I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 418

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◈ Episode 418 Modified Record (2)

Hans, who was quietly listening to the story, rolled his eyes and threw a question without even realizing it.

[So it wasn’t in the past?]

Belatedly, Hans realized that he had intervened between the two without permission, and shut up.

However, since the words had already been spoken, Hans couldn’t help but tremble.

Grander looked at Hans pathetically, then nodded softly.

“Yes. Monsters that are now left as legends to you. Races completely different from humans existed on this continent in the past. Not only that, we got along with each other. Sometimes we get along, sometimes we fight.”

But it was humans who ended it.

The monsters were driven out, and humans formed their own kingdom.

What remained on the continent were sub-species similar to humans.

But they also suffered human oppression, and many fights and massacres took place.

“During those years, humans made so many things, but more than they made were lost. What’s even more funny is that they don’t even know what they’ve lost.”

“Is non-attribute magic also one of them?”

“I guess so. But this is amazing.”

Grander said as he rolled his legs back and forth.

“I just thought they lost something precious because of the passage of time and human desire. Their stupidity brought about that result, I certainly thought. But after hearing your story, I feel a sense of alienation.”

“What kind of heterogeneity are you talking about?”

“Even I don’t know why it happened.”

Rudger was silent for a moment.

If it was enough for Grander to say that with his own mouth, it wasn’t usually a serious matter.

“Why did what was once a blessing become a curse? It is said that it happens because you forget something, but if so, what is the root cause of forgetting? And why didn’t I even know about it?”

After enumerating the stories one by one, Grander eventually came up with an answer.

“Someone’s plotting behind the scenes.”

you’ve got the job done

Hans praised himself for not letting the words out of his mouth this time.

“Information was blocked, distorted, and the truth distorted. But what’s unusual is that I’ve been victimized even though I don’t have any memory of it.”

Because it was such an absurdly absurd statement.

No matter how huge a force is, there is no way it can intervene in human history and cause a gap in information.

One of the subjects who even went through such a thing was Grander, the 8th tier wizard.

Who the hell is that possible?

No matter how much Hans thought about it, nothing came to his mind.

“Master, whose work do you think it is?”

“Who is who? Those who have continued to exist since then are probably the only ones other than the Church of Lumensis.”

The moment Hans heard Grander’s words, his eyes widened.

That religious group did this? How?

If you think about it rationally, it was something that couldn’t have happened.

‘But is it really so?’

Hans couldn’t be sure that the guess was wrong.

It was strange. Conspiracy theories like that come so credibly.

Could it be that the narrator who brought out the words is a legendary vampire and the strongest wizard? Did that power and authority create credibility?

‘no. This is my instinct, shouting that the word is right.’

In particular, Hans, now transformed into a spirit beast, had a keener and sharper sense than ever.

The most accurate of these is the instinct of the beast.

Instinct was not to be trifled with. Hans hated this cursed constitution of his own, but nonetheless, he definitely acknowledged its usefulness.

If I felt ominous when I turned into a beast, I was always hit.

It was the same even now, when I was strangely certain about something.


Hans rolled his eyes and looked at Ludger.

At Grander’s guess, Ludger stayed still without saying anything.

It was hard to read what he was saying because there was no change in his expression, but it was clear that Rudger was thinking a lot.

‘My older brother isn’t saying anything.’

If it’s not, it’s not, and if it doesn’t make sense, with a snort.

Rudger, who should have responded like that, is sticking to his silence.

There, Hans could have a strong conviction.

Even Rudger knows.

Considering Ludger’s true identity and where he came from, Ludger’s reaction now added a great deal of credibility.

It was then that Ludger, who had been quiet, opened his mouth.

“Then, does Master mean you don’t know what non-attribute magic is?”

“I do not know.”

Grander replied like a knife.

As someone who has lived for a long time, it would be embarrassing to say that she didn’t know, but she wasn’t ashamed of it at all.

“It’s just that I’m like, ‘It was like that then,’ and I don’t know exactly what happened or what went wrong. I feel bad about this. It feels like someone forcibly restrained my memory.”

“You seem to know something now.”

“I just drew a rough picture in my head while putting together the information you asked me. But it is very opaque and blurry, so it is meaningless.”

Even so, Grander smiled broadly as if he was having fun.

There was a strange feeling that made the spine chill while shedding a strange color that didn’t match the appearance.

“The magic cursed by the gods. It doesn’t matter what exactly it is. The important thing is that the world tried to cover up the truth, and when the truth comes out, it will greatly shake the world.”

