I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 473

◈ Episode 473: The Strongest Druid (2)

Bentmin stared at Ludger and the others with calm eyes.

Keeping her mouth shut, she clearly showed that her attitude towards this fight was different from before.

“be careful.”

Vierano said in a more tense voice than usual.

“If Bentmin Refre comes from his heart, things could get worse.”


It was Ambella who answered Lutus’ question.

“That’s because she is the head of Leafre.”

Elves with a good bloodline are naturally stronger than other elves.

In other words, positions are determined by the measure of their strength.

There are irregulars who surpass that, but that was the general view of the elven society.

Head of the Leafre family.

Bentmin Refre, who has been in the same place for 500 years.

I was never seen as weak.

“Bentmin Leafre is the best druid of all. That’s why the connection to the world tree was the highest. After Ela Plante.”

Even Bentmin was intoxicated by the power of the World Tree and wielded it at will.

However, now that the output of the world tree has decreased, it has become an opportunity for Bentmin.

It means that I can handle it properly without being swayed by power.

The actual output is reduced by about half.

However, it had to be seen that the detail, precision, and operating speed of handling it increased more than five times.

“It’s going to be more difficult.”

Rudger also realized the identity of the anxiety felt in one side of his heart.

Instinct was warning.

The current Bentmin Refre is much more dangerous.

“Have you left any wills for each other?”

Looking at the party, Bentmin asked in an indifferent tone.

“Even if I did, it would be useless. No one will be able to return alive from this place today.”

“It’s something you have to see.”

Sedina responded without losing.

Looking at Sedina, Bentmin slowly raised his spirits.

It’s a joke. It’s a joke.

Something was rising through her lower body, which was rooted to the ground.

Mother Nature’s power.

energy of life.

And even a fraction of the power of the World Tree.

Bentmin, who gobbled it up like food, didn’t forcibly release his power like before.

Instead, it was finely tuned and finely tuned, and it was newly solved in a way that he is good at.

Like a thin skein of thread being blown in all directions by the wind, golden energy flowed from her hands and engulfed the surroundings.

Everyone could do it at the same time.

A sweet scent that enters your nose.

It was Vierano who responded to the scent that was so sweet and fragrant that it seemed to melt even the brain.

“Don’t take it! It will cause delirium!”

Vierano used a wind spirit to push the smell out.

And to prevent penetration into the inside, a barrier was created in detail to protect the surroundings.

Even though his first attack didn’t work, Bentmin didn’t regret it at all.

In the first place, this was nothing more than a precursor to the ability to be shown in the future.

“Bloom. children.”

Bentmin said in a soft voice.

Completely different from the ferociousness he usually shows, with the loving kindness of a mother taking care of her child.

one song.

another song.

New shoots grew around Bentmin, the stem grew longer, and a flower bud sprouted from the tip.

It blooms.

It radiates the beauty of all colors.

Flowers in full bloom formed a flower garden.

When the wind blew once, pollen flowed through the petals and rose thickly around them.

A golden smoke screen fills the surroundings as softly as the morning fog.

Then Bentmin’s appearance also changed.

Large flowers bloomed from all over Bentmin’s body, which became a wooden statue, and a helmet made of pink petals was put on her head.

Some of the petals wrapped around her body like armor.

A sight of picturesque beauty.

It is so enchanting that even those with a dry heart will lose their eyes if they see this scene.

However, the party did not know that there was only death lurking there.

Wood zombies stood tall in the garden.

Unlike before, the number of Wood Zombies was only a small fraction.

But the movement was so smooth that it couldn’t be any more.

As the number decreased, the movement of individual wood zombies became much sharper.

“Pick up your weapon. my warriors.”

With Bentmin’s command, the Wood Zombies reached out in front.

Then, the flowers in the flower garden grew long and entangled with each other, and eventually each turned into a weapon and was held in the hands of a Wood Zombie.

A spear with sharp buds at the tip.

A whip with dense rose thorns.

A shield tightly woven from tough shamrock.

The Wood Zombies lined up around Bentmin, each holding their own weapon.

Bentmin raised his hand and pointed at Sedina with his index finger.

“Your queen commands you to be kind to those who reject my will.”

Wood zombies followed the command and moved.

“… … Fast!”

The Wood Zombie, who had disappeared from his seat like a mirage, came close to the party and brandished his weapon.

For a moment, Vierano was quite surprised that he had missed the enemy’s movement.

However, my surprise was short-lived, and I properly blocked the whip that was being swung towards me with a fist clad in the power of the spirit.

Whirly Rick.

A rose whip full of thorns wrapped around Vierano’s forearm.

Vierano concentrated his strength on his forearm to keep the thorns from digging into his skin.

Wood Zombie and Vierano entered a power struggle over the tightly pulled whip.

