I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 409

◈ Episode 409 New Deal (2)

Where Rudger is currently working.

Seorn Magic Academy.

“Come to think of it, there was Ceorn!”

There was a strong perception that Seorn was basically an academy for educating mages, but that wasn’t necessarily the case.

Special talents are periodically produced, and papers and theories related to magic come out to the extent that they are not inferior to other magic towers.

As the first place that wizards who would become important talents of the country go through first, the majesty of Seorn was not easy to see.

So every year, countless companies financed and sponsored Ceorn, collaborating and receiving various benefits.

“If it’s about the kingdom of Utah, maybe it’ll be welcomed there too.”

If you make a direct contract with a place that holds natural resources, the capital required to obtain materials and reagents for magical research is greatly reduced.

Of course, for that, this side also had to spare no support to help the kingdom of Utah in mining resources.

It’s hard to see big gains right now, but from a long-term perspective, it’s definitely not a bad deal.

“Of course, it will be the president who makes the evaluation, so I am not sure yet. Know this.”

“That’s it, I know! Thank you so much though!”

Ekaterina was overjoyed and lifted up to give Ludger a hug.

Rudger was frightened and pushed Ekaterina’s head away with his hand.

“Didn’t I tell you to keep your physique or correct this habit?”

Ekaterina, who had been pushed out, replied with a sullen expression.

“Because you don’t do that to anyone in the first place?”

“I remember you saying you shouldn’t treat anyone like that.”

“That is my heart. I am a queen now.”

“If anyone sees you, you’ll think you became a queen to do whatever you want.”

“Anyway, thanks for the advice. I hope to hear from you soon in Seorn.”

“… … Please watch your mouth there, and I hope you don’t get into an accident.”

At Ludger’s worry-filled words, Ekaterina lit her twin wicks.

“I also know how to exercise self-control in public settings now, right?”

“… … okay.”

Thinking of what I saw at the front desk of the Land River Hotel, I was worried for nothing.

Rudger nodded in agreement.

“It’s a busy time with cleaning up, so we won’t be able to chat for a long time.”

“… … Yes. Because you and I stand in different positions than back then.”

Ekaterina regretted the fact that there was no more time to talk comfortably.

I even thought that I missed the days when I ran away during the old civil war.

At that time, she was definitely in a series of crises every moment, but not to the extent of now.


On the contrary, now that I became a queen, it is much more frustrating than then.

Wearing clothes that didn’t fit the body and wearing a mask was too hard.

That may have been the case.

Sharing the past, and feeling comfortable with someone who treats you as you are, regardless of status.

Of course I have to regret it.

“… … If I visit Seorn, will you treat me as a guest?”

Like a child who expects his parents to buy him a toy, Ekaterina looked at Rudger with nervous eyes.

Rudgar laughed at that figure and nodded his head.

“okay. I’ll give you directions.”

Ekaterina’s expression brightened at that answer.

“Oh ho ho! Are you sure you got that answer right? You promised?!”


Fearing that he would really cry if he said that he had never made a promise here, Rudger decided to let it go.

Ekaterina left, saying that she would take care of the wounded.

Ludger watched Ekaterina’s back as she ran away, and then headed towards the barracks.

I didn’t forget to remove the sound barrier that was scattered around.

As he rounded the corner of the half-burnt tent, Rudger encountered a man.

“Mr. Roina?”

“Ah, there, that… … .”

Roina looked at Rudger and reacted at a loss.

Rudger’s gaze narrowed.

Judging from that reaction, it seems that this side stole the secret meeting between the two of them with Ekaterina.

“What is your relationship with Princess Ekaterina?”

Roina asked directly if the stealing was real.

If the way she didn’t hide the fact that she saw it was really like her, it was like her.

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me sort this out.”

Apparently, it was impossible to talk about the true identity of this side, so Rudger evaded it moderately.

Because of the sound barrier, Roina did not know what the two of them were talking about.

