I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 469

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◈ Episode 469 Crown of Thorns (1)

The huge meteorite smashed the branches of the World Tree proudly.

The leaves and branches were crushed and raindrops fell to the ground.

However, the world capital was also not easy.

The original destructive power of the Cheonbungun Gold Jade lies in completely collapsing the surrounding area as it falls to the ground.

However, the strong and dense branches of the World Tree did not allow the Cheonbungun Gold Jade to fall to the ground.

It had withstood the powerful magic that turned a huge cliff into powder with just its mass.

But Rudger didn’t regret it.

Just absorbing the sun’s light and blocking the shooting of the window of light was enough to play a role.

This was also the purpose in the first place.

Remnants of broken branches and leaves fell to the ground.

Since the size of the World Tree was so large, even the pieces of broken branches approached the size of a decent building.

A large branch fell with a thump and crushed the Wood Zombies gathered below.

The roots crushed by the branches were greatly shaken or collapsed under the ground.

Clouds of dust from the impact of the wreckage rose one after another across the World Tree.

In the scene of destruction, Alex and Bereborn shared swords without retreating.

Even before that, the surroundings had already been devastated, but the situation became progressively worse as time passed.

Those who reached the master level were able to show off their true fighting skills even under adverse conditions.

The Forest Walk, which enabled three-dimensional battles while stepping on collapsing rubble, could not be ignored.

However, the current situation was dangerous even for those master level strongmen.

An extreme tightrope where a moment’s inattention leads to death.

In fact, the moment the two collided, the remains of a huge tree branch fell over their heads.

If they enter into a contest of strength like this, the two will be crushed to death at the same time.

Alex and Bereborn pointed their swords at each other with the swords in one hand, cutting through the rubble overhead with the swords in the other.

The fragmented debris spread around and at the same time became a new obstacle, blocking part of the view.

The two identified each other’s blind spots and hid behind rubble to target the other’s weaknesses.

The two of them, moving among the rubble and aiming for each other’s gap, seemed to be dancing in a circle in the rain.

A few seconds for the wreckage to fall to the ground.

In that instant of time, the white flash as the sword cut through space flashed dozens of times in the air.

An extreme number fight that follows one tail after another.

Every step of the dance was calculated and created.

However, the fight was a perfect tie with no winner or loser.

Bereborn began to grow impatient.

“Hey, Elf bro. You don’t look very good?”

Because it was Alex who was awakening his senses to the maximum, he was able to know Bereborn’s condition.

He could still fight, but he was being driven mentally.

The reason is probably due to a series of events from above.

‘Well, actually, I was surprised too. I never thought that monster would appear here.’

Alex saw.

While fighting Bereborn fiercely, a giant man twisted one of the roots of the World Tree into a whirlpool and pierced through it.

That torrent of power that I couldn’t believe even after seeing it.

He couldn’t have been mistaken.

Lutus Wardot, the strongest swordsman in the empire, came here himself.

“What if I’m worried about this? The person who just passed by is a very scary man? what did they say Did you say you are the strongest swordsman?”

“… … .”

Bereborn silently pointed his sword at Alex.

The tip of his sword seemed to turn blurry, and then it was struck vertically from the top of Alex’s head to his groin.

Of course, after reading the omens, Alex avoided the attack by simply taking a step to the side.

Bereborn, who was about to land a follow-up immediately, had no choice but to fall back due to the debris falling on his head.

If you try to cut through the wreckage, Alex will come through the gap.

“You look very impatient.”

Alex continued to provoke Bereborn.

Little by little, I could see a crack forming in the heart of that iron-walled guy who seemed to have no emotions.

Bondi fighting is not pure swordsmanship.

No matter how brilliant a knight may be, if his mind is shaken and he feels impatience, he will not be able to properly display his natural strength.

Alex knew that, so he kept shaking Bereborn.

Obviously it’s a minor thing.

But in these extreme circumstances, the slight difference leads to big consequences.

Even small cracks are fine.

Cracks will grow as time passes and become a gap and be expressed outside.

