I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 41

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◈ Episode 41 Reverberation of the Past (1)

“Uh, huh? Mr. Rudger? what the hell is this… … .”

I heard that non-attributes do not handle the element itself properly.

I heard that it is so rare that it is not known how to use it.

Do you have a book about non-attribute magic?


“yes yes?”

“If you read what’s there, at least you’ll see a path you didn’t know until now.”

Line still didn’t understand how this happened.

What the hell is the point of bringing him to the teacher’s office out of nowhere and giving him a strange book?

“Hey, is this real?”

With a face of disbelief, Line stared intently at the title [Understanding non-attribute magic].

As far as she knows, non-attribute magic is extremely rare, and its use has never been properly revealed to the public.

Looking closely at the cover, there was no author’s name on the book, nor even a seal indicating where it was published.

Isn’t this fake?

It was natural to have such doubts.

“It is natural to be suspicious.”

“huh? oh! Oh no! It’s not like that… … !”

Is it revealed in the expression? Rene hurriedly touched her own cheek and began to manage her expression.

Fortunately, Rudger didn’t seem to want to reprimand her for that.

“It’s okay to read and judge. It will be more helpful than knowing nothing.”

“Even in the Magic Tower, there was no information about non-attribute magic… … .”

“Was my source code magic that existed in the Mage Tower?”

“… … .”

In response to such an excellent rebuttal, Riné pursed her lips.

So is this really real?

“Oh, where did you get such a precious thing… … .”

“I was able to save it because I had a relationship.”

You said you were able to save it through fate?

At those words, Rinne’s head tilted slightly to the side.

Was this something that could be saved just because it was meant to be?

Confused, Line asked Rudger.

“… … Does Mr. Ludgar know anything about non-attribute magic?”

The Ludger that Line saw was so natural that one could only think that this man had actually encountered and accumulated knowledge of non-attribute magic.

Rudger, who created the magic of the source code, felt the anticipation that he might know something that others did not know.



“I met such a person once in the past.”

“oh my god. To think that there was another owner of non-attribute magic besides me. So where is he now?”

“does not exist. dead.”

“ah… … .”

Rudger’s voice, unlike usual, seemed to be locked in remorse somewhere.

At least Line felt that way. Because Ludger’s usual cold-hearted and sharp figure seemed to be somewhat suffocated at this moment, like cotton soaked in water.

Rinne became cautious as if she had asked something inappropriate.


“done. After all, it is a thing of the past.”

“Then, is this book the last thing he left behind?”

“okay. It is the result of researching one’s own magical powers throughout one’s life. It’s something that doesn’t even exist in the Magic Tower.”

“Why… … .”

Did you give it to yourself instead of handing it over to the Magic Tower?

Rinne couldn’t bear to say that.

“Because she wanted it.”

ah. you were a woman

Rather, what did you mean by wishing for it?

Line suddenly wondered who the owner of the other non-attribute magic was.

“Still, isn’t it better to hand it over to the Mage Tower in public?”

“Even if I hand it over to the Mage Tower, the place full of greedy old people won’t acknowledge this book itself. No, some admit it, but they won’t show it to others, and they’ll just pass it around among themselves. In that case, it is far better to give it to someone who really needs it. So I had it.”

To hand it over to someone who is worthy of this book one day.

The answer made Line see Ludger again.

“That’s right.”

“If you look at that book and work hard, you will surely find a new way there.”

“Then, is there no way to learn other attribute magic?”

“As far as I know, yes.”

At Ludger’s answer, Line became sullen for no reason.

Although it was not revealed on the outside, Line also had a desire to use splendid and beautiful elemental magic like the others.

“Are you disappointed?”

“To be honest, yes. Even just one element is good, so I wanted to deal with it.”

Others deal with 2 or 3 or more, and the talented deal with 5 or more.



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Suddenly, Line recalled what Ludger had shown him in class.

Come to think of it, how many elements did you deal with?

It showed fire, water, earth, and wind, and even used the elemental ice at first.

5 then?

I wonder if he is also the teacher of Seorn.

“It is an element.”

Indeed, Ludger silently chewed on what she said, not knowing what Linne was thinking.

