I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 421

◈ Episode 421: The First Sword of the Continent (3)

[older brother.]

said Hans.

It was Youngsoo’s way of communicating, conveying his will to the other person without opening his mouth.

[Is that a human?]

In fact, Hans didn’t even realize that he was using Yeongsu’s communication method naturally.

That’s how hard it was to take your eyes off Lutus.

Rutus Wardot.

I had heard that he was the best knight on the continent beyond the empire.

Thanks to that, I remembered my personal details clearly.

However, the difference between the information he received only in words and his actual power was too great.

He, who had transformed into a receipt, had rammed it with all his might.

Originally, it was something that Hans, who avoids fighting, could not do.

But seeing Alex and Pantos collapse in blood, all those worries were put to the background.

Even thinking to himself, Hans had no idea where he got this courage.

When he came to his senses, before Ludger had even given an order, his whole body was covered in magical energy and his horns were thrusting at Lutus with all his might.

Until he dragged him out of the city and threw him into a distant forest, Hans wondered if he had gone too far.

Only for a very brief moment.

Lutus was fine even in the explosion.

Parts of his clothes did not escape the aftermath of the impact, but his body was unscathed.

It was unbelievable.

It is said that it is not enough compared to the real Youngsu, but even with the power of the tip, it boasted tremendous output.

In terms of numbers, it was stronger than a huge tank pushing straight into it.

Still, this is the result.

But Rudger couldn’t easily answer that.

His gaze remained fixed on Lutus.

That was also true of Lutus with a club in one hand.

The intuition that an attack would come the moment I took my eyes off him, even for the slightest moment.

Rudger did not ignore that intuition.

‘Besides, that strange technique that leaked Hans’ power just a moment ago.’

Lutus extended his hands to intercept Hans’s attack.

And with the technique of shedding energy, most of the power was shed outside.

The process took place in a short period of time, not even taking a breath, but Rudger saw it.

The operation of power that Lutus showed, albeit in an instant.

‘It’s just a guess, but I got a rough idea of ​​what it felt like.’

Lutus Wardot exclaimed in admiration at the strangeness in Ludger’s eyes for a moment.

‘Huh. indeed. Is it because they are the boss of those subordinates?’

The Ludger that Lutus understood was not a knight or a warrior.

It’s the same when you look at the black shadows that sway over that body. The guy was a wizard.

Not just a wizard, but a wizard with a different texture.

It is felt.

Even though he is a wizard, he has a spirit that can only be seen by those who have crossed countless lines of death and experienced actual combat.

‘It doesn’t make sense that such a talented person has not been rumored until now.’

It is said that Princess Eileen will look after her, but the fact that rumors didn’t spread that much must be because the person in question hid her identity well.

Lutus aimed his club at Ludger and saved his momentum.

Rudgar also drew out his sword stick and poured his magic power into it.

The two were speechless.

Hans took a step back and distanced himself from the two of them.

Instinctively, he sensed that intervening now would work against Rudger.

A terrifying silence fell over the forest, where not even the insects cried.

The two people facing each other moved at the same time.

The bodies of Rudger and Lutus crossed in the air.

A sharp flash of light shone as if teasing the eyes.

The seats of the two who appeared soon became the exact opposite of where they had initially stood.

Silent collision without sound.

Hans didn’t understand for a moment what had happened.

However, the sight that unfolded immediately widened his eyes.

blah blah!

A huge crater carved in the center of the forest.

Above them, scars were carved on the ground as if an invisible giant’s sword had struck them down.

Its size was much bigger than the crater, and it stretched all the way to the outside of the forest.

The cross section of the crack was smooth as if it had been cut with something sharp.

Even its depth was unfathomable. It was as if the mouth of the abyss of hell had been wide open.

Lutus, who had produced unbelievable results, slowly looked back.

“What was that just about?”

Rudgar turned his head slightly and retrieved the magic power stored in the sword stick.

The black shadow shimmering on the sword disappeared, revealing a pure white blade.


“Unlike my technique, which is just mere imitation, is that the real thing?”

Lutus muttered that while looking down at the club in his hand.

