I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 449

◈ Episode 449: The Root of Rebellion (1)

“hey. How did this happen?”

Alex, who was imprisoned by the elves of the Dentis family, asked Vierano.

I wondered if it was a betrayal, but Vierano’s wrist was also filled with the same restraints.

It was a restraint made by weaving the roots of a special tree that only grows in the elven forest.

I didn’t expect to be greeted with cheers, but at least I thought there would be a treat.

“I don’t know either.”

Vierano was also embarrassed by everything.

He never imagined that his niece, Biella, would do something like this.

Even now, being dragged along like a criminal, I couldn’t tell if this was a dream or reality.

“… … But one thing is for sure, something big happened while I was gone. I don’t even know what it is.”

“Perhaps we’ll find out when we get to where we’re headed.”

Rudger replied.

Even while being forced out, his expression was the same as usual.

Rather, he was walking confidently, to the point where he wondered if he had been arrested.

But no elf pointed that out.

This is because everyone was overwhelmed by the charisma felt in Ludger’s confidence.

“sorry. Mr Rudger. It’s just because of me… … .”

Vierano apologized to Rudger.

In the first place, it was not without his influence that Ludgar and his party were taken away like criminals.

Considering the party’s ability to fight the Shade Warden’s pursuers, it didn’t make sense to be restrained like this.

Even so, the reason why they were easily taken away was because the opponents were the elves of Dentis, the family led by Vierano.

“Still, seeing that he doesn’t try to kill right away, it seems certain that he has a purpose.”

“I guess so. Biella wasn’t that kind of kid… … .”

“I heard you were uncle a little while ago, did you have any brothers?”

“yes. I had a younger brother. Biella is my niece. She takes care of the family business on behalf of me, who is absent as head of the household.”

Biella was a bold and sharp personality.

In addition, he was intelligent and wise, and he did not show off the air that other young elves showed.

Vierano was thinking of handing over the position of the next head of household to Biella someday.

But then all of a sudden this happened.

treason? or something else?

Viella, who always sang Uncle Uncle’s songs and followed her around, was not something that would suddenly appear.

Right now, there were so few clues that I wasn’t sure what to say.

As Rudger said, Vierano thought it wouldn’t be too late to judge after arriving at his destination.

However, Vierano’s thoughts collapsed after arriving at the Dentis family’s mansion.

The mansion, which can be said to be the home of the Dentis family, was made by digging trees.

Just because a tree was dug up did not mean that the scale was small.

Trees are hundreds of meters thick.

It was not a single tree, but a kind of huge planting community created by hundreds of trees twisted like ropes.

What was made like that was a huge product of nature with a height of 15m and a thickness of over 400m.

The Dentis family lived there.

“crazy. It’s like looking at a terrifyingly large deviant broccoli.”

There was no time to be surprised or admired by the majesty of nature’s mystery, and Hans’s cheap appreciation set a candle in the atmosphere.

The elves of the Dentis family, who hadn’t reacted much before, also glared at Hans at this moment.

The elves who led Ludger’s party soon pushed them into a reception room.

Vierano noticed the elves waiting inside and hardened his expression.

“Why are you… … .”

Where Vierano’s eyes were directed, three elves were sitting.

They were elves in their 50s or older, each wearing clothes with their own family pattern engraved on them.

The meanings of the patterns are Radix, Crown, and Flohim, respectively.

It was a three-noble family that symbolized the moderate faction.

“Biella. How the hell did this happen?”

Bierano demanded an answer from Biella as to why they were in the Dentis family.

But Biella ignored Vierano’s gaze.

“I brought you as you said.”

“haha. okay. Good job.”

Seeing the old elf treating Biella casually, Vierano’s expression hardened.

“What are you doing now?”

Vierano’s gaze toward the old elder was cold enough to shock anyone who knew him.

More than the fact that his nephew sent him away, he was angry that an elder from another family had dared to treat Viella, the next head of the household.

However, the elders of the three noble families sneered at the young question of Vierano’s enemy.

“Vierano Dentis. I still don’t seem to understand what’s going on. Do you really not know why you were dragged into this realm in such a captivity?”

