I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 48

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◈ Episode 48 Student Dalian (2)

When I asked why he brought the sword in the magic sparring, the shape of the sword was strange.

The tip was blunt and the thick blade looked like something intended for striking, not cutting.

Rather than being a sword, it was more like a magic wand converted into a sword, so the danger and killing power of the sword itself was close to zero.

The referee thought about it for a while and thought it would be okay.

“good. Both into position.”

Following the referee’s instructions, Aidan and Jevan stood at either end of the field.

The cheering audience also shut their mouths and became quiet.

The second training ground where silence fell.

At the center, Aidan and Jeban stared at each other with intense gazes.


As soon as the referee’s cry dropped, the two pointed their wands at each other.

At the same time, mana is woven like a thread to manifest a spell.

The first start is a check to hit the opponent first.

The most basic guideline for a battle between wizards is to first analyze the gap between you and your opponent.

It is accomplished through the exchange of first-level magic.


The magic that Aidan invoked is [flowing water], a first-tier water attribute release system.

Conversely, the magic that all of them activated was [Stinging Fire], a first-tier fire attribute emission system.

“oh. It’s fast.”

“Is the speed the same?”

In terms of the speed of implementation of the magic formula, the magic unfolded at the same time, regardless of who was first.

In other words, Aidan, who originally thought he would be at a disadvantage, realized the magic formula faster than he thought.

And there was also a difference in the elements expressed by the two people.

Aidan shot water.

Conversely, what everyone wrote was fire.

There is no need to ask which attribute is more dominant.


Aidan exclaimed inwardly.

In order to give an advantage to the opponent in the first clash, it was necessary to occupy an advantage in the property.

It’s kind of like rock-paper-scissors, but it’s not just luck.

‘I thought everyone would definitely use fire magic.’

If you hate this side and have a fiery personality, I expected that the first magic you use will definitely be fire with the highest firepower.

And it fit right.

Through psychological warfare, Aidan reads the opponent’s magic in advance and prepares a corresponding magic.

Some students might have thought it was just a coincidence, but the teachers were different.

“Oh oh. We are ahead from the start.”

Standing beside the president, who was talking happily, Hugo shot at him without hiding his uncomfortable expression.

“The game isn’t over yet.”

As Hugo said, the situation did not go in the direction of Aidan winning.

water and fire. When two magics collided in midair.

Contrary to people’s expectations, it was the sparks that removed the opponent’s magic.

“oh my god.”

“what. You beat water with fire?”

“You mean the difference in magic power is that much?”

No matter how compatible an attribute may be, if the magic power is higher, even that compatibility is ignored.

Most of them were just like that.

A flame that instantly evaporates water. It eventually flew towards Aidan.

Aidan hurriedly ducked to avoid the flying sparks. Unbelievable eyes turned to Jeban.

“haha. did you see That’s the difference between you and me An insignificant commoner.”

Even while talking, Jeban did not stop using magic.

While Aidan evaded, he prepared the next magic.

Aidan, who corrected his posture, also activated his magic right away.

Again, the first tier magic was activated.

This time, all of them fired lightning attributes. What Aidan fired was a fire attribute.


The two magics collide in the air and cancel out.

However, if there is a difference from a little while ago, the place where the magic was offset this time was a little more biased toward Aidan.

Aidan was being pushed.

“haha! Is that all!”

Jeban used magic again, and Aidan did too.

The magic of the two collided again in midair.

Aidan knew that he was about to be pushed out of the firepower, so he put more mana into it and activated the magic.


A third collision occurred. And it happened right in front of Aidan’s nose.

getting pushed away


Aidan staggered from the shock of the magic explosion.



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“Aidan is pushed!”

“Are you saying that commoners can’t help it?”

Everyone in the audience was excited to hear them talking among themselves.

It’s your chance!

Jeban didn’t miss Aidan’s collapse and used the next magic right away.

I was thinking of taking this opportunity to drive the momentum and completely end it.

