I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 428

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◈ Episode 428 Magic Ball (2)

[Seorn’s ball finally begins. What kind of rookie will appear today.]

It was written in a column for a magazine popular in Ledervelk.

Magazine readers heard the news of the prom, and at the same time had some expectations.

For the commoner, the fraternity ball was a story from another world.

Most fraternity clubs are attended by wealthy merchant families, doctors, the legal profession, and aristocratic families.

However, Ceorn’s prom was a little different.

It was a place where both nobles and commoners participated, so unlike other balls, there was not much resistance from ordinary citizens.

Rather, the news that even commoners could be in the spotlight in such a place aroused a kind of vicarious satisfaction and anticipation in people.

Perhaps because of this, some of the commoner students felt strained on their shoulders and, on the contrary, had excessive expectations.

Of course, it was a story that had nothing to do with Line.

‘Still, I’m a little nervous.’

Left alone in her dormitory room, Rene looked at the dress in front of her and exclaimed in admiration.

Violetta was a really great designer.

The dress was finished in a much more beautiful and sophisticated form than the draft I saw that day.

To be honest, it was a shame to wear it.

‘He even sent me accessories.’

From shoes to necklaces and bracelets.

Violetta said that she would make her the hero of this occasion.

Rinne didn’t believe that. It was just decent lip service, she thought.

However, when I saw a dress this outstanding, I couldn’t help but realize that Violetta’s words were not lies.

‘Can you give me this nice dress?’

At this point, I was a bit scared.

Wouldn’t it be better to give it to someone more suitable?

Like Erendir, Flora-senpai, and Julia.

Otherwise, the teachers seemed to be fine.

Selina-sensei and Merilda-sensei are also popular with the students.

On the other hand, he… … .

“Something has gone wrong.”

The moment I questioned whether I could wear this, I felt sick to my stomach from the pressure.

Rene unwittingly took up the board and accessed the chat room of the Akashic Records.

-Are you busy right now?

When I contacted him like that, I got a reply right away from the other person.

from John Smith.


-It’s a prom soon, isn’t it? So I wondered if I had already been to the ballroom.

[So it seems that you are not at the ballroom yet.]

-yes. I have something to think about.

Renee pondered for a moment. Whether he should ask the other person this or not.

A person with no face or name.

However, since he was someone he could lean on while honestly expressing his feelings, Line took a chance.

– Yes. What should you do when you receive an excessive gift that doesn’t suit you?

[An undeserved gift?]

-yes. Something burdened me.

To that end, the other party did not reply for a while.

Is it because you are thinking deeply about something?

John Smith was a good person who always took matters seriously even though it was not his business.

Line thought that the slight void felt in the conversations exchanged with this phrase sometimes gave it a strange calm.

It was as if the other person was carrying the burden of his heart instead.

[How did the person who gave you the gift look like it to you? Was there vanity? Or were you full of desire? Was there a purpose?]

– It wasn’t like that.

Thinking about it again, Line didn’t feel that way in Violetta.

I could tell because it was Linea, who instinctively grasps people’s good and evil, whether they are friendly or hostile to them.

[Then you may accept the gift as it is.]


[Because I thought it really suited you, so I gave you that gift.]

Rinne asked why he thought so.

The reply came right away.

[You are humble. But sometimes too much humility works as a poison that kills oneself. My current worries are in a similar vein. So it’s good to be happy to accept the favor. It is also a courtesy towards the person who gave the gift. That person probably didn’t give it to you in the hope that it would make you uncomfortable.]


At that moment, Rinne had a great realization.

-thank you. Thank you for listening to my concerns and giving me advice.

[I thought it was useless, but I’m glad you accepted it well.]

– More than that, is Mr. Smith also at the prom?

[well. Maybe I will.]

– Amarani. So what are you doing now?

[Who are you seriously listening to?]

Linen put out a laugh.



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-all right. The prom is about to begin, so let’s go.


