I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 47

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◈ Episode 47 Student Dalian (1)

Chris Bennimore, who received a letter from his private office, read it once and immediately burned it with fire.

“okay. I knew that too.”

The report that came in was the data sent by the employee of Ceorn.

The content was related to Ludgar Celisi.

“You’re teaching that commoner hard? Even if you pretend not to, you are desperate to win the bet.”

He muttered that and laughed at Rudger’s outburst, but Chris Bennimore didn’t stay still either.

He turned his head to look at the boy standing in front of him nervously.

“Jean Pelio.”


“I think you know what I want to tell you.”

Jeban nodded with a determined face.

“yes. I know. That I have to win against that cheeky commoner in this public sparring.”

“It’s not enough just to win. It is to show the gap between nobles and commoners properly with overwhelming force.”

It was a harsh request that was a bit burdensome, but Jevan Pellio did not think he would fail.

When I heard that Aidan was being taught something by Ludgar Celish, I had some anxiety, but he had Chris Bennimore.

“Take it.”

Chris tossed a reagent bottle at Jevan.

Jeban, who hurriedly received it, looked at the blue liquid inside and asked with a puzzled face.

“This, this?”

“It is a magic power booster. Drink before entering Dalian.”

“I, really? But isn’t drinking this a disqualification?”

“no. Okay. It is a special product of the Bennimore family that leaves no trace if taken in advance, so there is no chance of getting caught.”

“This… … .”

“When you drink it, your mana is instantly amplified, but the duration is less than 5 minutes.”

“Five minutes. That’s short.”

“okay. short So it doesn’t get caught in the pre-inspection. Because it increases the limit of output rather than amplifying the existing mana, so it is closer to drawing mana. Traces of the drug disappear immediately leaving only the effect. Just pay attention to the magic exhaustion that comes after 30 minutes.”

Jeban swallowed his saliva at Chris’ words.

In fact, it was more like a medicine that allows you to use all the mana you possess at once.

Although his pride would not allow him to drink such medicine against a mere commoner.

‘Still, if it’s for sure victory.’

Anyway, as long as Rudger was behind him, he might have received something like himself.

Because he’s a dirty commoner.

You might commit a very serious foul.

Thinking so, Jeban put the amplification potion into his pocket with a hard face.

Seeing that, Chris laughed.

“Good idea. Well then, shall we go?”

* * *

Currently, more than half of the seats in Training Ground 2 ahead of the public match were filled with people who came to watch today’s freshmen’s magic match.

Most of the first-year students gathered, and this time, the second-year students and other teachers were also included, which was unusual.

If it was simply a fight between first graders, I would have thought so and passed it on, but if it was a sparring where the two teachers officially gave permission and observed it, the story was different.

Rudger Chelsea.

Chris Bennimore.

The two teachers had just arrived at Seorn this time, and they have one thing in common: they are both in charge of manifestation classes.

However, one is a fallen nobleman, and the other is a prestigious count.

The difference in status was quite large.

Rudgar even supports the common people, and Chris Bennimore supports the nobles.

The upcoming Dalian has grown beyond a fight between freshmen and into a one-on-one match between commoners and aristocrats.

“Really, who will win?”

“Well, isn’t it a freshman fight? If so, nobles are more advantageous. Gene will not receive separate education from an early age.”

“But I heard that even a commoner freshman who came in this time is not easy? They say he played a big part in the werewolf incident.”

“Well, even if you didn’t catch it yourself, would you be the opponent?”

“You never know. I heard that Mr. Rudger, who has been talking a lot lately, is helping me.”

“If you think about it like that, there was Mr. Chris on the other side?”

“I don’t know that teacher very well. Was she in charge of first grade?”

“uh. We’re still in the same manifestation world, but it seems like they’re eagerly waiting for being compared to Mr. Rudger.”

“You totally got me.”

During that conversation, people’s eyes turned to the seats where only teachers could sit, even in the audience.

“hey. look. come.”

“uh. It’s real.”

Chris Bennimore, who had just entered the teacher’s seat, sat calmly, maintaining the dignity of an aristocrat.

Because of his intelligent appearance, the adoring gazes of the female students naturally followed Chris.

Chris also lightly enjoyed that gaze itself.

The way he looked up made me realize that he was a greater person.

At that moment, the students’ murmur grew louder. It was very different from when Chris showed up.


I looked up to see who it was, and it was him.

Rudger Chelsea.



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A man with long black hair tied in a ponytail.

Sharp jawline and high nose bridge. From his cool features to his deeply sunken eyes that make the hearts of many women cry.

Black shirt with black cotton pants. Even his tie is black, and even the top of it is a long black coat.

The overall impression is literally a black singlet reminiscent of a raven.

With his right hand holding a staff, he looked like the head of a prestigious magic family.

“and. Look at Mr. Rudger.”

“Are you in a bad mood?”

All the eyes of the students who were distracted by Chris’ appearance turned to Ludger.

But Rudger didn’t even care how much attention was being drawn to him, and went to sit in an empty seat reserved for professors.


“uh. The atmosphere is really no joke. I can see why the rumors spread.”

“Are you really a fallen aristocrat? I thought I was more noble than the other noble teachers.”

Chris, overhearing the students talking like that, tutted and clicked his tongue.

His primary color gaze, which did not hide his displeasure, turned to Rudger, who was sitting in the row next to him.

Rudger could have turned around, but he was staring at the training ground with expressive eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.

Chris bit his teeth at the reaction as if he didn’t care about this side.

‘joy. That arrogant attitude is now over. I’ll make you feel defeated in front of everyone.’

In any case, Jevan Pelio will win this fight.

Aidan? Aren’t you a commoner?

Chris didn’t even know such a student existed. He didn’t even check the list of commoner students.

