I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 407

◈ What remains after episode 407 (2)

People were nervous.

The revived wizards swallowed their saliva and contemplated whether or not to cast magic.


It was a very dangerous guy if you look at the aura he gave off.

Strike first before he strikes first… … .


However, the moment Yeongsu’s eyes turned to him, he had to put that thought aside.

That was not an opponent that he would dare to defeat just because he jumped at him.

The moment I met them, I could feel that I was being pushed to the bottom of Mother Nature’s food chain, even though I was a human being.

“Youngsu. That is a receipt.”

Someone who recognized the deer muttered that.

The wizards reacted more violently to the word Yeonsu.

“You said Yeongsoo was real?”

“A guy who has never appeared in Kassar Basin until now, why is he here… … .”

If it’s a spirit beast, you shouldn’t touch it any more.

Young-soo’s existence has high academic value, but we couldn’t treat him carelessly.

They have intelligence comparable to, and possibly even surpassing, that of humans.

Besides, the wizards gathered here are those who seek magic and mystery, not those who catch and skin mysterious creatures.

Of course, there were people who were blinded by the existence of Yeongsu and showed their greed.

Gregorium of the old magic tower was representative of this.

However, he failed to show his hostility toward Young-soo.

It was because a person jumped down behind Yeongsu’s back.

“Uh huh? It’s a person!”

People’s eyes were soon focused on the person who rode the spirit beast.

The man who fell from the air landed on the ground gently generating magical energy.

There is also a section.

also light

Ekaterina widened her eyes when she saw the man sitting next to her.

Derek and Gregorium were also surprised.

“Lou, Rudger Celish… … .”

Emotionless blue eyes staring at us.

Ludgar Celish, who headed to the forest to stop Belkat, was safely brought back to life.

Even while riding the spirit beast that exists in the forest.

People opened their eyes after closing their eyes at the unbelievable sight.

what now A person came riding a spirit beast? does that make sense?

While people’s attention was focused, Ludger opened his mouth to Youngsoo.

“You may as well go. Thanks for taking me.”

Surprisingly, Youngsoo nodded as if he understood what he was saying.

Huh. The wizards burst into admiration.

It was rumored that at the age of Yeongsoo, he could understand human language and communicate with them.


A huge amount of magic power emanated from Youngsoo’s body.

The momentum of that magical power was so great that even Arpa, Sempas, and Roina, who were returning to the outpost just in time, felt it.

Young-soo, who gradually rose high into the air, was soon enveloped in pure white light.

Brilliant light as if looking at the stars in the sky up close.

A mass of flashes was shot in the direction of the forest.

The white and golden mana drew a long trajectory and scattered in the air.

People were mesmerized by the beautiful sight.

Eventually, when Yeongsoo completely disappeared beyond the forest, they turned their heads and stared at Ludger as if possessed.

Landing on the ground, Rudger tidied up his disheveled hair and lightly pulled his collar.

The same calm face and attitude as usual.

People felt a strange feeling at the sight.

It’s great, but it’s so calm that it feels rather unreal.

Then Rudger opened his mouth.

“There must still be issues for us to deal with. Gregorian Wizard.”

“… … .”

Gregorium bit his lip.

The flames of jealousy were burning in his eyes as he stared at Ludger.

It wasn’t enough to be alive in that situation, to return to the outpost on the spirit beast.

Gregorium could hardly think of a more attention-grabbing act.

But what’s important now is what’s happening right in front of you.

“A problem to deal with? Was there anything like that between us?”

Gregorium insisted that he knew nothing at all.

“Are you saying you’re going to stay ignorant after running away to live alone?”

“ah. It can’t be helped that they split up because of ‘differences of opinion’.”

At those words, Rudgar slightly curved the corners of his eyes.

Are you going to come out like that?

“If you can call a unilateral withdrawal without consultation an opinion.”

“What’s wrong with that? In the end, our judgment was correct. The leylines of the cliff burst, but the Cassar Basin did not collapse.”

Even if the process is not good, if the result is good, isn’t it enough?

Gregorium’s words had such a meaning.

“I guess so. However, Kuma Tower abandoned his duty and only looked for a way to live on his own. The resulting loss of trust will be unavoidable.”

In a way, the Kuma Tower’s move was to strangle them.

It was said that if everything was moved according to the profit relationship, even a close relationship could be easily knocked out at any time.

The Kuma Tower is not an organization that simply serves the domestic market.

They also get funds by collaborating with various external organizations, companies, and families.

Because that’s modern society.

The most important thing in such a business relationship is mutual trust.

