I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 415

◈ Episode 415 Mysterious Gift (2)

Seeing Hans’ bewildered face asking why he was looking at her, Eileen frowned.

That corrupt man is the strongest force?

“That’s a boring joke.”

“Did it sound like a joke?”

Rudger insisted on not persuading him.

Is Aileen, who was dubious about that figure, really? made a face.

However, I did not ask what kind of ability it was or whether it was possible with such a pitiful body.

‘Does it have a special ability?’

If you think about it, right now Pantos and Alex are very outstanding talents.

If he was being treated as an executive like those people, Hans must have something.

‘I’m a little envious.’

Even though he has such skills, he works in the shadows and is loyal to Rudger.

Being able to have such people around and lead them was something I was really envious of as leader Eileen.

Although she had outstanding talents, the only person who could actually entrust the work openly was Pasius.

If I had to pick one more person, it would be Mandelina, but it was difficult to evaluate because she was not someone who moved with pure loyalty.

‘The old days were good.’

The days when I was playing Jack the Ripper, not Ludgar Chelsea.

In fact, it was more of an equal collaborative relationship than coercion, but it is also true that they were more reassuring than anyone else.

However, Aileen decided not to be too greedy.

I was still maintaining a good relationship with Rudger, and more than anything else, there were quite a few things I needed to take care of right away.

“Anyway, I think we checked each other’s skills appropriately. Now that we’ve finished our errands, let’s go. Because I can’t be away for a long time.”

Rudger thought it would be better if he didn’t come, but he didn’t bother to ask.

Eileen left a last word of warning to Ludger before leaving with Pasius.

“Beware of the Cult of Lumensis. They’re trying to move their base from the capital to another place after contact with the elves.”

“Where do you think you are going?”

“It was not a move to return to the home country. I don’t know if he wants to go around and search more since he came.”

Eileen blurted out her words.

With that alone, he could easily guess where the Lumensis Church bastards were headed.

“It means he might come here.”

“So you better be careful. I don’t feel good.”

Eileen didn’t warn her further.

Even if he doesn’t say anything, this man will prepare enough for himself.

“Rather than that, the inside is completely messed up.”

Eileen smiled as if she was having fun while watching the arena scattered here and there.

Her smile was so bright that it was almost as if the dark indoor arena suddenly became brighter.

But even at that appearance, Rudger shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“I think it was infinitely insufficient as a master level arena.”

If Pasius drew an aura and Pantos even used a spirit, then the arena would have split in half.

Even though it was built strong to make the knights fight.

As much as that, the two were far out of the norm.

However, Eileen still thought there was an income.

It was because the figure of Pasius standing calmly in his seat was different from usual and serious.

After the fight in the underground community in the capital the other day, he had a similar reaction.

And since then, Pasius’s sword has changed noticeably.

Master Nitra with the potential to grow further.

Eileen thought it was a good idea to visit Rudger herself.

* * *

Eileen left with Pasius.

I tried to send it with Bellaluna, but he refused, saying that he would contact me later when he arrived in the capital separately.

Bellaluna was also glad that there were still things left to prepare.

“I think you left.”

Hans murmured, remembering Eileen and Pasius, who had left as quietly as they had arrived.

The first princess of the empire.

In fact, isn’t he the closest person to the next emperor?

The fact that such a person was close to his older brother made Hans feel like he was dreaming of something.

‘I originally thought it was amazing, but was it enough to reach the sun like this?’

Hans glanced at Ludger as if he had seen it again.

A noble appearance that makes men admire even when they see it. There’s nothing particularly strange about his true parentage, though.


Hans nodded as if he understood.

‘A world of filthy looks.’

Hans’ gaze grumbled inwardly, and he saw the figures of two people sitting quietly to one side.

Alex and Pantos.

After the sparring in the underground arena, the two sat quietly in their seats and closed their eyes, immersed in meditation, wondering what the hell was going on.

“I am reviewing what happened today.”

At that time, Rudger suddenly spoke to Hans.

“You mean a copy?”

“Today’s fight was enough experience for the two of them.”

“No, Pantos. Even so. Didn’t Alex just watch?”

“That’s enough for him.”


