I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 472

◈ Episode 472: The Strongest Druid (1)

Returning to reality, Sedina finally faced the current situation.

It wasn’t enough that Rudger saved him, that he was now in his arms.

It’s real, but in fact, I wonder if this is also a dream.

“teacher… … .”

However, before saying anything, the world tree vibrated first.

The world tree trembles.

Countless leaves fell to the ground.

Sedina could feel the emotions overflowing from the World Tree.

The World Tree was saddened by the fact that they had lost Plante’s flesh and blood that they had finally recovered.

“Get out at once.”

Ludgar jumped out of the World Tree, supporting Sedina and Ambella.

Its height alone exceeded several hundred meters, and the surrounding landscape was clearly visible.

Serendel Castle completely collapsed.

The roots of the world tree overflowing everywhere.

Sedina held her breath at the sight of the battlefield full of death and screams.

While I was fainting for a while, everything around the beautiful world tree had changed.

I couldn’t even feel the shock of jumping from a high altitude because of the shocking sight.

“Hold tight.”


A bird of steel flew from afar and carried Ludger, Sedina, and Ambella on its back.

Ludgar immediately bestowed Ather Nocturnus on the grotesque bird.

Steel Raven, who was given a new body once again, moved to support the party struggling on the ground with a shimmering shadow.

Vierano, who continued his struggle while surrounded by Wood Zombies, was delighted to see Sedina.

“You have succeeded!”

Lutus, who had been fighting alongside Vierano, also faintly smiled at the news that the operation was successful.

Somehow, I wondered if the movement of the Wood Zombies, which were rushing at me just a moment ago, had slowed down, and it was thanks to Ludgar.

Steel Raven landed on the ground and swept away the wood zombies around him with his wings.

vacancy for a while.

Rudgar immediately took out an artifact, replenished his mana, and took out a recovery medicine and handed it to Ambella.

“Big. It hurts terribly.”

Ambella received the ampoule from Rudger and injected it into her shoulder.

The severed arm didn’t grow back, but it was enough to stop the bleeding and ease the pain.

“Lord Ambella!”

Vierano was stunned at the sight of Ambella’s empty arm.

“Don’t make a fuss. Because it’s nothing.”

“still… … .”

“If you think of it as a price for saving that child, it must have been cheap.”

Ambella stared at Sedina.

Sedina was also looking at Ambella Burke.

At first, only Rudger had his eyes on him, so he didn’t know it, but Ambella was also there where the throne was.

Perhaps that wound was made to save himself with Rudger.

“Looking at it this way, the eyes look alike.”

“you are… … Who are you?”

Sedina felt a strange feeling when she saw Ambella.

Her way of speaking seemed to know her, but above all, her warm gaze toward us was not unfamiliar.

Ambella smiled at Sedina’s bold question.

“… … I just knew your mother.”

“My mother and… … .”

Sedina wanted to ask Ambella.

what kind of person was your mother? She and why did she go so far to save herself?

Then, Lutus intervened.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your happy reunion, but now is not the time to take the time to do that.”

It was as Luther said.

They succeeded in rescuing Sedina, but the world tree continued to run rampant.

Compared to before, it seemed to have lost a bit of strength, but even so, it was still close to a natural disaster.

What was even more concerning was Bentmin’s reaction.

Bentmin, who had been deprived of Sedina, was furious with the rapid decrease in the output of the World Tree he could handle.

“This, these rats!”

Bentmin, who had become a wooden statue with a height of over 10m, distorted the face of a tree bark.

Crumbs rustled on her skin and ran like powder.

As if a hole had been pierced by the absolute authority he had obtained, his strength was leaking out.

They were the ones you could crush and kill like worms if you wanted to.

However, Bentmin himself was the one who was shown off.

Rising anger and shame.

The target of the arrow was Bellaluna, who played a decisive role in sabotaging him.

“I should have killed you right from the moment I first saw you!”

I was arrogant and careless.

Bentmin admitted his mistake and thought to kill Bellaluna this time.

Facing that murderous intent, Bellaluna’s complexion turned pale.

Bentmin stretched out his hand toward Bellaluna.

