I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 431

◈ Episode 431 Magic Time (2)

‘Was this a dress like this?’

Line was greatly embarrassed by the appearance of her changed dress.

I hadn’t heard from Violetta that the dress had this function.

Had I known, I wouldn’t have been so upset.

Line suddenly remembered that when Violetta first drew the original dress, she drew three.

I thought it was made of 3 designs, but I never thought all 3 of them were put into one suit.

I thought I knew why I laughed at the secret.

‘But what can I say?’

It wasn’t a bad feeling.

If the first dress she wore was fluffy like a cloud, now it was warm like the setting sun on her skin.

The embers that flowed over the clothes spread around Line, creating an attractive effect by itself.

Everyone gathered their eyes and stared at the scene.

In particular, the eyes of the women were surprisingly hot.

A dress that changes?

This was a huge breakthrough in the apparel industry.

Everyone has had the idea of ​​enchanting clothes.

In fact, the robes worn by wizards not only reveal their affiliation, but also have resistance to magic.

But even so, it was because of practicality that it did not ride the flow.

Yes. practicality.

To enchant a robe or clothing, it is sufficient to engrave a bullet-blocking barrier with an artifact such as a ring or necklace.

Who would choose the hard way if the effort is significantly different and the outcome is the same?

In the end, the clothing with magic added to it had no choice but to stop at planning.

In particular, the dress worn by Rene had a practical magic effect and was visually beautiful.

In a way, it means that there is no practicality at all for something with magic added.

Rather, it was an over-investment.

Ludger laughed inwardly as he watched the dress burning like fireworks along with the sunset.

‘But the world doesn’t necessarily flow only with practicality.’

Such is the desire of man.

If you only need a function as a garment, you can wear plain clothes made of cheap fabric.

However, wealthy people, especially noble ladies, spend vast sums of money on adorning themselves.

There are even cases where one set of clothes exceeds the cost of a car.

They don’t even care how much it costs.

That was human desire.

The dress Rudger made in collaboration with Violetta brought that desire to the peak.

In fact, the eyes of the women toward Line were full of burning desire.

Her eyes were so hot, to the point where the sparks from Line’s dress looked shabby.

“Rine. What is that dress… … .”

Erendir swallowed and asked.

As a princess, Erendir has seen so many dresses.

Among them, there were dresses decorated with all kinds of gorgeous jewels, and there were masterpieces made by the best designers at the time.

But nothing touched her heart.

It was partly because Erendir himself pursued a life far removed from the splendor, but partly because he had been in contact with it since childhood, so his eyes grew high.

Even Erendir was seduced by the dress that Line was wearing, so the reaction of others must be shocking.

“House of Verdi. I thought I’d become quite famous lately, but I can’t imagine enchanting a socialite’s dress.”

It was something I wouldn’t do rationally.

But not everything in the world worked that way.

Judging by the fact that he aimed for a gap in a part that others did not choose, in a sense, he may have made a more rational judgment than anyone else.

Of course, that wasn’t the point now.

Everyone was watching.

Rene’s figure.

her dress.

No matter how fancy a dress was, if the person wearing it was ugly, its value would lose its shine.

However, this dress suited Line very well.

It was to the point where I wondered if they were one body from the beginning.

The pure whiteness I saw for the first time was beautiful, but the way it burns like a flame is also beautiful.

Maybe it’s because the color of her hair is ash gray.

The burning flame is beautiful.

That’s why, when everything burns, only ashes remain.

like her hair color.

Even Line, who was flustered at first, instinctively felt what she should do.

I thought maybe Rudger knew this and gave him such an important role.

Rene lightly spun around in her seat.

I got used to wearing shoes that were uncomfortable, so there was no difficulty in walking around.

The fire that had risen like a haze over the dress blew in all directions.

The embers that spread like dandelion seeds embroidered the surroundings like the magic Flora used.

It wasn’t a real flame, so it wasn’t hot.

However, people could feel an unknown strange heat rushing to their faces.

