I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 485

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◈ Episode 485 Selmore’s Invitation (3)

Rudger thought for a moment.

There was nothing he had to do right away anyway.

After all, the elven kingdom will take care of the clean-up for them.

Regarding Law Shen, they said they would contact me later, so it was enough to wait.

The only thing that bothered him was that he met Lutus Wardot at the same place, and that he seemed to need a private meeting with Princess Eileen.

‘If that person wants to hear more about the whole case, they’ll try to find me on their own.’

Considering all of that, it seemed like there was nothing I couldn’t do about Casey’s request.

I was also curious about what kind of person Casey’s sister, the head of Selmore, was.

‘It’s amazing when you think about it. If he’s that great, he should have been put on alert in Hans’s or my information network.’

Marias Selmore.

What Rudger knows about her is that she is a wizard with the title of color like Casey.

personality. taste. main residence. hobbies or habits.

None of them were well known.

As I continued my thoughts with doubts about the part where nothing was known, there were not one or two suspicious things.

It’s not too revealing and it’s tightly hidden.

‘Why didn’t I know until now?’

Come to think of it, she’s Casey Selmore’s older sister.

Looking at Casey’s behavior and way of speaking, it was hard to get rid of the feeling that she was holding onto her sister quite tightly.

I didn’t see anything bad when I met him.

“good. I accept the offer.”

“I, really? is it real Are you sure you said you would?”

“As you question me like that, I’m beginning to regret what I said I would do a moment ago.”

“no! don’t hold back! I said I would, so I have to go with you!”

“So, when can I come?”

“It’s not that urgent, but the sooner the better, right? The more I procrastinate, the more she will doubt me.”

Casey kicked the floor with the tip of her shoe, as if thinking of her sister made her feel annoyed.

If you don’t like it that much, you can confidently tell yourself not to do that, but it must be because you’re scared.

“What kind of person is your sister?”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“Now that we’ve met, isn’t it troublesome if we don’t prepare for anything? At least I need to know what kind of person the opponent is, so I will prepare accordingly.”

“To fit a person.”

“Since you said you would pretend to be your fiancée, at least you should be seen as someone who can be viewed positively by the other person. Isn’t that comfortable for you too?”

Casey thought deeply about the answer to the question while thinking that he was surprised by Ludger’s actions in earnest.

“Hmm. As for who your sister is… … again?”

“Isn’t that what you said a moment ago?”

“I’m not just a jerk. He is the greatest nerd in the world.”

“Is it a compliment or an insult?”

“Anyway, how does that feel?”

Rudger asked with a sigh at Casey’s words.

“… … Are you family?”

“Right, but why?”

“I’m saying this because I don’t know too much about you.”

“What are you talking about! I definitely rated it right!”

“Aside from that, aren’t there things you usually prefer, types of people you don’t like, or things you absolutely shouldn’t do?”

“that… … .”

Casey thought again.

This time the silence was much longer than before.

Rudger waited patiently for Casey’s mouth to open.

What Casey said after a while was quite unexpected even for Rudgar.

“I do not know.”

“… … You don’t know?”

“know. i know it’s weird I can’t say I know anything in detail about my sister either. I can talk about the superficial part, but I don’t think it’s any use. I don’t think it’s real in the first place.”

“It’s not real… … It means you’re wearing a mask.”

“that’s right. That’s why when I evaluated my older sister, I said she was a jerk. Is that right? Where in the world is there a person who acts like that while hiding his true feelings even from her family and nothing else?”

“Isn’t there an older sister over there?”

“… … anyway!”

Casey declared to Rudger as if he liked it anyway.

“You just have to agree with what I have to say in moderation. Because I will mainly deal with my sister. got it?”

“Well, don’t let that happen. In return, I will definitely accept the price for my help.”

“cost? What, what are you going to do?”

“Nothing. I’m a little curious about your older sister. There’s something I’m looking for, and I wonder if she knows about it.”

“What are you looking for?”

“You wouldn’t even know if I told you. It has to do with some magical or mystical place.”

“… … If that’s the case, I’m sure my sister knows it well. so when can i go? Don’t you have time right now because it’s vacation?”

Of course, Casey was thinking of giving it about three days even taking that into account.

If that’s the case, it’s enough for Rudger to be ready, and this one is also suitable to have an assortment of things.

“Is there anything to measure? Let’s go right away.”



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“… … huh?”

* * *

Casey wasn’t ready, so the two decided to meet at the train station the next morning.

The two met like that and bought a train ticket to their destination.

“Is it the kingdom of Seville?”

Kingdom of Seville.

It is located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Utah.

It is not such a large country.

To put it bluntly, it was about the size of the kingdom of Queoden, which was the prototype of Ludgar Celisch’s identity.

Natural resources are not so abundant, and national power is not strong either.

Even so, the Kingdom of Seville is famous because it was a country that produced many outstanding talents.

It was precisely because of the high level of education.

A country that produces many outstanding people through education instead of producing other outstanding things.

That’s why the kingdom of Seville had a lot of high-income people compared to the population, and the proportion of wizards was high.

“Well, it’s a country that doesn’t have much to look at. It’s just that the tourism industry has developed a little because the natural scenery is good.”

The train departed, and the two of them sat quietly in their seats.

Since the journey would take at least a few hours, Rudger took out the documents he had brought and began to read them.

Bored with nothing to do, Casey watched the papers Rudger pulled out with interest.

“What is that?”

“The data I found out about your sister.”

“data? Are there more than you think?”

Even the paper in Rudger’s hand seemed to be fifty.

However, Rudger, who was quickly scanning it with his eyes, was not very satisfied.

“There are only a lot of them, all of which are just a well-made external image or mask.”

“What is that? But is this your evaluation as someone who has done similar things?”

