I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 483

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◈ Episode 483 Selmore’s Invitation (1)

It was after a while that the commotion subsided.

After a few words of conversation with Sedina, Walter left.

I don’t know if it’s to control my emotions or to give my daughter time.

Maybe he went to take care of the overdue work that he hadn’t been able to get his hands on properly.

Whatever it was, Rudger, who was left alone with Sedina, asked, thinking that this was an opportunity.

“Is that what it is?”

Sedina silently nodded.

Eventually, Sedina accepted Walter’s apology.

Of course, that didn’t mean an immediate return to harmonious family relationships.

However, it is also true that it prevented an irreversible collapse.

In the future, their relationship will gradually change depending on how well Walter treats Sedina.

It’s easy to tear something down, but building it back up requires extreme concentration and a lot of time.

Walter won’t know that, so I’ll do my best.

“When I think about it now, I wonder if I made a decision that I regretted again.”

Sedina let out a deep sigh.

“Should I just tell my father that I’m going to ignore what I just said?”

“… … Quit it. It rang so ugly, are you going to ring again?”

“That’s not enough. You should cry more.”

Even so, Sedina’s voice did not show any hatred or venom towards Walter.

I still have feelings of dissatisfaction and irritation, but compared to before, I am surprisingly better.

Sedina herself also vomited out the words she had been holding in her heart, and relieved some of the sediment in her heart.

“okay. Since you have taken the initiative like this, please continue to use it in the future.”

“… … thank you. It’s all thanks to the teacher.”

“You were the one who made the final choice.”

“I couldn’t have done that without your help. Did you do that on purpose?”

“What do you mean?”

“They threatened to kill my father.”

Sedina smiled lightly as if she knew everything.

“I know that you are not the kind of person who would hurt my father there. Even so, the reason I acted like that was because I deliberately played the villain and let me step in.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“… … My father also said he wanted to say thank you for that part.”

Rudgar shook his head as if he was done.

Sedina felt more at ease, and was able to decide what to do.



“I need to go back to the elven kingdom.”

“… … .”

Rudger looked at Sedina with eyes wondering if he meant it.

“It was a decision made after careful consideration.”

“Though the time is too short to call it a deep reflection.”

“I always thought. How can I repay the favor, since I only received it from someone?”

“It wasn’t something I did with the thought of getting it back. There is no need to feel indebted to it.”

“It’s not just the teachers. Teacher Vierano and Aunt Ambella who saved me. And even my mother, who is still in the World Tree. ah. There are also Owens’ seniors.”

Sedina stared out the window.

“I have received help from many people that I cannot repay.”

“They thought of you and helped you.”

“I think of other people too.”

“… … .”

“So I, too, have to do something. So I will return to the elven realm and help rebuild it. To tune the world tree, repair wounds, and help other elves.”


“Oh, of course, that doesn’t mean being queen. No matter how much she thinks about that position, it’s too burdensome for her. Just, if you think of her as making a kite with the elven kingdom in moderation, she will be comfortable.”

“You don’t have to do that. You have no obligation or responsibility to do that.”

“Do I have the power to resonate with the World Tree?”

“It is just power. Power is pure in itself. How you handle it is entirely up to you. It’s not something anyone can force you to do.”

“that’s right. So, I chose it on my own.”


At Ludger’s question, Sedina smiled and said,

“Because I can’t just be a child forever.”

Sedina was still a student.

Even if he suddenly had great power in his hands, he was at an age where he did not even know for sure what he would do in the future.

So, for now, you can act according to your age.

Because, up until now, I’ve been unhappy enough.

Even if it’s a little late to become an adult.

No one could reprimand her.

But Sedina has already become a full-fledged adult.

Many things that happened in a short time were what made her grow.

Ludger felt sorry for Sedina’s behavior, but at the same time felt proud as a teacher.



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“Really, kids these days grow up so fast.”

Rudger shook his head, saying he couldn’t help it.

“Do not worry too much. You can think of it as going to her mother’s home only during vacation. I am still Mr. Rudger’s assistant.”