Bereborn knew that, so he controlled his mind to not be swayed by Alex.

What bothered Bereborn more than that was Alex’s ability to grow while fighting.

“I thought I took off all the matting on my body.”

The protective artifact Alex wore no longer existed.

The equipment that narrowed the gap in skill between the two disappeared, but in the meantime, Alex had already grown to the same level as himself.

This side had caught up with the swordsmanship that had been developed over hundreds of years in just a few minutes.


Alex’s talent is hard to find on all continents.



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It’s not going to happen.

If, by any chance, he loses here and Alex becomes stronger by nourishing himself.

I wondered if there would be a prosecutor who could deal with him.

So kill him here.

Bereborn was determined to sacrifice at least one arm of herself.

Now, in order to kill that human being who has become equal to himself, this one also had to accept the sacrifice.

Seeing Bereborn’s momentum change, Alex chuckled.

His eyes shone brightly.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t beat me anymore.”

“Is it really so?”

“no. Are you real? Then, why don’t you try it once?”

cooong! thud!

Branches of the World Tree fell around the two facing each other.

For an instant, a thick cloud of dust hid each other from view.

That was the signal flare.

Alex and Bereborn simultaneously charged at each other.

Their shadows intertwined in a cloud of dust that obscured their vision.

The dust cloud tore into pieces in the aftermath of the ensuing sword strike.

There were huge scars and furrows where the intense wind pressure brushed past.

Bereborn’s sword gushed with green light shaped by natural energy.

The gray aura flickered sharply on Alex’s sword as well.

Speed, finesse, power.

The two, all equal, did not back down with the thought of seeing the end.

Cuts were carved on the bodies of the two swordsmen one by one, and red blood flowed.


Bereborn opened her eyes and shouted.

All the skills accumulated over hundreds of years were unleashed at this moment.

kill that human

And save Bentmin, the head of the family.

Because he is the one who gave me the reason for living.

Everyone says he’s just a hunting dog, and Bentmin considers himself just an easy-to-play chess horse.

That alone was good. That was enough.

Even if everyone points fingers at her, she will always support her.

Even a piece of filth thrown at her will be greeted with my body instead.

So Bereborn earnestly prayed for victory at this moment.

“you… … .”

Alex’s eyes widened after reading Bereborn’s will, which had never been revealed before.

I see you like me… … .

A bitter, self-deprecating smile crept across his lips.

Alex, who had been trying to provoke and scratch Bereborn all along, was gone at this moment.

She felt a sense of sympathy with the swordsman in front of her, and with the man who gave his all because he loved a woman.

“I fully understand your feelings. I won’t say sorry though. There is a reason I can’t lose either.”

Alex said that and changed the sword.


The green aura of Bereborn, which touched his aura, began to twist as if being caught in a strong air current.

“Uh, how?”

“The old man just showed it to me as he passed by.”

Bereborn thought he had to get rid of Alex before he could grow any further.

Now that each other’s skills are equal, I have to kill with the thought of dedicating even one arm on this side.

I thought now was the right time without outside intervention.

But that was Bereborn’s misunderstanding.

From the moment we split the final contest, Alex had already surpassed Bereborn.

‘I was overtaken?’

Just by seeing Lutus Wardot show off his swordsmanship in passing.

Alex has taken a step forward at this moment.

It’s not like intervention.

Alex grew up proudly with only the skills he showed me in passing.

A monster of talent.

Bereborn had the illusion that the human in front of him had grown much larger than himself.

His blade swayed, and he deviated from his path, blending into a gray whirlpool.

And a ray of gray light cut diagonally across his chest.

There was no sound.

Bereborn looked down at his chest in silence.

The chest of the armor he was wearing was cracked and blood was flowing.

“is it. I’m here… … .”

Bereborn smiled faintly at that figure.

It was the first feeling of emotion on his expressionless face.

Bereborn widened her eyes, which were about to close slowly, and stepped forward with a determined expression.

Alex’s blow had already reached his heart.

With that movement, the overflowing blood in his chest spurted even more violently.

