I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 478

◈ Episode 478: Fruit of Memory (1)

“If there is something you want to say, do it tomorrow. You’d better take a break today.”

It sounded heartless at first glance, but Sedina smiled softly.

It was because he did not know that Rudger was considerate of himself.

“I don’t think there will be a chance for that tomorrow.”

At those words, Rudger took his eyes off the window and looked back at Sedina.

“Sit down.”

The two sat down facing each other.

Rudger and Sedina were silent for a while in the silent room.

It was like giving each other a chance to speak first, and it was like trying to organize what to say in your head.

Sedina was the first to break the silence that seemed to last forever.

“First of all, I want to say thank you.”

Sedina bowed her head.

“It is all thanks to Mr. Rudger that I am where I am today.”

“Thanks to everyone. Because I couldn’t save you alone.”

“Of course, I am grateful to others as well. But it was Mr. Ludger who brought them all together.”

“Maybe. However, there is one person who asked me first. Me, Hans, and Alex were all helped by him.”

“Who is that?”

“Walter Rosshen.”

Sedina’s eyes widened as if she hadn’t expected that name to come out.

“That cold man asked me to save you with his head down.”

“Father… … .”

To Sedina, Walter, still a father, was a complicated being.

After losing her mother, Sedina hated him.

It was a little different now after going through a series of events.

Sedina’s anger had softened even more compared to the past.

Because I met my mother and also heard from my mother what kind of person my father was.

However, it was difficult for all the remnants of the past to disappear at once.

I’d say it’s less than before, but Sedina still hated Walter.

The wounds engraved in the heart are deeper and longer lasting than the wounds on the body.

Although he said it was for himself, Walter’s actions were self-righteous, unilaterally ignoring Sedina’s opinion.

Is the act of hurting others with the heart of being for someone justified?

At least Sedina didn’t think that was justified.

But thinking back, wasn’t it the same reason he pushed Julia away?

“Do you still hate him?”

Sedina nodded slightly at Ludger’s question.

He hated his father, and he hated himself.

Ludger opened his mouth cautiously, looking at Sedina, who had become more depressed.

“As an outsider, I have nothing to say. After all, you and your father, the parties involved, have to solve this on your own.”

“Yes, I guess.”

“But at least I can tell you what I saw. Walter Rosshen promised to reward you as long as you rescued him.”

“… … Being worldly is fatherly.”

Should I call it disingenuous, or should I call it businesslike in that way?

Walter Rosshen made material things his reward.

“okay. He’s a worldly man. And do you know what the man bet as a reward?”

“Money, I guess.”

“It’s a lot of money. Because he did not hesitate to say that he would hand over the entire company he had built.”

“that… … !”

You want to turn over the entire company?

Sedina didn’t know how hard Walter had worked to grow it.

But you say you’re willing to give up all of that for yourself?

Sedina clenched her fist.

My mother said the same thing.

Walter says he cares for himself.

There will be no lies in that word.

“Even if you say so, I don’t know. It was very difficult. I had to stay alone for several years.”

You know in your head, but your heart can’t accept it.

“No matter how hard I try to understand, the feelings that have been built up over the years cannot be easily settled.”

“I know this is not a problem that will be resolved anytime soon. I have no intention of forcing reconciliation. What matters is your heart after all.”

No matter what he said now, he wouldn’t be able to move Sedina’s heart.


“Still, someday, we will have to face each other face to face and solve it through conversation. The moment you miss it, it will remain in your heart for the rest of your life.”

“… … Did you have that kind of experience too?”

“Everything I say is because I have experienced and felt it.”

Ludger’s expression, saying that, seemed to be filled with faint sadness somewhere.

“People always regret later. You realize that this fleeting moment you have is actually very precious, after it has gone so far that you can never get it back. And then it says why did i do that Regrets arise, and something heavy is placed somewhere in the heart. That burden keeps increasing one by one as we go through life.”

continue. continue again

After all, those heavy things are piled up so much that you can’t handle them.

somewhere in the heart is broken

“Sedina. I hope you have no regrets.”

“So it was… … .”

