I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 413

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◈ Episode 413 Sword Friendship (2)

Sudden sparring?

Ludger frowned at Eileen’s sudden suggestion.

“You must be busy, but just stop there.”

“What are you doing with this? I still have a lot of time left, so it doesn’t matter. And all I asked was this warrior?”

Eileen said while chinning Pantos.

Even with the number of seals, she showed no unusual reaction.

Eileen was willing to appoint a beastman or an elf as her closest aide, as long as she had good abilities.

At least you won’t have to worry about discrimination.

Rudger thought of stopping this senseless act while thinking such a silly thought.

However, it was rare for Pantos to speak first.


“you… … .”

Rudger tried to say something to Pantos, but he was speechless when he saw the glowing eyes looking back at him.

Inside the pupil, even the wildness unique to the beast race was wriggling.

Normally, Pantos was solemn and calm, but now he was properly stimulated.

I’m still a bit sore these days. But now that a master-class knight appears, just let it go without a fight?

It was like not allowing a lion to eat meat after starving for several days.

“I can’t even dry this. good night. Instead, do it at an appropriate level.”

When Ludger gave permission, Pantos nodded.

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

Eileen also watched the scene with satisfaction, but Pasius was the only one who showed a normal reaction.

“Princess. Are you telling me to suddenly engage in sparring?”

“Why? Do you think you will lose?”

“It’s not that I think I’ll lose, it’s because it was so sudden. Didn’t you just say everything you couldn’t say and part ways?”

“Then, take this opportunity to realize one truth of life. That plans can change at any time with sudden variables.”

“… … Did I live longer than the princess?”

Having heard about the truth of life from a younger person than himself, Pasius shook his head as if it were absurd.

But what can I do? Even if he was a master-level knight, he had no choice but to do what he was told from above.

‘ah. But I really hate this.’

Pasius looked at Pantos.

Look at the size of that giant. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a bigger body than Captain Lutus.

I don’t know if he gained weight to bulk up now, but Pasius knew how hard and huge the muscles were under that skin.

Even on top of the thick flesh, there is a little muscle, but enough to stand out.

‘Isn’t this stronger than a high-ranking knight in terms of its pure body?’

It’s not just about being big.

That beastly warrior had a unique momentum that only flowed from the strong.

Pasius was also a master-level knight, so he could feel it.

‘It’s this level of blatant speculation even though you know I’m a master.’

Pantos, evaluated by Pasius, is a fierce brawler.

Even lately, he has been suppressing his true nature a lot.

However, a full cup overflows.

Just as a dam collapses, Pantos’ fighting spirit explodes the moment he sees himself.

‘Either the princess has no intention of stopping it, and Ludger-senpai has no choice but to respond.’


Pasius let out a sigh full of pity for his unfortunate situation.

“Well, I can’t help it.”

That’s what he said, but in fact, Pasius was also itchy.

Upon reaching the level of Master, most people fear themselves. The same goes for the same articles.

From then on, opponents who can be called opponents will disappear.

In the case of Ruifault the other day, it was only an exception, and Pasius was more than amazed at Pantos revealing his fangs to him.

“Let’s do it. Friendship of the sword.”

* * *

The couple moved their seats.

A huge underground arena out of sight of people.

Eileen asked, looking at the facility, which has deteriorated in many ways because it has not been managed recently.

“Where is this?”

“It is an illegal underground arena that was secretly operated by an organization called the Silver Sun in Ledervelk in the past.”

“ah. I’ve heard there are guys like that. I didn’t cross the line, so I left it alone for now, but I wonder if it even did something like this.”

“I didn’t know how to deal with this space after sweeping them out, so I left it for now, but I think it’s the best place for sparring in the current situation.”

Rudger, naturally seated in the VIP seat, answered.

In the first place, fighting near the hideout wasn’t a very good option.

There are not many empty spaces that are out of sight of people, but they are not that wide either.

Considering the status of Pantos and Pasius, the sparring between the two had to take place in a stronger and wider place.

‘The most dangerous thing of all is that I end up attracting Master’s attention.’