But it’s still good.

this moment. The moment you think your opponent is completely off guard.

Even a single blow is fine, so as long as one successful attack… … .

“It can’t be.”


The sword in my hand bounced off.

Instead of letting go of the sword, Alex’s sword cut his wrist.

The blow that burned Bereborn’s last life was what Alex had already expected.

“how… … .”

Bereborn looked at Alex with a pale face and asked.

How did he know he would attack like this at the end?

“I said I understand you. He has the face of a man fighting for his precious woman.”

Alex’s answer was clear.

“There’s no way a guy like that would give up just because of a wound like that. so you didn’t care It would have been like me.”

But it wasn’t sarcastic.

Rather, it was the best compliment Alex could give to his opponent.

Bereborn eventually realized that he had fallen behind in both his ability and his will.

And the man who fought so fiercely.

Even the fact that he was an understanding person in the same situation as himself.

“is it.”

At least this end, recognized by someone, isn’t too bad.

Thinking so, Bereborn closed his eyes and collapsed on his side.

Alex wished Bereborn to rest in peace, then lifted his head and looked up.

Up there, all sorts of splendid magic were exploding one after another.

Perhaps Rudgar was doing something, but just looking at the waves of power he felt, he felt that he was overdoing it.

“My salesperson is also very poor.”

Alex grumbled and jumped over the rubble.

* * *

After consuming the artifact, absorbing mana, and accepting mana from Hans, Ludger concentrated all his mind and unleashed magic in succession.

In order to use one, the poisonous magic power enhancer had to be burned with tobacco.

But now he was controlling a vast amount of mana dozens of times greater than that.

Even though he was calm on the outside, his head was throbbing as if it would explode just from calculations.

If it had not been for the support of the source code, he might have already spurted blood from his eyes and nose.

But it’s okay.

Because it played the role of opening the way with this.

The army of Wood Zombies was wiped out, and even the roots of the World Tree were mostly lost.

As if waiting for that moment, Lutus, Ambella, and Vierano ran forward.

Ambella and Lutus acted as assistants behind Vierano, who pierced through like a gale with the wind spirit at the fore.

“These worms!”

Bentmin blocked Ludger’s magic and at the same time reached out his hand towards the three who rushed at him.

Her fingertips split long, and countless tree trunks spewed out.

It grew from one finger to the size of a giant tree and split into two or three.

In an instant, a tidal wave of trees blocked the view.

“I will open it!”

As if Ambella had been waiting, she swung her sword wide.

condensation of energy. And maximized instantaneous release.

The world in front of me was split in half.

The green tidal wave that had been rushing at the three of them as if they were pressing them split left and right, and the three who did not slow down ran between them.

Even if you shoot a golden arrow, swing a tree root, or spray acidic sap.

Each of them was far from enough to block the three who had already reached the level of the absolute.

Bentmin didn’t want to continue like this, so he decided to ignore Ludger’s magic and focus on the three.


The world tree vibrated again.

The surrounding area became dark as if night had returned, and the World Tree shone brighter.


The attack of the World Tree, which wiped out the moderate army in one blow.

Should I avoid it? or defense? Or should I stop right now?

Vierano thought so, but then gritted his teeth.

“Just run!”

Lutus and Ambella, feeling the strange confidence in their voices, exchanged glances with each other and nodded at the same time.

Seeing the three of them not stopping, Bentmin put a cruel smile on his lips.

It was an attack that wiped out an army in one blow.

Even the three of you can’t be all right here.

The absorbed light gathered in one place and turned into a huge mass of destruction.

The energy that pulsated like a heart eventually shot out in one direction.

It was as if the light had been poured into a huge funnel and poured into a narrow place.

Everything around was dyed white.

It was almost at the same time that darkness grew out of nowhere in it.

“I’ve been waiting for this.”

With Ludgar’s inaudible voice, a new magic unfolded.

6th tier dark attribute great magic.

[Mongmaeammyeonghon (懞眛暗冥昏)].

A huge dark vortex reminiscent of a black hole swallowed up the light of the World Tree.

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