The red eyes of the two eyes shone and stared at Ludger.



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“My disciple. what will you do The truth is sealed in a place so deep and dark. It is wrapped and submerged beneath the bottom of that deep lake.”

“… … .”

“Are you going to find it anyway? Can you withstand the countless interruptions and pressures of those who try to cover up the truth? After knowing the truth, do you have the confidence not to be weighed down by the weight? Do you have the confidence that your heart will not break in the middle?”

Grander’s voice gradually rose, revealing intense emotions.

It was joy, joy, and anticipation burning like a brilliant flame.

“If you realize that, no one will understand you. Rather, people will point fingers at you. Will you walk the path that no one understands, even then?”

A question that looms large.

Grander seemed to be saying this.

If you are unsure of any of the answers to these questions, turn your eyes away from the truth.

like everyone else.

that would be the best option.

“When have I not?”

Rudgar’s answer seemed a bit grudging.

In response, Grander opened his eyes wide, and then smiled softly.

“okay. That’s how you’re my disciple.”

Hans, who watched the whole scene, trembled.

Grander and Ludger.

The two were each other’s teachers and students, but it was a look that could not be seen in a normal teacher-teacher relationship.

“So did you find a way to solve it?”

“If it has anything to do with the curse of God, I plan to use it in reverse.”

“In reverse?”

“An existence that directly opposes God’s blessing. I will borrow the power of the warlock.”

Another answer was the existence of demons.

However, Rudger decided not to use that method for now.

The only demons he knows are Zero Order and Helya.

But I couldn’t trust either of them.

Especially since we don’t know what Zero Order’s ulterior motive is to find Line, it wasn’t good for them to reveal their hand first.

“That’s not a bad approach. But you son of a bitch You must not forget this much. That it was simply a makeshift way to delay time. In the end, there can be no fundamental solution.”

“I know.”

Rudger nodded.

Grander said that was enough and was about to finish.

At that time, her red eyes were different and turned in one direction.

“Hoo? A lot of interesting things happen today.”

Grander felt something.

At that moment, a mouse came running and stood in front of Hans.

Hans’ ears perked up as he listened to the mouse squeaking and crying.

[…] … older brother. I guess I have to move.]

“What is going on?”

[Pantos said they had a fight with someone.]

Pantos is fighting. at the same time?

Above all, Hans’ voice seemed quite urgent.

“Who are you fighting?”

[I don’t know who it is. But if it goes like this.]

Ludger’s eyes widened at Hans’ answer.

[That Pantos might die.]

* * *

Pantos swung his arm at Lutus.

Sharp nails grew at the tips of thick, strong fingers.

Joe (爪牙).

Sharp claws and teeth are the driving force that enables the Beasts to fight without weapons.

At the same time, it was also one of the reasons why they were evaluated as outstanding warriors.

However, beastmen usually do not reveal their claws.

This is because claws are usually used only in desperate moments when weapons cannot be handled.

In other words, your life is in danger.

Proud Beast warriors were hesitant to pull out their claws because of their pride.

But now.

Pantos pulled out his claws and charged at the opponent. He had no hesitation in his action.

A dull yet intense flash that drew in the air, like lightning striking down.

Seeing the light of death slashing at his head, Lutus’ expression was still calm.

The moment that flashing sharpness was about to touch Lutus’ forehead, something unbelievable happened.


Pantos’ hand hit the ground, not Lutus’ head.

Pantos’ eyes widened.

dodged? in that short time?

Pantos thought so, but soon realized that it was an illusion.

It wasn’t that Lutus was avoiding it. His own attack missed so naturally.

You obviously aimed for the head, but how did you miss it?

Pantos ignored the question and launched the next attack.

Five flashes of light were drawn in the air and aimed at Lutus’ chest.

Lutus stared into Pantos’ eyes, saying that he would see it properly this time, and held out his hand as if in response.

One hand not holding a bread bag.


The gesture was so natural and soft.

I just lightly touched Pantos’ swinging hand and pushed it away.

But the result was not.

The five-pronged trajectory bent from Lutus and headed for the wrong place.


A rusty pipe on the outer wall of the alley has been cut away, revealing a sharp cross-section.

It’s not about parrying the attack.

This was rather a level of returning to the direction he wanted beyond receiving it.

I couldn’t believe it.

This side should have been the best in terms of strength and speed, but to be pushed behind by Lutus’ light gesture.

