I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 441

◈ Episode 441 Abduction (2)

Alex looked at the floor with a mixture of anger and shame, recalling what had happened a moment ago.

The Shadewarden elves tried to shake off Alex and Vierano somehow, but it didn’t come that easily.

They greatly overlooked the skills of Alex and Vierano.

A gap that came from innate arrogance that they think they are superior.

So Alex had almost caught up with them all.

If it wasn’t for the interference of the Church of Lumensis.


Those who suddenly appear and block the path the elves passed through.

A white coat with a pure white hood.

On top of that, the shoulders, forearms, and shins were covered with white armor.

They were the Paladins of the Church of Lumensis.

Alex frowned.

“hey. What are you guys?”

“We were briefed on a terrorist situation on the streets a moment ago. So please kindly cooperate.”

“what? What does that have to do with us?”

“The two of you, running around the alleyways in broad daylight. Just looking at it, it looks suspicious.”

Alex was speechless at that.

What are these kids talking about now?

Looking around, Vierano also had an expression of absurdity.

“What are we going to do now? The terrorists are fleeing over there!”

“Are you sure? Isn’t that a lie to deceive us?”

“what? are you sure of course. We were still chasing him.”

“That is strange. We kept walking around here, but we didn’t see any suspicious people like that! Except for those two!”

“… … .”

Alex, who was trying to argue, kept his mouth shut.

It was strange that the other person acted so decisively.

“… … Damn this. okay. It was like that.”

Alex realized.

In the first place, the Paladins of Lumensis appeared to hinder us.

Unless you’re an idiot, there’s no way you haven’t seen the elves who escaped.

Especially if you were waiting here.

Even though they saw it, they acquiesced and pretended not to know.

‘Did the Church of Lumensis help the elves?’

I didn’t understand that behavior, but in the first place, they were people who acted not only out of faith but also out of profit.

Now that it’s like this, I’m saying you have to turn around and chase it.

The moment Alex thought so, the paladin solemnly warned him.

“Stop. You are now being suspected as prime terror suspects. Please cooperate meekly. Otherwise, I will use force.”


Alex let out a laugh.

It’s not enough to block the road, so I’ll try to buy some time by grabbing hold of it somehow?

I don’t know what kind of deal he made with those elves called Shade Wardens.

“I feel so dirty.”

An excruciating murderous feeling flowed from Alex’s body.

I’m dying of annoyance when people I don’t like mess with me, but do you suspect me of a terrorist?

And to cooperate obediently as if to give something entrusted to you?

Alex let out a cold sneer.

The Paladins also hardened their expressions and put their hands on their weapons.

“Are you saying you dare to be hostile to the holy Lumensis cult?”

“Isn’t there anything you can’t do?”

“God will not forgive you.”

“Before considering that, it would be good to think about whether my sword will forgive you first.”

Saying so, Alex blew an aura into the sword.


It was Vierano who came out then.

“You go there.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Vierano Dentis, Seorn’s teacher.”

Saying that, Vierano took out his ID and held it up.

It was an identification card with a stamp officially approved by the city of Lederbelk.

Normal people don’t need to have an ID, but Vierano was an elf, so he had to have one.

It was to avoid being treated as an illegal immigrant who roamed around without an ID.

“We are now pursuing those involved in this incident. So could you please get out of the way?”

“How can we believe that? Are you just going to let that unlearned, vicious swordsman go?”

“… … That person is a mercenary I hired separately. You’re angry for a while at the interruption of the request, so let go of your anger.”

Vierano said that and noticed Alex.

Alex chuckled and clicked his tongue as he put his sword in the scabbard.

Seeing that, the paladins pondered for a while.

When he tried to force himself to the end and hold on to the two, Vierano’s status was at stake.

Despite being an elf, Vierano is Ceorn’s teacher and possesses an official ID card issued by the city.

If you recklessly try to suppress it with the authority of the church, you will have a conflict with the Ledervelk City Council.

The Paladins didn’t know that either, so they couldn’t go out strong against Vierano.

“… … We will search this place. So you guys should just step back.”

The paladin gave such notice and blocked the road.

It showed a willingness not to get out of the way no matter what.

Seeing that, Alex clenched his fists.

Already in the midst of this scuffle, the elven pursuers must have fled and hid themselves out of sight of people.

“What do you want to do now?”

“… … I will have to report it first.”

“If you want to see it.”

“Because someone told me to protect that girl.”

“I will go with you. I cannot say that I am not responsible for this incident.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

* * *

Upon hearing the full story of the incident, Ludger’s expression still did not change.

But Alex knew.

‘ah. The leader is angry.’

I could feel it more clearly because there was no expression of emotion.

Rudger knows that when he is truly angry, his eyes become colder.

At that time, Vierano, who was watching from his seat, cautiously opened his mouth.

“Hey, Mr. Rudger.”

“… … Mr. Vierano.”

Rudger faced Vierano.

I never thought that we would meet each other like this.

“Mr. Rudger too. Did you know everything? What position is Miss Sedina in?”

“It wasn’t that long ago that I found out. I just thought that nothing special would happen if I hid it properly, but it turned out like this.”

“… … It is all my negligence.”

Vierano bowed his head apologetically toward Ludger and Alex.

“Why is that Mr. Vierano’s fault?”

“I knew. What is Miss Sedina’s lineage, and how she is treated. Even though she knew, she didn’t say it. If I had warned you a little earlier, things wouldn’t have gone this far.”

“Keep your head up. It’s not Vierano’s fault. Even if you told me in advance, it was completely unexpected for the Church of Lumensis to intervene.”

