I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 474

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◈ Episode 474: Existence of Fire

With the death of Esmeralda, Quasimodo, the evil spirit of fire, was destroyed by Ludgar.

After Quasimodo’s death, the remaining Spirit Stones have been kept by Ludgar for a long time.

The ability itself was simple.

It was to absorb the flames except for those caused by magic.

From there, Ludger got a clue to the new birth of this spirit stone.

You have to eat fire to be resurrected, but it was unknown how much fire you had to eat to wake up.

But at this moment, Rudger was convinced.

The dragon, the sun, and all the flames that can be called the essence of modern science have been absorbed.

It was the same with the fire that had been built up little by little before, but calmly.

Finally, the condition was met.

In this way, the spirit stone became the beginning of the birth of a new spirit.


In the past, Quasimodo was a fat, ugly-looking fireball.

But the current Quasimodo was different.

two hands and two legs.

The overall shape is still human, but the wide-open body is very sturdy.

The most eye-catching thing was the head.

The head with horns on the reptilian head belonged to a dragon that is now only a legend.


The newly born Quasimodo threw off his past form and transformed into a completely separate existence.

Rudger shouted at such a Quasimodo, no, now a newly born spirit.

“Kill the enemy in front of you! Pascha!”

Not Quasimodo, the demon of fire.

Pasca, the new fire spirit, let out a roar.

Pasca, who let out a dragon’s roar into the air, immediately stared at Bentmin.

Bentmin, who became huge and even wore armor, was over 10m in height, but Pasca was facing eyes at the same height as Bentmin.


White flames emanated from the two pupils like eye-lights.

blah blah

Pasca opened her mouth to Bentmin.

I thought I could see a pure white light in my throat, and a long, terrifying breath shot out and swallowed Bentmin.


Bentmin, who was fine even after being hit head-on by the incendiary bomb, raised both hands in the Pasca’s flames.

The petal shields, which were thought to never burn, began to burn black as they touched the Pasca’s flame.

‘Dragon flames!’

Bentmin gritted his teeth and moved his roots underground.

As the roots spread evenly across the land squirmed once, the ground rocked like a wave.

Pasca’s balance was twisted for an instant, and her breath suddenly cut off.

Bentmin, who had barely escaped the dragon’s flames, glared at Pasca with a wary gaze.

“The highest level fire spirit? I heard that Quasimodo disappeared with Esmeralda!”

Rather, it was a much more powerful spirit than Quasimodo, whom Esmeralda was said to deal with.

“Leslie’s steel magic and Esmeralda’s fire spirit are also used?”

Bentmin’s gaze turned to Ludger beyond Paska.

“okay. I just found out Whose hands did they fall into? it was you It was all yours!”

John Doe.

No, is that guy really John Doe in the first place?

But if that’s not the case, then why did the Zero Order leave Rudgar alone?

All kinds of questions were biting on the tail, but Bentmin decided to focus on the reality right in front of him.

“okay. I’ll admit I made a very menacing elemental. Did you say Pascara? Indeed, you have power worthy of a top-notch spirit.”

Even considering that I was just born, there was room for further growth.

perhaps… … He might be able to challenge for the position of new elemental lord of fire.

Pasca did not answer.

I don’t know if he couldn’t talk in the first place, or if he didn’t intend to talk to the enemy, but one thing was certain.

Pasca was trying to burn Bentmin to death.

Bentmin, who had read the hostility, stretched out his hand.

Cheer up.

The vines coiled up from the ground twisted like a whirlpool and turned into a spear in her hand.

Bentmin grabbed it and pointed it at Pasca.

“But intense flames are also, after all, part of Mother Nature. I will show you that you cannot stand against Mother Nature itself.”


Pasca rushed towards Bentmin.

Bentmin created a shield of petals in the other hand.

Its appearance was like a Valkyrie made by carving trees and flower petals.

Pasca and Bentmin clashed with each other.

Pasca wielded two hands made of flame without a weapon, and Bentmin blocked the attack with a shield and stabbed Pasca one after another with a spear.

The battle between the two gigantic monsters shook the surrounding area as if an earthquake had occurred.