The speed of blood flowing through Pantos’ body increased.

The muscles of the whole body swelled, squeezing out the energy violently.

It was like a wild beast with a lot of fluff.


Shouting like a wild beast, Pantos stretched out his fist.

The fist that led to Lutus’s stomach was fired continuously, creating a hole in the air.

“It’s better than a while ago.”

However, Lutus blocked this attack too easily.

Just like the first time, I just pushed Pantos’s arm aside with my hand.

With that alone, Pantos’ fists were not driven into Lutus’s, but into the wall of the building next door.


The entire building vibrated violently and the walls collapsed.

It’s a shame because it’s a place where people don’t live, otherwise there would have been a lot of human damage.

terrifying power.

But it didn’t reach Lutus.

Thinking that this couldn’t be the case, Pantos stretched out his hands and tried to grab Lutus.

If the striker didn’t work, I was thinking of dragging it to the grounding.

The moment Pantos thought so, his arms fluttered in the air.

At the same time, I could feel my eyesight rapidly spinning.

Before he even had time to take the fall, Pantos’ back thumped to the floor.

At the end of Pantos’ bewildered gaze, only Lutus, who lightly extended his hand, could be seen.

Pantos jumped up from his seat and stepped back bristling his claws without even thinking about brushing off the crumbs on his back.

Seeing this, Lutus Wardot snorted.

“Strength and speed are fine, but technique is terrible. No, is this on the better side?”

Immediately after, Pantos disappeared from the seat.

At the place where he was, after a while, fragments of cracked fragments bounced up.

Pantos quickly wandered around Lutus with mobility that was not befitting of his huge size.

Kick off the wall and go to the other side.

Step on the opposite railing and onto the ground.

Jumping off the ground and stepping on the pipe.

Even in the movement that disturbed his eyes, Lutus remained calm.

At that moment, Pantos, who was looking for an opening, rushed from behind Lutus and swung his claws at the scruff of his neck.

But Lutus reached out without even looking back.

The trajectory of the claws that Pantos swung bent as if space had been distorted and scratched the ground.

card win.

Fragments of cracked earth flew in all directions.

There were also crumbs on the suit Lutus was wearing.

“this. will you be careful It’s a long-awaited outerwear, but if it gets dirty, you’ll get scolded when you get home.”

Ignoring Luther’s words, Pantos’ body turned like a top, and at the same time, a kick aimed at his temple.

Seeing this, Lutus let out a small sigh as if he thought he couldn’t understand the language, and changed his response, which had been consistent with defense.

with direct attack.


Pantos felt the world turn white for an instant due to the pain felt in his body.

He was the one who swung his leg first, but Lutus was quicker to reach.

Even the attack was blocked three times.

Even though it was only a lightly swinging fist, Pantos’ body bounced far back.

“haha. This is true.”

Lutus, who actually made a fist, exclaimed as he clasped and opened his hand.

“One body is incredibly strong. Aren’t you an ordinary prisoner after all?”

I hit it with the intention of subduing it properly, but the feeling of touching it with my fingertips is heavy, as if I hit a rock.

“If you do this, the power control becomes ambiguous.”

Rutus shook his head and took a step.

With that alone, his model shot forward and reached the front of Pantos who was just about to get up.

Before Pantos could respond, Lutus grabbed his wrist, and immediately swung it like a sack and slammed it into the ground.


A huge vibration occurred in the dark alleyway at night.

Pantos’ body sunk into the floor, and cracks like spider webs formed around it.

“So far. I could have killed you had I made up my mind.”

Lutus warned him like that, but Pantos didn’t listen and tried to stand up.

“You’re so damn tough. A guy like this should have joined the Knights.”

Lutus let go of Pantos’s wrist, regretting it, then clenched his fist and pulled it back.

A completely different posture than before, with no preparation movements.

However, Pantos felt the sensation that his entire body froze with just that.

Once it is hurled, it cannot be avoided or prevented.

“Let me close my eyes for a moment.”

Lutus murmured as he stretched out his fist towards Pantos.

At that moment, a shadow fell from the sky and intervened between them.


With the sound of hitting iron, the shadow was pushed back.

Lutus raised one eye at the fact that his attack was blocked.

Pantos also opened his eyes wide as he saw the back he knew.

“and. It’s no joke.”

Alex lightly brushed the sword away from Lutus’s fist.

“I came here because I kept hearing loud noises. What is this monstrous man?”

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