I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 477

◈ Episode 477 What blooms from the ruins

Sedina immediately showed in action.

As she stretched out her hand, something began to creep over the ground.

It was a seedling.

Plants that are truly alive, not magic created by mana.

The grown seedling wriggled like a baby seeking its mother’s touch.

Sedina stretched out her hand to the tree that grew quickly.


The branch of the tree he touched changed into the shape of an arm.

“What are you… … .”

Sedina was quicker to place her arm on Ambella’s shoulder than Ambella panicked.

As if they were one body from the beginning, the wooden arms naturally clung to Ambella’s body.

“What… … .”

There was no pain or reaction.

Ambella looked down at her newly transformed arm and involuntarily opened and closed her fist.

It moved naturally as if it were his own arm from the beginning.

Even more surprising, even with a newly transplanted hand, the sensations were vividly felt.

It was simply far beyond the level of a prosthetic arm.

“how… … ?”

Ambella looked at Sedina with disbelief.

Surprisingly, others were as well.

Seeing those eyes, Sedina smiled awkwardly.

“It’s just, now it’s like this.”

It makes a small tree rooted in the body and connects it tightly with the neural network.

After all, the body of a living being is made of cells, so it was possible to make it similar by using some of the materials of the World Tree and processing it.

The world tree reached the pinnacle of life.

Although it is a tree, the species itself is different from ordinary trees.

The people gathered here didn’t know that.

But even so, processing a tree into an arm and using it like a real one?

Even though it is wooden, the joint parts move smoothly.

That said, it also had flexibility.

“I can’t help those who have already died, but those who are injured or exhausted will be fine.”

Sedina said to the World Tree.


I just brought out the words, but the world tree responded.

Through the bottom of the cradle, a tree grew as if time had sped up.

It quickly grew to the point of being admired, and red berries bloomed on top of it.

It was the first fruit I had ever seen on a tree, and it smelled strangely sweet.

“Eat one. It is the fruit of the world tree.”

“The world tree, fruit?”

Vierano asked in disbelief.

Alex couldn’t hold back his curiosity at the intense reaction and asked.

“Are you that great? No, of course, it would be great to have the word world tree in front of the name, but is it that surprising?”

“For non-elves, that’s probably the case.”

It was Bellaluna who answered instead.

The eyes of hers staring at the fruit that was ripe were filled with strange heat and looked dangerous.

“The fruit of the World Tree was considered only a legend even by the elves. If an elf with a long lifespan is considered a legend, can you get a sense of how rare it is?”

“… … That much?”

“There is no detailed literature, and in fact it exists only in old classic stories, but it is said that eating it heals all wounds, removes toxins from the body, and increases lifespan. I don’t know if that’s true or if it’s an exaggeration… … At least you won’t lose anything by eating it.”

“It’s on the same level as the Elixir, a potion that only appears in legends.”

Sedina made those fruits grow around her.

The group picked the fruit one by one and bit it off.

“… … it’s good.”

“Oh oh. It’s the first time I’ve tasted it, but it’s amazing. Your body is full of strength.”

The fruit of the world tree was comparable to the supreme cuisine.

Even though there is not even a process of grooming and cooking, admiration comes out, and it feels like my foggy head suddenly becomes clear.

However, the efficacy of this fruit did not simply stop at ‘delicious’.

All the minor wounds on his body healed at once.

Even the big wounds that should have left scars were neatly repaired as if time had been turned back.

In particular, Hans, who rolled his body the hardest, became energetic enough to literally fly through the sky, along with Youngsoo’s unique strong resilience.

So did Ludger.

‘Amazing. All the mana that was consumed has risen.’

The headache in my head and the tinnitus ringing in my ears were all gone.

At this level, I would have to chew and swallow several magic potions.

It was solved by just eating a bite of the fruit.

Powerful energy of life that circulates throughout the body.

It remained in the body and raised the body to its optimal condition.

‘Furthermore, it replenishes mana and does not stop at recovering wounds, and the mana has increased to the total amount.’

Rudger checked his physical condition.

The total amount of mana increased noticeably.

This was very encouraging.

By eating the elixir supported by the Roshen family, Ludger was able to increase his mana considerably.

But, to be sure, it was not the fruit of the world tree.

There is absolutely no shortage of elixirs.

It was just that the fruit of the World Tree was too good.

‘The total amount of magical power has increased twice as much as before entering the forest.’

Compared to the horse doubled and before taking the elixir, it was almost a three or four times increase.

Even the magical power pass has become much more tidy.

It should be said that it feels like it has been renovated beyond repairing the road that was originally okay.

When I circulated the mana within my body, it became much stronger and easier than before.

From wound healing to replenish stamina, toxin removal to increase magical power.

It was a treasure of the century that far exceeded the level of the highest quality elixir.

‘If the wizards knew, they’d turn on the light in their eyes and run.’

so good

that’s why it’s dangerous

If the rumor about the fruit of the World Tree reaches people’s ears, the Forest of Life will be invaded by foreign powers again.

Alex, Hans, and Bellaluna were also aware of the seriousness of it.

They exchanged glances with each other and nodded.

Let’s never keep this a secret.

Rudger glanced at Lutus.

Lutus also took a bite of the fruit of the World Tree and looked into it with a surprised gaze.

Lutus soon ate all the berries, looked at Rudger, and shook his head.

It was a gesture telling him not to worry because he himself wouldn’t say it either.

Lutus also admired the efficacy of the fruit of the World Tree and felt that if this leaked out, the world would fall into chaos.

He did not know what would happen if outsiders invaded the Elven Forest.