The tips of his fingers, which had turned into wood, split, and a wooden spear shot at Bellaluna.

It was an unavoidable attack for Bellaluna, who had excellent abilities in hacking the world tree, but her physical abilities were insignificant.

But it wasn’t just Bella Luna that was here.

Alex, who had fallen from the air, slashed all the flying wooden spears with his sword.

It wasn’t an ordinary spear, but the one imbued with the power of the World Tree, so his wrists felt cold every time he slashed it, but Alex didn’t show it too much.

“you… … .”

Seeing Alex, Bentmin widened his eyes and then bit his lip.

“okay. Bereborn… … .”

The fact that Alex was alive was in line with the saying that the sword he had been most faithful to was dead.

In the meantime, Alex supported Bellaluna and retreated to Ludger’s location.

“Alex. Were you alive?”

“That’s natural. Who am I to be easily defeated?”

“I-I am alive too.”

When Ludger, Alex, and Bellaluna met, Hans, who was spiritualized, also joined.

Alex met Lutus’ eyes.

Lutus greeted him with a modest nod.

I decided not to ask why I am here or what I am doing here.

Because at this moment, they were colleagues supporting each other’s backs.

“so. We found people to save and we’re all gathered like this, what are you thinking?”

Lutus asked Ludger for his opinion.

The first goal, the rescue of Sedina, has been successfully completed.

Of course, it took a lot of sacrifices to be considered a success.

But if he couldn’t save her, he would have made a bigger sacrifice.

“I think it would be best to leave immediately.”

Without Sedina, the World Capital cannot use its original power.

It’s running wild right now, but it will calm down little by little as time passes.

Rudger also agreed with that part.

There was no need to take risks, it was enough for this side to retreat.

But it was Sedina, and no one else, who objected to that.


Everyone’s eyes turned to her.

To ask why, Sedina’s lineage was closer to the World Tree than anyone else’s.

Of course, it was decided that there was a reason for that.

“If you step back like this, the world tree will no longer be able to go back to how it was before.”

“Can’t go back to the old days anymore?”

“yes. Now, the power of the World Tree was forcibly awakened by Bentmin Leafre. They are planting malicious codes with the lives of their people, contaminating and destroying the World Tree.”

I could feel it because it was Sedina, Plante’s bloodline, not anyone else.

The World Tree was suffering now, and that’s why it wanted Sedina.

The only child who can heal you.

If she retreats like this, the World Tree will never recover from her wounds.

If that happens, the forest of Ming, which receives the grace of the World Tree, will gradually wither away, and the elves’ hometown will inevitably be destroyed.

Ambella’s expression hardened coldly upon hearing that.

Actually, Luther thought differently.

“The World Tree is sleeping with wounds, and that is none of my business. I only need to reduce the elements that will be a threat to the empire.”

For Lutus, it was a completely different thing for the World Tree to die or not.

Even if it perishes, the elves perish, not the empire perish.

To put it bluntly, the fall of the Elven Kingdom, a potential threat, was rather welcome from the Empire’s point of view.

“It’s not something that can be passed on simply like that!”

Sedina stared at Lutus.

Sedina was not intimidated even by a huge man several times her size.

Rudger remembered Sedina, the first time he met him.

A child who stuttered, couldn’t make eye contact, and liked just a little talking to me.

Now I have become a completely different person.

“The World Tree is a tree that governs the power of all life. The withering of such a world tree means that it affects Mother Nature as a result.”

“What does that matter?”

“It doesn’t matter. Do you think the impact of the Forest of Life is limited to just the forest? When the world tree withers, all nearby lands are affected. It means that it is not safe because it is the granary of the empire.”


Sedina’s expression was rather serious to say that it was simply an exaggeration.

Lutus tutted and clicked his tongue.

If the influence of the World Tree was that strong, it would be difficult to ignore this side as well.

In addition, there was still uneasiness left for them, it was the existence of Bentmin Leafre, the culprit behind all of this.

Everyone stared at Bentmin Refre.

No matter how ferocious and cruel she was, the death of Bereborn, who had been by her side for hundreds of years, was so shocking that she stayed still.

