I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 42

◈ Episode 42 Reverberation of the Past (2)

After having an interview with Rudger, Line walked down the hallway with a hazy expression as if she was dreaming somewhere.

In her arms was a book on non-attribute magic that Ludger had given her.

Even while my mind was sold somewhere, I instinctively felt that this must be treated with care.

Line, who was walking along the corridor with such rapid steps, stopped at the sound of a voice calling her.


“Uh, what? Seo, senior?”

A soft, pleasant voice calling this side.

She is a second year student taking the same manifestation class as herself, and the 3rd princess of the Empire, who is famous even within Seorn, but is by far the best.

Erendir was looking at Line with a worried gaze.

“Senior-nim, why are you here… … .”

“What is it? I was worried, so I was waiting because I didn’t know. You were called by Mr. Ludgar.”

“yes? iced coffee! It was. that’s right. lol.”


Erendir felt even more suspicious about Line’s strange reaction.

“Lene. I wonder if Mr. Rudger did something to harm you… … .”

Erendir hadn’t considered Ludger’s behavior so well before.

Probably because the first impression was the worst.

During the first orientation, Rudger acted out his guts without even telling me what he was going to teach in his class. Because of that, there was a lot of talk among the students in <Akashic Records>, so it must have been shocking.

In fact, it was Erendir who first asked Rudger a question in a slightly sharp tone.

To her, who had the right values ​​of justice, Ludger’s behavior was unacceptable.

Afterwards, the content of the class was so great that even she admired it, but it didn’t immediately dispel the bad perception that had initially stuck in it.

Rather, the situation in which Ludger’s attitude coldly spoke to her because of the last werewolf incident made her even more angry.

Naturally, Rudger took Linen to the teachers’ office, so it was only natural that he had bad thoughts.

“No, no!”

Line hastily defended Rudger.

“Mr. Rudger was just giving me advice… … ! He, never just laid a hand on me or anything like that! Mr. Rudgar is not such a pervert!”


After saying that, it was Erendir who was rather taken aback.

Erendir blushed red and spoke in a very surprised tone.

“I-I didn’t mean that in that sense. Rinne’s junior is… … It’s quite sloppy.”

“Yes, yes?!”

“I was just talking about moving classes or forcibly kicking them out to take other classes. I, to think of such a relationship between a man and a woman… … .”

“Uh, huh? Now, wait! It’s not like that!”

Line also realized that she had made a big mistake, and her face flushed red with embarrassment.

Erendir burst into laughter at the sight of Liné desperately trying to say something out of embarrassment.

“Ahaha. okay. Nothing I’m worried about happened, so I’ll take it as such.”

“… … Jungmaal.”

“So nothing really happened? Anything?”

“yes. Because there was none.”

“Then what is that book about?”


Erendir noticed that Line was holding a book she had never seen before and pointed it out.

What you couldn’t have known if you didn’t know in the first place was that Line was handling that book carefully as if it were something very precious.

Of course I have to wonder.

“This is what Mr. Rudger gave me.”

“Mr. Rudgar?”

Rinne nodded. Erendir widened her eyes in disbelief.

She didn’t know much about Ludgar, but she hadn’t thought at all that she would take care of Linen, who, due to the man’s personality, couldn’t keep up with his class itself.

I thought I’d rather kick you out of class.

“yes. He told me that learning this would help me a lot to keep up with the class.”


Erendir couldn’t believe it even more when he saw Linen smiling bashfully.

That Rudger is doing me this kind of favor?

Didn’t that man harshly and brutally point out the students’ realization of attribute elements in the previous class?

Of course, that’s all true, and I understand that it’s a way to motivate the other person by touching their ego.

Erendir didn’t like that way very much.

‘for a moment. Even back then, he seems to have been kind to Linen.’

When werewolves attack.

Rudger remembered that he treated himself rather harshly as the princess, and spoke a little softly to Linen.

Of course, the memory of that time was slightly distorted because of the ill feeling towards Rudger, but the overall context did not change.

Looking at the fact that he called Line separately this time and handed over the books.

no way… … .

Erendir had something that came to his mind, but he didn’t say it.

At that time, Line was thinking about something, and asked carefully so that only Erendir could hear it.

“Could it be that the teacher likes me?”

“… … .”

The thought that Erendir had been harboring was actually spoken out by Line.

Erendir shook his head as he wondered how to explain this.

“No, it is not.”




Line also thought that he said something and it wasn’t true.

But after saying that, I started to have doubts.

Doesn’t Mr. Ludger really like me?

It sounds like boasting, but Line was confident in her appearance.

‘But isn’t it pretty enough for me?’

Not to mention, Line was actually the owner of a beautiful appearance that drew the attention of even a decent number of nobles.

The rare and rare hair color is also hair color, but the heavenly beauty that matches it is enough to make Line’s name rise and fall among the male students in Seorn.

Suddenly, Line imagined herself with Ludger.

I thought that they would be a pair that would go well together, but Line shook her head hurriedly.

‘Ah, anyway. With someone you don’t even know yet… … .’

Rene was subtly conservative in this regard.

Erendir, who was watching Linen shake his head right away after turning into a blank face by himself, asked her cautiously.

“Have you eaten?”

“yes? Oh no. yet.”

“Then would you like to eat together?”

“Can I really do that?”

At the unexpected meal proposal from the princess, Line was ecstatic and didn’t know what to do.

It was because he thought that if it was Erendir, other people besides himself would line up to eat together.

But that was Line’s misunderstanding.

