I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 430

◈ Episode 430 Magic Time (1)

[ladies and gentlemen! hello. I’m Jessie Luna, the host and judge of the Miss Seorn contest!]

The name of the woman who has the artifact to increase her voice and shouts loudly is Jessie Luna.

With a lively personality and excellent speech, he was a frequent regular at the host of these events.

[I’m looking forward to seeing what other beautiful women will show off their charms today! What do you think, judge Carter Rohr?]

[…] … I just think it’s hard to understand why I’m a judge and why I’m here.]

The one who answered weakly was a pale-skinned man with wide-eyed eyes.

Carter Roar.

With a gloomy air, he was a teacher in charge of 4th grade combat practice.

In a way, he was a completely different person from Jesse Luna, who radiates positive energy from his side.

[no way! What do you say! Did we do well back then?]

The time Jesse Luna was talking about was the sparring during the magic festival.

The two were relaying at the time.

Carter Lore’s shoulders drooped at those words.

[I understand that you are in charge of combat training, so I understand that you are in charge of explaining magic sparring, but isn’t this completely different?]

[What! This place is where the fiercest battles are going to take place!]

Jessie Luna spoke at length about the value of the Miss Theorn contest to women.

In the end, Carter Roar had no choice but to raise his hands.

Carter Rohr was his teacher, but he couldn’t stand Jessie Luna’s annoyance.

Their inclinations were so extreme that they transcended the difference between teachers and students.

But it also fit oddly.

[iced coffee! It’s coming out just in time! 4th year Dortea Leven! I am the winner of the Miss Contest the year before last!]

The woman who came up on stage under the spotlight was a woman with a fresh impression wearing a scarlet dress.

[The strongman who won the championship in 1st grade! However, after that, it was only pushed back helplessly by competitors! I have to start preparing for graduation soon, but I can’t let go of the regret and participate in the last battle! But is it okay like this! Your grades will be at stake!]


Dortea lit a twin wick at Jesse.

Jessie winked at those words.

They were in the same 4th grade, and they were close friends, so there was no hesitation.

Laughter flowed from the left.

Thanks to this, the tense and tense atmosphere was softened.

Dortea came on stage and sang along with a light self-introduction.

His soft, high voice matched well with the music of the ballroom.

With light applause, Dortea bowed and left the stage.

And the judges gave points after discussion.

Rudger watched the scene with interest.

I had heard of such an event, but actually watching it was a different kind of fun.

‘Did they say there would be prizes if they won?’

I was told that I was given the opportunity to point out one person and show off my solo dance time.

In addition to that, there are all sorts of benefits, such as small prize money and tickets for two to Ledervelk’s most famous restaurant.

Beyond simply wanting an honorable position, these were enough rewards to motivate him.

Just as he was thinking that, someone approached Rudger hesitantly.

Feeling the presence, Ludger slowly turned around.

Rudger deliberately channeled his subtle magical powers to keep people from approaching.

Even so, to approach like this would be someone who was so brilliant that he wouldn’t be affected by magic, or someone who was so insensitive that he couldn’t feel it.

Surprisingly, the person approaching now belonged to both the former and the latter.

“Bar, nice to meet you. Mr. Rudger.”

“hello. Miss Selina.”

Selina, wearing a pink dress like a flower blooming in a bright spring, smiled briskly at Rudger.

The tips of the fingers twitched as if they were still ashamed of this position and outfit, but even that seemed to be budding, and I could feel the charm.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was looking around for a while.”

Rudger chined down and Selina let out an exclamation.

Naturally, Selina stood by Ludger’s side.

Ludger’s nostrils were filled with the faint scent of flowers.

It was a scent that was neither overpowering nor lacking.

Rudger glanced at Selina.

Selina, who had been keeping an eye on Rudger for a while, trembled slightly when their eyes met.

“Why, why?”

“no. Your dress suits you well.”

“Hehehe. is it so?”

Perhaps she had wanted to hear this answer from the beginning, Selina laughed wryly.

She hurriedly replied, as if she remembered something she had forgotten before long.

“Mr. Rudger is cool too! ah. that, that is… … the clothes are nice Ah, no, that doesn’t mean that Mr. Rudger isn’t cool… … .”

Rudger nodded curtly at Selina, who was confused by his own slip of the tongue.

“I understand what you mean. I appreciate your compliment.”

“yes… … .”

Selina sighed inwardly, saying, “This is not it.”

However, when it came time to continue the conversation, I couldn’t figure out what topic to bring up.

Just by standing next to Ludger, my hair turned white, and I couldn’t think of anything.

Rather, I even thought that it would be nice to just stay still like this.

‘no. It can’t be. It’s a rare opportunity. Come to your senses. Selina!’

Selina shook her head from side to side and cheered up.

But even that quickly faded like a deflated balloon.

“Where did you get the dress from?”

How nice it was to hear Ludger’s question at that time.

Selina replied because she thought this was an opportunity.

“I matched it with Merilda-sensei. I don’t know much about dresses, so Ms. Merilda helped me.”

“You have clear eyes. More than that, I can’t see Miss Merilda. Are the two of you here by any chance?”

“ah. I was supposed to come with you.”

Selina let out an awkward smile as she remembered Merilda.

Seeing that, Rudger wondered if something had happened.

Then Selina’s eyes turned to the contest stage.

Naturally, Ludger’s gaze also turned toward that direction, and he saw an unexpected sight.

[iced coffee! It was the teacher who stood on stage this time! This is Miss Merilda, who is in charge of Cursing and Haeju in charge of 1st grade, newly appointed this year! She is popular as a beauty who exudes a mature beauty with a mysterious atmosphere!]

I mean Merylda on stage.

“… … .”

“… … He said that I must participate.”

“… … Wasn’t it the stage for students to go out?”