But that it is like a volcano about to explode.

Everyone instinctively felt it.

“The law of the jungle is the providence of nature.”

Bentmin, who had turned into a huge wooden statue, stretched out his hand towards the ground.

Following his touch, a sapling broke through the ground and eventually became a tree.

“The strong are eaten, the weak are eaten. No matter how much I try to deny it, I cannot deny it.”

The tree twisted grotesquely and assumed the shape of a man.

From well-shaven features to luxurious clothes worn on the body.

It was a wood zombie from Bereborn who died at Alex’s hand.

“So I tried to catch it. Because it is the providence of the world that if you don’t eat it, you will be eaten. They ate and ate and ate again.”

Bentmin stared at Bereborn, who had become a Wood Zombie, with complex eyes.

This is not Bereborn.

It was just a new fake based on his data stored in the World Tree.

“Still, somewhere in the corner of my heart, I was convinced. I don’t think I can stay here forever. As I have done, I will meet the fate of being eaten.”

Bentmin turned his head while giggling and looked up at the World Tree.

Although it was integrated with itself, the world tree that had been deprived of Plante was sinking its power as if it were settling down again.

I’m almost there.

It’s not long until the World Tree fully awakens.

it has failed

“But now that this moment has arrived, there’s no sense of discouragement or anger that I was worried about.”

Even losing his subordinates and awakening the World Tree failed.

And yet the enemies seemed unwilling to leave him alone.

She, who always reigned from the top, now descended to the position of the weak.

The moment she stood at that level, she realized.

The feelings that the prey feels when facing their fate.

fear? fear?

There is no such thing.

There is only one emotion that comes to mind.


Do your best, struggle with all your might.

Like a frog being eaten by a snake.

Like a rabbit bitten by a fox.

Like a deer being chased by wolves.

Even in that fleeting moment, the struggle for survival toward life does not stop.

Because that is also the providence of nature.

“come. those who want to eat me I will also respond to you with all my might.”

Ludger frowned at Bentmin’s determined voice.

I’d rather be out of my mind and run amok in a fit of rage.

However, probably because he was an elf who had lived a long time, Bentmin was not easy.

Bentmin was far more dangerous than before, when he used most of the world tree’s power.


Rudger was not alone.

“leader. What are you going to do?”

“You have to fight.”

Rudger said while adjusting his clothes.

“Because I can’t leave like this.”

“But will you be okay? That tree lady, her eyes couldn’t turn over completely, so she turned around and returned to her original position?”

It is said that he lost some of his strength, but Bentmin, who had become one with the World Tree, was still an opponent to be reckoned with.

Considering that she would regenerate endlessly no matter how many times she was killed, she had to assume that she couldn’t actually be killed in a physical way.

But it wasn’t like there was no way.

“I can do it.”

Sedina took a step forward with a determined face.

Bentmin stared at such a small Sedina in silence.

Sedina also glared at Bentmin without losing.

“I will separate the World Tree and that woman. Then we can handle it.”

“How long will it take?”

Rudger asked from Katabuta time.

I didn’t ask formal questions about whether such a thing was possible or if it could be done.

Because you believe you can do it.

“It’s actually my first time accessing the World Tree, so I can’t give a definite answer. But if it is still helpful.”

Sedina’s gaze turned to the pond beyond Ventmin.

A pond containing the sap of the World Tree, which is accessible to the deepest part of the World Tree.

If I could only go there, the possibility was open enough.

“I am I went through so much trouble to get him out of the World Tree, but I have to send him back to the World Tree.”

Hearing those words, Ambella muttered something absurd.

But there was no feeling of resignation or annoyance.

On the contrary, Sedina’s confident appearance made Ambella even happy inside.

‘under. Anyway, if she gives birth to a daughter who looks just like her… … .’

Sedina’s appearance overlapped Ela Plante’s.

The back of her who had to watch her leave because she was weak in the past.

So I won’t let you go alone this time.

Ambella gripped the sword with her one free hand.

“Aren’t there any people left here? Raise your hand now, if you can.”

No one answered that.

Ambella nodded in satisfaction.

“Good. Let’s go then.”

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