Hans exclaimed in disbelief.

But it’s not the first time I’ve heard of it. From the time they became Owens’ executives, they had basically known each other’s abilities.

Did you say that you can copy the other person’s movements just by watching them?

Since Hans was not a knight, he hadn’t realized how extraordinary and extraordinary Alex’s talent was.

However, it was quite surprising that Alex, who was normally laid-back and frivolous, was doing something with such concentration.

If you focus that much, it means that it is that important, and the sparring that you just witnessed had a pretty big impact.

“Then I think both of you will become stronger.”

It’s okay that Alex gets stronger, but Pantos gets stronger over there?

Just looking at it now, it looks like a monster, so why and how much stronger are you trying to become?

Rudger smiled at Hans’s fearful appearance.

“why. Aren’t you afraid of losing the #1 spot in the battle rankings?”

“What is fear! Why am I number one in the first place?”

“Because you are the strongest when you use it. However, given the growth of Pantos Logistics, that could be reversed.”

“I don’t care.”

Hans trembled as if in disgust.

In the first place, he was not suited for combat.

“Besides, the monster of Jebodang is not something I can control. If you talk about fighting power with something that runs rampant, it only sounds like you’re just teasing it.”

“Considering that, isn’t your authority getting stronger lately?”

“that… … .”

Hans swallowed his words behind his back.

In the past, if all you had to do was just listen to the beast’s voice, now you can go beyond communication and even give orders.

From being able to handle mice, it became possible to deal with cats, dogs, and even crows.

In the past, it was possible to hydrate by inserting the teeth of the beast, but now it was controlled even in the naked state.

If he made up his mind and used it properly, how many beasts would he be able to command?

“… … To be honest, I don’t feel very good. It’s like giving up being human.”

“The fact that you think that way is proof that you are still human.”

“I am honestly afraid. I don’t know when I’ll suddenly be eaten by the wild again. It’s still fine, but I can’t get rid of the feeling that something is gripping my throat.”


Rudger was a little worried about Hans’ answer.

Apparently, Hans became like this after he used the monster’s tooth in Jebodang.

‘Since the original body was a powerful cryptid, the aftermath remains in the body.’

It was even getting stronger.

Looking at Hans’ reaction, it was clear that Jebodang’s monster thoughts remained in his body and had an effect.

But there was no proper treatment.

If it was a curse or something, it was purely a genetic problem that caused mutations.

Could there be a way to change the genes themselves?

A neutralizing agent could be released, but that would turn a beast into a human.

It is difficult to do with the gradual increase in power of the beast in the human state.

In the end, this was Hans’ own ordeal and something he had to deal with himself.

‘Still, it doesn’t seem to be affected by other beasts. In the end, is the monster in Reportang the biggest problem?’

ah. perhaps.

Rudger suddenly had an idea.

* * *

The place the party returned to was not a hideout, but a warehouse-type building that was not yet in use.

Hans wondered why Ludger had come here, then suddenly saw the hand held out in front of his nose and widened his eyes.

“Hans. take it.”

“What is this?”

Hans calmly accepted what Rudger had offered him.

When I received it and opened it, I saw three white pieces.

Hans instinctively felt it.

“Isn’t this a tooth?”

“okay. I took it on the way to Kasar Basin. It’s like a souvenir from your trip.”

At that, Hans was speechless.

What souvenirs do you bring with beast teeth?

“… … Besides, I don’t think the size is normal. At first glance, it doesn’t seem normal.”

“Two are from the giant predator that lived in the Cassar Basin, and the largest teeth next to them belong to the lioness.”

“Youngsu… … You mean?”



Hans knows what it is.

A beast, but something that transcends beasts.

Literally magical, a being that can only be found in remote areas of the continent.

I know how amazing Young-soo is, but are you saying that the tooth you gave me?

“Please, brother. Did you go to Kasar Basin to hunt spirit beasts? Can’t you throw away your habits from your hunting days?”

Rudger frowned at those words.

“What are the habits of the hunter days?”

“No, I just thought that if it was a suspicious beast, he would try to kill it without hesitation.”

“When did I… … .”

He tried to question when he did that, but realized that he had met Hans for the first time while hunting, and kept his mouth shut.