Alex steps in to help Vierano.

The moment he swung his sword to slash the whip connecting the two, a wood zombie appeared in front of him and blocked his sword.

“you… … .”

Alex opened his eyes wide at Bereborn, who had become a Wood Zombie.

“… … Having to kill someone you’ve killed once has a bad aftertaste.”

Instead of answering, Bereborn swung the sword in his hand.

Thinking this was inevitable, Alex stepped back.

“Are you fighting with a sword even if you die for love? The one who uses the corpse at will, or the one who accepts it casually. It is a very scary world.”

Alex’s eyes softened.

If you fight the same opponent again, you have a higher chance of winning.

But that was only true when Bereborn’s armament was the same as before.


Bereborn pointed the sword in his hand at Alex.

The cross guard part attached to the handle of the sword was made of petals, and the petals were flowing as if they were alive.

The moment I wanted to do something with that, the sword body protruding from the flower petals burned to a golden light.

“… … under.”

Alex let out a smirk that bordered on a sigh.

This side has no artifacts anymore, but the other side has been supplied with better weapons than before.

“Why don’t we fight fair and square with normal weapons?”

He asked, but what returned was a sword soaked in the heat of the sun.

“okay. I knew it.”

The golden energy flowing along the path of the sword radiated heat and warmed Alex’s skin.

“Oh hot! Are you going to take responsibility if your skin burns like this?!”

Joking non-jokes, Alex drew a gray aura and spun it around the tip of his sword.

Ambella and Lutus also had to face the wood zombies that were approaching them respectively.

“Bella Luna.”

Rudger, who was watching the scene, called Bellaluna.

Bellaluna was sweating with her hands on the floor.

“Oh no! The control is so strong you can’t even get in the way!”

“Tsk. It has become more difficult, too.”

Space travel was virtually impossible.

As if he had already seen it once and figured out its weakness, Bentmin blocked the space itself for Ludger to move in advance by blooming pollen thickly.

If you try to move to a place like that, the coordinates will overlap and you will be covered with pollen all over your body.

[I will open the way.]

Hans writhed vigorously and ran away with mana wrapped around his body.

Pouring mana from a distance was no different from watering plants.

The only thing Hans could do now was pure physical attacks that could be done with the gigantic body of Youngsoo.

It was something he wouldn’t have done if he was the usual Hans, but the situation wasn’t going well.

No matter how cowardly he was, it wasn’t to the extent that he couldn’t discern the situation in which he had to step in.

[I have grown a lot too!]

Hans ran through the flower fields.

Every time a giant hoof trampled on a flower, the pollen exploded in a thick layer, and the stems tried to grab Hans’ ankles.

However, that was not enough to stop Hans from rushing.

Hans, with his golden horn at the fore, aimed at Bentmin with a sharp tip.

“A human who can only imitate Yeong-soo dares.”

Bentmin grabbed Hans’s horns with both violent hands.

A gust of wind blew up when the two giants, over ten meters tall, collided.

The field of flowers swayed and swayed like riding a wave.

It was a desperate rush, but Bentmin, deeply rooted in the ground, did not budge.

Holding the golden horn in his hand, Bentmin tried to force Hans’ body to collapse sideways.

It was the Steel Raven, a bird of steel clinging to the shadows, who aimed at the gap.


The Steel Raven’s sharp claws flew with a scream and aimed at Bentmin’s face.

Bentmin had no choice but to stop the Steel Raven over Hans’s horn.

Hans retreated in the gap and flew up into the sky, kicking the air with his feet.

Thinking of accelerating to rush again.

But Bentmin did not allow that.

“Annoying things.”

At Bentmin’s command, huge flowers bloomed behind her back.

The flower in full bloom aimed at the Steel Raven and Hans, who floated in the air, and shot the seed like a machine gun.

[Blossom shooter]


Hans widened his distance, frightened by the seeds fired like a machine gun.

The Steel Raven, unable to respond, was hit by several seeds.


Steel Raven screamed.

This is because a vine grew on the wing tissue that was hit by the seed and completely tied up one wing.

Thank goodness the Steel Raven wasn’t a living creature.

If so, the seed would have sucked up the bodily fluids and grown larger.

Steel Raven took out several artifacts built into her body and scattered them around.


Colorful flames exploded, burning the vine stems clinging to the Steel Raven’s skin.

However, the seed’s bullets continued to fly, and Hans and Steel Raven had no choice but to focus on avoiding.

“The public is done with this.”

Bentmin’s eyes turned to Ludger.

Bentmin solemnly proclaimed to Ludger, who was staring at him with a hard face.

“Die and become food.”

On both sides of Bentmin, huge stems abruptly rose up.