“ah. In fact, even teachers can go out. It’s not something specific. But I heard that no one actually goes out… … .”

The end of his words was blurred, but it was easy to see that complicated emotions were swirling behind the words.

“… … okay.”

Ludger looked at Merilda with a pitiful gaze.

Of course, the atmosphere of the contest felt that anyone could come out, so Merilda achieved a fairly high score.

Since then, several people have come on stage to show off their skills.

As the atmosphere matured, Rudger’s eyes widened slightly when he saw a new person on the stage.

[iced coffee! oh my god! A significant competitor has appeared! An unrivaled genius even in a place where countless geniuses gather! Flora Lumos, a sophomore known for having the best talent! She appeared!]

As Flora Lumos stepped onto the stage, sophomores who knew her murmured.

After all, Flora was famous for not showing any interest in these stages.

Flora was the one who would never appear in a place like this no matter how much her best friend Cheryl tried to seduce her.

However, when I saw Flora standing there, I stopped thinking about it.

Her atmosphere, calm and serene, was enough to put an end to minor disturbances.

Flora’s atmosphere was distinctly different from those of the previous ones.

This was especially true after the incident in the capital the other day, when her hair was dyed black.

If it used to be cold with sharp thorns in all directions, now it’s a little softer.

That’s why I felt a strange atmosphere that is hard to express in words.

[Hoo. That’s great momentum.]

Carter Lore, who opened his eyes half-opened as if he was bored every moment, admired Flora’s momentum.

[Well then, the Flora Lumos contestant! What skills do you plan to show?]

“There is no such thing as talent. I want to show you some magic.”

Flora said that and closed her eyes and activated her magical energy.


At that moment, the clear sound of the bell rang throughout the ballroom.

“What just happened?”


“no. It is clearer and purer than that… … .”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Flora, the source of the sound.

Rudger also watched Flora with interest.

Everyone looked at her with bated breath.

Before long, Flora opened her eyes.

Around her, magical power created a dazzling flash and began to paint a colorful picture.


Rudger couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

What rose with a golden glow behind Flora was the upper body of a beautiful woman, like an angel descending from the sky.

The giant woman was smiling with her eyes closed as she hugged Flora from behind.

It was like a detailed piece, but that was magic.

‘I showed it to you, but I thought you’d copy it.’

It is different from the Annihilation Tensou that Ludger used.

But at its fundamental core, it was Ludger’s magic.

Flora reinterpreted Ludger’s magic she had seen before and spread it in her own way.

The woman, shining with brilliant gold, lifted her lower body and spread her arms wide.

With a flash of light, her appearance turned into a myriad of lights that scattered throughout the ballroom.

There was admiration on the left.

Like a child touching soap bubbles, people reached out without realizing it.

The touch of the light on my fingertips was soft and warm.

The light mingled with the sunlight pouring through the window and disappeared in a splendid way.

With the light, the ballroom became quiet again.

After a while, the sound of soft claps rang out.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the main character who clapped his hands.

A terrace balustrade on the second floor overlooking the concourse of the ballroom.

Rudger was clapping his hands there.

“It was great magic.”

With that word, the atmosphere that seemed to be choked was magically relieved.

“It was nothing.”

Flora responded lightly and stepped off the stage.

But the corners of her mouth were still twitching, not knowing what to do.

Jesse Luna, who came to his senses belatedly, sorted out the situation.

[Oh, oh oh! What a magic! A genius of geniuses! Flora Lumos has shown her greatest strength!]

[This is a great mana operation. It was even magic I had never seen before. It’s probably a magic that he pioneered himself. To spread it out so freely in this place.]

Carter Lore also accepted Jesse’s words in a voice full of excitement.

Needless to say, the evaluation of the judges was unanimous.

In fact, while Flora’s victory was confirmed, no one was on stage anymore.

Flora showed a stage that was so overwhelming that everyone lost their enthusiasm.

This was a situation that even the judges could not have predicted at all, so there was a look of bewilderment on their faces.

The atmosphere was that the contest would end earlier than expected.

[Are there any more applicants! Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if you get a recommendation!]

Jesse Luna, who heard something from the organizers, exclaimed loudly.

I said so, but no one came forward.

Flora clenched her fists in her heart.


With this, his victory was confirmed.

‘Then I said I could request a dance.’

who will you do it to?

Of course, the answer was fixed.

‘By the way, what if they don’t accept it?’

Come to think of it, I wondered if the dance went too far. It also didn’t match his image.

Wasn’t it enough to hear Rudger’s praise for magic?

As I pondered, the sun slowly set.

The scarlet sunset filtered through the large glass windows into the ballroom.

There was an unknown silence.

It was as if something was about to happen.

I don’t know why, but everyone in this room instinctively felt that way.

And then, the foreshadowing happened.

“Uh, uh?!”

A scream of bewilderment erupts from one side.

That was the sound that came out of Erendir’s mouth.

Even Freuden, who was with him, was surprised by everything.

He didn’t say anything out of his mouth, but his bulging eyes contained a feeling of astonishment.

The reason, needless to say, was because of Line.


The sound of fire was heard.

Later, people realized that they were hearing hallucinations.

It was because the scene that unfolded in front of my eyes was so amazing and different.

The white dress that Rene wore to the ballroom was on fire.

The dress bathed in the glow of the sunset went beyond being dyed in that color and was scattering scarlet embers in all directions.

“Uh, huh?”

What was embarrassing was the same with Line, who was wearing a dress.

In the meantime, the flames that wrapped around the dress grew stronger, and eventually changed its shape.

The dress, which was like a white cloud floating in the sky, eventually changed to a passionate dress like a blazing flame.

People’s eyes were taken away by the intense sight.

Only Rudger watched the scene with an expression that said something had come.

The magic hour has begun.

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