I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 45

◈ Episode 45: A Dangerous Bet (2)

The atmosphere that had been organized by the appearance of Chris Benimore flowed strangely.

In particular, the reaction of the aristocratic students was hot, and the reason was simple.

This is because Chris Bennimore was from an aristocratic lineage and was a teacher who pushed other aristocratic students from behind.

Rudgar stared at him and opened his mouth.

“Mr. Chris Benimore. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“There is nothing difficult. It is literally.”

“Is that literal?”

“No matter how much we are teachers, it is impossible to suppress all behaviors of students. Even listening to the story, it seems that the two students are trying to fight voluntarily, but isn’t it too much of an infringement on freedom for the teacher to step in and stop it?”

Rudger’s eyebrows twitched slightly at Chris’ smirk, but it was only for a moment.

Rudger glanced at the mood of the other students.

Looking at the reaction, I saw some students nodding their heads at Chris’ words.

No matter how rude they are, some say that it is rather an abuse of authority to intervene in the fight against each other fairly and squarely.

‘I ate a room.’

Chris Bennimore, a teacher who favors aristocratic students.

With his appearance, the students’ momentum has risen considerably.

Rudger decided to take a step back.

“Even so, it is problematic for students to arbitrarily engage in magic sparring without the teacher’s permission. If the students are seriously injured, it is also a loss to Seorn.”

“Of course it is. But how about doing this?”


“The two of us are observing.”

The students murmured at Chris’ words.

“Are Mr. Rudgar and Mr. Chris observing?”

“You have to practice magic sparring in front of two teachers watching?”

Just imagining it makes my chest feel stuffy.

Some students were embarrassed, but the aristocratic students were different.

A twinkle lingered in their eyes.

Since the teacher said he would personally take care of it, there is no reason to stop sparring under the pretext of danger.

“Or are you going to tell me that this is also dangerous? Mr. Ludgar Celish.”

Chris smiled cynically, as if deliberately provoking Rudger.

“I didn’t know that he cared for the children to such an extent that he embraced them like that.”

“I wasn’t covering it up, I was just considering the possibility of a potential danger.”

“But if the two of us go out, there’s no risk. How is it? Those two students also want to see each other.”

Rudger was able to roughly guess the situation at the words of Chris, who felt an explicit intention towards this side.

Chris Vennimore hadn’t been very fond of Ludgar Celish since before.

It is said that he is a new teacher at Seorn, but unlike Ludgar, who is a fallen nobleman, Chris is still an active nobleman.

To Chris, who had strong aristocratic tendencies, Ludger’s existence itself had always bothered him.

‘Ludger Chelsea. I didn’t like it from the first time I saw it.’

The other commoner teachers still showed that they were commoners. He made a fuss about everything, had no nobility, and was not restrained at all.

But Ludger was different.

He shone more than anyone in that spot. He was more like an aristocrat than he was.

In a fallen subject, he did not lose his light. Chris didn’t like that.

After falling down, what is it that makes you stand stiff with your neck tightened because you are so good?

Aren’t you ashamed?

It was like that when we first met. Even when she saw herself, she didn’t show any surprise at all, and at Rudger’s behavior where she just nodded, Chris thought something was going on inside him.

‘I didn’t like it when Mr. Hugo invited me to our faction.’

Rudger is even said to have declared to Hugo that he would not enter such a place.

I felt relieved, but I also thought it was disgusting.

such a place? What do you mean by such a place?

What do you believe in and act like that? I heard that he made a great magic called source code, but that’s all.

Chris didn’t understand. The more he did, the darker his feelings toward Ludger grew.

And at this moment, Chris got the chance to properly hit Rudger.

“How is it. Mr Rudger. Isn’t this enough?”

“I will listen to the opinions of the students.”

Rudger said that and turned to Aidan.

It was a look that meant that you really want to engage in magic sparring with the generals.

“… … yes. certainly.”

Aidan nodded with determination.

At first, Aidan also thought that he wanted to solve it verbally without fighting like this. However, even if they crossed the line, they crossed it too badly.

How dare you say such harsh things to your friend.

Aidan couldn’t forgive everything like that.