Is this how it feels to be overwhelmed?

A mysterious girl with many secrets and a beautiful dress.

And the time to shine the spotlight as if prepared.

At this moment, it was as if the world was going around for a girl named Line.

Soon, the sun set completely through the window.

The sunset went out, and a little but cold blue light filled the surroundings.

As if to cool down the heat that has been heating up so far.

It was the same with Line’s dress that the heat had subsided.

As if what had burnt hot a moment ago had become a dream, her dress no longer sparked.

It just turned black.

Like traces that have been burned and left behind.


Someone let out an exclamation full of regret.

The most beautiful dress in the world disappeared in the blink of an eye.

What could be sadder than this at a ballroom?

In the meantime, the sky slowly turned dark, and the light from the ballroom gradually grew stronger.

The appearance of Line, wearing a burnt-out dress beneath it, was to the point where I felt a sense of difference.

In the solemn atmosphere, there was only one person moving.

It was Ludger.

Rudger secretly scattered his magic around without people noticing it.


thin and broad.

It wasn’t fancy magic. Rather, what he wants is the opposite.

It was to put emphasis on this solemn atmosphere.

Dark attribute magic.

[Holy Night]

Darkness fell over the son-in-law.

It wasn’t pitch-black darkness, but a gentle darkness that had just entered the early evening.

If I had to discuss the effect, all I could do was change the overly bright atmosphere to a little darker.

But for Rudger, this was enough.

No, it was enough for Line.


The sound of someone swallowing their breath echoed softly.

A new change had taken place in Linen’s dress.

Faint lights began to appear one by one in the dress that had been pitch black.

In time, it spread all over the dress, and it shone clearly even in the dark.

I thought it was a burnt-out, charred dress.

However, when darkness fell around him, his thoughts immediately changed.

It wasn’t burnt ash.

Rather, it is so beautiful that it cannot be compared to it.

“night sky.”

Flora muttered involuntarily.

The last piece of the dress that Rene wore was the night sky with the beautiful milky way flowing through it.

At the same time, the ribbon tied at the back of Line’s dress naturally untied.

The translucent fabric that fluttered in the air was full of bluish moonlight.

A starry night sky that can no longer be seen from Ledervelk due to pollution.

That was embodied in Line’s dress.

Linen in a dress was like a goddess of the night.

The last magic given to Cinderella.

It was the most holy finale to decorate all these endings.

Line raised her head and looked up at Ludger on the terrace.

He instinctively sensed who the owner of the darkness had suddenly come around.

Rudger nodded slightly towards Line, who met their eyes.

From now on, it’s your stage.

You are the main character here.

It seemed to say so.

After catching her breath for a moment, Line took a step forward.

Unlike when he first entered the ballroom, his movements were more elegant and restrained.

Naturally, people moved left and right along the way she was heading.

Before I could even think with my head, my body reacted on its own.

Standing in the center of the ballroom, Line spoke to the contest judges.

“You said you were accepting applicants, right? I will participate.”

To that, the judges had no answer.

However, there was no sign of rejection in that embarrassment.

Jesse Luna, who came to his senses belatedly, opened his mouth.

[Hey, score! I’ll score you!]

Stuttering uncharacteristically, Jessie Luna rubbed the other judges with glares.

The judges, distracted by the miraculous sight, began to score one by one.

The result is perfect.

Unfortunately, Flora ended up in 2nd place.

[The magic of Flora Lumos was also really great, but in the end, this place shows the beauty of women, so I inevitably gave it more points.]

Carter Rohr took the lead and continued the explanation.

[If it was a place to compete for one’s qualities as a mage, the rankings would have changed, but when it came to choosing a person who would be suitable for this position, there was no choice but to be unanimous. congratulations.]

At those words, applause poured in from all directions towards Rinne.

With a slightly breathless expression, Line bowed her head to the judges with a sense of gratitude.

“thank you.”

After the applause, silence fell again.

