I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 412

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◈ Episode 412 Sword Friendship (1)

‘The story is more exciting than I thought.’

Ludger’s evaluation after hearing Pasius’ story was like that.

But at the same time, anxiety crept in.

It was because the incident didn’t seem to have spread as much as I thought, considering that the people who shouldn’t have met met.

Rudger’s ominous prediction came true.

“Surprisingly, there was no armed conflict between the two organizations.”


It was so unexpected that Rudger, who was not surprised by anything, asked back without realizing it.

It was the Lumensis Church and the elves.

Two people who could not tolerate each other’s existence by nature met.

Beyond the inability to mix, just touching it causes a chemical reaction like a seizure. To think there was no armed conflict.

“First of all, both sides have quite a few troops, so I was careful because a pointless clash would eat away at my flesh.”

okay. Even if I fought, I would have no choice but to lose.

But aren’t they the ones who didn’t hesitate to cut off the opponent’s strength even if they sacrificed themselves a little?

“There is something else.”

At Ludger’s conviction, Pasius nodded with a slightly perplexed expression.

“It looked like they had a deal of some sort. We did not hear the details through intelligence as much as possible.”

The contact was not made inside a building, but outside the capital, so the reason why there was no way to do it was a big reason.

Rudger crossed his arms as if he was in trouble, deep in thought.

The Church of Lumensis and the elves.

The two each came to the capital of the empire with the same purpose.

That is, the root of the dead world tree underground.

The Church of Lumensis noticed traces of the ominous demonic power and the roots of the World Tree, and the elves also began tracking them with records of access through the World Tree network.

Then, the two groups facing each other came to an agreement of some kind without fighting, even if they had revealed their teeth to each other.

“First of all, the most likely thing is to share information about the World Tree underground.”

If they had a common purpose, no matter how old they were, it wouldn’t be strange if they held hands for that moment.

If that’s the case, either find out the information on the World Tree together, or exchange the information each other finds out.

“Is the cover for the underground facilities properly done?”

“We are on maximum alert at all times.”

Pasius subtly slurred his words.

It must mean that he is not a field conductor, and that is not certain.

“Still, we checked the dynamics of the two groups, but there was no sign of access to the underground facility’s cavity.”

“But even if I didn’t approach it in some way, I might have caught the traces.”

It was Princess Eileen who said that.

“The guys who used to go around diligently trying to break through the gap somehow, have been quiet since coming into contact with each other. To the point where the one watching is rather uneasy.”

“Doesn’t it look like you’re looking for an opportunity?”

“It is the opposite. Rather, it was a movement that said he had found out everything to find out. I’ll have to check to see if it’s trying to trick our eyes or not, but according to my intuition, I’ve already noticed something.”

“That’s a pain in the ass.”

Even just one makes me nervous, but there are as many as two of them.

Of course, it hasn’t come as a direct threat yet, but it’s also true that just hanging around like this is a big annoyance.

The problem was that there was no way to get it off the ground.

At least, the elves could be punished for crossing the border at will, but unless they were fools, they would run away as soon as they sensed such a movement.

Even when it comes to the elven kingdom itself, they will remain ignorant.

“So you came here to share information and find alternatives?”

“Compassionateness. Well, it is true that such rats are constantly roaming around, and it is difficult to pass them on as the owner of the empire.”


You might say that she brought troublesome things for no reason, but Eileen is Ludger’s strong supporter.

For now, I know the identity of this side, but in many ways, it’s because I’m taking advantage of this side.

Even if her identity is later revealed and she changes to a different identity, Princess Eileen will provide great support.

Since this side also got the information, it might be okay to give it to them.

“There is one way.”

“oh. What is it?”

As if Eileen had been waiting, her eyes lit up.

Even if she pretended not to be, she had suffered quite a bit from this.

“The Church of Lumensis is having a hard time, but the elves know how to deal with it. eye for an eye. In this. An elf is an elf.”

An elf in an elf?

The eyes of everyone present naturally turned to one side.

“Uh, eh? Me, me?”

Only Bella Luna, who hadn’t grasped the atmosphere, stupidly pointed at herself with her index finger.

In fact, I already knew it, but there was something like that because I wanted to deny this reality.

