I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 417

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◈ Episode 417 Modified Record (1)

Eileen silently glared at Captain Lutus.

He always dressed neatly as a knight commander, but now he was wearing a comfortable outfit as if he had just gone out for a light drink.

It was the same with the bag of bread in one hand right now.

If someone saw it, they would think that someone living in the area stopped by the bakery on their way home from work.

However, Eileen was not fooled by such appearances.

‘The knight commander who only stays in the imperial castle is in Ladervelk? Even with this outfit?’

It’s also funny that they changed their clothes.

Lutus Wardot has such a good physique that he stands out even when he is dressed like that.

In fact, people passing by around him were staring at him with an unknown sense of intimidation.

‘He had no intention of hiding it in the first place.’

The leader of the Lutus Knights could do as much as he wanted to establish his own presence among the crowd.

Because he was able to do that with such a physique, he rose to the top among knights.

Lutus said with a really friendly smile.

“This is such a coincidence. I never thought I would face the princess in a place like this.”

“Captain Lutus. What are you doing here?”

“Hmm. There are quite a few eyes. Would you like to go into a secluded cafe in the back and talk?”

At Lutus’ suggestion, Eileen nodded lightly.

But that didn’t diminish his vigilance.

Lutus was the protector of the empire, but he was not her underling.

To put it bluntly, he was a free man. He was in a position where he could refuse even the orders of the emperor if he did not like them.

Nevertheless, Lutus moved for the Empire.

It’s not that she doesn’t know her feelings for the Empire, but Eileen was very uncomfortable with Lutus.

‘If I had to argue, it seems to have a connection with the second guy.’

Eileen thought so and headed towards the back of the cafe.

Pasius also came in to protect her.


The chair made a noise as Lutus sat down.

Seeing this, Lutus let out a big smile.

“I guess I’ll have to ask the cafe owner to set up a sturdy chair in the future.”

“There is no chair in the world that can handle the weight of Gyeong.”

“haha. Since I was only in the imperial family, I must have been very insensitive to the lives of the people outside.”


Eileen started with the gata buta topic.

“Kyung, what’s going on here? Could it be that your father sent it?”

“What are you talking about? Didn’t you say you stopped by by chance on the way?”

“Kyung seems to still remember me as an immature kid who didn’t know anything.”

Eileen narrowed her eyes and glared at Lutus.

Lutus didn’t erase the smile from his lips.

“How can I be disrespectful?”

“Or are you asking me to believe that? Common sense wouldn’t be able to dismiss meeting in a place like this as a coincidence.”

“this. This is amazing. Princess Erendir would have believed it.”

At those words, a slight wrinkle appeared on Eileen’s forehead.

“I care for and love my brother very much, but I don’t like being treated the same as my brother.”

At that, Pasius rolled his eyes and glanced at Eileen.

Those eyes seemed to ask, ‘Then, isn’t that what you really care for and love?’

But Eileen was sincere.

Although his younger brother is cute and precious, comparing himself to his younger brother who acts foolishly is crossing the line.

Lutus also laughed at that confidence, and then opened his mouth, erasing the smile from his face.

“First of all, it’s really a coincidence that I met the princess here.”

“Is it a coincidence?”

“I know that the princess is getting along with suspicious people lately.”

Eileen’s lips turned crooked when Lutus pointed out that she knew.

“But it’s the princess’s freedom, so I don’t have anything to say. However, if the person the princess has come to meet is someone whose identity is difficult to identify in the empire recently, I can’t stand still.”

The reason Lutus came all the way to Royal Street was clear.

“I came to check. To see and judge whether they will become a threat to the Empire or not.”

Lutus wasn’t the type to believe the report someone else put up.

He had to see and judge everything with his own eyes and was filled with anger.

Maybe that mindset and driving force brought him to where he is now.

Hearing that Lutus was moving, Eileen didn’t show it on the outside, but felt quite impatient on the inside.

Lutus Wardott came to find Ludger.

He had come to see the owner, the owner of Royal Street, and at the same time knew about Owens.

What will happen if the two meet?

Eileen couldn’t believe that no matter how hard she tried, things would end well for each other.

At least there would be armed conflict, and it was impossible to predict what would happen if it did.

Rudger and his men were strong, but it was clear that they would not be able to match Lutus.

“There is no need to judge. Because I already handle it well.”

So Eileen told Lutus that they were also under her command, but the person who heard it didn’t believe it at all.



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“Doesn’t the princess know that much about my personality? That I judge everything I see with my own two eyes.”

“… … Are you saying you won’t believe me now?”

“The princess’s words are deeply engraved in my heart. That’s why we need to check more.”

Eileen tried to say something more to Lutus but kept her mouth shut.

Anything more he said here would only instill suspicion in Lutus.

Lutus nodded his head in satisfaction as Eileen understood his attitude.

“Then, I will get up first. Please don’t wander around too much, princess, and go home early.”

Rutus said that and left the cafe.

There was no sound in his footsteps.

“What would you like to do?”

Pasius asked as he watched Lutus leave.

If Lutus wasn’t stopped now, a big fight with Ludgar’s group might break out.

“If I ask you to stop it, can you stop it?”

“… … well.”

Pasius said so, but in fact he had long since given an answer.

can’t win

No matter what he did, he couldn’t see a future where he could win against Lutus.

‘This is true. I thought I had some enlightenment this time.’

Even so, Lutus felt like a very distant wall.

What was even more surprising was the look in Lutus’ eyes as he was talking to Eileen.

‘I knew I had grown up.’