There are two types of trust.

Either human trust or trust made up of a relationship of gain.

However, the weight of this trust is not established with only one side.

It’s just a difference in proportion, so both are bound to be included.

However, the Kuma Tower has completely destroyed even the minimum human trust relationship in this area.

Right now, we trade because it’s mutually beneficial, but what about later?

The move that the Kuma Tower showed meant that they could change their attitude as easily as flipping the palm of their hand if it didn’t go against their will at any time.

At Ludger’s words, Gregorium felt ashamed as well.

In fact, this part was something that Gregorium was also thinking about.

The moment he retreated from here, it was something that left a big mark on the reputation of the old mage tower.

It was also an act that put Gregorium’s own position in his exorcism tower at risk.

But if you compare risking your position with risking your life, of course the former is much better.

Don’t you have a position to live in?

‘I didn’t know that he would come back alive in this situation in the first place.’

Gregorium judged that the Cassar Basin was already hopeless.

It was definitely not a bad decision to move with the thought that those who live should live.

But whether it is correct is ultimately determined by the result.

In that sense, Gregorium’s judgment was greatly wrong at the point where the Cassar Basin had not collapsed.

Every choice comes with a price.

And Gregorium had to pay the price for the wrong choices he made.

“Don’t be ridiculous! What’s wrong with making the obvious choice!”

However, Gregorium could not accept the situation as it was.

I couldn’t help it, even if it was shameless.

It was unfair because it was unfair.

In his view, the collapse of the Kasar Basin was a catastrophe that could not be prevented.

Moreover, it was something vaguely felt from afar, but the waves of magical power felt from the cliff side were absolutely not ordinary.

At least 6th tier great magic.

From Gregorium’s point of view, who had witnessed it in the past, there was no way he wouldn’t know that such magic had unfolded.

“You should have fought against a 6th tier wizard? Even so, it only increased the damage, so is it so wrong to try to reduce the damage!”

“Because the only ones who reduced the damage were their own people. And didn’t he decide to retreat before he knew the opponent was in the 6th tier?”

Ludgar reacted sharply to Gregorium’s reaction.

Gregorium let out a sigh and looked around.

It was a disadvantage, so I tried to ask for help from others.

There were also some businessmen, magicians, and nobles who had connections to the Kuma Tower.

But no one tried to help Gregorium.

Rather, as soon as their eyes met, they pretended not to know and turned their heads away, ignoring Gregorium.

They didn’t know that if they step out here, let alone help, they would fall into a pit together.

“this person… … !”

These ungrateful humans!

Gregorium was enraged, but from the perspective of others, he had to be careful not to cause unnecessary sparks.

On the contrary, I didn’t even have a little hot heart.

If they ran away without fighting, why are you asking for help now?

Feeling that gaze, Gregorium felt a sense of dismay.

But he didn’t give up his pride until the end.

“… … so. Are you trying to hold me accountable now? Wasn’t it those suspicious guys who killed people in the first place! They are all dead!”

“I plan to find out more about them later. The important thing now is to point out the behavior that increased the number of victims through arbitrary actions even though the damage could have been reduced.”

“Is this asking me to take responsibility for all of this?”

At that, Rudger laughed.

“I didn’t mean to take responsibility. But I thought it would be good for everyone here to know.”

“… … .”

“I have no right to punish you. If I, the teacher of Seorn, touch the exorcism tower, it will cause a big problem. But telling the truth doesn’t matter.”

Rudger said that and looked around.

“And those who accept the truth, what they think of and how to respond to the old magic tower is all their freedom.”

As if to prove that, Derek Olsen and Ekaterina proudly stood next to Ludger.

Gregorium’s face flushed red.

He felt that people’s gaze toward him was not good.

Gregorium instinctively felt the crisis that if he couldn’t solve it here, he would be doomed.

But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t see a breakthrough.

Even if this side backed up their authority and tried to press Ludger back, the situation was hopeless.

Wasn’t he the one who rode Yeong-soo and returned in the first place?

In this place, Rudger has become a separate entity that is hard to touch now.

How do you deal with that?

“… … Wait and see.”

Gregorium quietly backed away, realizing that anything else would only make him uglier.

Of course, I didn’t forget to promise myself that I wouldn’t be easily defeated like this.

Ekaterina, who was watching the wizards of the exorcism tower retreat like defeated soldiers, burst into laughter before long.

After that, isn’t it to hold on to the stomach and laugh at it?

It was a shame that the sound was so low that only Derek and Rudger could hear it, otherwise everyone else would have been horrified.

