I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 410

◈ Episode 410 Report (1)

Even though I came out early, people were crowded outside the fog barrier.

There were people like Ludger who wanted to go back early, but outsiders flocked to them after hearing the news.

Of course, the people gathered came in the coachman’s carriage, and the coachmen, of course, knew that today was the last day, so they were waiting to greet the guests.

People everywhere were happy to reunite.



I thought I heard a familiar name, and then I saw a mother and son sharing a tearful reunion.

‘In the end, I survived to the end.’

Rudger looked at it for a while and then got on the carriage that had been waiting for him with a smile.

It was self-evident that if I stayed here for a long time, I would be swept away by troublesome things.

Just look at the reporters scattered around right now.

Arfa also loaded up and took a seat across from Ludger.

Eventually, as Ludger was about to close the door, he saw a person running towards him from afar.

“Rudgar Ceeee!!”

It was Roina Pavlini who called out in a voice that was both anxious and a little angry at the same time.

Unusually, unaware of the gazes around her, she was eagerly running towards Rudger.

“uh? This is Roina.”

“Coachman Yangban. I want you to leave quickly.”

Rudger ignored Arfa’s words and hurried the coachman.

The coachman nodded coolly and held the reins, since he worked as much as he was paid.


A ghost horse made of magic appeared in front of the wagon, and soon dragged the wagon and quickly left the place.

“Mister Rudger! There!”

Roina chased after him, but unless she was strengthened with magical powers, her weaker body than a normal person would not be able to chase after her.

In the end, Roina had no choice but to look at Ludger’s carriage, which was moving away like a dog chasing a chicken.

“I will protest against Ceorn later!”

Only that empty cry barely reached the carriage.

“I almost got into trouble.”

Rudger, who checked the rear, confirmed that Roina was not chasing him to the end, and relaxed his shoulders.

Judging from the fact that he didn’t chase after him until he used magic, it doesn’t seem like he was angry enough to lose his temper.

Ludger, who was relieved inside, met eyes with Arfa, who was looking up at him.

“… … Let me tell you, I didn’t do anything too bad.”

“It’s bad, but what do you mean by bad?”

“In a sense, it is said that it was an act with good intentions. But from the other side’s point of view, it probably didn’t.”

Ludger had voiced his opinion on behalf of Roina, who was absent during the strategy meeting to protect the leyline the other day.

However, as he solved too much information, people’s eyes became overly suspicious, and Ludger sold Roina’s name as a special measure there.

As a 6th tier magician, she was also very knowledgeable in theory, and her position was quite high even among wizards.

As soon as Roina said that she had told them everything, the wizards all nodded in agreement and withdrew.

Even the obstinate Kuma Tower couldn’t say much.

Of course, Roina didn’t even know that such a thing existed.

Right after that, he moved to protect the leyline, so there was no gap for the news to reach Roina’s ears.

“Then, the reason I started early in the morning… … .”

“You must have heard the news later and came to see me. I decided that it would be so and started out like this early in the morning.”

Rudger’s judgment was correct.

If he had come out 10 minutes later, Rudger would have been caught by Roina and listened to hours of whining about why he did such a thing.

“ah… … .”

Arfa felt a mixture of emotions that seemed to make sense, but at the same time didn’t make sense.

I wondered if it was a little too much to understand Ludger’s position, but at the same time leave all the troublesome things to Mr. Roina.

But if you think about it, Ludger handed over his achievements to Roina.

In a sense, both carrots and sticks were given.

Of course, from Roina’s point of view, that achievement was unnecessary, and rather, she would feel it as a whip, so she would feel twice as drained.

Arfa shook her head, saying that she still did not understand the complexity of human relationships.

* * *

Upon arriving at the train station, Rudger and Arfa found the fastest train and boarded the train.

This city is going to be quite a bit of an uproar over what happened to Kassar Basin in the future.

It was far better to go back quickly, since there was no need to stay long as the errands had already been completed.

If you delay a little bit, rumors will spread about Seorn’s teacher who rode Yeongsu.

Fortunately, there were seats left in the first class train car.

Anyway, all the money was supported by the Kadatushan dukedom, so Ludger coolly bought a ticket for two and took a first-class seat.

And there, I met an unexpected person.

“where. So did you enjoy the adventure? teacher.”

Heyback Kadatushan.

As if he had been waiting, he greeted Rudger and Arfa in the first class compartment.

“Did you know I was coming here?”

“I thought that any teacher I’d seen would choose the train that would return at the earliest than anyone else. The most expensive seat is a bonus.”

“It’s not the most expensive seat. It’s free.”

Heyback giggled, as if the comment was amusing.

“So, can you stay here? Still, you are the head of the household, and if you wander around without an attendant in a place like this, others will look down on you.”

“It’s okay. After all, most of the authority is passed on to the nominal successor now, so I am only the head of the household.”

In fact, he said he passed it on nominally, but if you still ask people who the head of the Kadatushan family is, they will answer Heyback.

“And there are excuses. Due to a recent incident in Kasar Basin, the mages belonging to the empire are in danger, so I sent a report to check the matter.”

“Doesn’t he die as soon as he arrives?”

“Isn’t the case settled? It’s all over, but there’s no reason to stay, and you’ll have to wait another year to go directly into the Cassar Basin. So, wouldn’t it be enough if you knew all about yourself? Of course, since you will be bored on the way, it would be perfect to hear from the teacher.”

Heyback said with a mischievous laugh.

I can feel it no matter how many times I see it, but it was a mischievous smile that didn’t suit her age.

Rudger sat down on an appropriately empty sofa.

Well, I figured I’d have to meet with Heyback someday and talk about this.

