I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 437

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‘Let’s calm down for now.’

Sedina did not flinch.

I wasn’t sure yet, so I couldn’t hastily conclude that I was being followed.

‘Let’s check first.’

Sedina took another step.

I don’t show the reaction that I noticed as much as possible.

‘As expected, tailing is correct.’

Someone was really following him.

I purposely changed direction and passed through a place with many people, but the sign following me did not disappear.

Sedina quietly folded the paper in her palm and spilled it on the floor.

The paper that fell to the ground eventually moved like a worm and approached the follower stealthily.

Origami magic.

Sedina shared her gaze with the paper she had made, examining the follower’s figure.

He was a man in plain clothes, one you would see everywhere.

But what evoked the impression of being common proved that he was a very skilled man.

Just looking at the way he follows Sedina without arousing suspicion from those around him.

No matter how many times this side tried to get away with it, the distance was slightly farther away, but I couldn’t get it off properly.

‘Who the hell bit the tail?’

Sedina pondered.

The first thing that comes to mind is the man behind the Black Dawn.

However, this side, as the Black Dawn, didn’t do anything to get their tail caught.

‘no. It could be someone from inside the main association.’

An order from Nikolai’s faction was enough to secretly follow her.

Nikolai is not on good terms with Ludgar Celish, who is currently John Doe, so he must be trying to find a weakness somehow.

‘If that’s not the case, are they aiming at me the other way?’

If you have to argue, there is also the fact that he is a blood relative of the Roshen family.

Even if the family treated her badly, as if she had been abandoned, the surname of Law Shen attached to Sedina’s name was never easy.

There were many people who wanted to take hostages for the huge amount of money that Law Shen had.

Of course, he disappeared after joining the Black Dawn and entering Seorn.

‘Whatever it is, it’s clear that it’s targeting me.’

Sedina contemplated whether to reverse capture the tailman here.

But I immediately changed my mind.

Ludger had asked Sedina the other day if she hadn’t noticed any suspicious glances or signs.

That said, Rudger also knew something.

There was a high possibility that this follow-up was also an extension of that incident.

‘In that case, it’s better to tell the teacher about this and come up with a better plan, rather than doing it alone.’

Sedina did not flinch.

The idea of ​​doing something on my own was neatly abandoned.

In the past, I would have been overdoing the thought of trying to get recognized somehow, but it was different now.

There is no need to be too greedy, and the advice I heard from Hans, a senior in the industry, was very helpful.

– If you feel even the slightest suspicion, run away immediately.

Hans said that to Sedina until her mouth was worn out.

-We say we are always careful and careful, but you never know what will happen. If you want to be able to do this by yourself, take it out without hesitation.

Hans focused on gathering information thoroughly.

If someone wants to follow you, don’t be proud of yourself and tell them to get away immediately.

Not to be ashamed of it, but rather to be proud of it.

Sedina decided to follow that teaching.

‘okay. They say they’re following me, but I don’t see any sign of approaching them directly. furthermore… … .’

Sedina rolled her eyes.

She also glanced suspiciously at other passers-by.

‘There is no guarantee that there is only one follower.’

Whatever it is, it is the person who grabbed the tail of this side.

That means that he at least knows Sedina’s personal information.

Even if he looked like this, he was a student of Seorn and a magician.

But did they send only one person to follow?

As I expanded my thinking, the invisible things began to appear dimly.

‘I see. It was already surrounded.’

It didn’t seem like he did it deliberately, knowing that she would come out today.

After waiting for several days, it got caught today.

‘If this happens, I’ll have to go back to the hideout and ask for help.’

If he tried to return to Seorn by car, there was a high possibility that he would be kidnapped along the way.

The distance between Ceorn and Ledervelk was close, but the gap between the two places was enough for someone to disappear.

So, how do you naturally change your goals?

While thinking about it, Sedina bumped into a person.


“… … .”

Seeing Julia Plumheart, Sedina made a noise without realizing it.

Julia also had her eyes wide open, unlike usual, as if she hadn’t even thought of meeting her here.

Julia immediately managed her expression and opened her mouth.

“Is it a coincidence? I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“… … .”

Sedina rolled her eyes.

More than a follower, Julia was an uncomfortable person to her.