Above all, if we were to look at the people who really did wrong here, it was of course the Shade Warden who kidnapped Sedina.

“Above all, apologizing like this doesn’t change the situation. Or are you simply going to do it to put your mind at ease?”

“… … That too.”

Vierano raised his head.

As Rudger said.

I shouldn’t have wasted my time pointlessly like this.

“First, I need to hear the story. Why the hell did they kidnap my assistant? What are you trying to do by kidnapping me?”

“that… … .”

The moment Vierano opened his mouth to say something, the door opened and a man came inside.

“Lee, leader! Just returned from the capital! More urgent news now! The Shadewarden Trackers teamed up with the Cult of Lumensis to find the Plante family’s demon, the last of its blood relatives, and devised a kidnapping plan! We have to stop that!”

It was Bellaluna who opened the door and entered.

As if she was in a hurry to find Rudger, she let out everything she had to say, gasping for breath.

She was about to be proud that she had finally delivered the news, but tilted her head slightly to the side when she saw the expressions of the people inside.

Somehow, it seems that you came at a time when the atmosphere was not good?

Bellaluna’s gaze turned to Vierano.

Then his eyes widened.

“Bee, Elder Vierano Dentis!”

“… … I didn’t expect to meet another clan in a place like this.”

“Dae, why is he here… … ?”

Bellaluna looked back at Ludger with eyes asking him to speak.

Rudger shook his head.

“I guess there is a need to sort things out.”

* * *

Bellaluna explained the information she learned in the capital step by step.

Upon hearing this, Rudger and Alex realized that it had happened and thought with serious faces.

Conversely, Vierano was startled and stunned.

“Wait. The dead world tree is under the capital city? And is it true that you hacked the kingdom’s information by accessing the World Tree’s network? how do you do that… … .”

Vierano is the head of a family despite being an elf.

So I learned a lot. Not only the breadth of knowledge, but also the depth was quite deep.

Even for such a Vierano, Bellaluna’s eccentricity was hard to accept with his head.

“Hehehe. That, since that’s how it works… … .”

“It is not a compliment.”

Rudger coldly shot at Bellaluna, who was scratching the back of her head shyly.

Bellaluna shrugged at those words.

I couldn’t help but know that I couldn’t even move in front of Ludger.

“Miss Rudger. What are you… … .”

“Miss Vierano. That’s not what’s important in the current situation. I mean, what the hell are they aiming for?”

“… … Yes. As you know, the people who kidnapped Miss Sedina are the Shade Wardens, a family that follows extreme pure-bloodism. And behind them is the Leafre family.”

“The Plante family’s blood relatives are said to be the last key, but what the hell is that key?”

“The key is… … It can be seen as a key code to access the heart of the World Tree.”

“You mean the core code.”

Vierano continued his explanation.

“The World Tree is a huge tree that has lived for a very long time. It is difficult to dare to guess its age, and despite its size, it does not consume the surrounding intelligence and rather enriches the land. It is truly a product of miracles. A very long knowledge and time lie dormant in such a world tree.”

“Sleeping means… … .”

“yes. The current world tree is not perfect. In a way, it can be seen as falling asleep. In the past, the Elves had been with the World Tree intact. It was a much richer time than now.”

But those times have changed.

The fall of the Plante family, which managed the World Tree at the time.

And even the newly risen Leafre family.

“The Leafre family took their place, but the World Tree has become considerably weaker than before. Of course, it was relatively weak, but our home forest was still plentiful without lacking anything. But the long-lived elves still remember. The glorious era when the world tree was perfect.”

“The Leafre family is trying to recreate their glory days.”

“Maybe you want more. Beyond simply the affluence of the past, they want the Elves to rule the entire continent. Especially since the race war, such ideas have been emerging.”

Vierano shook his head as if he had a headache.

“We showed hostility to other races and fell into the idea that only elves were the most superior and greatest race. They always shout the same thing. Make the great elves even greater.”

“… … .”

At those words, Rudger was speechless for a moment.

It was because it was a familiar slogan in his memory somewhere.

In a way, I had to get used to it.

This kind of ideology has been called fascism even in history.

Fascism Elfani.

This was a lot more troublesome than I thought.

“To do that, we need to wake up the sleeping World Tree. Beyond the majesty of the past, when it can be called the most golden age.”

“Is that why you kidnapped Sedina?”

“yes. With the expulsion of the Plante family, it is known that the core code of the World Tree has disappeared. The Leafre family hid that fact, but the other elders dimly sensed it. But I thought there were no more survivors of the Plante family.”

Obviously it was

Now, after many years, the only survivor has appeared.

Half inherited human blood, so the lineage was diluted, but Plante’s blood was inherited nonetheless.

The core code to awaken the sleeping World Tree was imprinted deep in Sedina’s DNA.

“I knew it, but I kept quiet. If the news reaches the ears of the kingdom, things will get out of control. But, as expected, the huge flow of fate was something I couldn’t control with just that one.”

“… … Teacher Vierano heard the news belatedly and set out to protect Sedina.”

Rudger narrowed his eyes and stared at Vierano.

“Who told the teacher that information?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I figured it out on my own.”

Vierano let out a bitter smile typical of an old man that did not suit his youthful appearance.

“There is something I want to say to Mr. Rudger because of that.”

“What is it?”

“There is a place you can go with me. Because there is someone I need to meet.”

“Who is that?”

“Walter Rosshen.”

Rudger recognized the name at once.

In the first place, the only person who didn’t know her name in this place would be Bellaluna, who is dark about the outside world.

That’s right, Walter Rosshen.

“Lord of the Law Shen family.”


Because he was Sedina’s father.

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