I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 46

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◈ Episode 46: A Dangerous Bet (3)

To be honest, at first, when Chris offered me a bet with Aidan and Jevan.

I didn’t show it outwardly, but I was happy inside.

Because this was a bet I had no choice but to win.

It’s not that I’m lacking in all skills. He is also a student who has entered Seorn and walks the path of magic. He must have enough talent and skills.

In particular, students from wealthy merchant families or aristocrats have received thorough early education from a young age, so it is natural that they are far ahead of commoners from the beginning of the semester.

It was only two weeks after the start of the new semester.

It was still around the time when the commoner students did not have enough time to catch up with the nobles.

But it’s okay.

Aidan is different from normal students.

It wasn’t for nothing that I recognized this guy as a ‘boy’s cartoon hero’.

‘Though Mr. Chris Benimore doesn’t seem to know that at all.’

If you were in charge of the 1st year expression system, you would have checked the list of students to see who were the most unusual students among the 1st year students.

But even so, Chris didn’t care much about Aidan.

I realized one thing here.

Chris Benimore didn’t even notice the list of commoner students.

‘Perhaps he was just memorizing the names of the noble family students he should care about the most.’

It’s a disqualification as a teacher, but I understand.

A person who was born into a noble family, lives as a noble family, and will continue to live as a noble family.

If such a person were to put into their memory a commoner who lives in a world completely different from his own, he would naturally be offended.

In such a case, the judgment of not even paying attention is quite wise.

I have no intention of blaming them for discriminating against students rather than judging them based on class.

Because this is such a world.

‘But he never thought that it would hold him back.’

Even though Aidan lacked magical knowledge, he was able to enter Seorn thanks to the [Special] type of magic he possessed.

It was a kind of admission benefit, but that doesn’t mean that Aidan is bad.

It’s because what the president wants most is that more students who have mastered this rare magic gather in Seorn.

‘Perhaps it’s too late, even if I realize what kind of magic Aidan has learned.’

The bet has already been made. Claiming invalidity for reasons of ignorance is rather an act of revealing one’s deficiencies in failing to check information in advance.

Even if Chris realized Aidan’s vision, he would have no choice but to carry on with this bet itself.

‘But what the hell is this guy talking about?’

what? You want to win on your own?

It was a moment, but I couldn’t understand what the hell he was talking about.

I couldn’t help but realize how single-minded and righteous this guy named Aidan was belatedly.

A werewolf who was threatening his life is also a guy who is willing to help.

I was thinking of saying something to calm myself down, but I fell into a bit of trouble.

‘Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to take this opportunity to check it out?’

What level did Aidan really have?

okay. As he said, if you only use one [special] type of magic, honestly, isn’t it too one-tool?

It didn’t seem like a bad idea to take this opportunity to check your will and your talent for learning something new.

Attribute element expression was too basic, so it was impossible to discuss Aidan’s talent with just that.


‘I’ll have to teach you something more specific.’

I glanced down at Aidan.

Feeling my gaze, I saw Aidan’s shoulders tremble.


“Yes, yes.”

“If you want it that way, fine. For the remaining three days, I will teach you how to prepare for Dalian.”

“yes? Is it really? But that… … .”

“The die has already been cast. Perhaps Mr. Chris will give you some advice or teach you how to master some basic magic. This isn’t a confrontation between you and everyone, it’s a matter of pride between me and Mr. Chris. as a teacher. As a wizard.”

“then… … Am I also going to learn Ludgar’s magic?”

I shook my head. The transmission of magic was impossible in the first place.

“There is no such thing as the magic of victory that I can teach you. In the first place, the remaining period was only 3 days. It’s absurdly short to learn anything in between.”

I wouldn’t know if it was a completely basic thing like the implementation of an attribute element, and there would be no need to think about it again.

“But that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to teach.”

The sparring between wizards and wizards is not done purely through magic.

The speed at which the formula is implemented?

The vastness of magical power?

magic precision?


That alone isn’t enough.

When wizards fight, it is nothing but prejudice that they fight only with magic.