Rudgar is saving every hour and not wasting it.

Spending every second to the fullest.

It was all for that reason.

“You brought up a serious subject for no reason. don’t let me do anything else What is the new power you have realized this time?”

“You mean this?”

Sedina reached out to one side of the room.

Plants on the floor moved.

Not only that, but the walls, ceiling, and everything else responded to Sedina’s will.

Dentis’ mansion is a place made up of huge colonies of plants.

Even this room where guests stay was a space made up of small plants.

In other words, it was also a place where Sedina could rule as much as she wanted.

The sight of the entire space breathing was a bizarre sight that could not be easily seen anywhere.


At Ludger’s sincere admiration, Sedina smiled awkwardly, perhaps embarrassed.

“In the past, I could only handle paper, but now it is different. It can interfere with all plants and bring out their will.”

“Can you respond to the World Tree?”


“Sedina. You have now become an unprecedented wizard. You don’t know what it means to handle living plants, right?”

“A wizard with the title of color, right?”

“okay. You have become a magician with the title of green (綠色) as people say. Not only in the Mage Tower, but in the wizarding industry as a whole, you have a great position.”

“Is that enough?”

“Maybe there will be love calls for you from all directions. You will live a completely different life.”

“Something doesn’t feel right.”

“If you want, I can write a letter of recommendation for you.”

Sedina’s eyes widened.

She used to look like a small animal, but now she looks like a squirrel that has found a huge acorn.

“That’s something I’ll have to think about. That’s right, there are still many problems to be solved, right? Something related to the World Tree right now.”

“Right. Was I too hasty?”

“no. It’s all because you thought of me.”

“So what do you want to do? Are you going to stay in this forest?”

Rudger asked Sedina directly.

“that… … .”

Sedina also hesitated to answer.

It was something she had been thinking about as well.

Sedina has become indispensable to the elves now.

Just because you were given this kind of role overnight, understanding and accepting it right away is another thing.

The higher the seat, the greater the weight it gives.

“I don’t want to let go of you who have become competent, but that must be my greed. Sedina. You have options. A lot of that too.”

“… … Yes. I’m worried about whether I should follow in my mother’s footsteps right now.”

“It might be the best place for you. It’s great that there are no elves to take their place.”

Sedina could have become the king of the elven kingdom if she put her mind to it.

Her lineage and ability made it possible.

“I used to think that way too. In fact, even the elders insinuated such words to me.”

“You mean Ambella and Vierano.”

“The elven kingdom is experiencing unprecedented chaos right now. The central family has disappeared, and the three noble families that have kept the tradition suffered damage close to destruction. This might be your chance to take that vacant seat.”

Sedina’s eyes twinkled.

“If I become the queen of this kingdom, I might be able to help Mr. Ludgar as well. No, I’m so sure. If I give you full support… … !”

“Calm down.”

At Ludger’s words, Sedina realized that she was quite agitated and cleared her throat slightly.

“… … Of course, that will take quite a bit of time to prepare.”

“It will be good for you, though. Didn’t you say you met her mother at the World Tree?”

“yes. I didn’t know, but it seems that my family elves have inherited their abilities from generation to generation. The factor of my mother that was dormant inside of me connected with the World Tree and was embodied within it. Do I have to call it a soul?”

Although Sedina can only be found inside the World Tree, and you don’t even see her whenever you want.

It was a joy just to have the opportunity to reunite with her deceased mother.

“Your mother, Ela Plante.”


Rudger rubbed his chin.

Sedina’s mother, Ela Plante, worked with humans in the past to grow the World Tree in the basement of the Exilion Empire.

For what the hell was he going to do, Rudger still didn’t know why.

There were quite a few things I’d like to ask her if we could honestly talk.



“no. I think you are thinking about something.”

“Because I thought I would like to meet your mother at least once.”

“yes? What about my mother?”

“There is something I want to ask you. Oh, I can do that. Could you ask me instead?”

“Oh, that seems possible, but… … .”

Sedina thought for a moment and then came up with another plan.

“Or, how about meeting the teacher in person?”

Rudger asked in surprise at the unexpected words.