Rudger sighed inwardly at the sight of that figure and looked back at Chris.

“Since Aidan said he would do the same, let’s allow him to observe as a condition, as Mr. Chris said.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“then… … .”

“ah. Mr Rudger. wait a minute.”

“What else?”

Chris wasn’t going to let go easily of this barely seized opportunity.

“Why don’t we make a bet too?”

“bet? This is such a sudden proposal.”

“Looks like Mr. Rudgar cares about that commoner kid.”

“I am Aidan, not a commoner. Please be careful of discriminatory remarks.”

“Ah, you are an Aidan student. I didn’t know because I didn’t take my class. Anyway, I consider all of the Palio students to be pretty talented wizards.”

It was a word of mouth, but Jeban seemed to have taken it seriously, and it already had a thrilling expression on his face.

Rudger replied in a cold voice, as always.

“So what exactly are you going to do?”

“It is up to each other to decide who will win. Of course, I’m betting that every palio student here wins.”

“It’s funny for a person who becomes a teacher to talk about betting in front of students.”

Chris was annoyed at those words, but managed to hold it in and smiled.

“So what do you want to do? Well, if you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, I’m not going to bet on the losing side like Mr. Rudger.”

At that, the students murmured.

As Ludger subtly pushed him to take care of Aidan, it naturally flowed into Ludger, Aidan and Jeban, and Chris.

That’s great.

Rudgar found Chris’ behavior funny.

This is because it was enough to simply refuse and step back.

But even so, this one couldn’t erase the regret.

It was Chris who instigated the sparring that could have been stopped in the first place, and he was even the one who was subtly touching this side now.

I was being treated like this, but I just ignored it and passed by, so many eyes were watching, and Rudger was also annoyed.

Why do I have to back off?

The reason I didn’t pay much attention to Chris, who had been hostile to this side until now, was simply that I didn’t feel the need to do so.

After all, there is no need to waste your energy against a person you don’t like from the beginning.


If you touch this side directly from the other side, then the story is different.

‘okay. I’ll hang out with you a little bit.’

I had been wanting to properly check Aidan’s real skills through this sparring.

Rudger nodded.

“Since Mr. Chris wants it that way, I’ll join in the fun too.”

“oh. Surprisingly. I didn’t think Mr. Rudger would accept this. So, Ms. Rudgar, which student do you think will win?”

“Of course it’s Aidan.”

Aidan’s eyes widened at the sound of Ludgar’s steady voice. He never thought that Rudger would choose him here.

It was the same with other students.

On the other hand, Chris seems to have known this.

No, in fact, he nodded his head in satisfaction, as if he had hoped for this.


“What would you like the outcome of the bet to be?”

“result? hmm. Well, we’re still Seorn’s teachers, but aren’t we wizards? They are also teachers who teach the same manifestation class.”

At those words, Rudger seemed slightly surprised.

“Are you in the manifestation world?”

“… … .”

Rudger was asking because he really didn’t know.

However, Chris’ face turned red as he accepted even those words as deceiving himself.

‘This, damned fallen aristocrat!’

The mere fact that the cry did not come out of his mouth was no different from Chris showing great patience.

This was one of the reasons Chris hated Rudger.

Chris Vennimore came to Seorn to take the Manifestation class. He himself was proud of that fact.

But out of nowhere, he found out that an unheard-of Rudgar Celish, a fallen aristocrat, was in charge of the same apparition class as himself.

Even Rudger was in charge of the second year, and Chris himself was in charge of the first year, which was lower than that.

It is natural for a person with more skills to be in charge of a higher grade. In other words, it was said that Chris Benimore had already basically laid down the fact that he was one step below Rudgar Celish.

Rudger even made his class take all the first and second graders, and he went so far as to take out most of the talented students from his class.

He had good reason to hate Rudger.

‘Did you really think I would be safe after insulting me like that?’

Indeed, Ludger was unaware of what he had done.

He didn’t even know that Chris Venimore was the same teacher in charge of the Apparitions.

That fact crushed Chris Benimore’s pride even harder.

Rudgar barely understood Chris’ behavior.

‘no wonder. I wondered if he was strangely hostile towards me, but he was in charge of the same manifestation class.’