“okay. It’s vacation, so whatever the students do, it’s up to them.”

Rudger looked at Sedina and asked.

“Can you solve it and come?”


I didn’t say that you’ll understand if you try it, or that it might be difficult.

Just a word of confidence that you can definitely do it.

That was enough for Rudger.

“i get it. make me believe it.”

“thank you.”

“So, you didn’t tell Walter? That Ela Plante is alive.”

Of course, it’s a bit absurd to say that something that can only exist inside the World Tree is alive.

At least it wasn’t that they couldn’t meet completely, so Walter wondered if it was okay to know.

“I haven’t told you yet. Even if I tell you, I don’t think you’ll believe it easily, and I’m not ready yet again.”

“Isn’t it a shame to tell you so easily?”

“Of course there is that too.”

Sedina answers a playful question with the same joke.

“But someday, I have to tell you. Beyond simply telling them that they are alive, I plan to find a way for humans to access the World Tree as well.”

Rudger noticed what Sedina was thinking.

Later, when he regained full authority over the World Tree.

If there is a chance for humans to connect to the World Tree, even if it is only for a limited time, then it was their intention to let them know.

“okay. I hope to find a way to do that as soon as possible.”

“It won’t take long. Because the teacher came in once. Of course, it’s because the teacher is a special case, but you don’t know, right? Will we turn this trivial opportunity into a proper result?”

“I can definitely do it. There’s nothing wrong with thinking it’s magic. New magic is created with that in mind. Let’s try.”

“Is that an order?”

“Let’s call it vacation homework.”

Sedina answered with a voice full of regret, “I see.”

It was because he had an intuition that he would not be able to meet Rudger until the vacation was over.

“teacher. Would you like to wake up for a second?”

Sedina lifted Rudger from his seat.

Rudger didn’t bother to turn it down either.

It’s not a permanent farewell, but since I won’t be able to see you for quite some time, I wondered what you were planning to do.

Sedina looked up at Rudger standing in front of her, and then jumped into his arms and hugged him as if he had promised something.


Before Ludger could even ask what the unexpected action was, Sedina buried her face in Ludger’s arms and murmured softly.

“I’ll be back.”

He tried hard to pretend to be strong, but he couldn’t hide the sadness of parting felt in his trembling voice.

Rudger, wondering what to say, smiled and stroked Sedina’s head.

“Go safely. Don’t wait.”

* * *

Ludger, Alex and Hans returned to the hideout.

Is it because there are too many things to do?

It felt like coming back after a year and a half.

“leader. Are you going to Bella Luna too?”

Alex asked, thinking of Bellaluna who was left at Lawshen’s mansion.

“okay. He’s also an elf, and he’s also an elf with unprecedented talent when it comes to the world tree. I decided to spend it with Sedina. She seemed to be quite what she wanted.”

“Well, I don’t need help right now, so it doesn’t matter if I go. Is it because you like it so much that you won’t come back?”

“I won’t.”

“what. Why are you so sure?”

Rudgar thought of Chris Benimore.

“Let’s just say I believe in love.”

“… … ? I have no idea what you mean.”

“You don’t have to know. So, maybe there was something wrong with Royal Street while we were away?”

The one that bothers me the most is, of course, the Church of Lumensis.

When Sedina was kidnapped, they deliberately tried to sabotage us.

That means they did it because they wanted something too.

Rudger didn’t think that was a very good sign.

“Fortunately, while we are away, Royal Street seems to be more prosperous as usual. No, on the contrary, it got better when it got better than before.”

As soon as he arrived, Hans, who was working on the paperwork, answered with a wide eye.

“It got better?”

“It has been confirmed that a large amount of funding has come in while we are away.”

“Funds. I think you know where it is.”

“Chairman Roshen has such a big stomach. I didn’t know you would move so openly. Well, he saved my one and only daughter, but I guess this is rather natural.”

Hans was exhausted from going through the papers all at once, but his voice was as bright as ever.