Eileen, who had been looking at Bellaluna with a subtle gaze, moved her gaze to Ludger.

It seemed as if he was asking, ‘Is that really going to work?’, so Rudger kindly explained it.

“He is one of our executives. Bellaluna Petana. Codename <Scott Fitzgerald>. As you know, I am an elf, but I am an expert in pharmacy and alchemy.”

“What does that have to do with this case?”

“Her skills don’t stop there. He is one of the elves who can access the World Tree network right away.”

Eileen’s eyes widened at those words.

She also knew that only the elves who were chosen by the World Tree could access it.



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“Where are you from, by any chance?”


“No, how… … .”

“That’s one of her abilities.”

As Ludger spoke confidently, Eileen’s gaze toward Bellaluna heated up.

Bellaluna hiccuped without realizing it.

Rudger said to such Bellaluna.

“Bella Luna. I have to go to the capital.”

“… … .”

It hasn’t been that long since the uproar in the capital, again?

Even now in the capital there are pursuers of the Shade Warden family who have come to kill him.

Isn’t that literally the same thing as saying go to die?

However, Bellaluna did not openly say that she disliked it.

You were right about not doing that.

But I can’t just nod my head.

Bellaluna intended to use the euphemistic refusal method she had honed here.




“Yes, you.”


“… … .”

This was one of the miraculous syllogisms Bellaluna had recently discovered.

A discussion method of all-in-one discussion that makes the other person lose their words while asking innocently.

If you keep repeating these three arguments, the other person will get exhausted and fall out on their own.

But sometimes, there are people whose miraculous reasoning doesn’t even work.

“Why why? Since you hacked the World Tree network and the elves came to visit you, you have to organize it again.”

Rudger did just that.

There is money, there is power, and the position is a senior.

How can such a person stretch out?

“Yeah, but… … .”

“Don’t worry. I will also attach an escort force.”

“But the Shade Warden… … .”

“Can’t we use this opportunity to freely use the World Tree for experiments? Even though it is a dead world tree, it will be of great help.”

“… … !”

Bellaluna held her breath.

Rudger’s offer was so alluring.

However, Bellaluna suppressed that desire with desperate patience.

It’s a trap. That’s a trap.

First of all, this side still has a lot of work to do!

“And I’ll also give you samples of various plants and herbs I got from my recent visit to Kassar Basin.”

“… … !”

Bellaluna’s ears pricked up and moved.

If nothing else, the Cassar Basin, which is open only three days a year, and that it is a sample of the environment in which its own vegetation group is distributed, directly hit Bellaluna’s heart.

Ludger stared at Bellaluna with a pitiful gaze.

‘Look at those eyes.’

Until a little while ago, it seemed that he would fight to the death as if he didn’t want to go even if he died, but now it’s the opposite.

“Oh, how… … ?”

“… … It’s not that many, but I plan to seek help from other wizards and save them as much as possible.”

Bellaluna snorted strongly and spoke to Eileen.

“Let’s go right now!”

“… … .”

Eileen stared at Ludger with a puzzled look.

* * *

After sending Bellaluna up to pack, Rudger started to organize the situation.

“First, enter the world tree network through Bellaluna and check what happened, then decide what to do next.”

“okay. Thanks to you, I came up with a solution for this as well. I never thought I would have had such a competent elf.”

“… … yes, what.”

A talented elf.

It’s not wrong to say it, but that ability was only a small part compared to the madness of Bellaluna.

At least, this side was good at suppressing it, so it was a shame, but if it was another place, it wouldn’t be strange to me a few times for four months.

‘If you think about it, there are not just one or two guys who are difficult to deal with.’

Even Seridan right now is like that.

If Bellaluna is a biotechnology mad scientist, Seridan is a mechanical engineering mad scientist.

To put it a little more politely, it’s an extreme explosive mania.

It’s a thought I’m thinking now, but in the case of Sheridan, I even thought that it would have been better to have the code name <Alfred Nobel> or <Julius Robert Oppenheimer>.

Considering what both of them were famous for making, it couldn’t be a really fitting name.

“So, are you done with this?”

“I immediately put out the urgent fire, but there are still things I want to check separately.”

“Is it because of what happened in Kasar Basin?”

