I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 471

◈ Episode 471 Crown of Thorns (3)

Rudger gripped the crown of thorns tightly.

The body was strengthened with magical power, and Ater Nocturnus was wrapped around the body again to reinforce its strength.

Rudger now could tear through steel with his bare hands.

But the crown of thorns did not budge.

Rather, the crown provoked a strong backlash and tried to push Ludger away.

The crown of thorns, to be exact, the world tree that put it on did not want to hand over Sedina.

Ludger gritted his teeth at the enormous force that pushed him away.

“okay. Let’s see who wins.”

Rudger gripped the crown of thorns even tighter.

It was a crown that did not hurt Sedina, but when Rudger pressed his hand, sharp thorns pierced his palm.

pop. pop.

Drops of blood flowed down his wounded palm.

The intense magic power radiating from the body collided with the repulsive force of the crown of thorns and entangled like a storm.

Ambella, leaning her back against the entrance wall, watched it with her eyes dimly.

‘The world tree is rejecting it.’

At first, I thought it was Bentmin’s trick, but it wasn’t.

It was the World Tree’s original will to want Sedina.

Because he is Plante’s last blood relative.

Because he is the last survivor of the Plante family who understands the World Tree more deeply than anyone else and can use its power.

The world tree did not want to let go of that child.

‘It’s over.’

If wanting Sedina is the will of the World Tree, no one can deny it.

Admittedly, Rudgar is a great wizard.

Even being human, he has spirit, and even possesses mental strength close to that of a superhuman.

But even so, he is, after all, only a mere human being.

A weak individual who cannot resist the mighty will of the World Tree.

There is bound to be a difference.

It’s because the years I’ve lived and the strength I’ve built up are different.

How can fireflies win against the sun?

Realizing that, Ambella felt skeptical from the start, wondering if it was meaningless.

‘That human wouldn’t know that either.’

Even so.

Rudger wasn’t giving up.

Like a praying mantis running towards a wagon.

Even against the world tree, he was struggling without retreating an inch.

Quick. fall out.

The protective artifacts surrounding him cracked and shattered one by one.

The resistance of the Crown of Thorns is the resistance of the World Tree.

Since the world tree was determined and was trying to push Ludger away, he was receiving the full reaction of trying to endure it.

Even if he looks fine on the outside, Ludger’s inside must have been shaken by the constant impact.

It is right to let go and step back right now.

It is right to heal the wounds and take care of the inside.

But why

“Why don’t you give up?”

Maybe his arm was cut off and he lost too much blood.

Rudger’s answer came back before Ambella was surprised at the question that came without her knowledge.

“Because I’ve lost so much so far.”

Rudger replied while holding the crown of thorns.

“I lost a few times, regretted and felt sad over and over again.”

So I made a promise to myself.

“I’m sick of it now.”

So I couldn’t give up.

If you let go of one, then everything else is compromised.

If you start with something small and then it gets bigger and bigger.

In the end, even important things are let go.

If you put it one by one like that, you won’t be aware of it.

Also that you have changed.

That it wasn’t like that before.

This wasn’t just to save Sedina.

It was Ludger’s struggle not to lose himself even if he was swept away in this world.

“you… … .”

Ambella widened her dimly closed eyes at the sight.


Blood flowed down his mouth.

But at this moment, Ambella’s eyes burned stronger than ever.

“You say nice things.”

Ambella gave strength to her body.

One arm flew off, and the body was unbalanced, so it kept staggering.

Ambella spit out the blood that pooled in her mouth.

Get up, this fucking body.

You were fine even after being pierced by bullets, being hit by shrapnel, and getting sword wounds.

Why are you trying to collapse just because you’ve done everything you have to do?

His neck was bloodied, and he stood tall, supporting his knee with his other hand.

“okay. I’m sick of losing So please help me.”

Ambella stumbled over and grabbed Sedina’s crown with her only hand.


Along with the tingling pain felt in her hand, a huge force pushes her body.

Even so, the aftermath of the severely injured body was quite large.