I felt sorry for even wasting my own time trying to check it out.

‘Anyway, commoners are commoners. If those guys who didn’t receive a proper education entered the school with preferential treatment, that’s what they ended up doing.’

As I was thinking that to myself, the turmoil in the audience reached its peak.

Feeling noisier than when Rudger had appeared, Chris looked back and realized why.

“President. Are you here?”

When Elisa Willow appeared, Chris jumped up and greeted her.

The president smiled and accepted Chris’ greeting.

“hello. Mr. Chris Benimore. and. Are there really many people here?”

“What is the president doing here… … .”

“I heard that there was something interesting, so I came to the car with time left.”

“I see.”

The teachers who followed the president as if to assist were Marie Roth, a pharmaceutical scientist who was said to have served the longest in Seorn, and Hugo Burteg, who led a faction of aristocratic teachers including Chris.

When all the most famous people in Seorn were gathered, each student expressed surprise, saying that they did not know that this Dalian would be like this.

It was the same with Chris. I just thought the two students would end up fighting, but I never thought the president would step up.

‘As expected, the president had no choice but to step in because it was a quarrel between a commoner and an aristocratic student?’

The Chancellor is nominally an absolute neutral who doesn’t favor either side, but Chris knows.

That the president values ​​commoner students more than nobles.

That was the reason why Hugo was at odds with the president in the first place.

‘I wonder if it’s okay.’

I was worried about what would happen if the president interfered with this work, but it didn’t seem necessary.

Because there was no justification for the president, who was trying to remain neutral, to intervene in this matter.

‘Ludger Chelsea.’

Even when the president appeared, that man just sat there without looking back.

insolent behavior.

But thinking it was this manly thing again, Chris was just annoyed with himself.

“Miss Rudger! long time no see!”

The president greeted me with a smile first.

Only then did Ludger’s head, which had been still, turn to face the president.

He slowly got up from his seat and bowed to the president.

“hello. President.”

“yes. Hello Mr. Rudger, how are you? How have you been?”

“yes. I am doing well.”

“I was really surprised. Suddenly, Mr. Rudger and Mr. Chris said they would watch the students fight. Because I wanted to know what was going on.”

“I just made a simple bet.”

“Hmm. bet Who did Ms. Rudger bet on winning?”

The president subtly asked if he wanted to hear it from Rudger’s mouth even though he knew it.

“I bet on Student Aidan’s victory.”

“Bets don’t work unless they choose opposites, so Mr. Chris must have bet on the victory of all the Palio students, right?”

“… … yes. you’re right.”

Chris had no choice but to answer.

The president smiled and clapped with both hands.

“I’m really looking forward to it. Of course, the priority is not to hurt the students, right?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. We have put in place as many safeguards as possible.”

Marie Ross answered instead.

No matter how informally the students sparred, there was a high possibility of hurting the other.

That’s why I wear light protective equipment before entering Dalian in advance.

Metal armor that can be worn on the chest, shoulders, and both knees. It resonates with each other and puts a thin magic barrier over the student’s body.

Magical energy is consumed instead of blocking the impact of magic from the outside.

In other words, it is a safe method that does not interfere with life in that it is defeated when all energy is consumed first.

“I’m glad then.”

“Ah, a player appears just in time.”

The first to stand in the center of the training ground was Aidan with a nervous expression.

His face looked like he was going to vomit already, probably because he wasn’t used to the spotlights pouring down on him.

However, the seat is a seat, so I feel like I desperately endure it.

“Aidan! Go for it!”

“Break off that cheeky Jeban’s nose!”

Aidan nodded with a relaxed look on his face and waved his hand toward the audience, perhaps thanks to Leo and Taish, who cheered loudly.

The commoner students cheered Aidan a lot, hoping that he would raise the status of the commoners.

Then Jeban appeared through the entrance on the opposite side.

“All! I believe in you!”

“Show me the pride of nobility!”

Noble students cheered on all of them. Jeban nodded his head with a polite smile as if he was familiar with this situation.

The two stood facing each other. Jeban sneered at Aidan.

“Didn’t you manage to escape?”

“… … .”

“Are you nervous? Tsk tsk. Commoners are not accustomed to this kind of place. I’d rather have run away If that was the case, I wouldn’t have suffered a crushing defeat in front of everyone.”

“… … If I win.”


“I apologize for my harsh words to Tacey. Even Leo.”

“what? ha ha ha!”

Jeban burst into laughter, as if he hadn’t expected Aidan to say such a thing here.

“okay. If you win, I’ll kneel.”

“I definitely heard that.”

“But you’ll have to do that after you beat me?”

Jeban was confident.

This powerful mana that now fills up in his body. It was a magic power boost potion that he drank before going on stage.

It lasts so short that you don’t even know if you’ve used it or not.

There was a condition that they had to fight properly within a short time of less than 5 minutes, but with this power, it didn’t seem too difficult.

‘If I use the same magic anyway, my side with overflowing mana will win.’

There is nothing more advantageous than being ahead of firepower in a wizard’s sparring.

Even if the same magic is expressed at the same speed, this one can hit and hold it down with force.

At present, most of it was possible.

It was only 5 minutes, but it was so full of time.

Before entering the match, the referee checked the condition of Aidan and Jeban.

It was to check if corruption was involved in the Dalian. Jeban believed Chris’ words, so he responded confidently.

In fact, the referee didn’t notice the strangeness of the whole thing.

Eventually, the referee, who was checking Aidan’s condition, opened his eyes wide when he saw the object hanging from his waist.

“student. What is this?”

“Ah, this is my only wand for this sparring.”

Aidan replied with a smile, but the referee was still puzzled.

Aidan’s wand basically had a different shape from wands made of unusual materials used by wizards.


It was in the shape of a sword.

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