Chris was just angry. If you are compared to a teacher who teaches the same class, you will be angry enough.

Even this side randomly solved a tip that would never be taught in a normal class, such as source code and elemental magic sensory.

Knowingly or not knowingly, the comparison Chris went through among the students must have gotten worse.

Chris managed to calm his anger and put his glasses back on.

“Hmm. Anyway, let’s each provide some magic or theoretical field that we studied in the manifestation world. Oh, of course it’s not as far as the important data, but wouldn’t it be a bet at that much?”

“Shouldn’t you also specify the level of theory you need to provide?”

“That’s left to each individual’s discretion.”

Use your discretion. Nothing could be more difficult than that.

In terms of food, it’s different from saying that you put ingredients in moderation.

If you pass over something so absurdly useless, you’re revealing that you’re only at this level.

However, if you give away something that is too good, you will suffer a huge loss.

In the end, it was said that ‘moderately’ among wizards was the middle line that would not damage one’s reputation and would not suffer any damage.

Rudger didn’t really care what it was, so he accepted it.

“great. However, sparring right now is unreasonable, so let’s wait for some time.”

“How much time?”

“Three days later would be appropriate. Then we will have an open sparring.”

“hmm. 3 days. What is appropriate?”

He didn’t know if the opponent would do something to the student he was pushing, but the time of 3 days was quite tight for that.

Teaching new magic, even a genius, can’t learn it within 3 days.

It’s all about analyzing the opponent for the rest of the period, or maintaining the best condition.

“In that case, let’s do it again here in three days.”


Open sparring made with the consent of both teachers.

It was enough for a wave to spread all over Seorn in an instant.

* * *

In a situation where everyone was scattered to spread the word about this meeting somehow, Aidan couldn’t help but look at Ludger who was still in the seat.

Feeling guilty, thinking that Rudger might have been swept up in this incident because of him, he opened his mouth, vowing to apologize.

“Hey, Mr. Rudger. sorry. Just because of me… … .”


Rudger cut off Aidan’s words coldly.

“yes? but… … .”

“It has already happened. Aidan. What you need to worry about now is not how to apologize for what happened, but how to win against Jevan Pellio in Dalian.”

“Uh, um. That’s right.”

What Rudger said was the truth. It’s too late to regret what has already happened.

Still, Aidan was unsure of something.

I didn’t know when my head was heated, but when I thought about it rationally, it was unclear whether I would be able to win against all opponents.

He was just a novice to learn magic, but most of them weren’t.

“What are you so worried about?”

Ludgar stared at Aidan and pushed hard.

“Are you saying you can’t come now?”

“That, that… … .”

“Aidan. You told me you would do it yourself. Then, was your answer at that time just a lie that you were forced to bring out because you were swept away by the atmosphere?”

“… … That’s not it.”

“okay. probably not I knew it was sincere, so I accepted it.”

“But in practice… … .”

“Not different. Jeban comes from an aristocratic family, and must have received personal education before entering Seorn. It’s already different from you and the starting point. You know that.”

Aidan couldn’t argue with that.

Because everything Ludger said was right.

“Even so, it is too early to conclude that we will surely lose. Aidan. What do you think is important in a fight?”

“Uh, um. well. Is it also a skill?”

Rudger shook his head.

“No matter how great a person is, it is not uncommon for him to be killed by someone weaker than himself. The world does not simply flow according to the principles of power. Because in a fight, the victory or defeat is overturned in an instant.”

“Then what is it?”

“You already have it.”

At Ludger’s point, Aidan kept his mouth shut.

It must be referring to the [special] type of magic that he possesses.

“You only need to use it when it matters.”

There is only one reason why Rudger readily accepted Chris’ bet.

Because he was sure Aidan would win this fight.

“But I… … I want to win only with my pure skills!”

But Aidan was different.

He was certainly grateful for this magic that allowed him to enter Seorn, but he was reluctant to win with it.

“Miss Rudger! Teach me!”

Aidan stares at Ludger with an unwavering gaze.

Ludger, who looked down at Aidan with a cold gaze, was embarrassed inwardly.

‘What’s wrong with this guy?’

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