So I just have to catch it.

“Just hugging each other?”

“… … that.”

Rudger remembered how Ekaterina hadn’t kept her head a moment ago and felt sorry for her.

Even if you couldn’t hear the conversation, there was plenty of room for misunderstanding just by looking at what Ekaterina did.

Rudger pondered over how to excuse this.

Yekaterina is the king of a country even if she looks like this.

I tried to come up with the best excuse so as not to damage her reputation, but I couldn’t come up with anything.

Then Roina reached out and patted Ludger on the shoulder.

“… … ?”

Rudger stared at Roina with the gaze of what kind of action this was.

Roina nodded to Rudger as if she knew everything, as if she understood.

“Go for it. I will support you as a friend.”

Roina raised her thumb at Rudger with her other hand.

Rudger, who did not realize what that meant at first, later realized what misunderstanding Roina had been.

As Ludger’s expression turned grim in an instant, Roina noticed it like a ghost and ran away from the seat.

“That’s real.”

Rudger gritted his teeth slightly, but he remembered that he had sold Roina’s name and couldn’t say anything.

Rather, wouldn’t Roina, who learned the truth later, come like a deukdal?

Back then, he didn’t know if Rudger would have to avoid his seat like he does now.

* * *

Returning to the barracks, Rudger sat down on the sofa.

Rudger never felt tired at all, but he had never been as desperate to close his eyes as he is now.

‘But it shouldn’t be like that.’

It is an individual’s time that has come a long way.

Although physically and mentally exhausted, Rudger did not forget what he had to do.

Rudger pulled out a book from the shadows.

This book, without any title and made up of only ancient language, was one of the things Ludger had been looking for for a long time.

A book containing knowledge related to non-attribute magic.

‘If this is it.’

Rudger opened the book and read the contents inside.

There was no Arpa, so only the sound of turning the pages of a book echoed in the quiet tent.

how much time has passed like that

Rudger turned the last page and closed the book with a chuckle.

Putting the book on a close shelf, Rudger got up from the sofa and went to lie down on the bed.

Rudger’s head chewed over the contents of the book he had just read in the midst of the overwhelming fatigue.

‘Compared to the volume of the book, there was only a small fraction of usable information.’

Most of it was similar to the book of non-attribute magic that Line’s mother left behind.

But that didn’t mean there was no income.

‘Non-attribute magic. Beyond the nonexistence of the proper attributes, an unsolvable curse that gradually gnaws at the user’s life.’

It was characteristic of non-attribute magic.

Non-attribute magic gradually becomes stronger as time passes, even without appropriate training.

However, holders of non-attribute magic do not know how to use the mana that builds up inside their bodies.

Even if I suppress my mana, even if I scrape it all the way to the floor and spit it out.

The unknown remnants left inside the body eat away at the body.

A life with a limited time that begins from the moment you become aware of your magic power.

It would be better if they could go there comfortably, but the end of the non-attribute magic holders was usually not good.

A body that is destroyed from the inside gives immense pain to the person concerned.

No matter how strong a person is, he can’t stand it and commits suicide.


Why does such magic exist and why do people have to die?

The reason for that question was written, albeit abstractly, in this book.

[All of this is because of a curse from God.]

It’s a curse from God

Other people would not have listened to him saying that he was passing on responsibility like an ancient man, but Ludgar was different.

damn it

In fact, there is no word more accurate than this.

If so, I had to know the reason why it became a curse.

[It is said that in the distant past, the magic power of the chosen ones was much more diverse and numerous than it is now. Now, the genealogy has been cut off and it is difficult to even remember, but we have seen that the source of this curse of futility is there.]

Even the ancients mentioned that it was a very long time ago.

If so, when is the enemy era?

But Rudger took some sort of clue from those words.

‘Before the current magic system consisting of 10 elements, in the very distant past, there was more magic for unknown properties that had not yet been revealed.’

Modern mages would have a hard time believing that.

