I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 443

◈ Episode 443 Passion (2)

A heavy silence fell in the greenhouse.

No one dared to open their mouths.

Even Belaluna, who hadn’t noticed, felt intuition that she shouldn’t say anything recklessly in the current situation.

That’s why Rudger was angry now.

It’s not just people who know Rudger superficially.

Even those who prided themselves on knowing Rudger better than anyone else would have been stunned by this sight.

However, both the person who was angry and the target of the anger just stared at each other silently.

Ludgar frowned at Walter’s appearance.

At first glance, he doesn’t seem to show any emotion, but this man has already given up on a lot.

Rudger clicked his tongue and released his hand from Walter’s collar.

“… … If you want to ease your mind after being beaten by someone, wander around the dark back alleys.”

“Amazing. Other people would have looked at me and said there was no blood or tears.”

“Just looking at what you’ve shown so far, that’s enough.”

Even if he regretted and felt guilty for having done such a thing, he could not deny that he had committed the same thing in the end.

Walter was prepared to be beaten by Ludger to alleviate this self-loathing.

Even that resolution, Rudger vehemently refused.


Maybe this is the best treat for a guy like me.

Walter swallowed bitter self-loathing.

Ludgar glared at Walter, then turned his back.

“If you don’t have anything to say, I’ll leave.”

“Are you going to get it?”

At Walter’s question, Ludger snorted.

“If no one had called, it would have been more than enough time to start.”

“I will help.”

Rudger looked back at Walter with a look of surprise.

Walter’s face was still emotionless, but he seemed to be smiling strangely and weakly.

“I don’t care how much it is. We support everything the Roschen family can afford. No, if it’s not enough, I’ll sell my stake to provide it.”

“… … .”

“It doesn’t matter if you disapprove of me. I will do what I can on my own.”

If you’re going to say that, why have you let go of it until now?

Rudger couldn’t argue with Walter.

Walter wouldn’t have thought that his daughter would be kidnapped like this.

In order to prevent that, I deliberately kept away from him and treated him as if he were throwing it away.

This child has nothing to do with me.

I’m not the kind of kid you think.

Like that, I tried to deceive everyone’s eyes.

But in the end, the thing I feared happened.

It was Ludger who was angry with Walter, but it is probably Walter who regrets his past self more than anyone else here.

If I had known it would be like this, I would have done better.

The end is always irreversible regret.

That’s what regret is.

Like fine grains of sand that run down the cracks in the palm of your hand.

No matter how hard I try to hold onto it, it goes away.

So Walter was neither angry nor sad.

He was not unaware that revealing emotional turmoil would paralyze reason and consume time.

So Walter suppressed all emotions and proposed to Rudger.

I promise to support you with the financial resources of the Roshen family.

“You are a rational person like me, so you should know it well. It’s just that you can’t solve this problem with a single breath.”

Rudger stared at Walter in silence.

Anyone who meets that gaze will avert their eyes or bow their heads.

But Walter didn’t dodge or run away.

He has already made up his mind.

It doesn’t matter if you hear an unfair evaluation.

It’s okay to curse as much as you like.

“Promise me one thing. Please, I promise to bring the child safely.”

“You say that you will support me as much as you want, you talk too easily. If I asked for the entire Law Shen family, would you still accept the offer?”


Walter answered without hesitation.

“I’ll give you everything, if you’ll just bring him.”


At least there will be no one here who does not know how enormous the weight of that short word is.

“that word. I don’t remember.”

Rudger left the words and left the greenhouse.

Alex and Bellaluna also immediately followed Rudger.

Only Vierano was watching between the two.

“Miss Vierano. would you please follow me I don’t want to get lost in the mansion.”

“Mr. Walter.”

“I will send someone right away to open the warehouse. Until then I… … I want to rest for a while.”

Walter’s voice was full of fatigue.

He was a person who stayed up all day and night for several days without showing any signs.

That’s how much he was shocked by Sedina’s kidnapping.

“… … All right.”

When even Vierano left, Walter was finally able to take off the mask he was wearing on his face.

He sighed and approached the white chair in the center of the greenhouse.

Sitting there, Walter closed his eyes and felt the sunlight filtering through the glass.

The food was warm, but Walter couldn’t help but think that it was cold somewhere.

* * *

Rudger, Alex, Bellaluna, and Vierano were escorted to a location by the butler of the mansion.

It was a huge warehouse that I couldn’t see at a glance.

A place as large as a stadium was filled with all sorts of artifacts that had never been seen before.

“here is… … .”

“To the warehouse. No, it should be called an exhibition hall.”

Rudger looked inside.

Compared to the royal family’s remarks, the scale would be shabby, but the objects placed there were not inferior to it.

Alex picked up a nearby sword and studied it carefully.

The well-finished blade had subtle but magical powers flowing through it.

I could feel it with a unique sharp sense.

“Really. Then all of this here… … .”

“It is an artifact.”

It was Walter who answered that.

Everyone looked back.

Walter was coming in through the open doorway.

“At Law Shen, we handle all sorts of artifacts related to magic.”

Lawshen was famous for having a near-monopoly on the magic business.

The right to mine the magic liquid, the magic stone business, and even the artifacts that processed the magic stone.

Compared to other conglomerates, Lawshen’s business was not large.

Even so, it was because of this magic business that it was called a conglomerate.

‘Luke Company also had its eyes on the right to mine the magic liquid.’

Even if you take only 10% of the magic stones circulated in the empire, you will have a huge amount of money in your hands.

It wasn’t that other companies were coveting for nothing.

Even so, several companies have failed to achieve significant results in the magic item business.