On the contrary, since he said he would visit and listen to me on his own, I didn’t have to go through the trouble of making a separate appointment.

“So, what happened inside? Even if it looks like this, I am quite curious.”

“It’s a bit long to explain.”

* * *

“You worked hard.”

Arriving at Ledervelk Station, Ludger said goodbye to Duke Hayback.

“Thanks to that, I have enough distance to report to the upper line.”

“Isn’t the duke the highest in this field?”

“Uh huh. Why is a justification important?”

In fact, it probably didn’t matter to Heyback.

I would have been satisfied enough that this incident was finished without major damage.

Any other questions could be asked from Sempas.

Even so, contacting Ludger and having a conversation like this had a different meaning.

not a boundary

Rather, it was closer to showing off friendship with thanks to Rudger for solving it well.

Even from Ludger’s point of view, receiving the strong support of one of the three major dukes of the Empire wasn’t such a bad thing.

It is not even about putting on a leash under the pretext of sponsorship, but an equal trading relationship where there is something exchanged.

“I will return to Seorn for now. I also have something to report to the president. We’ll talk about compensation later when we have time.”

“huh? A reward?”

Heyback asked as if he had heard something he couldn’t hear.

“Shouldn’t you be compensated for this job as well?”

“Oh, no. Wasn’t the information I provided in advance sufficient for compensation?”

“How many safety devices did such a person install behind the scenes just in case?”

Heyback kept his mouth shut when he said something about Sempas.

At the point when the means prepared by this side were discovered, Heyback had nothing to say even if he had ten mouths.

Because I didn’t fully believe in this.

“Don’t worry too much. I’ll rip it off in an appropriate line.”

“It’s a little reassuring… … Hey now, did you say you were tearing it out?”

“The train will be leaving soon. Let’s go.”

Rudger finished his greetings.

Arpa, who was carrying his luggage, smiled brightly and waved.

“Grandpa, hello!”

“Uh, uh. okay. Cover well.”

Come to think of it, I couldn’t even ask what the identity of that child was.

Even with his intelligence, where the child named Arpa came from and what he did was not revealed at all.

Needless to say, Rudger, who goes with such a child.

It’s just that he’s not an enemy of the empire, so he’s just letting it go.

Someday, there were things I needed to know in advance in case of an unexpected event.

In the current situation, that seemed difficult.

“This is true. I ate one.”

Hayback slumped into his first-class seat.

The scenery of the station reflected in the window slowly drifted to the side.

Before long, the train spewed white steam vigorously and ran over the tracks.

Rudger looked at the train leaving and said to Arfa.

“Let’s go to the inn and unpack the luggage we packed. It was a lot of work.”

“no. The leader has suffered a lot. I actually didn’t do much.”

“If Sempas had heard that, he would have vehemently denied it.”

It wasn’t anything else, it was because his life was saved thanks to Arfa.

Arfa laughed and stared at Ludger.




“It’s amazing to go out alone with the leader for such a long time, and besides, the things I’ve been through in the past few days aren’t something you can see often.”

Well, yes.

Rudger nodded his head.

I brought Arfa just in case, but the incident turned out to be bigger than I had imagined.

I finished it safely, but thinking about it now, it’s true that it wasn’t once or twice that the conversation was chilling.

“There was a lot of work and I met a lot of people. And there was also an unwanted parting. I also saw many strange things.”

For Arfa, it was a new experience.

It is a cold machine body, but above all, it is an experience that gives a warm feeling of fullness to the soul.

It didn’t matter if it was a happy thing that made you laugh or a sad thing that made you cry.

“I want to continue experiencing this in the future.”

As if Arfa’s words were surprising, Ludger opened his eyes wide for a moment, but soon returned to his original expressionless face.

“Don’t worry. There will always be opportunities.”

“Is that right?”

“okay. It’s a bit delayed than that. I’m going to go to Seeorn now. You should also go and rest.”

The concept of rest did not exist for Arpa, an automaton.

neither sleep nor eat.

But even so, Arfa slept, ate, and behaved like a human.

That’s why Arfa was grateful for Ludger’s words to tell her to rest.

This is because it was not a word that was simply consciously used, but a word I recommended because I thought that I was sincerely tired.


Arfa left the station with lighter steps.

Ludgar also boarded the carriage heading to Ceorn.

The carriage headed for Ceorn.

Quite a bit of time passed, and when I saw the magnificent front gate of Seorn in the distance, my tension was relieved.

‘I thought I had enough rest, but I’m still tired.’

There was too much work to relieve fatigue with simple rest.

‘But this kind of suffering is a feeling that I can experience because I am alive after all.’

Even his tired body at this moment proves that he is alive.

That’s why Rudger is grateful now.

It is to prepare an opportunity to be grateful but also to make a commitment to prepare harder for the future.

Rudger walked the main campus.

On the way, some students recognized him and greeted him.

Let’s say hello in moderation and laugh at what’s so good.

It’s a good time.

It’s been a few days since I’ve been through hard work on this side, and even during that time, students must have been wrestling with assignments and upcoming exams.

But that didn’t mean the students seemed worthwhile.

It’s just that something like that happened.

Eventually, Rudger arrived in front of the president’s office.


“This is Rudgar Chelsea. We have just returned from a mysterious night.”

“Come on in.”

As if waiting, the answer came back.

Rudger went inside.

The president had prepared tea as if he had expected Ludger to come.

The steam is rising, and the timing seems to be staggeringly measured.

‘Why is the duke and the president so impatient because they can’t keep an eye on my movements so closely?’

Rudger let out a small complaint inwardly and sat across from the president.

“I heard the news. I heard that this mysterious night was messed up?”

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