He was sorry and embarrassed that he had wronged her unilaterally.

But on the contrary, Sedina thought this was her only chance.

“… … I was surprised too. I thought you would come out on the street.”

Julia’s lips trembled as if it was surprising that Sedina, who thought she would ignore her as usual, replied.

She then smiled and said.

“It’s fate that we met like this, shall we walk together?”

“… … okay.”

When he started walking with the same student, Seorn, the follower changed.

It followed as if it was unexpected, but soon after Julia and Sedina left Leatherbelk, they disappeared.

The other signs were the same.

In the meantime, Sedina and Julia hadn’t exchanged a word with each other.

We just walked together quietly.

Julia said nothing, and neither did Sedina.

It was when Julia arrived safely in Ceorn that she opened her mouth.

“be careful.”

I can’t suddenly say something like this.

Sedina realized at that moment. Julia said she knew she was in danger and helped.

Should I say thank you?

got help

So it was only natural to say thank you.

But the lips couldn’t come off at all.

If you say thank you here, it seemed that the relationship you had barely spread back then would become closer again.

Julia is a dear friend. She said that fact never changes.

So ironically, Sedina wanted Julia to distance herself from her.

It’s really selfish.

Even in the current situation, even though I received help, I can’t easily say thank you.

“Then, I’ll go.”

Julia didn’t wait for Sedina’s answer and left immediately.

He left as if he didn’t need to hear, but Sedina knew.

That Julia acted like that on purpose in order not to burden us.

‘It hasn’t changed.’

Sedina saw her past in Julia’s appearance.

She may have changed, but in Sedina’s eyes, she remained the same.

But he has changed.

to the point that I can never go back to that time.

Sedina moved to the teachers’ room, feeling depressed.

I was thinking of telling Rudger about this.

* * *

“Did something like that happen?”


Upon receiving the report from Sedina, Rudger fell into thought for a moment.

For once, it was commendable enough that Sedina got out of the field naturally and reached Ceorn.

It was far better to watch the progress than to poke the beehive.

So what was important was what happened next.

Who the hell was following Sedina?

“Did you see the impression?”

“yes. I saw them, but they were all strangers.”

“What features should I look out for?”

“I thought the absence of a feature was a feature.”

“These are professional guys.”

Ludgar remembered the Shadewarden’s pursuers.

Could it be that he knew Sedina’s identity and tried to kidnap her?

‘But considering their temperament, it’s surprising that they didn’t attack right away.’

Maybe it was because it wasn’t night.

“Once I know. I would like to tell you to refrain from going out as much as possible, but that will be difficult.”

Considering safety, not leaving Seorn was the right choice.

However, if the pursuer was on the side of the Black Dawn, Seorn could not be considered safe.

It’s because they’re still hiding here.

“If you go out to the city, I will attach an escort to you.”

“yes? You don’t even have to do that… … .”

“It’s about being prepared for anything. Don’t think of it as a burden. And we need to figure out the identities of the tailers as soon as possible.”

The priority was to find out the identity of the pursuer.

Who made it and for what purpose?

To do so, they had to get information from Bellaluna, who headed to the capital.

‘Should I tell Sedina too?’

Rudger wondered if he should tell Sedina that elven hunters might be targeting you.

Sedina is a blood relative of the Plante family.

The problem was that Sedina herself was not aware of it at all.

It’s like his family is Law Shen, and he hates his own family.

It seems clear that you have a fairly complicated family history.

If you tell Sedina out of nowhere that you inherited a very important lineage, will she really accept it?

‘Should I ask Hans to find out?’

As Rudger was contemplating, someone knocked on the door of the teachers’ office with a loud noise.

Ludger, who exchanged glances with Sedina for a moment, responded immediately.

“You may come in.”

The one who opened the door was Ceorn’s servant.

He respectfully bowed his head to Rudger and said.

“Miss Rudger. A valuable guest visiting Ceorn has requested to see Mr. Rudger.”

“A valuable guest? Who is that?”

“That, that… … I am the queen of the kingdom of Utah.”


Rudger was perplexed by the unexpected situation.

If it was the queen of the kingdom of Utah, wouldn’t it be Ekaterina?