“Lene. I don’t know what you’re saying, but dealing with only one element is never something to be taken lightly.”

“yes? Wouldn’t it be nice to deal with even one?”

“Everyone, to be precise, wizards have at least two elements they are born with. Then, if you only deal with one element, what do you think of that?”

“Uh, um. A person without talent?”


Rudger shook his head.

“A person who uses only a single element is a person with endless talent that is unmatched in that element.”

Rudger’s words opened Line’s mouth in disbelief.

But Ludger’s words were not false.

Among the magicians, there were only a few, but there were those who could only use one attribute element.

However, they were not weak because they could not handle other elements.

Rather, it was more than that.

“Lene. Do you think elemental magic used by wizards can affect magic of the same nature? For example, a magician who handles a fire element can control the flames of a hot fire.”

“Oh, isn’t it?”

Rinne also had that much common sense.

Just because you can use the fire element doesn’t mean you can handle real fire.

It is also a factor that many people misunderstand.

If it’s a fire mage, since it handles fire, it won’t be affected by hot fire.

If you are a magician who handles metal, you can handle all kinds of metal, so wouldn’t it be great power in war?

That’s wrong.

The ‘expression’ of an element and the ‘handling’ of that element are completely different concepts.

“okay. Usually it is. However, there are wizards who are born with only one element. The magic they use is completely different from the elemental elements that ordinary wizards deal with.”

When others can use at least 2 elements.

Single-attribute mages who can only deal with one element.

They can’t control other element elements, but can ‘dominate’ as much as the element they handle.

“For magicians with a single attribute known to the world, the magic tower is given the title of ‘color’ of that element. It is said that they are all those who have reached the extreme of their element.”

“It was like dealing with a single element… … .”

Rene felt that her insight was short, and her face flushed red.

Since he was saying ‘even a single element is fine’ without knowing anything, it must have looked ridiculous from Ludger’s point of view.

To think that even a single element, which was looked down on lightly, was such a great wall.

Then, do we really have to live like this for the rest of our lives without being able to deal with the elements?

Rinne was terrified.

“Lene. What do you think non-attribute magic is?”

“uh… … Doesn’t that literally mean the attribute doesn’t exist?”

Rene thought about it, then answered whatever came to her mind.

“If you ask a passing child about that, the same answer will come out.”

“… … sorry.”

“In the world, it is said that it is non-attribute, but in reality, it is not clear whether there is no attribute in non-attribute magic.”

“yes? really?”

“A typical example would be the magic of sound.”

At the mention of the magical power of sound, Rinne widened her eyes and tilted her head slightly.

“Is there such a thing as the magical power of sound?”


“But sound is exactly that, a kind of wave transmitted through the medium of the atmosphere… … .”

“Do you think it is the same as the wind attribute?”

“I only knew that.”

“no. wrong. Wind properties and sound are completely different things. Although derived from it, sound is, to be precise, more like a vibrational wave.”

“Uh, is it something else?”

“Even if it’s not in the air, sound waves spread even in water. Then, can sound be said to be an attribute of water?”

“that… … That’s not right.”

Rudger asked another question, wondering if the explanation was a little fun.

“Then what is the poison?”

“poison… … What?”

“It’s a bit more common than being called a non-attribute, but magicians who handle poison are also rare. Can the poison they deal with be called an element of nature?”

“Uh, um… … . A plant or something?”

“Then what is the poison of animals?”

“Yeah, there is that too.”

Line explained the poison from what he knew.

“Ugh. In the first place, poison itself is a kind of self-defense method created by plants and small animals to survive in the ecosystem, right? Wouldn’t it be a bit ambiguous to call it an element of nature?”

“okay. With the development of science and chemical knowledge, it is unreasonable to view poison as a property of nature. However, poison exists as an attribute after all. If magic power itself corrupts something and melting it is not poison, what is it? If not, there might need to be a separate disintegration attribute.”

“Is that so?”

“However, in the 10 elements, except for non-attributes, poison cannot be included in the attributes. So is the sound. Then why the hell is that?”

“Uh, is it because the number of people using it is small?”