-Maybe the two of us will meet at the ballroom?

[We met, but we may not know each other.]

-That would be funny.

After sharing my worries, my heart felt lighter.

Line nodded once and picked up the dress.

* * *

The ballroom was noisy with crowded people.

Fortunately, the people participating in the ball were limited to the students and teachers of Seorn.

Otherwise, the surroundings would have been crowded with all kinds of crowds from outside.

The entrance to the ballroom was wide and tall, as if looking at an arched castle gate.

The road leading to the entrance was covered with a red carpet, and just by walking on it, students could enjoy the feeling of being the main character of this place.

‘Mmm. The atmosphere is no joke.’

Seated on one side of the ballroom, Erendir covered his mouth with a fan of feathers as he watched the crowds begin to gather.

She wore a gorgeous golden dress that matched her own hair color.

Even just standing still, it shines and shines, so it naturally catches people’s attention.

I didn’t feel like I was overdressed because I wanted to attract attention.

‘But why is no one coming?’

Usually, at a place like this, men mustered up the courage to come up to me and invite me to dance.

In fact, in the center of the ballroom, where classical music resonated quietly, couples who had already formed a pair were dancing a waltz.

Erendir peeked at the students with an envious gaze.

okay. I still have a lot of shame, so that’s what I do.

Erendir decided to wait a little more calmly.

Then someone approached the place where Erendir was.

Erendir, who was feeling high, felt the presence and turned around.

The joy of finally coming and the desperate mindset of not revealing it.

It collapsed like a sandcastle hit by waves the moment it saw the opponent’s face.

“Eh. something?”

“What is that reaction?”

Freuden Ulburg.

Dressed nicely in a suit and neatly trimmed, he stared at Erendir with the same cold eyes as usual.

“Hmmmm. it’s nothing.”

“It’s obvious if you don’t see it. Just looking at it, it’s like waiting for someone to invite you to dance. I would have been disappointed to see that I was the one approaching.”

“Oh, isn’t it?”

Freuden said with a pitiful look.

“Don’t you think it’s wrong to wear a dress that’s too flashy in the first place, hoping that others will come to you?”

“Hey, what is this about?”

“It is excessive. It hurts my eyes just looking at it. Anything should be appropriate, but if someone who is already hard to approach is wearing such an iron-clad dress, who will approach it?”

Freuden’s words were poignant.

Erendir’s face turned red with anger at those words, but he couldn’t bear to refute.

Come to think of it, it was because Freuden’s point was completely correct.

“Well, why are you here? Is it because you can’t get dance requests from women?”

“It is the opposite. It’s a problem because we receive too much.”

Freuden said that while looking sideways.

When Erendir moved his gaze along those eyes, he saw a group of women there.

They were all students who wanted to dance with Freuden.

“… … Unlucky.”

“Isn’t it all my fault?”

“Why did that proud man come to me? no way… … .”

At Erendir’s fuss, Freuden blatantly crumpled his expression.

“Do you think I’m crazy and ask the princess to dance? Don’t be mistaken. I came here because it is the safest place.”

“Is it safe?”

Erendir pondered why he had said such a thing, and soon realized the reason.

“… … !”

Freyden came here to use himself as a shield, taking advantage of the fact that no one approaches the place where Erendir is.

“You’re not completely blind.”

“Are you going to use me now?”

“What are you saying? Since no one comes close like this, he gets help from both sides.”

“I didn’t dress up like this for that, did I?”

“The sun is bright, but no one wants to get close to it. It’s hot enough to burn your skin. I hope that this opportunity will make you realize the providence of nature.”

Erendir and Freuden glared at each other strongly.

However, since it was just a meaningless war of nerves, both of them turned their heads at the same time.

“joy. Rather, I can see why you come to a place like this and wait for someone.”

“… … What are you talking about?”

Freuden rarely hesitated to answer.

“What are you talking about? You’re waiting for Line, aren’t you?”