Why is she now in Seorn?

‘no. He said he would come to Seorn in connection with mining natural resources.’

We talked like that, but I didn’t expect it to come so suddenly.

No matter how fast, at least 3 months. I thought it would take a year.

It is a visit by the head of a country.

There must be more than one or two things to take care of, including scheduling.

‘This tomboy.’

Rudger let out a small sigh at the thought of underestimating Ekaterina’s absurd behavior.

“i get it. See you soon.”


After the servant left, Rudger rose slowly from his seat.

“I am, teacher. If it’s the queen of the kingdom of Utah, is she really that queen?”

“okay. Ekaterina Volsvaya. She has come to Seorn now.”

As promised in advance, Rudger had to take on the role of a guide for Catherine.

* * *

“This is Seorn.”

Ekaterina Volsvaya.

As she walked down the hallway with her escort, she quietly admired the scenery of Ceorn.

Indeed, as if saying that it was the best magic academy on the continent was not a lie, Seorn’s majesty was great.

It’s not just about being large.

All the space for employees, teachers, and students to stay was provided.

Most of the infrastructure is in place inside the academy.

What was lacking here could even be enjoyed in the adjacent Laedervelk, so it was safe to say that there was virtually nothing lacking.

What a waste of space so little.

Ekaterina was seriously contemplating building an educational facility like Seorn in the Kingdom of Utah.

In order for the young people of their country to be educated in a proper environment, they needed excellent educational facilities.

Since I had come this far, I was thinking of looking around every nook and cranny of Seorn.

‘For that to happen, the man must come quickly.’

Ekaterina hurriedly waited for Ludger to come out to meet her.

Just then, the door to the living room opened and someone came inside.

Has Rudger already arrived?

Ekaterina looked toward the door, managing her expression as much as possible.

‘Who is it?’

Wherever the black haired young man went, a middle-aged man full of flesh came instead.

Naturally, Ekaterina’s eyes sharpened.

“Who are you?”

“Heh, heh heh. Nice to meet you, the queen who is called the lamp of the kingdom of Utah.”

Hugo Burtegg.

He greeted Ekaterina with a courtesy as a nobleman.

As soon as the Queen of the Kingdom of Utah heard the news that Ceorn had come, she was the first to come.

“I asked who you are.”

“I am Hugo Burtegg. I am the head of the famous Burtegg family in the Empire and the vice-chancellor of Ceorn.”

“Vice-chancellor? Was there anyone like that here?”

Of course, the position of vice-chancellor does not exist.

It was a position that Hugo had voluntarily introduced when he was leading a huge faction.

Now that the power has collapsed and the power has been greatly lost, Hugo was no different from an ordinary teacher.

But what is it?

The important thing now is the fact that a person with the power to make him the Vice-Chancellor again came to Seorn as a grandchild.

“I am called that because I have a place in Seorn. Heh heh heh.”

“okay. Is that why you came to see me?”

“A noble person said that he had visited Seorn, so I was wondering if I could give you directions.”

Hugo first thought of making friends with the queen.

Although she is the queen of a country, the Kingdom of Utah is a country whose civil war has not ended long.

It was a situation that required considerable time and manpower only to rebuild the interior.

The fact that the queen came to Ceorn in person at such a time meant that there was something she wanted on this side.

‘This is an opportunity. If I match it somehow, I can get a big back.’

First of all, it seemed that he needed to soften the gaze that was wary of himself.

Hugo was thinking of trying to please him somehow.

Did that will see the light?

I could see the cold expression of Queen Catherine, who was heading this way, softened in an instant.

‘Is this because the first impression is a passing grade?’

If this is it, it’s worth a try.

Thinking so, Hugo belatedly felt a sense of alienation.

Ekaterina’s gaze, though subtle, was misaligned.

‘Aren’t you looking at me?’

In fact, he was looking behind him.

Hugo, wondering who he was looking at, turned around.


Then I had no choice but to freeze in place.

“Lou, Rudger Celish… … .”

The culprit who once had nothing to fear in Seorn turned himself into this shape.

Rudger Celish stood behind him.

“Miss Hugo Brutegue. What are you doing here?”

Ludger asked coldly, looking at Hugo who was blocking the door.

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