Golden pollen blazed in the heat of Paschal, scattering embers in all directions.



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“Sedina! Now!”

Now that there was a gap, Rudger called Sedina.

Bentmin was distracted from fighting Pasca right now.

I couldn’t let go of the opportunity I had been given.

Their goal is beyond Bentmin, the pond where the sap of the World Tree is.

Sedina had to go there.

But knowing it and doing it are two different things.

On the way to the sap, golden pollen and scarlet flames are intertwined, continuing an undetermined fight.

It is truly an end-of-the-century sight.

Even if you are far away, the power is close to your skin, but you had to go through that mess.

The moment you get caught up in even the slightest bit of carelessness, you will die.

Knowing that, Sedina’s body trembled.

No matter how hard she made up her mind, she was still young.

I couldn’t stand up in front of the fear of death.

Then Rudger stood in front of her.

“I open the road.”

I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but thanks to Rudger standing in front, the scenery in front of me was covered and I couldn’t see it.

All you can see is the back of the teacher.

But with just that, Sedina felt her tension-filled heart soften.

“Can you?”

“Let’s try… … I will.”

After answering that, Sedina shook her head vigorously.

“no. I will definitely do it!”

At that loud cry, Rudger slightly tilted his head towards Sedina and smiled.

“okay. Then let’s go.”

Rudger ran.

Sedina started running after Ludger.

a person who guides himself.

A person who walks the difficult front road instead.

that’s an adult

that’s the teacher

Just the fact that there is such a person, what a great comfort.

At this moment, Sedina could acutely feel the conversation she had with her mother inside the world tree.

“Ludger Chelsea!”

Seeing Ludger dare to pass him, Bentmin called out his name and raised his spear.

Then, just as he was about to slash Ludger with his spear, Pasca rushed in and bit Bentmin on the shoulder.


The bite crumbled and burned hotly, but Bentmin did not stop.

Squeezing out all her strength, she slashed the huge spear at Ludger.

Although the tip of the spear was made of flower buds, its power could not be ignored.

Steel golems and sturdy armored vehicles will be torn like paper right in front of you.

It was the same with defensive magic, so Ludger switched magic to attack.

Now, he exhausts all the few remaining artifacts and squeezes out his magic power.

In that way, he quickly performed a complex technique on the spot and realized a single magic.

eye for an eye.

In this.

wood for wood.

6th tier tree attribute great magic.

[Giant Tree Yuseongrim]

A giant tree embodied in magical power rose and collided with Bentmin’s spear.

However, Ludger’s magic was not simply a contest of strength.

A giant tree branched endlessly and spread its branches, wrapped around the spear, and then climbed Bentmin’s arm and covered his shoulder.

Instead of completely countering it, it gently wraps around and makes even the attack from this side useless.

Bentmin gritted his teeth and swung the shield in his left hand to cut off his right arm.

The severed right arm immediately regenerated, but in the meantime, Pasca took advantage of the gap and rushed to bite Bentmin’s neck.

But Bentmin laughed even in that situation.

Bentmin’s spear caught in Ludgar’s tree.

The flower buds at the tip of it bloomed brightly, and soon spewed out green poisonous smoke in all directions.


The deadly poison to living beings swallowed Ludger.

Bentmin smiled inwardly.

Even if you stop breathing, it’s no use.

Its own extreme poison seeps into the skin and necrotizes the body, both internally and externally.

As an added bonus, the pain that seemed like the soul would be cut off was a bonus.

Bentmin’s triumphant smile was erased.

It was because Ludger jumped out intact through the purple poison smoke.

“Uh, how… … .”

Bentmin was so flustered that he even forgot to push Pasca away.

Rudger looked too fine.

I wasn’t pretending to be fine.

It really didn’t change a single color.

“I’m sorry. All the dokdo in the world doesn’t work for me.”

Rather, poison that did not harm the body became medicine.

Ludger, who converted the poison energy into magical power, fired wind magic at the front.

Elongated vortices pushed the golden pollen out, creating a temporary vacuum.


It was then that Sedina, who had been hiding behind Ludger’s shadow, jumped forward.

From here, she had to run on her own.