Ambella felt the force pushing her away and saw Ludger again.

This human was enduring this power alone.

Ambella put even more strength into the hand holding the crown and pulled it vigorously.

“To resist the will of the World Tree. Is it okay to be an elf?”

Hearing the voice from the side, Ambella smiled as if it were laughable.

“Already disqualified as an elf. Since it happened like this, the world tree or whatever, I will resist.”


A sound came from the crown of thorns.

Like a crack on one side of a large piece of glass.

The crown of thorns, which had not budged, began to move little by little.

Crown of Thorns said it couldn’t do that, and radiated strength.

The blood-soaked crown was dyed crimson, and it looked like a symbol of a curse.

Ludger squeezed out all his mana.

At this moment, there was no time to take out a new artifact.

He had to fight with all his remaining horsepower.

“Only a tree subject.”

Rudger’s growl like a beast, a kind of energy began to build up in his voice.

Ludger’s blue eyes were dyed red as his mana rapidly depleted.

“you… … .”

Ambella felt an eerie run down her spine.

Above Rudgar’s head.

A black halo formed there, and soon a small hole appeared.

Ambella instinctively averted her gaze.

I had a gut feeling that I should never peek into that black hole.

That was the right decision.

Crown of Thorns reacted more sensitively.

‘Has the pushing power weakened?’

What happened with the changes that happened to Ludger.

Ambella was taken aback by this, but saw this as an opportunity.

And the one remaining arm fell off and gave me strength.

With a popping sound, the crown of thorns began to peel off Sedina’s head.

a little bit.

Do a little more.

The hole above Rudger’s head gradually widened, and the crown of thorns screamed louder.

As the two unknown forces battled each other, Ambella squeezed the last of her strength.


With a loud shout, the crown of thorns fell off Sedina’s head.


Receiving Ambella’s signal, Rudger immediately grabbed Sedina’s hand.

* * *

Sedina’s consciousness sank to a very deep depth.

She didn’t know why she was here.

At first, I struggled with the frustration of falling into the deep sea, but it disappeared and a landscape began to be reflected around me.

“here is… … .”

A world dotted in white with warm light.

Blue sky, grassy yard.

There, filled with fragrant flower fields and the smell of grass, Sedina overlapped with a nostalgic sight.

a place in memory

Because Sedina was a flower garden she often played with her mother when she was young.


At that moment, a child’s voice was heard next to her, and a small brown shadow passed Sedina.

Short brown hair and small body.

Even so, even the back of the dodo running as if happy.

Sedina instinctively realized.

That that is my childhood self.

Sedina’s gaze turned to where the child was running.

The moment she saw the woman she missed there, she shed tears without realizing it.

“mom… … .”

Ella Plante.

She picked up the little Sedina who was running towards her and gave it back.

My childhood self giggles at what is so good about it.

Sedina watched the scene in silence.

I missed you.

I missed you so much that I wished and wished again and again in my dreams.

But when I realized that I couldn’t see it, I despaired.

So I thought I had it all down.

‘This, this is an illusion. It’s fake.’

Sedina repeated that.

At that moment, my mother’s eyes met.

She, who must be an illusion, dropped the young Sedina off and walked with her holding her hand.

– Sedina.

The eyes of Ela Plante who looked at herself and spoke straight.

The moment you hear the scent of spring tickling your nose and the sweet voice.

– You really have grown up a lot.

Sedina couldn’t deny that the existence in front of her was fake.

Sedina struggled to open her mouth, clutching at her throbbing chest.

“Really, are you a mother?”

-Sedina… … .

Ela Plante looked at her daughter in tears and didn’t know what to say.

Instead, she grabbed Sedina’s head with both hands and held her tightly in her arms.

Sedina couldn’t stop her tears from the warmth she felt on her skin.

It’s definitely something I should be happy about, but it was hard to suppress this overflowing emotion.

“I-I really missed you. I miss you so much, I want to see you again and again. I did, but I still can’t see it.”

The watery voice couldn’t utter the right words.