“Is that possible in the first place? If I had to meet her, who only exists in her world tree, she would have to access it, but her humans knew it was impossible.”

“I thought so too, but I think I will become a teacher even if other people don’t. I don’t know the exact reason, but it seems that you are something special.”

It was a bit inaccurate, but it was Sedina who could directly resonate with the World Tree.

There must be a possibility.

“I heard that a huge data storm rages inside the World Tree, and if you go in carelessly, your brain will be burned.”

“That’s fine. Because I can go with you. If you go on your own without knowing anything, that’s what happens, but I’m fine. Ah, since the story came up after a long time, shall we do it right now?”

Sedina asked with an expression like a child trying to play with fire for the first time.

“now? Isn’t this Dentis’ territory?”

“This whole Forest of Life is where the will of the World Tree reaches, so it’s possible. Give it a try.”

Sedina grabbed Rudger’s hand and raised him from his seat.

Then he took me to the window by the balcony.

Outside the window, as if it had already been prepared, a small stem climbed up to the railing and was waiting for Rudger and Sedina.

“her. Really.”

Rudger let out a light sigh as he watched the rustling trunk.

“You can grab this.”

“Should I still hold your hand?”

“… … yes!”

Rudger continued to squeeze Sedina’s hand.

“You can close your eyes. It might be a little dizzy.”

Rudger closed his eyes.

After confirming that, Sedina grabbed the stem sent by the World Tree with her other hand and tried to connect.

Rudgar felt his mind being pulled elsewhere.

When I opened my eyes, what I saw was green letters overflowing on a black background.

“This… … .”

“It’s inside the World Tree. Precisely where the data stored in it resides.”

The green letters moved vertically, sometimes horizontally.

All of them were composed in the language of the elves, and each letter contained an enormous amount of information.

“Follow me.”

Sedina took Ludger’s hand and led him into the depths of the World Tree.

As I penetrated the sea of ​​green data, the surroundings were dyed white with intense light.

From the center of the white drawing paper, green paint began to spread like a halo.

Rudger looked around at the changed scenery.


As I stepped out, I heard the sound of stepping on the grass.

Looking down, there was a green meadow.

Eventually, the grassy fields spread out around Rudger and Sedina, and trees and flowers bloomed, creating a blue sky.

‘Is this also an environment composed of memories, information, and data?’

It’s like the real thing.

Rudger was distracted for a moment by the beautiful sight.

It was then that I heard a rustling sound from behind.


strange exclamation.

When Rudger turned around, there was an elf there.

It was a woman with beautiful silver hair that seemed to have brought the moonlight as it was.

Most elves say that their appearance is beautiful, but the elf in front of them has a beauty that is unrivaled even among such elves.

“Did my daughter bring a man she doesn’t know?”

What hides in the smiling face is an outright playfulness.

Rudger was surprised at his words and actions, which contradicted his first impression of something noble.

“mom. This is the teacher I was talking about.”

“Oh, did my daughter sing so well?”

“My, when am I!”

Sedina shouted, blushing.

It was a reaction that was not like Sedina, who usually tried to look dignified and mature.

Was it because I was reunited with my deceased mother?

While Rudger thought so, the conversation between mother and daughter continued.

“But, if you bring her here and hold her hand in front of this mother to show off, you can’t help but think that way, don’t you?”

“Well, that’s because you need my help to get here.”

“If you’re all here, don’t you mind if I let go of your hand now?”

Did you?

When Ludger turned to Sedina, Sedina hurriedly let go of Ludger’s hand.

Her head was slightly lowered, and her face was dyed red like a tomato.

“Oh, I forgot.”


Ela Plante looked at Sedina admirably.

It was the look of a mother who was proud to see that her little daughter had grown up.

Before long, Ella’s eyes turned to Ludger.

“But I’m sorry, so what?”

His eyes were cold enough to contrast sharply with the way he was looking at his daughter.

Before Rudger could even react, Ella moved her hand first.

Suddenly, a green chain flew in and bound Ludgar’s body.

“Because it seems to me that this man is going to have to be killed here?”

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