The real Ekaterina barely smiled at Ludger.

“thank you. Thanks to you, one annoying problem has been solved.”

“It was nothing.”

“Rather than that, how the hell did Young-soo get on board? What happened in that forest?”

Ekaterina’s eyes were full of curiosity about this situation.

It was Barencina, who just returned from a simple treatment, and her older brothers, Bartali and Derek Olsen, who supported such a younger sister.

They were not unaware of the situation, so they were staring at Rudger.

“I’m sure the story will be long.”

Rudger let out a small sigh and entered the barracks.

The people around them looked at it in bewilderment, and Ekaterina ordered them to do their own work for now.

* * *

Several people gathered in the barracks.

Most of them were people who were in charge of each organization who gathered to share opinions before starting the operation.

Of course, compared to before, the number was considerably reduced.

There was a dead person, and the exorcism tower, including Gregorium, which accounted for a large part, did not even shine.

Instead, Arfa, Sempas, and Roina, who should not have been there, were in their seats.

Where should I start talking?

Rudger weighed it in his mind before opening his mouth.

“I don’t know anything else, but it’s better to start by explaining what happened in the forest.”

No one vomited at those words.

There was no one here who did not wonder what was going on in the woods.

The existence of the spirit beast, and most of all, even the appearance of the elemental lord of the earth.

“First of all, I think everyone will know the existence of the culprit by hearing the story in advance.”

Belkat Benmark.

He faked his own death in the mansion and was actually behind all of this.

It was the same with Limray who collaborated with him.

“Belkart broke the leyline of the cliff. But just in time, the overflowing leylines in the forest began to stabilize again.”

“How is that possible?”

Liumea, one of the people in charge of the New Mage Tower, asked.

Her complexion was not very good, for she had suffered the most from Amar’s poison.

It wasn’t because he was careless, but rather it was because he took his place instead to protect the same colleagues.

Fortunately, thanks to the antidote, there is no damage to life, but it is a state that should be rested and rested originally.

Even so, I came here because I wanted to know how the situation was going.

“In order to stabilize a leyline once burst, it is difficult to suppress it with normal magic power. It can be broken by a 6th tier mage alone, but it takes 5x that to stop it. But if it was blocked, who the hell is that?”

“They were beasts of the forest.”

Rudger quietly nodded at Liumea’s disbelieving gaze.

“The organisms that have lived in the Kasar Basin for a long time. The beasts, who were never defeated by the amount of magical power they possessed, became one in mind and stabilized the leyline.”

“I can’t… … .”

Liumea couldn’t believe it, but Roina stepped forward and answered instead.

“There are plenty of possibilities. Right away, we also confirmed the existence of Yeongsu, right? With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if the animals in Kasar Basin showed special movements.”

“In fact, even Yeongsoo fought against Belcart to protect the forest. In the meantime, Belkat tried to destroy the stabilized leyline again, but then a new miracle happened.”

“Elemental lord of the earth.”

Someone’s muttering echoed in the barracks.

There is no one who has not seen the existence of a huge rocky mountain rising beyond the forest.

Everyone saw the scene, so of course they knew how this incident ended.

But even though I saw it, I still feel like I’m dreaming with my eyes open.

There is much more credibility to the hypothesis that the group hallucinations were simply caused by the mysterious phenomenon of the Cassar Basin.

“That’s how it happened.”

However, Rudger, who was watching the situation closely, gave a definite answer.

The people gathered at the table eventually had no choice but to accept reality.

* * *

Everyone in the barracks dispersed, and Ludger also left the barracks.

The fight was over, so I thought I’d take a break to clear my messy head.

Fortunately, in the midst of the chaos, the barracks he rented were safe even in the midst of this chaos.

At least someone followed Ludger as he headed towards the barracks thinking that he would not have to carry his luggage again.

“… … Queen Ekaterina?”

He wondered who it was, and saw Yekaterina, who had followed him alone without an escort.

why is she here

Before such a question, Ekaterina bowed her head politely toward Ludger.

“Thank you for your help. Thanks to you, we were able to survive.”

“… … keep your head up It’s not nice when someone sees it.”

“It doesn’t matter if you look at it. Of course, benefactors have to do this.”

“I didn’t do much in the first place.”

“It’s something I’m grateful for just fighting with my best.”

She is truly a stubborn girl in this area.

‘But did you come here separately to say thank you?’

The moment I thought so, Ekaterina threw a question like a surprise.

“By the way, Mr. Machiavelli. Why do you hide your identity and work as a teacher?”

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