However, because that feeling was conveyed, Ella hugged Sedina even more strongly.

– I’m sorry mom. for not being able to protect Because I can’t stay with you

The little Sedina next to her asked, looking up at her grown-up self.

-don’t cry.

Sedina looked down at herself as a child with vision blurred by tears.

He was cute, innocent, and laughed better than anyone else.

However, even if he was different now, he was very different.

An abandoned child in Roshen.

Black Dawn’s Discarded Card.

Half-blood, neither elf nor human.

“I want to stay here. I want to be with my mother.”

-Sedina… … .

“I want to eat the food my mother cooks. She wants to walk through the flower fields again with her mother. She falls asleep in her bed and wants to hear her lullaby again. She continues and she wants to stay here.”

Pity lingered in Ella’s gaze toward Sedina.

Sedina lifted her head and looked up at Ella with a tear-stained face.

“The world without my mother is so scary. I’m so cold, so lonely, and everyone hates me. Why? For me, all I needed was my mother. Why does it have to be so hard?”

-It must have been very difficult.

Ella smiled kindly and stroked Sedina’s hair.

Sedina’s tears stopped at the touch she missed.

Ella asked carefully if Sedina had realized that she had calmed down a bit.

-Are you okay?

“… … .”

Sedina shook her head from side to side instead of answering.

Ella smiled softly at her grown-up daughter’s cute grumbling.

-It must have been very difficult. And yet, it has grown so wonderfully.

“no. I am… … .”

-I know it’s hard. Yes, how can I not know my daughter’s heart? But Sedina, that’s not all, is it?

“… … .”

-It’s a scary and difficult world outside, but it’s still there. A new precious person besides me.

“that… … .”

Suddenly, the image of a person passed through Sedina’s mind.

A teacher who came to the kingdom of elves to save himself.

Seeing Sedina’s expression, Ella smiled mischievously.

– Our daughter. all grown up

“yes yes?”

– My mother said that too. There were times when she was really hard and painful and wanted to give up everything. But she met him

“Dad… … .”

– That person must have kept away from you on purpose to protect you. I know. How much he loves me and how much he cares for you. Even so, I couldn’t express it and always thought about it inside. One thing is certain though. Sedina, love changes everything.

Sedina gradually realized that something was pulling her body.

As if the sunken mind had risen, her body slowly began to float.

“Uh, Mom? mom!”

-Now it’s time to part. you can’t stay here Then you won’t be able to escape forever.

“no, I do not want! I just barely met you! why!”

-If there is a meeting, there is a parting, and if there is a parting, there is a meeting again. So don’t worry. we will be able to meet again

Ella smiled brightly with a face full of love.

Breaking up is sad, she must be the same.

-So, my daughter, live strong until then. Meet good people, don’t cry, be bright like before. got it?

distance gradually receding.

Even the hand he was holding fell off.

-I will always be watching over you. okay. until when

Ela Plante said that to Sedina, who was moving away, and took the young Sedina’s hand.

Where she was heading, a bloody energy was swaying like thorny vines.

Sedina realized the moment she saw it.

If I had stayed here, I would have been caught by those bloody thorns.

Sedina couldn’t help but look at her mother’s back as she walked away with tears in her eyes.

The world has turned into darkness again.

Sedina was in a state of sinking into a pitch-black sleep, just like when she first lost consciousness.

Where is this? What is going on outside right now?

I tried to struggle, but I couldn’t see anything.



I hate being alone.

being lonely is painful

I missed my mother’s touch.

Regret came over me, wishing I had stayed there.

Still, Sedina did not forget one person.

The precious person my mother said.

A person waiting for you outside.

[Wake up! Sedina!]

Sedina’s eyes widened at the cry.

At the same time, he felt someone grab his hand.

Sedina, who was attracted by that power, fell into someone’s arms.

Sedina raised her head cautiously in her warm and reliable arms.

I saw a sculpture-like man with long black hair looking down at me and smiling faintly.


“Woke up. Sleepy Princess.”

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