Grander is currently staying in a private lodging apart from the hideout.

A whole building was set up as her living space, but she said that she had been living quietly as if she had died recently.

If he ever comes back, he’ll come back to ask what happened, but seeing as he hasn’t, it looks like he’s at least asleep.



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So it was not good to get her attention.

Because Grander, who had just woken up, and Ludger were also very difficult to predict.

So, this was the place where her eyes could not reach as much as possible, and at the same time, it was suitable for sparring.

“But even if it’s an arena, it doesn’t seem to be a very strong place.”

“Even though it looks like this, it was a place that made knights fight each other. It won’t be broken by anything.”

Just in time, Pantos and Pasius were entering the center of the large arena as if facing each other.

Eileen’s sharp gaze, as if analyzing a product, scanned Pantos.

The reason she asked for sparring as if provoking Pantos was because she wanted to check it out at least once.

‘Looking at that size, it looks like this man’s right arm.’

If Rudger took him as an executive, his skills would be quite excellent.

Although he is a beastman, the sight of him showing his speculation against the master-level knight Pasius fueled Eileen’s curiosity.

It was qualitatively different from those who were full of bravado without skill.

I knew it the moment our eyes met.

That a huge beast is sleeping inside Pantos’ eyes.

‘He blatantly wants to see Pantos’ skills.’

Ludger stuck out his tongue at Eileen’s desire, but did not blame her.

It was the same with Rudger, if I had to ask.

Although Pantos was strong, even Ludger was unsure of what would happen if he fought an actual master-class knight.

‘So I’ll take this opportunity to take a good look at it.’

Even if it wasn’t a life-and-death fight, if it was Dalian, you would be able to pick up your own battle data.

Ludger’s gaze turned to the sword-wielding Pasius.

Just in time, Pasius was in the middle of saying something to Pantos.

“Do you use interesting weapons?”

Pasius’ gaze was fixed on Pantos’ weapon.

I wondered what kind of weapon that beastman warrior was using, but he was holding a harpoon that was strange to call it a weapon.

A weapon specialized for hunting and killing something, not for fighting against people.

Suin is a harpoon.

It was a weapon that didn’t really fit.

In addition, there was something long and black attached to the end of the handle of the harpoon.

‘But, I can’t just laugh at it.’

The momentum of Pantos holding the harpoon was extraordinary.

When I said sparring, I was very determined to hunt this side like a prey.

So Pasius also raised his sword.

I couldn’t afford to fight with my bare hands.

Besides that weapon.

“That, isn’t it a perfect weapon yet?”

For the first time, Pantos responded with surprise.

“How did know?”

“just. I felt it with a sense. The weapon is definitely dangerous, but it didn’t feel complete.”

“indeed. Can you see something like that when you reach the level of a Master? You have learned a lesson.”

“Do you intend to fully use the original weapon?”

“It’s not something to write about in a place like this.”

“oh. That hurts your pride, right?”

He laughed, but Pasius’ eyes grew even more serious.

The momentum flowing from Pasius grew even stronger.

Pantos smiled at the powerful energy that made his skin tingle.

White fangs appeared at the corners of his mouth.

This is it.

A feeling long forgotten.

The feeling when you meet a strong person you want to defeat even if you throw everything you have.

“Let’s do it.”


As soon as the two of them finished talking, the new models of Pantos and Pasius disappeared from the spot without anyone saying anything first.

“What, what?”

Hans, who watched the scene, opened his mouth wide.

Right after that, countless lights flashed in the air at the center of the arena.

It was later realized that it was the spark caused by the collision of the weapon.

In a short time of less than one second, it was to the point where I didn’t know how many attacks I had divided.

The huge shockwave that followed spread and shook the arena fence.

Normally, the audience would have been excited about this crazy fight, but there was no sound of ants from the empty stadium seats.

In the meantime, the conflict between Pantos and Pasius continued.

Sparks and roars flew from all over the stadium whenever the two models were blurry.

card win.

On the hard floor of the arena, which was built with the assumption of a fight between knights, the traces of sword strikes and bars were clearly engraved.