“… … There seems to be some misunderstanding.”

“misunderstanding? Can you say it’s a misunderstanding by looking at the humans who came with you?”

“These are my guests.”

“A guest. Even if we sneak humans into our forests? Well, I don’t think there’s any need to bother with that right now. What does that mean to a person suspected of treason in the first place?”


Why are you saying that all of a sudden?

Vierano tried hard to push away the creeping anxiety.

The elder of the three nobles laughed at Vierano and said.

“Vierano Dentis. Even though you knew about the existence of the last blood relative of the Plante family, you hid it and took action to protect it.”

“… … !”

“You probably don’t know how terrible the weight the name Plante carries in our elven society. Or what excuse do you have?”

Vierano had no answer.

How the hell did they figure that out?

Could it be that the Leafre family leaked the information in advance? But how?

“Did he dream of revival of the Dentis family by manipulating the last blood of the Plante family to his will?”

“Don’t frame me!”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s framed or not. The point is, you knew about the survivors of the Plante clan, but you kept it a secret.”

The words of the elder of the three nobles are true.

In fact, Vierano condoned even knowing the identity of Sedina, a survivor of the Plante family.

However, it was too much speculation that Vierano was dreaming of treason.

‘I got hit.’

Rudger realized what the old elf was up to.

‘Cunningly driving the opponent with only a part of the truth.’

There is no way Vierano will try to use Sedina.

But will the other elves really believe that?

If there was no such ulterior motive, why did he protect Plante’s flesh and blood, who could be called a criminal?

Already, that fact alone was enough to shake Vierano’s position.

“Still, I’m so glad. One of the seven roots was almost lost due to the Dentis family becoming traitors, but the clever young head of the family made the right decision.”

To that, Viella made no reply.

He just stares at his uncle, Vierano, with a cold gaze.

“Biella. I am… … .”

Before Bierano could say anything, Biella spoke coldly.

“Put the sinners in jail.”

The elves of House Dentis followed the order.

In the end, Vierano and Ludger’s party were imprisoned in the Dentis family’s root dungeon.

The dungeon, full of dampness and crawling with insects, was dreary.

“This is true. Of course, the worst happened in the most unexpected place.”

Despite being imprisoned, Alex smiled carelessly.

It was an action to try to alleviate this negative situation, but Vierano could not raise his head with more apology.

“I was too complacent. I thought that if I arrived at my family, I could at least guarantee safety. To think it had already fallen into the hands of the moderates.”

“Is the information power of the moderate faction superior to what I thought?”

“That is odd. Moderates don’t know much about the situation outside the forest. But how did you get the news so quickly?”

Vierano shook his head bitterly.

“What is the use of that now? Things have already happened.”

“Rather than that, aren’t you too defenseless?”

Alex was puzzled that no elves stood guard.

“What are you going to do with us with just such a light restraint?”

“It is not a light restraint. This prison is so strong that it will not be broken even if any elemental mage or wizard rampages.”

The strong roots imprisoning them were no ordinary tree.

The roots, where powerful vitality flows, possessed strength that exceeded that of metal.

It was virtually impossible to sever the roots even if aura or mana spewed out.

Alex muttered as he ran his hand through the root prison.

“Chit. It’s real.”

“It’s not something that can be physically pierced.”

“What if I hack?”

Bellaluna carefully brought out her opinion.

“There are watchers in the family who read information in real time, like Miss Bellaluna. The moment Miss Bellaluna connects through the root, a large number of troops will rush in as if she has been waiting.”

“They would rather have that.”

Rudger agreed with Vierano.

“To say that he was confined like this is to say that he has not yet confirmed treason and that there is only suspicion. But the moment you openly touch the prison here, then it will be confirmed that it is treason, not suspicion.”

“It’s like giving the right justification for the summary execution that the other party so longed for.”

Hans also nodded as if he understood.

“Maybe now? It seems the plan went wrong from the start.”

“It just goes back a little bit.”

“Let’s go back, aren’t we running out of time?”

It wasn’t that Hans didn’t know that either.

Still, to be treated like this in a place in the forest that I thought would be kind to you.