There is only one reason.

This is because Roshen is still producing overwhelming results in the market.

In particular, they were well versed in the production of magic artifacts.

A high-quality artifact with superior performance even if it is the same product.

In fact, all of the defense artifacts used by the military and the Knights used Roshen products, so no explanation was needed.

“The items here go beyond those that are traded at high prices on the market, and are things that have not even been released to the outside world yet.”

“crazy. An artifact scheduled for release?”

Alex couldn’t close his gaping mouth in surprise.

When new products come out, they are not available even if you pay more money because there is a shortage of items for sale.

But it’s not new, and it’s not planned to be released yet?

Even if you secretly take and sell just one of the items in this warehouse, a commoner’s family will have enough money to live on for the rest of their lives.

“You can take whatever you like.”

At Walter’s remarks, everyone in the group except for Ludger’s eyes widened.

Vierano took the lead and asked.

“Is that true?”

“Didn’t you tell me? I will spare no support. The place you need to go is the kingdom of the elves. It’s not this city of steel, it’s a place where primeval forests run rampant. So, all I can do is give this enormous amount of support.”

“If you take it, how much should you take?”

“That’s not what I would suggest.”

Walter only took the strand to support.

Other than that, no advice whatsoever.

People in the field know much better about the field.

“Isn’t it worth it? The moment information about these artifacts leaks out, Law Shen will suffer a major blow.”

Vierano knew the value of the artifacts lined up here better than anyone else.

It was a place overflowing with excellent products that made even the man who had lived for a long time shake his hands.

How much time, effort, and money was invested to create one artifact.

But he said he was willing to give it away.

“This is not a situation to be spared.”

There was a lot of meaning in that one word.

What struck me the most was Walter’s determination.

Rudger glanced around the warehouse.

Even the artifacts on display were hard to find even in the royal family’s remarks.

It was Ludger who got some pretty good stuff in Vigo, but it was a different class here.

The standard of goods was the same, but it was said that you could take anything you wanted here.

‘That’s how dangerous this job is.’

He has to go rescue Sedina, who has been kidnapped.

They’ve already kidnapped Sedina.

Even the Church of Lumensis secretly helped, so it was safe to say that he had already escaped Ledervelk.

‘We have to go to the kingdom where the elves live. I have to rescue Sedina from there.’

They didn’t kill Sedina right away.

Then there was still a grace period of time.

“Miss Vierano. Let me ask you one thing.”

“Yes, you say.”

“Whose side are you on?”

Rudger thought he had to make a decision right here.

Vierano’s expression hardened at the question.

It wasn’t because Rudger’s question was rude.

It was because he understood at once why Rudger was asking such a thing.

“From now on, we will invade Renard-Tirone, the kingdom of the elves. Those who kidnapped Sedina are radical elves led by the Leafre family. However, there is no reason for the moderate elves to be friendly to us.”

In fact, it was safe to say that the opponent Ludger had to fight was the entire elven kingdom.

“This is not official. It is a rescue operation carried out in complete secrecy.”

The actions of the elves who kidnapped the citizens of the empire were to be condemned, but they could not be officially questioned.

Because too much time was wasted.

In the meantime, if the Leafre family uses Sedina to completely obtain the authority of the World Tree.

Then the irreversible happens.

Therefore, the operation to be carried out this time had to be carried out in complete secrecy and in small numbers.

You can’t get help on the spot, and even more so support.

In a place where you don’t know how long it will take, a situation where everyone has to think that they are enemies and move.

Will Vierano be able to accept that strategy?

He is, after all, the master of one of the seven families that make up the elven kingdom.

For him to participate in this work, it was tantamount to rebelling against his own kingdom.

“You can fall.”

“Is it because I’m an elf?”

“Mr. Vierano does not have to be a traitor. I can’t help but find out about this, but even if she stops here, who will blame her?”

Anyone will.

No matter how wrong and sinful it was, it was his own people and his hometown.

For Vierano, an elf, to enmity with elves and help humans was too cruel.

Vierano knew that, so he was grateful for Ludger’s proposal.

“I can’t do that.”

Vierano smiled and shook his head.

“Actually, I knew. We, the elves, are not as mysterious and wise as we are known. The clan says humans are greedy and beastmen are savage. Dwarves say it is simple by touching iron. And they always implicitly reveal that they are the most noble. I sometimes wonder if my clan is actually the ugliest.”

The anger of the elves towards humans may be justified.

Considering the atrocities committed by the humans against the elves during the Tribal Wars, the resentment was piercing to the bone.

But Vierano knew.

Young elves might not know it, but the anger of the elderly elders and nobles was completely different from that.

The reason they are truly angry is not because humans have touched them, who are innocent.

It was more like anger at the lower races daring to rebel against their superiors.

“I thought it was disgusting. So I didn’t really agree with them. I wanted to look around the outside of the forest and face the wider world under the pretext of unity. I was pushed away and turned away from the truth as if I was running away. That didn’t work.”

Vierano muttered in a voice full of remorse.

“In the end, all of this was self-satisfaction created by my selfishness. I did not agree with them. I am different from them. I convinced myself like that and tolerated all of those actions. like that… … I am still thinking about the kidnapping of a student. What a shame.”

“Anyone would.”

“Everyone knows that. But Mr. Rudger. We are teachers teaching students.”

Vierano stared at Ludger.

“At least for those who teach, shouldn’t that be?”

Doesn’t the teacher know that too?

Vierano’s expression when he asked such a question seemed somewhat relieved.

“So I will join you. Not as an elf from the Dentis family, but as Vierano, the teacher of Seorn.”

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