“Brother, do you see that?”

Hans asked with a bewildered expression.

It was a fight that was hard to follow in his eyes.

Rudger didn’t answer.

As much as that, Ludger was concentrating on the fight between the two.


After a major collision, the two new figures stood at a distance.

The difference from the first time is that the location has changed.

And the traces of countless collisions were engraved on the ground.


Pantos distorted his face and smiled.

The pupils of his pupils split vertically and exploded wildness.

The image of the harpoon in Pantos’ right hand blurred.

Seeing this, Pasius narrowed his eyes, then hurriedly turned his body to the side.


The sound of hitting leather echoed in the air three times. It happened almost at the same time, so if you didn’t listen, it would sound like one.

Immediately after, three huge holes were drilled in the solid outer wall of the arena, a short distance away from Pasius.

The thick alloy steel, which was not easily cut even by the aura of quite a few knights, was opened like a tunnel by pure stabbing.

Pasius evaded and at the same time rotated his body and swung his sword.

Even though the sword couldn’t reach it, Pantos evaded the trajectory with a flexible movement that was not befitting a large body.

Right after that, a huge slash was etched into the outer wall behind Pantos.

One of the pillars of the outer wall was cut obliquely and fell to the ground with a thud.

Both of them are not using Aura or Spirit, but that’s about it.

It was thanks to the use of each other’s bodies to the limit.

Immediately after, the figures of the two disappeared, and sparks flew in the air again.

The impact became stronger, and an intense shockwave burst through the air and thundered through the surrounding space.

harpoon and sword.

The waves created by the collision of the two weapons not only shook the surroundings, but also violently shook the windows of the VIP seats.

When a typhoon raged, the rattling like a window was quite menacing.

‘This is true.’

Ludgar clicked his tongue and spread magic, adding magic to the glass and strengthening the glass with strengthening magic.

If this is it, there is probably no risk of breaking it.

At that moment, a shriek rang through the arena.

It also sounded like the sound of a giant snake crawling on the ground.

The sound of the quivering scales resonating with the air was surprisingly the sound of Pantos’ weapons.

“Hoo? Is that a chain?”

Eileen, who recognized that, asked curiously.

The tip of the harpoon used by Pantos, the long, pitch-black chain hanging from it.

A very thick and huge chain.

“It is not an ordinary chain. Even though it is small, it is the standard anchor chain used on ships.”

It is not just an anchor chain, it is made of a unique material and has been specially processed.

“Despite being as light as possible, that chain weighs in the tonnes.”

“… … You wield it like that?”

Eileen’s gaze was directed at the black whip that swung through the air.

The black chain roaring at breakneck speed rattled and tried to crush Pasius.

Pasius also laughed at Pantos’ monstrous strength wielding that chain with one hand and slanted it away with his sword.

The iron chain that flowed gently along the sword surface like flowing water hit the floor.

“hey. Aren’t weapons like this against the law?”

Even if he said that, Pasius, who managed to get that swinging anchor chain off with a single sword, wasn’t usually crazy either.

‘It’s like this in a bare-body fight, but if we use both Auras and Three Fits.’

Rudger shook his head as he recalled the scene.

Even this underground illegal arena, built solidly in case of an emergency, might collapse.

Fortunately, the two of them were still keeping the line and continuing their sparring.

‘However, I don’t know what will happen in the atmosphere that gradually heats up.’

You may need to be prepared to step out just in case.

Even as he thought so, Rudger’s gaze turned to the executives in the VIP seats.

Owens’s executives were looking at the current Dalian with half-nervous eyes.

Hans responded that he didn’t understand even if he saw it, and Sheridan and Bellaluna cheered Pantos comfortably.

Arpa just looked at it brightly, and Violetta just sat quietly and watched.

Among them, there is one person who catches Ludger’s attention.

It was Alex.

Alex threw off his usual frivolity and stared at the Dalian with a serious expression.

‘It would be good for Pantos to gain experience through this sparring.’

In Alex’s clear retinas, sparks from the two colliding flew one after another.

‘This side can be stronger too.’

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