“Aidan. I will teach you how to fight when fighting against a mage.”

“I, really?”

“okay. However, the remaining period is 3 days. It’s on a tight schedule, so what I can teach you will only be very basic. It will be very difficult. may fail Are you going to do it anyway?”

“yes! I’ll do it.”

Aidan replied loudly, as if he had made up his mind.

okay. That’s a good attitude.



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Of course, even if I refused, I had no intention of watching it anyway.

“Then let’s go in today.”

“yes yes? Really?”

Perhaps he hadn’t expected to start right away, Aidan’s face became slightly dumbfounded.

I nodded and winked at the two people who were watching us from a distance.

“So are you two.”


“Me too?”

Leo and Tacey. The two of them were embarrassed when I called them, but they couldn’t refuse.

all right Aidan isn’t the only one moving, and it looks like we’ll be together forever.

If you raise your skills, you should pour everything into the three musketeers.

3 days remaining.

Chris and Jeban must already be drinking kimchi soup because they won.

I have no intention of interrupting their toast now.

How much toast you drink in your imagination is up to you.

But will he be able to enjoy that freedom even after seeing what happens three days later?


started to look forward to

* * *

“Aww. I will die.”

A dark night when the sun has completely set.

Returning to the dormitory, Aidan lay down on the bed exhausted.

I was proud that I hadn’t missed training consistently since I came to Seorn, but Ludger’s training was so hard beyond my imagination.

Was it because he was a soldier?

Aidan rubbed his aching body with his hands, recalling Ludger’s arduous training with Leo and Tacey.

‘I didn’t expect to use my body this much.’

What Rudger taught me was not the expression of magic or the technique, but literally how to use the body.

No, I did use my head. You have to use your body and head at the same time.

Because of that, I don’t know how many times Aidan rolled on the floor of the alternate training ground.

I couldn’t believe I had to do this for the next two days.

‘Still, it feels like something has improved.’

Ludgar’s teachings were hard enough to overuse his body, but Aidan quietly carried them out without complaint.

It was because he instinctively felt certain that this method would help him.

‘Rather than that, why did Mr. Rudger say he would trust me?’

Didn’t you think he would lose to Jeban? If so, what is the reason?

‘Is it because of the magic I use?’

It was possible. Teachers basically have the right to view student information.

However, I couldn’t understand why Rudger had confidence in himself with just that one thing.

Ludgar had never seen himself use [special] magic, so why was he so sure?

The magic he learned was taught directly to him by his master, so it would be difficult to fully understand just by hearing the name.

‘Does Mr. Rudger know something about my teacher?’

Aidan closed his eyes, thinking about it.

The day was so hard that I fell asleep without even thinking about changing clothes.

* * *

two days after that.

Aidan was running through the field training ground out of breath.

“Hee hee hee hee.”

Rudger stood with his hands behind his back at the corner of Aidan’s path.

Upon discovering Rudger, Aidan spurred on running even more.

Rudger, who was holding his hand behind his back, stretched out his right hand.

At that moment, an orb of pure white magic flew towards Aidan from Ludger.


Aidan looked at it, gritted his teeth, and turned his body sideways. And at the same time trying to raise his magic power.


“100 million?!”

My legs got twisted and I fell from my seat.

Although the magic was avoided, Aidan had to roll several times on the floor.

Ludger slowly approached Aidan.

“The circulation of magical power is circulation, and moving the body is moving the body. Do not try to overlap them, but perceive them separately.”

“Yes, yes!”

Aidan, covered in mud, jumped up from his seat again.

“I failed this time too, so I’m going to add another round. turn around.”


Aidan ran through the training ground again.

Leo and Tacy, who were sitting on chairs at the training ground and taking a break, stared at Aidan as if they were looking at a monster.

“oh my god. This side is already exhausted and doesn’t have the strength to run any more, but Aidan has good stamina.”

Taysh was genuinely impressed with Aidan’s indefatigable stamina.

She had been building her stamina before entering Seorn, but it was not at a level that Aidan could dare to rub.