“I might have to be stuck in this broccoli root forever, but there’s no way to get out.”

“excuse me. Anyway, a little broccoli root… … .”

Still, since he was the head of the household, Vierano carefully bruised Hans.

But other than that, nothing else was wrong.

In fact, isn’t it a situation where there is no place to trust and rely on?

Even if you fall alone on a remote uninhabited island, it won’t be as depressing as it is now.

Then, from beyond the darkness of the dungeon, footsteps were heard.

someone is coming

The opponent showed up confidently, as if he had no intention of hiding the fact that he was approaching.


Vierano looked at his niece, Biella, and called the name in a voice full of complexity.

Biella looked at Vierano and said in a cold voice.

“Uncle. You are accused of treason. If you, head of household, are accused of such a thing, then the life of the Dentis family ends there. I couldn’t stand it and watch it.”

“… … I’m sorry.”

“In exchange for handing you over, I received the support of the moderates and a promise that the Dentis family had nothing to do with treason. Uncle. It’s all you have to sacrifice.”

“Isn’t that one?”

Rudger intervened.

But Biella lightly ignored Rudger.

“A banquet will be held. Beyond the meaning of celebrating the new family head, it is a banquet to rejoice that a new ally has now entered the moderate faction. Maybe by midnight, everyone will be drunk and out of their minds. Of course, the elders of the three noble families would gather in one place and chat loudly. Celebrating the victory.”

“… … Biella?”

“When the sun rises tomorrow morning, your uncle will be taken to the royal castle. Whatever the charges, the moment that happens, it is confirmed that he is a traitor. So make good use of the last minute left.”

Biella left the dungeon shortly after leaving those words.

A heavy silence hung over the hall.

“Uh, what should I do?”

The first to speak was Bellaluna.

Biella’s words were effectively a death sentence.

How can I accept the fact that I will be taken to the death penalty tomorrow morning?

However, the expressions of the other four were not so dark.

On the contrary, like someone who received an unintended gift, a different color flowed in his eyes.

“Miss Vierano.”

“yes. Mr. Rudger.”

“Your nephew is really smart.”

“… … It seems that way.”

Vierano’s face as he spoke with a smile was full of proud feelings toward Biella.

“Uh huh? What do you mean by that?”

Only Bella Luna did not understand the situation.

“You’re here to tell me.”

“What, what did you tell me?”


Hans remembered what Biella had said earlier.

“At midnight they would be drunk and out of their minds, and they would gather in one place and talk. I gave you hints so blatantly, but it’s harder not knowing.”

“ah! I hope so… … .”

“It looks like the Dentis family will completely separate from the three nobles.”

Hans muttered that while staring at Vierano.

“I am really sorry. While I was away, how much trouble my nephew must have had to protect the people of this family. As an adult, I was left with what I should have done.”

“Miss Vierano. Are you ready?”

Rudger got up from his seat and asked.

“From now on, you will become a real traitor.”

“I should. Because I can’t do anything.”

“Now, wait a minute! But how are you going to get out of this prison?”

Bellaluna pointed out the most important part.

You can’t get out of prison by force, but if you connect to the root network, the other person will notice.

If so, isn’t there a proper way?

“It seems that the other side wants this side to go wild.”

Leaving these words without giving any particular way to escape meant that Viella rather wanted this side to attract the attention of the three nobles.

“While we draw attention, Viella herself will lead the family elves and attack the three nobles. He must be saying that he will do the dirty work himself.”

“That, like that… … .”

“It must mean that you don’t want to leave your family business to someone else.”

Rudger said so and asked Vierano.

“Are you going to watch that?”

“no. You can’t leave everything to your nephew. Because this is what I, as an adult, have to do.”

“Then let’s go.”

The voice came right in front of Vierano.

At some point, Ludger had escaped from the root prison he was imprisoned in.

There was no sign of breaking through by force, and there was not even a hint of it.

It was like seeing a ghost in broad daylight.

However, Vierano was not surprised and smiled and nodded.

To be surprised now, Rudger has shown too much so far.

“yes. let’s go. To be a traitor.”

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