To fight against an opponent who has a clear view of your skills?

It was practically an act of suicide.

“If you give an order, then you have to follow it. Because I exist for that.”

“… … joy.”

Eileen snorted at Pasius’ words.

It wasn’t because Pasius was talking lip service, but to prevent him from really going.

“I was worried for nothing. There is nothing we can do here anyway.”

“then… … .”

“For now, I will watch.”

“Are you okay?”

“What if it’s not okay? In the first place, that man is not someone to be defeated so easily.”

More than anything, her intuition told her about this incident.

that nothing serious would happen.

Eileen trusted her intuition.

Maybe, I didn’t even know I wanted to believe that.

* * *

Pantos, who was sent outside by Rudger, walked down the alleyway alone.

It was a quiet place because there were no people living there because it was scheduled for redevelopment.

While sparring with Pasius this time, something settled in his head, and it was a suitable place to solve it quietly.

It feels like something tickling is constantly moving around my head.

Pantos knew that by holding on to that prong, he could become stronger than before.

If so, how do you catch it?

Pantos’s head, which had been thinking to himself, turned to one side in an instant.

‘There is something.’

Something that makes the hairs on your body stand on end.

It existed somewhere on Royal Street.

Pantos’ body heated up. The speed of the blood flowing through his veins increased, and a growl involuntarily came from his mouth.

It was different from simply finding a strong player and having a good fight.

To put it bluntly, it felt similar to when I faced Ludger whose eyes turned red.

It is not just a sense of selfishness, but a feeling of fear and fear towards the unknown.

Instead of trying to deny it, Pantoscos decided to accept it.

Because by colliding with it, I was able to become stronger.

The question is, what is this powerful force trying to do?

The moment Pantos thought so, that gigantic presence moved.


The direction was the alley where he was.

The mighty presence felt from afar quickly drew closer to Pantos, arriving before they could even respond.

“This is true.”

A breeze blew.

And there was a man who appeared faster than the wind.

Lutus Wardot looked around and looked at Pantos standing in front of him with a surprised look.

“I came here because I felt the energy of a very dangerous beast from afar, so I wondered if the monster of the Jebodang, who had disappeared a while ago, had appeared. Was it a simple prisoner?”

“… … ”

“no. It’s not just a handful. I’ve never heard anyone say they’re too big, but this is it, I never thought the world would be this wide. What do you eat to get so big?”

Lutus, who made a playful joke, eventually stared at Pantos with a sharp gaze.

“There’s no way that a beastman like you would simply pass by by chance in an alleyway like this.”

At those words, Pantos’ hair stood on end.

His ears were erect, his muscles tense.

Meanwhile, Lutus stroked his chin and spat out his guess.

“Anyway, you’re directly related to the creator of this town, right?”

If so, the answer is fixed.

“I want to ask where your base is.”

Lutus smiled at the sight of Pantos.

“Anyway, you don’t seem to have any intention of doing that.”

right after that.


With the sound of the ground exploding, Pantos kicked off the ground and rushed towards Lutus.

* * *

“It’s a strange magic.”

At Ludger’s question, Grander gave a slightly admirable look.

“Looks like you heard it somewhere.”

“I came to know about it while I went to Kasar Basin this time. They say that in the distant past, there was a time when people were blessed with magical powers more than they are now.”

“Is that why you asked me? What might I know?”

“At least as far as I know, no one has lived as long as Master.”

Grander put on a strange expression at those words, then walked over to Hans with light steps and sat on top of him.

Hans flinched at her unexpected action, but the moment he tried to move, he didn’t know what Grander was going to do, so he stayed still.

Grander, who was enjoying the feel of Yeongsu’s soft fur, sat down and opened his mouth.

“If you’re chasing the traces of that magical power, does that mean you’re still holding back things from the past?”

“… … .”

Rudger didn’t answer.

But Grander shook his head as if it was enough.

“okay. Your stubbornness has never been able to break. He’s not the type to listen to me even if I say no.”

“So you know?”

“In the first place, doesn’t unusual magic still exist? It’s the same with the black magicians, and the magic you put in the special system is the same. Did it seem like you could learn it just because it was taught somewhere?”

“That means, in the past, there were more unique magical powers than there are now.”

“okay. I can’t remember exactly because the past is too far away, but there were more diverse blessings than now.”


Rudger kept thinking about that word.

“You mean not now.”

“Don’t you know? Magic has developed more calculated and innovative, but on the contrary, the mysteries and miracles of mana that have been handed down since ancient times have faded.”

“Do you see the current development as rather a decline?”

“It is not a decline. Progress is definitely progress. But, disciple, development should never happen in one direction. The moment the other road disappears, even if one day you realize you were wrong and look back, you will no longer be able to go back to that time.”

The moment Hans heard those words, he marveled inwardly.

I used to think that I was just getting annoyed with my own way and lying on the bed or sofa all day.

However, Grander, who was talking with Rudger now, really exuded the atmosphere of a sage that could be seen in old stories.

Maybe that was her real face.

“In that sense, the world right now is truly heterogeneous.”

“What part are you talking about?”

“In the past, yes, at least in the past I can remember, the world was not so fragmented. It was very diverse back then. It was an era of legends and myths that people today cannot dare to imagine.”

Grander’s voice muttered like that, as if recalling a nostalgic past somewhere, full of emotion.

“But at some point, the world collapsed and changed.”

“What happened?”

“The stars called gods fell, and those called intelligences turned into monsters and were driven over the mountain range.”

Grander called that time like this.

“The human era has opened.”

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