Somehow, she gritted her teeth and tried to catch up with Aidan, but she ended up holding a white flag.

“He has a high will.”

On the other hand, Leo was the first to take a break because his physical strength was lower than Tacey’s due to his small size.

But Leo’s eyes were sharper.

From the perspective of Taish, it seemed alright, but Aidan was physically at his limit.

Even so, running must be because of the will to not be defeated in open sparring.


Tacy passed Leo’s words over her ear and stared blankly at Aidan.

A boy who never said he didn’t like it even though he behaved so badly.

Rather, a foolish guy who reached out his hand as a friend and asked us to have a meal together with a smile.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Aidan’s hard training. It’s dirty with sweat and dirt, but I think it’s too much to think that even that is cool.

Before I knew it, Aidan was charging towards Rudger after completing another round.

Rudgar raised his hand.


Leo and Tacey were nervous at the same time.

Cold sweat broke out on his clenched fists.

Ludger’s magic flew towards Aidan, who was gasping for exhaustion.

It was [Shining Stone], a basic expression-type magic.

If so, how painful it is. Rudger is looking after it, so it’s not a problem to avoid it as long as you concentrate.

The problem is that it’s not easy to dodge while running.


Seeing Aidan swipe sideways from a running stance, avoiding Ludger’s spell, Tacey involuntarily jumped up from her seat.

“I dodged!”

“Not yet. What matters is what happens next.”

It was as Leo said.

You have to dodge the magic and then counterattack.

Aidan immediately gathered his mana. Without stopping running, he uses his mana and develops his spells.

A technique that requires the use of the head and body separately, which is said to manifest magic while moving the body.

At first glance, it may seem simple, but for those who have not yet mastered magic, there is nothing more difficult than this.

It is more difficult than drawing a square with one hand and a triangle with the other.

division of thought.

And moving the body and magic must be expressed separately.

‘Aidan. You can succeed.’

Leo clenched his fists.

A wizard must concentrate his mind considerably in order to manifest his magic. This was the reason why the process of carving a spell was so important.

It’s because when you manifest magic, it doesn’t move at all.

So wizards always had to be exposed to danger.

Sorcerers have taken the path of putting a barrier around them or shortening their spells in order to safely manifest their magic.

However, there were also people who walked a completely different path.

There were people who had the idea that if it was dangerous to not be able to move while using magic, then you could use magic while moving.

Although they are wizards, they do not sit still and train their bodies to the limit to realize magic.

Unlike those who study science and explore magic, they are eccentrics who move directly and wander the world, and adventurers who always challenge and fight the unknown.

War Mage.

The method Rudger taught was the [Moving-Magus], which is the most basic fighting method that these battle mages learn.


Aidan took a deep breath and raised his mana.

Running legs don’t stop. I don’t even have time to catch my breath.

no need for words What matters is the will.

It moves its body and at the same time implements its mana separately.

The magic formula floated above Aidan’s hand, who ran without stopping. Leo and Tacy, who watched the scene from a distance, opened their eyes wide and opened their mouths.

And Aidan’s magic unfolds.

It was a basic level 1 magic, and it was the [Shining Stone] that Ludgar had shot at him.

It was more insignificant than Ludgar, and it was a vague magic rather than a shining one.

It obviously manifested properly and flew towards Ludger.


However, Rudger raised his gloved right hand and caught Aidan’s [Shiny Stone] very easily.

Leo and Tacy, who were watching the scene, unknowingly said, “Ah!” and let out an exclamation of regret.

I thought I could only feed one.

“Huh. Huh.”

Aidan, gasping for breath, stopped in front of Ludger to catch his breath.


“Huh. Huh Eok. yes. teacher.”



As soon as Ludger could answer, Aidan sprawled on the floor.

With a smile full of sense of accomplishment that he finally did it.

“Dalian is tomorrow, so get enough rest today.”

“Huh. Huh.”

Aidan couldn’t afford to answer.

Rudger smiled at the sight and turned his back.

“You can do it.”

Aidan, too exhausted, didn’t hear that.

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