Now that the sun is setting and the day is coming to an end.

Those with a keen ear will have already received reports of what happened in the Khasar Basin.

Still, asking directly like this is not superficial news known to the outside world.

‘It must be that they want the truth hidden deeper.’

Rudger decided to step out once in a while.

“I think we should hear it directly from Duke Kadatushan.”

“Did you come all the way here and bounce? Still, this side got rid of our competitor, Ranpaltz, right?”

“The princess benefited quite a bit from that. Did you think I would not know where all the torn affiliates have now been absorbed?”

“But someone made a lot of money from short selling. I’m not the only one who benefited.”

“At the same time, removing a single annoying lump that was eating away at the Empire. After cutting the heads of those who secretly leaked valuable data to other countries, what kind of achievement can there be?”

A fierce battle of nerves with no one behind each other.

In the end, it was Eileen who raised her hand first.

“okay. I lost. I tried to secretly eat a piece of bread as a joke, but it puts a double wick in my eye.”

“You have to bet something worth it if you want to lose that one piece of bread.”

Ludgar responded by saying it was nothing, but carefully observed Eileen’s reaction.

Even if he pretended otherwise, he slightly pouted his lips, and it seemed that he was quite upset that he hadn’t lost.

Just by looking at his expression, he said, ‘Still, I’ve come all the way here myself, so can you look after me?’ feel like wanting

No, it’s not a feeling, it actually will be.

Rudgar looked at him and smiled inwardly.

I thought that no matter how mature and grown-up I act, that emotional side that shows up from time to time suits me quite a bit.

“But since you’ve come this far, you can rest well before going.”

“joy. no work Why would I stay in a place where they would not welcome me?”

“If I had contacted you in advance, I would have treated you more hospitably. That’s too bad.”

“… … You do not lose a single word.”

Wrinkles appeared between Eileen’s fine eyebrows.

It was the look she made when she was really annoyed.

Pasius knew that, so he gestured toward Ludger without Eileen’s knowledge.

– Until there. More than that is dangerous.

It would be dangerous to play more than this.

Rudger agreed, and decided to hand him a carrot instead of a stick.

“So, what are you so curious about?”

“Did you not tell me?”

“If Duke Kadatushan forgot to report it, I have no choice but to do it for him.”


Eileen let out a laugh as if she was full of energy.

But I didn’t say the word I hate it even if I die.

It was also true that curiosity was piqued.

It was like seeing a disingenuous stray cat, looking pouty and wanting to hear something else.

“So what are you curious about?”


That’s right.

When Ludger glanced at Pasius, Pasius shrugged and stood up.

With the thought of providing a place for the two of them after a long time, he naturally withdrew, and Eileen did not hesitate to stop him.

Hans also moderately noticed.

At this moment, Ludger was about to have a personal talk with Princess Eileen.

“now. Let’s wait outside too.”

Hans pushed all of Owens’ officers out of the room.

* * *

Rudger and Eileen finished talking and came out.

In addition to being curious, Eileen, who shared miscellaneous stories, seemed quite satisfied.

However, right after coming out, I narrowed my eyes at the strange atmosphere flowing in the hallway.

It was the same with Ludger.

‘The atmosphere… … .’

A strange sense of tension lingers in the hallway space.

Rudger cast his gaze toward the cause.


He had lost quite a bit of weight compared to before, and was openly enraged.

The target of the speculation, which flew in a straight line like an arrow, was Pasius, who shook his head in trouble.

‘this. I’ve been wanting to be quiet lately.’

It was Pantos that was thirsty for the recent battle.

In such a situation, a master class knight appeared, so it must be hard for him to endure it.

Eileen noticed the atmosphere as well.

A smile formed on her lips. It was, in Rudger’s eyes, a rather uneasy smile.

Eileen strode towards Pantos and stood in front of him.

Pantos, who was concentrating his senses on Pasius with his arms crossed, glanced at Eileen.

It was a pretty rude attitude towards the princess, but Eileen didn’t take it as a problem.

At least from her point of view, Pantos was a ‘strong man’ who fully deserved it.

“Hey warrior. You look pretty thirsty.”

“… … .”

“Then, would you like to try sparring with our knight?”

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