“It is said that we are collaborating with Lawshen, so rumors are already spreading and more people are coming. It’s literally getting busy every day. Now, it can be said that the place that symbolizes the revival of Lederbelk has completely moved from Centerford to this side.”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”

“Right now.”

“okay. i get it.”

Rudgar got up from his seat.

“Where are you going as soon as you arrive?”

“Let’s patrol for a while. I’ve been inside all this time and my body is sore.”

After the fight, from the Dentis mansion to the airship and Law Shen’s villa.

Rudger was treated with great hospitality as a guest, and as a result, it was as if he were constantly locked in his room.

“I was just comfortable.”

“I didn’t.”

For Rudger, who did not waste even a little bit of time, the past few days were a series of days where the body was comfortable but the mind was not comfortable.

So, to sort out the complicated situation, Rudger decided to go for a walk.

* * *

After confirming that Rudgar was gone, Alex lay down on the sofa and glanced at Hans.

“what. If you have any questions, ask.”

“this. Did you catch it?”

“Weren’t you staring blatantly to be noticed? I’m guessing there’s something you’re curious about.”

As if Alex had been waiting for Hans’ words, he raised the question in his head.

“I mean the leader. Will there be a lot of money?”

“You want to ask for a raise, at least?”

“It doesn’t mean that. After all, the salary I receive is so high that it overflows. The question is, how much money does the leader make?”

“As for the amount of money… … .”

“All revenue from this street. Beyond that, even the assets taken while swallowing the interests of various companies. Especially this time, didn’t Law Shen even help him himself?”

considering all of that.

There was nothing strange about Ludger becoming one of only a handful of people on the continent.

“Don’t you think it’s strange, to be honest? With that much money, you can shake the country beyond making a living for the rest of your life. But the leader keeps calling money. What, since you have a lot of money, do you want more money?”

“Probably not. As you know, my older brother is basically investing the profits he earns boldly in the business, and he also runs a scholarship foundation in the form of regular sponsorship to orphanages, various universities, and academies with a large amount of money.”

“… … when?”

“While Royal Street is starting to prosper and you swing your sword hard. Of course, the main tasks are mainly handled by me, Violetta, and the people who once lived in the underworld.”

“But that wouldn’t be a lot of money for those people to roll, would it? or not… … .”

“Don’t worry. There’s absolutely no such thing as laundry. It is also true that there is an enormous amount of money left over.”

Hans flipped through the papers in his hand and tidied them up.

“Actually, I don’t even know what my brother’s real purpose is. I vaguely guessed that this was it.”

“Weren’t you right-handed?”

“Don’t you know your creed? He’s the kind of guy who’ll never even know what he’s doing.”

“If the brain doesn’t know, it can’t work.”

“That’s what it says. That her right-hand man can’t know what she’s doing in such a secretive way.”

“Aren’t you denying that you’re the right hand?”

“Please treat it as the longest time since we met.”

“Hmm. Anyway, it sounds like you don’t know either… … In fact, are you barely noticing it?”

Hans’ hand, which was sorting through the papers, stopped at Alex’s subtly pointed out.

Hans’ eyes turned to Alex.

Hans, who saw Alex’s eyes saying that he knew everything about this side, nodded with a sigh.

“Because I am also curious, I once secretly tracked the flow of funds. I also wondered where the heck of a lot of money he earned was going.”

“oh. so? Did you find where she went?”

“God Magic Tower.”

Hans’ answer caused Alex to rise from the sofa.

“Can you say it again?”

“They said it was the God Magic Tower. To be precise, the [Isla Makia] that can be said to be the base there.”

* * *

Rudger, who was walking down a quiet park street, stopped.

“It will reveal itself sooner or later.”

words to the opponent.

I didn’t even think about hiding so blatantly in the first place, so I couldn’t know if I didn’t know.

The air shook at Ludger’s words, and then it split like a curtain, revealing the person hiding inside.

“Casey Selmore.”

Ludger’s eyes narrowed at the appearance of the color magician with a somewhat resolute expression.

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