They used magic at the same time earlier, but this time everything was much faster.

All kinds of magic that manifests itself again.

Aidan straightened up and tried to point his staff at him for defense, but he immediately corrected his judgment.

‘no. It’s too late to use magic now!’

Most of them have already entered the implementation of the magic formula.

Even if you try to catch up here in a hurry, it is common for you to manifest magic first.

If speed is emphasized and magic formulas are used simply, there is a high possibility that magic will fail.

In terms of power, the other side is an overwhelming advantage.

In this situation, if Ludgar’s source code was present, he would be able to defeat the opponent by manifesting magic first.

‘In the first place, that’s impossible right now.’

I realized from the skirmish earlier that the speed of formula implementation was the same, so it was my turn to choose a different method here.

‘From here on, I’m going to use what I learned from Mr. Rudger.’

Didn’t you try hard to tear your body for the past 3 days?

Instead of retrieving the staff, Aidan kicked off the seat and ran towards Jeban.


“Are you running from there?”

“Have you given up?”

Anxiety erupts from everywhere.

Most of the audience thought Aidan was giving up everything and just throwing himself away.

Using the body is an unmagical judgment.

Are you going to rush in and punch me?

“You are barbaric. This is why commoners.”

“Aidan… … What are you going to do?”

While everyone despises or regrets so much.

All of the magic has been completed.

“hot! Did you give up because it didn’t work out in the end?”

Jeban smiled cruelly and used the 2nd tier magic, [Burning Thunder].

It is a very powerful magic among the 2nd tier magic that pierces the opponent’s body like lightning with a swift lightning strike.

He wouldn’t die because he had a safety device on his body, but considering the current overflowing mana, he would be able to make him feel the pain that would make him die.

Jeban aimed his magic directly at Aidan’s forehead.

“Take it!”

Aidan was running toward this side fearlessly.

After all, commoners are commoners.

That must have been Aidan’s limit.

Jeban thought so and activated [Scorching Thunder].

Paper weave!

The yellow current forming in the air eventually became an arrow and flew toward Aidan.

Everyone who watched the scene thought the fight was over.

‘It’s over. In the end, everyone won.’

Chris smiled as he watched the sparring flow as he expected.

He already looked back at him, expecting what kind of face Rudger would be ruined.

“… … what.”

Ludger, with a nonchalant face, was just staring at Dalian in silence.

As if the fight isn’t over yet.

Suddenly, a chill of uneasiness ran down Chris’ spine.

“… … !”

Chris’ gaze hurriedly turned to the arena.

in his eyes.

At the same time as the flying magic, Aidan could be seen reacting to it.

Aidan turned his upper body and head to the side in a running stance to avoid the magic flying in front of him.

Paper weave!


[Blazing thunder] brushed Aidan’s cheeks and shoulders. Aidan’s face twisted slightly from the pain, but that was all.

Aidan didn’t stop.

Chris was horrified at the sight.

He noticed how Aidan had dodged the attack.

‘Didn’t you take your eyes off the other person even in the midst of that disadvantage?’

Usually, when new students engage in magic sparring, those who are not yet accustomed to fighting among wizards behave like newbies.

Averting one’s eyes from the other person, or even closing one’s eyes and raising one’s arms instead of defending against magic.

When you realize that pain is approaching, your body moves instinctively.

It can’t be helped.

Because it’s human nature.

There is no way to reduce that except by training for a long time.

However, Aidan is a freshman who has just entered the school. She was a newbie who didn’t know much about magic.

Aren’t they commoners who don’t have the environment to receive an education like others?


Aidan was not afraid even as the magic flew towards his forehead, and he did not stop without looking away.

It’s not that I just got lucky and avoided it.

courage. A strong will to overcome pain.

It is an action that was possible because there was certainty that it could be avoided.

‘no. But I need time to get back up there and use my magic!’

Chris’ judgment was correct. After all, the majority still had the initiative.