Erendir had hardly ever been with anyone. Her status as a princess was great, but she was shunned by other students because it was so high.

Occasionally, there were students from noble families who spoke to them, but they only contacted them for political purposes. It wasn’t purely because he liked Erendir. What they saw was the 3rd princess, not Erendir.


To put it bluntly, Erendir was an Assassin who traveled alone even within Seorn.

Because he was such an Erendir, he mustered up the courage to propose a meal to a junior he had become close with.

‘oh my god. You’re the first person to ask me to eat with you!’

And in the eyes of Line, who was alone the whole time because of the incident at the beginning of the semester, it looked like a great mercy from her senior.

Perhaps thinking it was a refusal when Line’s reply was delayed, Erendir twisted his blonde hair with his fingers and said.

“No, what. I can’t help it if I don’t like it or feel uncomfortable… … .”

“no! I want to eat!”

At this moment, Line and Erendir had a close friend to eat together for the first time.

* * *

After sending Line back, I sat alone in the teacher’s office and remembered the meeting with her a little while ago.

The person herself doesn’t seem to know it, but I know what kind of power she possesses.

‘Non-attribute magic. It’s not that surprising that the attribute itself doesn’t exist.’

For me, since it was non-attribute, it was a new form of magic that had never been discovered before, so there was nothing new about it.

Because magic was always new to me.

Since I lived in a world without magic, the magic that exists in this world always gave me a mysterious experience.


I, with the memory and knowledge of another world, recognize magic as magic much more than the wizards who are the inhabitants of this world.

Although the wizards of today with a closed mindset were isolated and stagnant in their lives.

When I realized that there was magic in death and new life, I took things to a different level than others.

Should I say that the limiter in the brain has been released?

Other wizards discovering new magic

-Non-attribute magic? There can be no such thing!

and foaming at the mouth, I

-Non-attribute magic? It’s a world where magic exists, so maybe there is such a thing.

It has reached the point of being flexible.

The point of view of seeing and recognizing magic was very different from that of wizards in this world.

Even that picky master stuck out his tongue at this point when teaching me.

However, what I paid attention to when I looked at Line was not her magic power, but her eyes.

Non-attribute magic is only a part of her power.

The real thing is the ‘eye’.

‘That eye. I said I saw it somewhere.’

My elderly teacher had all sorts of old books that I couldn’t find today, most notably books about monsters and demons that were hundreds of years old.

It is said that there are no monsters except for a few cryptids now, but it is said that in the old days this continent was full of all kinds of monsters.

And even the demons that command those monsters.

‘It’s just a moment, but that look in her eyes.’

I remembered Linen’s eyes.

Her eyes were a soft blue.

However, as we chatted a while ago, I noticed that the color of Line’s eyes had subtly changed.

What floats between the deep blue irises is a pure white light that sparkles like the light of the stars in the sky.

Her pupils resemble the calm surface of the water containing the Milky Way in the night sky.

There was no way I could not recognize those unusual eyes.

‘The eye that distinguishes between good and evil, the Judgment Eye. If I’m not mistaken, Line is the owner of that decision.’

The judgment is the eye that distinguishes the good and evil of others, and clearly shows whether or not there is hostility to oneself beyond that.

An ability that cannot be called magic, rather literally miraculous and mystical.

The greatest thing about this judgment is that it can find out the appearance of ‘devils’ hiding in the gaps of humans.

‘Currently, those demons are treated almost exclusively as legends.’

To people now, demons are just bad guys with horns on their heads and red skin that only appear in fairy tales.

A product of lies to scare children.

However, looking at the literature, it seems that the devil was real.

‘There must be devils in a world where magic exists. I also died and came back to life, so I wonder if that’s the case.’

And Line’s eyes had a lot to do with it.

I saw with my own eyes that the decision that existed only as a record actually exists.

In other words, isn’t the existence of the judgment eye that distinguishes demons determine whether demons exist or not?

If there is another characteristic of the judgment, it is that when it appears, a big incident occurs regardless of the era.

Fortunately, Rinne’s judgment was not fully awakened, and he himself seemed to be unaware that he had such an ability.

But one day you’ll realize

‘Is this also a fate after all?’

A book about non-attribute magic that I handed over to Line.

I never thought that the book written by ‘she’ would go around and return to Line.

It seems that Rinne herself doesn’t remember.

‘It’s a bit of a headache.’

It’s like realizing that she’s the owner of the Judgment Eye, and it’s like seeing past ties like this again.

‘To be involved in something like this in Seorn.’

I sighed and got up from my seat.


I thought so.

If Linen could use that judgment properly, he wondered if he would be able to find out all the members of the secret society hiding in Ceorn.

In particular, the most threatening thing to me right now was the still elusive First Order.

I had no idea what he was, where he was, and what he was doing. It’s like asking Sedina Lawshen.

‘They say they’re as vigilant as possible, but I need something to guess.’

Unless I knew where the First Order was and what it was doing, I had to be as careful as possible.

However, if Line’s decision works properly, it might be of great help to me.

The Three Musketeers, including Aidan and his friends, plus Line.

If you cleverly use these children’s powers, maybe… … .

‘No, that’s it. Let’s start from work.’

I put on my coat and opened the door to leave the office, but I heard a squeaking sound coming from outside the door, and I had no choice but to stop.


A dark-blue-haired girl sat on the floor clutching her head as if she had bumped her forehead against the door.

Looking down at her, I let out a cold voice that was different from my embarrassing heart.

“What are you doing here? Flora Lumos.”

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