“… … .”

“Did you know I didn’t know? Wouldn’t it be strange not to know that you, who are not kind to anyone in the first place, act like such a gentleman towards Line?”

Honestly, I thought the princess wouldn’t know.

Freuden desperately resisted trying to say this.

Now that he was the one who caught the weak point, it was better not to touch her planting.

“… … you. You seem serious.”

“What do you mean?”

“Looking at the way you treat Rine, have you two met in the past?”

“… … It is a personal matter.”

“That is strange. Line doesn’t remember anything from the past. But you act like you know something. By any chance, is it related to Line’s mother?”

Freyden’s gaze turned to Erendir.

Seeing his eyes asking how you know that, Erendir let out a small sigh.

“I saw it during class. It’s called memory storming, and it’s a phenomenon where you see parts of the other person’s memories imbued with magical power.”

“… … What did you see?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just that Rinne had a mother. But it’s so amazing. Her magical powers belonged to Line, but the memories belonged to her mother.”

To Erendir, Line was a very mysterious girl.

Memories were erased, and even the subject of magical power and memory were not the same.

Even from Freuden’s attitude, it was clear that there was something more.

“But he’s a good kid, so I don’t bother asking.”

“… … There is nothing good to know.”

Freuden stared straight ahead and muttered quietly.

“On the contrary, it’s just bad.”

“you… … .”

Erendir, who was about to ask what he knew, swallowed his words involuntarily.

The young eyes of Freuden’s enemy were directed to one side of the ballroom.

‘Who the hell?’

Who the hell is it that Freuden is glaring at him like that?

I followed his gaze and saw an unexpected person.

‘Mr. Rudger Celish?’

The ballroom consisted of two floors.

In the open hall in the middle, the shape of the second floor railing could be seen, and Rudger was standing on one side of the second floor railing.

‘The teacher also came to the prom.’

Rudger was wearing a party suit, not his usual frock coat.

The black suit suit fit very well, as if it were tailored for Rudger.

Ludgar’s old-fashioned atmosphere was further strengthened, to the point where Erendir unknowingly wondered who made that outfit.

But that wasn’t what mattered now.

It was that Freuden showed hostility toward Ludger.

‘What happened to the two of you before?’

Even if I asked, Freuden didn’t seem to answer, so I just guessed.

Upon Ludger’s appearance, the eyes of some students gathered there.

Most of them were female students, and there was a lot of envy in their eyes.

‘but. First of all, he’s a very attractive person from the outside.’

Erendir was convinced by that reaction.

However, once you get to know Rudger, you will quickly realize that he is a difficult person to approach.

It was Ludgar Celish, who was far more lofty and ruthless than the Wolf of Ulburg next to him.

It was like a crow sitting quietly on the top of a high white mountain peak.

‘Since I know that, no one seems to approach and talk to me.’

In fact, many people looked at Rudger, but no one approached and spoke to him.

It was because of Ludger’s unique atmosphere.

At that time, Erendir had just discovered a small disturbance at the entrance to the ballroom.

Did anyone even come?

At the same time as I had such a thought, a person slowly appeared from the entrance.


Erendir widened his eyes.

* * *

Rinne walked slowly.

The dress I was wearing was uncomfortable because of the shoes I was wearing.

It didn’t mean that the fit was bad.

On the contrary, the dress Violetta made for her fit her body surprisingly well.

No matter how meticulously measured, I wondered if it could be this comfortable.


What was uncomfortable was a matter of mindset.

‘I’ve never worn something like this before.’

I’ve never been to a place like this before, and I’ve never been decorated like this before.

is this correct? did i do it right? What if it looks weird? Did you come out for nothing?

It is said that he gained courage, but when he arrived at the ballroom, that courage was already gone.

‘okay. I’ll just check the atmosphere and come out.’

Rene made that promise and entered the ballroom.


‘Why is everyone staring at me?’

It seemed that everyone around him was looking at him.

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