“Let it be.”

Still, it was better than not checking, so Rudger read all the information carefully.

The express train, running without a break, arrived at Tartenon, the capital of the Seville Kingdom.

Rudger and Casey got off the train after packing their things and greeted them as if someone had been waiting for them.

“welcome. miss. And the lady’s fiancée. My name is Frederick, an attendant from the Selmore family.”

Seeing the old gentleman bowing politely in this direction, Ludger asked Casey.

“Did you tell me in advance that you would come?”

“No way. I started right away in the first place, but you don’t even have the time to do that, you know that, right?”

“Even so, they welcomed us as if they had waited.”

It was good to say that Marias Selmore knew Casey’s every move.

That meant that he, who was traveling with her, was also being observed by the gaze of that intelligence network.

‘This is going to be fun from the start.’

Isn’t it like saying ‘I know everything about you’?

If you are a weak person, you must have felt something strong and unknown fear from here.

But Ludger was different.

“egg plant.”

“Me, really?”

“At most, an attendant even came out, but isn’t that the case with refusal?”

Rudger said that while glancing sideways at Frederick.


“Thank you for your fiancé’s consideration.”

I poked it lightly, but the old man, a servant, bowed his head without changing a single expression.

Is it because the owner is the servant?

Rudger shrugged, and Frederick opened the door of the car that had been waiting in advance.

Rudger gave way to Casey before getting into the open back door first.


“Lady first.”

“… … suddenly?”

“Suddenly. Isn’t that the natural thing to do as a fiancé?”

Casey belatedly realized that there are eyes that see here.

“Ah~~. that’s right. It did? Oh ho ho. Thank you.”

She accepted Ludger’s consideration with an awkward eye smile.

Of course, while she was acting like that, chicken skin sprouted on her skin.

The place Frederick drove was headed toward a large mansion.

The Selmore family home.

The home where Casey was born and raised.

Upon returning home after a long absence, Casey’s expression contained a strange feeling.

He seemed to be longing for him, but he also seemed nervous.

The latter seemed larger to Rudger.

She had come to talk with her sister with her fake fiancé right away.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

‘Even the weather makes the atmosphere very openly heavy.’

Even though it was broad daylight, the sky was filled with gloomy gray clouds, giving it a somewhat desolate atmosphere.

Eventually, when they entered the mansion, several servants greeted them.

“Compared to the size of the mansion, the number of servants is quite small.”

“Because our family doesn’t tend to call people that often.”


“That way there will be fewer rumors out there.”

In order to maintain the clandestine atmosphere, it meant that only a minimum number of people were dealt with.

Of course, it was Casey’s older sister, Marias, who decided that.

“The head of the family is waiting for you.”

Surprisingly, the place Frederick directed was not a reception room, but a restaurant.

When we headed inside, dishes were lined up on the table as if they had prepared them in advance.

The dishes were steaming hot as if they had just been made.

Rudger got a little goosebumps there.

There was no way that this kind of scene would be staged unless we knew exactly, in seconds, when this side would arrive.

‘I came here initially because of interest and curiosity. It must have entered the jaws of a tiger.’

Rudger’s gaze turned to the woman at the far end of the table.

Her hair color is light blue, similar to Casey Selmore’s.

However, it was a little whiter and brighter than Casey’s.

Even though they are sisters, this subtle difference in hair color must be due to the nature of the magic they possess within their bodies.


Marias Selmore.

She stared at Casey with long, narrow eyes and smiled brightly.

Her face is quite beautiful with similar features, as if proving that she and Casey are sisters.

I wonder if Casey would become like that if he grew up a little more and got older.

Unlike Casey, he has long hair that falls down to his waist and has a calm expression.

Unlike Casey, who is sharp and selfish in everything, his precocious appearance seemed to see an innocent sheep.

“My lovely brother.”

“Ugh. Why don’t you stop saying words that aren’t even in your heart?”

Casey stuck out her tongue in disgust.

It was quite rude, but Marias didn’t point out Casey’s attitude.

As if this happened often.

‘Nevertheless, the atmosphere is already overwhelming Casey.’

It’s not just about pressing with huge charisma, it’s a feeling of gradually tightening the opponent’s neck in a subtle atmosphere.

Before long, Marias’ gaze turned to Rudger, who was next to Casey.

“nice to meet you. Casey’s fiancée. therefore… … You were Mr. Ludgar Celish, right?”

Even though you haven’t introduced yourself, you know the name of this side.

“Teacher of Ceorn. A genius who created new magic. And he’s also a former soldier, and it’s said that he played a big role in the empire’s capital. Ah, I heard about the lecture in the Arcane Chamber. It was quite interesting.”

The steps taken by this side flowed out of her mouth one by one.

She was beautiful and had a charming smile, but there was something she couldn’t hide.

However, Rudger’s expression did not change and he lightly bowed.

“The head of Selmore evaluates it so well, so I don’t know what to do with my gratitude.”

Marias’s smile deepened even more when he spoke confidently in a clear voice.

“Oh my goodness. I was worried because my Casey was meeting a nice guy, but I think I can give her a minimum passing grade.”

“This is an overestimation.”

“You’ll find out later if it’s too much or not.”

“sister. Did you call me like this to interrogate someone else’s fiancée?”

Then Casey’s husky voice cut in between the two.

“No way. He was her brother’s fiancée, so I was so curious about it that I ended up talking a lot without realizing it. have a seat Haven’t you eaten yet?”

could have done

In the first place, Marias knew that they hadn’t eaten anything on the train, so they had dinner like this.

But neither Rudger nor Casey pointed out Marias’ actions.

From the moment you entered the mansion, the invisible fight started.

in such a suffocating atmosphere.

Marias was the first to ask a question.

“So when is the wedding?”

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