A club of suitable size was cut off except for the hand-held part.

Some would say that there is no way a club can compete against a sword stick imbued with magical power.

If the person wielding the club is Lutus Wardott, the story is different.

In fact, the gigantic slash that etched the forest was a phenomenon he created with his broken club.

“It’s interesting.”

Lutus tossed the now useless piece of wood on the floor.

All momentum subsided and the tension was released.

“I haven’t heard the answer to what purpose you’re moving, but I don’t think you’ll become an enemy of the Empire right away. It seems our cutie princess also values ​​that side highly.”

Rudger didn’t bother to answer.

Lutus didn’t want an answer either, so he shrugged and continued.

“But the moment you become an enemy of the Empire, it will not end like this time. Keep those words deep in her heart.”

Rudgar replied by inserting the sword stick into the cane.

“You can look forward to it.”

“… … under.”

Such a provocative tone in front of the strongest knight in the empire.

Strangely, however, Lutus felt that he did not hate it.

How many people in this empire could be so proud of themselves?

Especially when I think of Alex and Pantos, I felt envy before being wary of Ludger.

Lutus spurned his seat and disappeared, leaving his regret behind.

Unlike his seemingly dull size, his body crossed the darkness of the forest as lightly as a feather.

Eventually, when Lutus completely disappeared, Hans let out the breath he had been holding.

[Paha! Bar, what was that just now?]

Hans approached Ludger and asked.

Just looking at the scars on the floor made my spine run cold.

In fact, the pure white hair of Hans, who was still in the form of the beast, stood on end.

[If I’m not mistaken, I think there was a huge flash of light.]

The moment Rudger and Lutus cross each other.

Hans, who had greatly increased his eyes due to the receipt, saw a flash of light that burst out in an instant.

The light, which even Yeongsu’s eyes could barely see, was so far away that it was difficult to evaluate it.

[Is it your brother’s?]

“Not me.”

[So, in that case, did you mean that person just did it? The flash I saw… … .]

“It was an aura.”

Hans was speechless for a moment.

to come? You said that was an auror?

The aura that that momentary flash of light drew from the club.

[It is said that a trained knight can pull out an aura with his hands even without a weapon, but how can he get an aura of that size with a piece of wood like that… … .]

Even if it manifested only at the moment of swinging, its size and length made no sense.

[That, more than that, is your older brother okay?]

“I am fine.”

Rudgar, who had released Ather Nocturnus, was fine.

It was a ridiculous blow from Lutus, but in the end it didn’t reach Ludgar.

It was because the shadow energy contained in the swordstick erased all attacks within a certain range.

The technology Lutus was talking about was the distortion of space.

The essence itself was different from Lutus’s, which was performed with extremely refined techniques.

The proof was that even during the slashing, Ludger himself was as fine as he was.

[Rather than that, were you able to make the original sword dwell in a shadow?]

“I couldn’t.”

[But when will this happen again… … .]

“After going to Kasar Basin, I realized in many ways.”

Fighting Rimray and seeing Belkart’s magic, Ludgar also got a lot of inspiration for the magic they use.

So, the current technology was to look at it, imitate it appropriately, and create it as if imitating it.

“The consumption of mana is so great that it can’t be used for long, but it looks like it’s not inferior to a one-hit kill.”

Instead, the range was short.

Since it is close to giving a swordstick its characteristics, it is virtually impossible to lengthen it or shoot it far.

Using this must be when approaching by creating a clear gap.

Still, having a useful skill is a good thing, so Rudger decided to be content with it.

Rudger naturally climbed onto Hans’ back and said.

“Let’s go back. I also have to check what happened to Alex and Pantos.”


Hans’s body slowly floated into the air.

Now, it became natural for me to rise into the air without being conscious of it.

Soon after, Hans ran as if he were stepping on air and headed for Leather Velcro.

The forest where everyone left.

There was a change in the land full of traces of craters and huge slashes.


The traces of deep digging in the ground were filled as if they were being regenerated, and the traces that were cut out were healed as if they were being sutured.

As if the ground itself had a will.

* * *

Alex and Pantos went straight into treatment.