As if to live up to that will, Jeban also took action.

Realizing that his attack had missed and panicking for a while, Jeban immediately prepared the next magic.

There is no time to use magic on Aidan, who is still moving… … .

“… … !”

However, seeing the magic formula created in front of Aidan’s nose, Jeban had no choice but to tear open his eyes.

It was the same with Mr. Hugo and Marie, and the president whistled as if he was interested.

Chris had nothing to say.

He immediately recognized the technique Aidan was using.

“Chi, activation technique!”

actuation formula.

A combat skill that combat magicians learn, in which magic is manifested while moving the body.

Chris turned and looked back at Ludger.

The man who hadn’t taken his eyes off Dalian a while ago.

It was weak, but there was a subtle smile on his lips.

‘I can’t believe I taught you this!’

Since it was the magic of sure victory, there was no time to teach it, so there must have been a limit to what Ludger could do.

That’s why Chris didn’t hand over the magical power boosting potion to everyone.

It was good to be cowardly. Because if you win, that’s it.

But Rudger didn’t.

In a short period of three days, this man taught that commoner the maneuver technique, a technique that outsmarts opponents in sparring.

‘You made me learn that in three days?’

no. no.

This is not what Rudger taught me in 3 days

Aidan learned the maneuvering technique in just three days.

‘Are you saying that only a commoner was born with such a talent?’

Chris didn’t know.

How hard and fiercely Aidan had been working hard while receiving Ludger’s teachings while Jeban and himself were already enjoying the toast of victory.

How hard they worked behind the scenes to change something when they quickly concluded that nothing would change.

never know

You probably won’t know even if I tell you.

That’s because the current situation was absurd.

‘All! You stupid bastard! Stop the magic!’

Chris tried to shout, but the last remaining reason forced him to shut his mouth.

If you shouted as if giving instructions to everyone here, that would ruin a fair match, and it would be an act of degrading your own image.

I could only hope that everyone would notice and take other actions.


Chris closed his eyes tightly.

Jeban was preparing for the next magic, as if he had never expected that Aidan would use magic while running.

When Aidan evaded his magic, it would have been better if he had not panicked and continued his next attack.

However, the skills he was born with halfway through, on the contrary, became the shackles holding his ankle.

Respond quickly to anomalies encountered for the first time.

There was nothing wrong with that judgment, but the general was unable to respond at all to the fact that the abnormal phenomenon unfolded not once but twice in a row.


Jeban, who belatedly saw the magic spell completed in front of Aidan, realized that the situation was going strangely.

However, there was no way to complete the magic that implements the current formula first.

The magic that Aidan shot was the [shiny stone] he practiced so much.

It was a simple magic that was only 1st level.

It was very fatal as it was a magic that unfolded in the gap between carelessness and astonishment.


The shining stone penetrates and destroys all spells. It didn’t stop there, but hit the middle of the forehead strongly beyond that.


It wasn’t fatal, but the pain was completely unstoppable.

Jeban fell backwards at the shock that made his eyes tremble.

His movements slow down, and his thoughts freeze as if submerged in icy water.

The brief moment of battle that wouldn’t have taken just 5 seconds.

It played a decisive role in winning or losing this fight.

Jeban stood up hesitantly.


Aidan, who had now been handed over the opportunity, was not watching it quietly.

‘It’s over.’

Seeing the sight, Rudger was satisfied.

The flow has completely passed to Aidan.

If this was a fist-fighting dogfight, somehow everyone would have a chance.

Magic couplets don’t flow so simply.

This is a thoroughly turn-consuming fight.

From the moment I lost my condition and lost the flow, defeat was almost certain.

Aidan pointed his staff at Jevan.

“Now it is my turn.”

“Oh, no!”

However, in spite of all the screams.

Aidan’s magic, which was immediately activated, hit Jeban’s body countless times.

The moment the total amount of mana of the armor around everyone’s body became zero, the victory or defeat of Dalian was decided.

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