It had to be kept secret.

If it was to prevent the phone call of chaos from engulfing the empire.

‘Sedina made it into simple words.’

Sedina’s actions did not stop there.

When she again ‘asked’ the World Tree for something, the World Tree moved as if in response.

It was different from when Bentmin ran amok.

Just quietly, as if this were the original shape, the vibration that resonated quietly spread throughout the forest.

A clear wind blew once, and spirits appeared everywhere with sparkling lights.

The spirits wandering around the World Tree stabilized the messy terrain and disassembled the remnants of the collapsed walls and returned them to nature.

Soon, trees began to grow everywhere, creating a small forest.

Seeing the plants blooming in the ruins, Ludger called Sedina by name.


“Ah, sir.”

“That ability… … Did you wake up again this time?”

“yes. I think it’s because of my awareness of my lineage. I thought I heard something before, but now I hear it much better.”

Come to think of it, Sedina said that the plants she grew in her teaching room grew particularly well.

Rudger looked at Ambella and asked.

“Is Plante like that?”

“… … Even the Plante I knew wasn’t like that.”

It seemed that Sedina was a unique case.

Is it a mutation due to mixed blood, or is it an atavism of a very distant ancestor?

Whatever the reason, it didn’t matter.

“Actually, it’s at a level that should be given the title of color.”

A state where you can handle a living tree with your own will.

Sedina had become what magicians call the [green] magician.

Elements like green are particularly hard to find, so the color title was vacant, so it should be considered final.

‘A green wizard who can sympathize with the World Tree.’

Having fought against some of the power of the World Tree, I could better understand how great Sedina’s awakened power was.

So I was worried.

That little girl suddenly had that kind of power.

Too great a force sometimes ends up with an overly harsh fate.


like yourself


Rudger called Sedina’s name again.

There was concern in his voice for someone he wouldn’t normally see.

Sedina shook her head with a smile instead of responding to that.

You seem to know this idea well.

“I think about taking a break first. You’ve worked hard today, haven’t you?”

“… … .”

“Other people will think so too.”

“… … Right.”

It was definitely a tough fight.

The elves who fled will also return, and until then, the surrounding ruins must be cleaned up as much as possible.

The process would be the world capital anyway.

“If you’re watching, why don’t you help a little.”

Rudger looked down.

Having said this, I did not mean to ask for help.

If you have to ask, it’s a light complaint.

Anyway, the guy who confirmed that the world tree was quiet might have left somewhere again.

Because the elemental lord is a very high-dimensional being, he did not dare to evaluate it with human standards.


However, as if responding to Ludger’s words, a slight shaking was felt from under the ground.

In response, Rudger laughed.

At the same time, the collapsing land was returning to its original state as if it were alive and moving.

The cracked ground is sealed, and the twisted stratum returns to its original place.

The vomit scattered everywhere seeped into the ground as if turning back time.

At least a few years would have to be spent on restoration work.

The spectacle caused by a single being could be called a miracle.

“okay. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this?”


Rudgar’s answer didn’t seem to like it, so the echo came from the basement again.

Still, it means that if you help me this much, it’s not enough.

Of course, Rudger ignored it lightly.

* * *

The surviving party returned to Dentis’ territory.

The retainers were happy to celebrate the return of the family, including the family head.

“No matter how many times I look at it, it looks like a real super-sized broccoli.”

“Be quite.”

Ludger pointed out at Hans’ words after seeing the Dentis family’s mansion.

Hans shrugged his shoulders in agreement.

“Hoo. Is this the mansion where those elves live? After all, it is exactly the same as the image.”

Among the returning personnel was Robert and his second-in-command, who brought the airship.

Thanks to Ludger summoning Pasca, he was barely able to save his life.


Ludgar recalled the spirit stone that had returned to the form of a red stone.

After a bout of stirring, the boy fell asleep again, probably exhausted.

However, once awakened, it could be summoned at any time if desired.

‘I thought I wouldn’t be able to deal with spirits for the rest of my life.’

It was an elven kingdom that had come to save Sedina, but in many ways it was a lot of income.

They ate precious elixirs, and also ate the fruit of the world tree, which had only been passed down in legends.

In addition, he built a good relationship with the elves and even created a spirit called Pascar from Quasimodo’s spirit stone.

Thinking about the tough process, I felt that the reward was appropriate.

“Rather than that, did that nobleman leave?”

Hans asked Ludger.

It was said that he was a nobleman, but only one person was not present.

Rutus Wardott.

He confirmed that this civil war was over and returned to the Empire.

When I saw it disappear like a mirage like when it appeared, I wondered if this was a dream or real life.

“I guess so. Because he was an uninvited guest in the first place.”

“In fact, we weren’t invited either, were we?”

“I got it now, so it’s okay.”

At Ludger’s words, Hans laughed, saying that was also the case.

The party took a rest while being warmly welcomed.

In particular, Hans, Alex, and Bellaluna, who had a lot of trouble, all fell straight.

Rudger also rested in a separate room.

Sleep didn’t come, so Rudger stood on the wooden terrace and stared out.

The forest of life, where night had come, was shining softly with the lights of stars and fireflies.

Most fell asleep, but the forest continued to live in other ways even at night.

A world that lives and breathes without stopping.

Is it because I have room in my heart?

Rudger did not dare to push away the feelings that were rushing in.


Then someone knocked on the door.

Rudger opened his mouth as if he had known it would come like this from the beginning.

“Come in.”

It was Sedina who opened the door and entered.

“okay. Why did you come to see me?”

“… … I have something I want to say.”

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