“… … Anyway, no. I didn’t hunt it, I got it rightfully.”

“What do you do to get your teeth rightfully received from Young-soo?”

What, did you even extract wisdom teeth?

Ignoring Hans’ doubtful gaze, Ludger calmly said,

“Try it.”

“yes? what?”

“Try it. Then it might be of help to you.”

“… … this?”

Hans didn’t trust him, but when Ludger spoke with confidence, he couldn’t resist.

Rather, vaguely, a much more developed instinct than before urged me to do so.

“… … Could it be that Yeongsu’s power will subdue the monster’s wild nature?”

Hans immediately realized what Ludger was thinking.

Admiral Lee Dok.

Now, Ludger said that if it was difficult to subdue the monster inside Hans, he would borrow another power.


Hans wondered if it was a little too much, but thinking about it again, I thought this was the best way for now.

Slowly but surely stopping the spread of the fire is to set a counter-fire.

And since it was Yeongsoo’s teeth, it seemed oddly safe.

At least there won’t be a beast castle called the nightmare of Durmand Kingdom.

“But, before that, try using this.”

Rudger first pointed to the small thing next to Youngsoo’s teeth, not Yeongsu’s teeth.

The horse is small, but compared to Yeongsoo’s teeth, it’s only relative.

In fact, these teeth were quite gigantic, as if from what kind of beast they had brought them.

“What beast’s teeth are these?”

“It’s a bear that used to live in Kasar Basin, but it can handle magic because of its surroundings.”

“Are you dealing with magical powers?”

“okay. So maybe, using this might give you similar abilities.”

it’s magic

Hans was taken aback by those words.

Because using magic on ordinary people had its own romance.

Of course, it wasn’t without the possibility of turning into a normal wear bear.

However, there was nothing to lose, so Hans lightly poked his teeth into the palm of his hand.

It hurts if you poke too much. Just lightly.

The same strange aura as when he usually turned into a beast lingered around his body.

But unlike before, I felt something more tickling.

Hans’s body gradually grew larger and eventually turned into a huge wear bear.

However, there was a part that was different from normal bears, the U-shaped horns on the head.

It is also a horn made of rocks.

“This… … .”

Hans tapped his own horn with his blunt hand.

hard. It wasn’t just a horn, it felt like a rock-specific material.


Rudger also nodded while looking at Hans.

The other Owens members around him also stared curiously at Hans.

Perhaps because of the environment full of magical powers, Hans also evolved into a suitable form.

“Can you use magic?”

“I will try. Eh, like this?”

I didn’t need any advice.

If you do something like this, you can do it, I did it according to my intuition, and a response came.

The energy that tickled inside of his body gathered in his right hand, and eventually, a stone armor was placed on top of the thick bear sole.

“Oh, oh. older brother! Look at this!”

“okay. watching.”

Rudgar admired the fact that he could even use magic.

It was the same for Arpa, Violetta, Sheridan, and Bellaluna, who quietly watched the situation.

‘I really thought I could use magic.’

Of course, the magic used is a step further from the basics, replacing mana with elements.

However, it was important that Hans, who had never known magic in his entire life, used it.

Had I known this would happen, I would have brought more teeth from other beasts.

“Hans. How is the wild?”

“Uhm. It’s a strange feeling, unlike when you change into something else. Should I clear my head a bit?”

“is it. Maybe it’s because it’s affected by magic, but it seems to be a little less.”

Ludger handed Hans the neutralizer he had prepared.

“Next are Yeongsoo’s teeth. Giant Bear and Cheshire Tiger will be similar, so go straight to the main.”

“… … Whoa. I will try.”

Hans, who returned to normal after inserting a neutralizing agent, stared at Yeongsoo’s teeth.

If it’s Yeongsu’s tooth, it’s probably about the size of the monster in Jebodang.

Surely it won’t be eaten by wild nature?

Hans was worried about that, but Ludger, Pantos, and Alex are also present here.

Even if you run amok, there is someone who will stop you.

That gave Hans relief.


Hans stabbed Youngsoo’s teeth into the palm of his hand.

It’s okay if it hurts a little this time, so push a little harder.

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