There was no one to guide me, no one to hold my hand.

‘I can’t just chase after you forever.’

But the road is open.

He gave me a clear direction on where to go.

this is the way she should go

The key to the future created by Ludger and everyone who is fighting fiercely here.

Sedina squeezed all her remaining strength and ran towards the pond.


Bentmin, whose body was burning after being caught by Pasca, shouted urgently.

The wood zombies who received the order moved to stop Sedina.


Alex asked, holding Bereborn tenaciously.

The same was true of Vierano, Ambellado, and Lutus.

Struggled against heroes who were once called great warriors and householders, blocking their path.

“Stop! Stop it even if your body breaks!”

Bentmin screamed and ordered the Wood Zombies.

The Wood Zombies exchanged glances with each other and then rushed towards Sedina again.

“They are tenacious!”

Lutus swung his sword.

It wasn’t just cutting, it was a swordsman’s aura penetrating into a spiral from the cutting edge.

Wood zombies, who responded with only defense or evasion, took it with their bodies this time.


In the first place, Wood Zombie, which had no concept of life, faithfully followed Bentmin’s orders.

Even while her body was crumbling, some of the weapons or fragments were aimed at Sedina.

Sedina, who was running, widened her eyes when she saw the sharp shards falling on her.

Then a pure white shadow intervened between them.

“Sir, senior?!”

It was Hans who threw his body to protect Sedina.

However, the situation was not easy for Hans.

The white hair at the site where the shrapnel was embedded was stained with red blood.

The shrapnel even began to linger, riding through Hans’ skin and taking root beneath him.

Even though Hans suffered from the pain, he did not forget what he had to do.

[Don’t stop!]

Bentmin raised his eyes at Hans’ struggle.

“dare! Are you trying to hinder me until the end?!”

Unless you can stop Sedina.

Then, it was enough to get rid of the pond of the World Tree she was heading to.

Bentmin stuck his hand into the ground.

She didn’t care even though her body burned and turned to black ash and partially scattered.

If I didn’t stop here, everything really was over.

“All gone!”

Bentmin vigorously shook his underground roots again.

A force capable of causing a local earthquake, albeit momentarily.

It was intended to collapse the ground and collapse the pond of the World Tree down there.


“what. Why is the land… … .”

Bentmin’s will was not fulfilled.

The earthquake she had hoped for didn’t happen, and the collapse of the earth didn’t happen either.

“What the hell, why… … ?”

It’s not that the strength is exhausted.

The roots were still wriggling under Bentmin’s orders.

However, the earth in contact with the roots did not move as if it would not allow her will.

“No, that is nonsense. The land with deep roots, of course, should be mine.”

“You seem to be misunderstanding something.”

A sharp voice flew like an arrow toward Bentmin and pierced it.

Bentmin’s gaze turned to Ludger.

“In the first place, this land did not belong to you from the beginning.”


“It means that the owner is different.”

“master… … ?”

Belatedly, Bentmin was able to perceive a huge presence spreading all over the land.

Something felt beneath the root.

Its shape resembled a giant tortoise that swam across the land like water.

“Could it be, the elemental lord of the earth?”

Why is such a being suddenly here?

Bentmin was puzzled, but even Ludgar couldn’t tell.

What surprised me was that this was the case as well.

“The elemental lord has a rather shady side. That he was secretly following you around like this.”

If you are going to help me, it would be great if you help me a long time ago.

However, Ludger decided to be content with the present, knowing that even if he complained like that, it would not be eaten by the opponent.

In this fleeting moment, the elemental lord of the earth gave him proper help.

“Oh, no.”

Bentmin, who was literally turned to charcoal by Pasca, looked at Sedina with a stunned gaze.

Before I knew it, I saw Sedina, who had arrived close to the pond, jumping into it.

After touching the sap of the World Tree, Sedina’s appearance began to change.

The bobbed brown hair gradually grew longer, and the long, long hair contacted the sap like a neural network.

The long hair was not the usual brown, but a beautiful, transparent silver hair.


The same hair color as Ela Plante, whom she hated and envied so much.

“I can’t… … .”

Bentmin’s consciousness was cut off there.

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