Thanks to Bellaluna who heard the news and gave first aid, the two did not have any aftereffects.

There were broken bones and cuts and bruises all over the body, but both of them were so resilient that they would shake them off quickly.

“That is very fortunate.”

“Yeah, but just in case you don’t know, you need to take it easy.”

Bellaluna spoke her opinion as a doctor.

It’s because she’s overly obsessed with pharmaceuticals, but despite her appearance, she has excellent medical knowledge.

I mean, in this respect, I’m serious again.

Rudger had such thoughts in mind and replied that he would understand.

Rudger entered the hospital room where Alex and Pantos were resting.

Contrary to the expectation that they would be gloomy because they had been defeated in a pincer attack with all their might, the expressions of the two looked very serious.

“Have you learned anything from the fight?”

“a lot. It’s a weird feeling that makes you feel bad, but also makes you feel good at the same time.”

Alex replied with a smile.

A light he hadn’t seen before flashed in his eyes.

As the knight attained enlightenment, the aura inherent in his body was expressed as if responding to it.

“I’ve never heard of a way to operate an aura like that. No, even if rumors spread in the first place, only that monstrous human would be able to use it.”

“Did you feel it?”

“What do you see me as? I definitely realized it while fighting. The absurd shedding of power shown by the knight commander, the nobleman. Even its origins and principles.”

Alex thought of Lutus, who let go of both his and Pantos’ attacks.

I thought it would drain power with extreme skill, but it wasn’t.

It was rather close to colossal power.

“It’s still at the stage of speculation, but I’m getting a feel for what it is roughly. If you think about it a little more, I think you will come up with an answer soon.”

Rudgar remembered Lutus’ aura.

The blow we shared in the forest.

At that time, the aura that Lutus pulled out could reach the sky if exaggerated a little.

In the blink of an eye, I pull out an aura of that level of output, swing it, and collect it again.

It was an incredibly fast and natural flow.

I wondered if it would be possible to extract all the auras from the body.

In terms of magicians, that also meant that the amount of mana discharge had reached 100%.

On the contrary, I thought that at least that much was worthy of the title of the continent’s strongest swordsman.

“That man is literally a living natural disaster. But what’s even more terrifying is that you deal with that power completely.”

“Pantos. Do you think so too?”

Pantos, who was wrapped in bandages all over, answered that question.

“A rough wind wave encountered at sea. It was the power I felt in that person. It is a terrible disaster that raises waves and capsizes boats.”

Pantos’ impression of Lutus was the same as Alex’s.

Because we risked our lives and fought, we felt the same and it was clear.


Rudger looked at the two and asked.

“What are you going to do now?”

Quite a provocative question sparked speculation in the eyes of Alex and Pantos.

The two of them’s lips turned into a pouty smile.

“of course.”

“I have to pay you back.”

Thank you for meeting Rutus.

Because thanks to you, I can become stronger.

* * *

The incident, which took place in the middle of the night, was quickly concluded.

The place where Pantos and Alex fought was a deserted alley.

In addition, it was because there were no residents because the area itself was a place with redevelopment in mind.

The only problem was the white shooting star that crossed over the city that people saw, but what exactly it was was just a rumor.

‘Even so, it would be difficult to erase the traces of the nearby forest.’

Rudger thought so while reading the Stars in the Night Sky incident that made the front page of a newspaper.

It is said that what happened in the city itself can be ignored, but the traces of the fight must have remained intact in the forest outside the city.

It was like that from the scars that ran across the entire forest.

When they see it, people will think what happened.

Considering the direction the light flew, rumors would spread quickly, but it was quite strange that there was no news yet.

Rudger folded the newspaper at the sound of a knock on the door just in time.

“Come in.”

It was Sedina who opened the door and entered.

She looked at Rudger and asked in a slightly worried tone.

“Are you okay? I heard the news. He said there was work in Kassar Basin… … .”

“It was nothing.”

“It is not good. First Order Leslie’s death is already digging.”

Ludger’s blue eyes turned to Sedina.

“And there is a story that the teacher who was at the scene at the time killed Leslie.”

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