“If you think about it that way, people with light and dark attribute magic fall under that category as well. They are also rare cases.”

“But light and darkness exist in nature.”

“Then I will ask. Line. What is nature?”

“yes? yeah… … .”

Riné tried to say something, but closed her mouth.

what is nature

What are the attributes and elements contained therein?

nature? isn’t that the world? But is the world too comprehensive? element then?

“Your face looks complicated.”

“Uh, um. yes… … . Come to think of it, I don’t think I can define anything clearly.”

“Of course. Because humans can’t arbitrarily define the world in the first place.”


At the words that seemed unlikely to come out of the magic teacher’s mouth, Line made a foolish expression for a moment.

Rudger kept a relaxed expression and opened his mouth while watching her open mouth.

“Magicians judge themselves to be rational, and try to see the world by putting it within the frame of such rationality.”

“Yeah, that’s natural. In the first place, magic is the expression of mystery with human reason and will… … .”

“From that point on, it is a stereotyped idea. Line. have a freer mind When do you think the metal that exists among the 10 properties now appeared?”

Metals were not even valued as inherently attribute elements.

Metal is what comes out of the ground after all. This is because it has been lumped together as soil and an attribute of the earth.

However, as science developed and all kinds of machines and tools made of iron gradually spread to the public.

Metal proudly put its name on the list of 10 elements.

“So is the ice. Ice is just a change that happens when water goes below its freezing point. After all, isn’t water and ice the same thing?”

However, in the end, the properties of water and the properties of ice are separated.

Light and darkness are the same.

“Lene. You seem to think that the current magic is something perfect, with no room for further improvement.”

“ah… … .”

At Ludger’s words, Rinne felt as if a bolt of lightning struck her head.

Her shoulders trembled and her back stood erect.

Until now, she had thought of magic itself as something that could no longer be touched, something at a truly distant stage.

But is it really so?

Can magic no longer change?

It wasn’t.

Rudger, noticing that Linen felt something, shook his head.

“I finally realized. That’s it. A wizard must rule magic, not be controlled by magic.”

Rudger got up and walked towards the window.

What can be seen through the transparent glass window is the scenery of Seorn Academy, which will be responsible for the future of this era.

It’s definitely a great and wonderful place.

If you ask me if this place is perfect, it is not.

“The world changes. And, of course, we who are part of that world change too. It’s the same with magic. Attributes that were initially 4 elements have now become 10, but those 10 do not make up everything. There may be unknown properties that have not yet been revealed. It could be 20 or more than 30.”

And I don’t know when it will end, so my heart was pounding.

“The same goes for your non-attribute magic. Right now it’s a non-attribute, but in the future, even that might get a name as a new attribute. If not now, it will definitely be at some point in the future.”

At those words, Line saw a vague vision.

The self who had nothing, and the successful future who achieved great achievements in one field.

It was the image she had dreamed of, and it was so dazzling that she involuntarily clenched her fist in her slender hand.

Rudger looked away from the window and turned around.


Returning to reality, Rene unknowingly spits out an exclamation.

For some reason, the look of Ludger looking at us with his back to the light coming down from the window was so different from the coercive look he usually shows.

The man who looked like a pillar of steel is nowhere to be found.

Standing here was a seeker like her, learning magic.

“Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Believe that you can be a pioneer who will go down in history, not be something different from others.”

Line opened her lips to say something, but no voice came out.

As if something heavy and gigantic was pressing down on her chest, even her thoughts were distorted and could not be expressed in words.

However, it was not a frustrating and painful feeling.

It was the greatest joy I had ever experienced.

Rudger’s words instantly tore away the uncertain future she had been harboring until now.

No words come out.

But I still have to say thank you, thank you… … .

“So, do your best in the future. Please read the book I gave you today. This is a personal assignment given only to you.”

After saying that, Rudger raised a light breeze.

The tailwind gently wrapped around Linen’s body, lifted her up from her seat, and led her outside the teachers’ room.

“Ah, I… … !”

When I crossed the threshold of the teacher’s office, my breath became clear as if the magic had been lifted.

Line looked back and tried to say something to Ludger.


The door closed faster than that.

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