Everyone stared at Line.

The winner of the Miss Contest came out, but the important thing was what came next.

Indeed, who will be the man of honor to be asked to dance by today’s protagonist?

All the men gathered at the ballroom couldn’t let go of their expectations, even though they knew it wasn’t them.

The most likely opponent was Freuden Ullburg, whom Line and he usually hung out with.

A person who has no flaws in appearance or family.

Women who wanted to dance with Freuden at least once through this place had no choice but to give up at this moment.

However, Freuden’s expression was not so good.

he knew

Who was she looking at at the moment when Line’s dress changed as if it had been lifted up to capture the night sky?


It’s okay for her to wear a fancy dress that’s not like her usual.

It’s okay if you turned down the offer of authority.

It’s okay that everyone here knows the beauty that only you thought you knew.

It was fine though.



Seeing Line’s gaze slowly turn to one side, Freuden murmured softly.

It was something he would never have done if he had always valued body physique.

That’s how much Freuden was desperate.

You don’t have to choose me.

I don’t care if you dance with anyone else.

everything else is fine

But as for that man.

Please don’t choose as much as that man.

Freuden’s earnest wish did not reach Line.

“Mr. Rudger Celish.”

Line called his name and looked up at the terrace on the second floor.

People’s eyes naturally turned to Rudger, and some of the spotlights prepared in the dark shone on Rudger.

Rudger looked down at Linen with his usual calm gaze.

Line smiled softly at Rudger and held out his hand.

“Would you like to dance a song with me?”

Everyone in this room was amazed.

Requesting a dance from a teacher and not from anyone else. The same goes for Ludgar Celish.

Flora and Selina stared at Ludger with anxious eyes.

His expression in the pure white light was not different from usual, so it was difficult to distinguish what he was thinking.

It was then that Ludger’s heartless face was covered with emotion.


A laugh that comes out as if it is funny and admirable.

Rudger opened his mouth.


At the same time, Rudger jumped over the railing and down the ballroom.

For a while, everyone was taken aback by what happened so suddenly.

Ludger’s body, which he thought would fall quickly, slowly descended as if he were swimming in the air.

The hem of his black robe fluttered like a cloak.

Like a feather of revelation descending from the sky, Ludger slowly descended in front of Line.

The spotlights of light that illuminated the two of them separately merged into one.

Ludger’s hand was gently placed on top of Line’s outstretched hand.


The warmth that Line felt in her hand made a sound come out of her mouth without realizing it.

Some women clasped their hands and watched the scene in rapture.

The fact that a commoner girl, whom no one cared about, became the main character of this event was enough to arouse a sense of awe and envy beyond jealousy.

The soft music that had stopped for a moment started to flow again.

And to that music, Linen and Rudgar started waltzing in the center of the ballroom.

Everyone widened their distance and lost their eyes to the sight.

A silent ballroom.

A gentle dance performed by two people under a single spotlight.

Renee realized later that she had never danced in a social setting like this.

‘Oh, what to do? I tried to encourage you to go with the flow and dance.’

At that time, Rudger whispered to Linen.

“Don’t panic, just go with the flow. Let me guide you.”

As she said, when she relaxed, Rudger controlled her movement.

“slowly. Don’t be in a hurry.”

I could feel the soft touch and arrangement that was different from the hard words and actions he usually shows.

As if she had climbed on something, Rene unconsciously stepped along with the flow.

Starlight twinkled around her as her body rotated.

Close enough to hear breathing.

The warmth felt from a slightly close body.

Even the blue eyes staring this way.

To Rene, all these moments felt like a dream.

The moment you let go of your mind even a little, your dream will be scattered like sand that runs through the cracks of your fingers.

However, the sensation of dragging her body as if dispelling her worries was a clear reality.

Eventually, when the waltz ended, the two stood still and stared at each other.

Rudger quietly congratulated Linen, who was in a high spirits and unable to say anything.

“Congratulations on being the protagonist of this event.”

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