey was still a child to Marias, although she had grown quite mature through the events of Delica Kingdom a few years ago.

An ignorant kid who proudly declares that he would rather die of old age as a single man, let alone a man.

Such a sister suddenly brought a fiancé?

Are you afraid to send a letter yourself?

‘For anyone to see, I brought a double pretending to be my fiancée.’

So I kept poking Ludger.

However, the other person was also not unusual, and skillfully shed questions and rudeness from this side.

He said he brought it very deliberately.

I definitely thought so.

‘Looking at it now, it doesn’t seem like that again~.’

I could tell because she was my sister.

Casey’s attitude toward Ludger seems to fight because he hates it if someone he doesn’t know sees it.

Casey doesn’t talk like that unless he’s really close.

‘I’m not sure if they’re really engaged or dating, but at least it seems certain that my sister has strange feelings.’

Should I congratulate my younger sister, who runs amok like a chimpanzee, meeting her own owner?

Rather, I should give sincere advice to a man named Rudger Celish to meet a better woman.

I had another question.

What is the position of that man named Ludgar Celish?

Casey is, but if that feeling becomes a one-way street, the ending won’t be very good.

Marias, as Casey’s older sister, also needed to confirm Ludger’s thoughts.

‘Especially, the attitude of wiping the mouth with a handkerchief is very desirable. It’s definitely not something I’ve done once or twice.’

Are you a genius at dealing with women?

Marias stared at Ludger with a more serious attitude.


Rudgar trembled involuntarily.

‘what? Suddenly chills.’

When I looked at the source of the chill, it was Marias.

‘Am I suspicious?’

I don’t know if I was too arrogant.

Rudger slapped Casey’s forearm under the table.

Casey, realizing Marias’ gaze, stopped what she was about to say and straightened her posture.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

A strange atmosphere of silence.

Casey laughed awkwardly.

“Do you want to eat rice?”

So the meal began, not knowing whether the rice went through the mouth or through the nose.

* * *

After the meal, Marias gave the two of them a room to rest, as they must have been tired.

Rudger and Casey, who needed time to think about something, readily agreed.

However, there was one problem.

“Why are you here?”

“What are you talking about. This is my room.”

“This is the room I was assigned to.”


Casey wrinkled his forehead.

What was embarrassing was the same with Ludger.

It was just a moment ago that Frederick assigned me a room to stay here.

There was, of course, no room for misunderstanding.

However, Casey came in.

“… … ha. damn sister.”

Casey, realizing that it was Marias, shook her head.

“So what? This is also your house, so why not go to the room you were staying in before?”

“I still think so.”

Casey opened the door to go outside.

Then Marias Selmore, who was standing in front of the door, appeared.

“Do you like the room?”

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