The thick green stems were twisted and twisted like a rope, and a golden peak bloomed from the tip.

Then, the head of the flower in full bloom turned towards Rudger and contained a huge energy.

[Gran Reina Sol]

Two beams of light, full of solar energy, flew towards Rudger and Sedina.

A field of flowers that passed by as if a strong beam of light passed by was roaring with fire.

The burnt flowers turned to black ash and disappeared, and new flowers grew in the empty place.

Ludger unfolded the spell and opened a defensive magic circle.

The huge conflicting energies caused an explosion.

Rudger, who managed to block it, could only frown.

The flower buds that shot out the rays began to absorb the sun’s energy again.

It shoots this much power, but the charging time was so short that there was almost no time.

It was time for Bentmin to aim for Ludger again and launch another attack.

At the same time as Bentmin’s gaze suddenly turned to the air, a barrage of fire fell from the sky.

“This… … .”

Rudger, who saw the unexpected artillery fire, stared up at the sky.

Beyond the sky where the branches of the World Tree hang.

An airship was descending slowly with its muzzle aimed at a place where a huge hole had been opened.

[iced coffee. Captain here. Can you hear me? I’m here to help.]

“There is still a long way until the appointment time… … .”

But there was no reason not to come.

The situation on the ground was so bad that even those who were waiting in the air could see it clearly.


The airship’s muzzle spewed fire.

Zeppelin airships made for military purposes were, of course, equipped with various armaments as they were supposed to fight against the military.

The firepower capable of wiping out the army was poured into the gigantic Bentmin all at once.

“These trifles try to hinder me endlessly.”

No matter how much Bentmin was, his expression slightly frowned as if this was quite annoyed.

The fallen firearms exploded around them, creating bright red flames, but Bentmin didn’t get a single proper wound.

It was thanks to the body integrated with the World Tree and the petals covering it.

“Damn it, what the hell is that?”

Seeing this from the airship, Robert unknowingly spat out a swear word.

At first glance, that monster is made of plants, but isn’t it rather glaring at us even in the midst of the flames?

“captain! How do I do this?!”

“For now, keep on attacking… … Dodge!”

At Robert’s command, the second captain turned the nose to the side without asking why.

As the airship tilted sideways, a golden stalk pierced the side of the airship.

“Bar, what was that just?! Counter fire from the ground?!”

“It’s an arrow!”

“Arrows?! Are these crazy, elves even capable of this?”

“Enough! What’s the situation?!”

“Damaged Left Engine! 30% of my mobility is gone! It barely floats! But the ammo rack is fine!”

“Pour out all the remaining incendiary bombs!”

The muzzle that reloaded the shell moved and aimed at Bentmin.

At that moment, Robert noticed a flash of light on the ground.

“Morse signal?”

The signal was Ludger’s light magic.

the meaning of the signal.

—Pour the bombardment this way.

‘this way? Did I tell you to shoot yourself?’

Did I even go crazy?

In a situation where every second counts, why not shoot a precious cannonball at that monster tree, but at yourself?

“captain! command!”

“I don’t know! Do as you say!”

The direction of the muzzle was from Bentmin to Ludger.

Seeing that, Sedina and Bellaluna were frightened.

“teacher?! Uh, what will you do!”

“I know when I see it.”


The muzzle spewed fire and bombardment rained down on Ludgar.

Rudgar waited and used his magic, generating magic.

Sound wave magic, a derivative magic of the wind attribute.

A shock wave of intense sound collided with the falling air bomb, causing a series of explosions.

Rain of fire pouring down on Ludgar’s head.

Red flames mixed with flammable substances poured out.

Rudger looked up at it.

I didn’t even think about stopping it in the first place.

What he wanted was this spark.

It was almost the same time he took out the red jewel from his pocket.

The red jewel glowed and sucked up the falling rain of fire like a whirlpool.

The sight of the flames covering the sky being absorbed by a single jewel was incomprehensible even with the naked eye.

Sedina and Bellaluna looked at the sight in awe.


Rudger’s hand holding the jewel caught fire, as if he couldn’t help but feel the heat.

In the pain of burning raw flesh, Rudger did not lower his hand.

“How long are you going to hide like a coward? If you’ve eaten this much, isn’t it time to wake up!”


The jewel, which absorbed all the pouring flames, vibrated finely.

Ludger shouted as he threw the jewel at Bentmin.

“If you finish eating, get up and fight!”

The jewel completely shattered in midair.

All the power of the flames he had held up until now spewed out.

Phantasmal Dragon’s Breath.

The heat of the sun beating down on the forest.

The flame of an explosion containing the essence of modern science.

It all came into existence like a scarlet cloud.

Then, two gigantic arms popped out of the clouds and a giant appeared.


The resurrected fire giant let out a wild roar into the air.

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