Their thinking is basically confined to and framed by modern knowledge.

However, even in this world, there are magicians who use unknown magical powers.

Indeed, Rudgar knew one such mage.

‘Then, did the genealogy of knowledge about non-attribute magic completely get cut off by the curse of God?’

Rudger had no choice but to guess.

Because the book didn’t say anything about it.


Most people will feel helpless here.

Who the hell is the god the ancients refer to?

Perhaps it was something fatalistic called God, or it could be that something unknown that humans could not dare to resist was evaluated as God.

But at least Rudger, who had a deep knowledge of the ancient language, knew that it was not such a complex meaning.

The god the ancients spoke of was a literal god.

And there is only one god in the world to whom they will refer.

Lumensis given.

The Church of Lumensis they serve.

It was clear that they knew something.

‘Are they them again?’

It was disgusting, but not too surprising.

Rather, I just thought it was better.

Because all the directions he had to face were pointing to only one place.

However, more important than realizing the truth is the solution to the side effects of this non-attribute magic.

‘Non-attribute magic is, after all, magic. If you properly realize what kind of attribute you are and know how to deal with it, it will no longer be a curse. It’s a dangerous thing in a situation without any knowledge.’

But nowhere in this book did anyone deal with it.

That’s natural.

If there was a solution, there would be no way people who died because of non-attribute magic would appear after that.

‘But at least there is some mention of a way to suppress it.’

It was valuable information that could not be obtained even with billions of dollars.

However, the person who wrote the content did not like that method very much.

On the contrary, it was considered taboo and even reluctant.

That’s natural.

It is neither the priest’s blessing nor the mage’s knowledge of magical powers that somehow delays the curse of the gods.

“It is the curse of black magic.”

Lying on the bed, Ludger’s eyes toward the ceiling sank deeply.

* * *

The sun was bright.

The Cassar Basin, which has regained its mysterious phenomenon again, was not felt because it always maintained the same contrast, but the watch was honest.

Rudger straightened up frowning.

Today is the day when the entrance to the Kassar Basin is opened.

In other words, it was the day I had to leave this place.

Belkat was killed, and the collapse of the Cassar Basin was prevented.

In addition, in the process, I packed something close to the elixir and gathered all the necessary information.

It was hard work, but the reward was overflowing.

“leader. I’m done packing my stuff.”

“okay. i get it.”

Arfa took the luggage bag.

The two came out of the tent. I could see people everywhere in the barracks moving around, ready to leave.

They looked at Rudger and greeted them lightly.

There was no one who did not know Rudger’s performance in this case.

Of course, the biggest role was left to Roina by Ludger, but even taking that into account, Ludger’s role was huge.

Naturally, people treated Ludger favorably and wanted to become friends with him.

Except for the old magic tower.

Rudger lightly greeted those people.

The road to leave became a long procession.

Even if their lives were spared, those who had suffered a major measles outbreak did not want to remain here any longer.

With quick steps, they moved toward the misty curtain through which a large passage was pierced.

Getting out doesn’t mean everything is solved.

What happened inside, and what to do with the dead.

It was an issue that still had to be dealt with outside.

‘I’m sure other people will take care of it anyway.’

Of course, that wasn’t Ludgar’s role.

I would report to the Duke of Hayback and the chancellor, but there was no need to clean up.

With that thought in mind, Ludger, who was traveling with Arfa, had no choice but to stop.

Arfa was about to ask why, but found what Ludger was looking at as well.

“Are you a child?”


It was quite far from the exit, so the others couldn’t see it, but Rudger and Arfa, who had extraordinary eyesight, certainly saw it.

A young boy with gray hair stared tirelessly through the misty veil.

It looked like it was waiting for someone.

“Who are you waiting for?”

“They will be friends.”

“A friend? The soul here must remain locked inside. Then you can’t wait outside, can you?”

“I will still wait.”


“Because friends are like that.”

Rudger left the child behind and moved on.

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