I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 406

◈ What remains after episode 406 (1)

“oh my god.”

Sempas couldn’t close his mouth as the scene unfolded before his eyes.

In the poisonous mist that swept all over the place, Arfa stood awestruck.

Arfa saw Amar sprawled out in front of him with his face crushed.

did not hide It is dead.

“To really win.”

Even Sempas knew that Arfa was strong.

However, no matter how strong a person was, he was powerless in front of poison.

Poison is the only way to deal a fatal blow regardless of the opponent’s strength.

However, Arfa remained calm even in the deadly poisonous mist.

It wasn’t that he endured or pushed away, but it seemed like it didn’t even work in the first place.

Of course, Amar didn’t show much of a fight and was shattered by Arfa’s fist.

Arfa looked down at Amar, then turned and approached Sempas.

“It’s done!”

The moment Sempas saw that bright smile, the tension in his whole body was released.

Sempas, who fell backwards, looked up at the sky.

I could see the ceiling of a huge dome of fog, through which soft light descended.

At that time, Arfa stuck out his head from one side of the field of view.

“Sempas. Are you all right?”

“Thanks to.”

Thanks to the antidote Arfa gave me, I didn’t die.

However, I was just exhausted from consuming too much energy until then.

“What about the others? They must all be poisoned.”

“Everyone is fine.”

Arfa checked the condition of the wizards in the New Mage Tower.

Thanks to additional reinforcements, everyone was receiving treatment safely.

“But still the rest of the leyline… … .”

“That is over too.”

Arpa said, thinking of a huge metal bird heading into the forest and a white owl chasing after it.

All the leylines that were gushing out in the distance returned to their original state.

Rudger succeeded.

“What was that gigantic creature earlier than that?”

Arfa remembered the elemental lord of the land that had disappeared.

An existence that literally transcends the laws of physics, like a living, breathing giant mountain.

“I’ve only heard of it, but I think it’s probably an elemental lord. Oh, can you help me?”


Arfa lightly raised Sempas up.

It was a bit awkward to be supported like this by a child much younger than himself, but Sempas ignored it and continued.

“Elemental lords are spirits, but they are at the pinnacle of it. Perhaps the one who appeared this time was the elemental lord of the earth.”

“Hey. That must have been the elemental lord you’ve only heard of.”

“I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually seen it. Even in human history, there are only a few cases where its existence has been observed. I never thought it would show up in a place like this.”

“Why did a being of that level suddenly appear?”

“The elemental lord of the earth is a spirit even if he looks like that, so he probably doesn’t want the land to be ruined. Because spirits love nature. It is self-evident that if the Kassar Basin collapses, the surrounding area will be devastated, so it must have been trying to protect it as a being derived from nature.”

“Even so, stabilizing the land on the verge of collapse? That’s amazing.”

“yes. But that is why they are called transcendent beings.”

The pillars of the leylines, which had soared up without knowing how high the sky was, had all subsided before they knew it.

The shaking ground also regained stability, and only a lonely silence lingered around as if it had never been noisy.

“Is it really a miracle… … .”

Muttering like that, Sempas laughed as if he was laughing after he said it.

I’ve been through a lot since coming here.

“Let’s go back. To an outpost.”


Arfa said he knew and sped up.

Sempas’ legs dragged along the floor.

“… … Could you go a little slower?”

* * *

The outpost was truly festive.

All the blue pillars, clearly visible from afar, had disappeared.

The Cassar Basin does not collapse.

Everyone here has survived.

The fact that they finally lived, the people who had been nervous embraced each other and rejoiced.

People who normally save face were no exception.

The joy of being freed from the fear of death did not cover positions.

It was the same with Ekaterina.

‘It’s finally over.’

Ekaterina also felt like she wanted to scream that she was excited.

It was a feat for him not to slump down in his seat.

But the reason I didn’t do that was because I still remembered the nagging I’d heard until my ears were worn out.

To maintain dignity, to show dignity as a member of the royal family.

Even though the person who said that doesn’t even exist anymore.

No, that’s why I had no choice but to follow his words.

‘I still have work to do.’

As I took pride in my joy, my head was spinning and I was able to grasp the situation rationally.

Being alive is good, and there are still many things to do.

I had to hunt down the dead, treat the wounded, and clean up the mess.

And importantly, one of her lieutenants, Varencina, hadn’t returned yet.


Barenchina headed to the cliff with the wizards of the old mage tower.

However, only the wizards of the old mage tower returned, and the leyline they were heading for was broken.

Barencina did not return.

Ekaterina asked what was going on with the others, but the wizards of the old mage tower did not answer.

They left on the pretext of strengthening the outpost’s fortifications in preparation for the impending collapse.

Besides, the survivors of the New Mage Tower have yet to return.

Since the leylines there had also burst, I thought that maybe they were all dead too.

It was a pleasure to have survived, but many died nonetheless.

Ekaterina knew that she couldn’t be happy.

At that time, one side of the people who had gathered and rejoiced was filled with the sound of hum.

As she looked for something, a cry that a survivor had returned was heard in Ekaterina’s ears.

‘A survivor?’

Ekaterina’s expression brightened as she checked there just in case.


I saw the injured Barencina and Derek Olsen flying this way on magic beasts.

After getting off the magic water, Barenchina immediately prostrated herself in front of Ekaterina, ignoring her injuries.

“Queen! God Barentina. I have returned by order.”

Barencina’s expression when she said that was not very good.

It was because of the guilt that he had not succeeded in his mission.

But Ekaterina welcomed the gentle Mysor Barenchina.

“What a relief. Because you are safe.”

“sorry. Failing the mission, losing my subordinates and preserving my own life… … .”

“no. It was unavoidable. And look. This Cassar Basin is fine. This fight is not in vain.”

“… … I couldn’t do anything.”

“Nevertheless, you must have worked hard. So is the wound. If Barenchna had to go through that, it must have been really hard for her. She worked hard.”

Barenchina was moved by Ekaterina’s words and bowed her head.

“Get treatment. I will hear from Derek Olsen for details.”

“… … yes. All right.”

Barenchina withdrew, and Derek, exhausted, approached Ekaterina.

“What happened?”

“A lot happened.”

Derek explained to Ekaterina everything he had seen on the cliff.

Ekaterina couldn’t help but be surprised at the part where Ludger chased after the black man at the end of the story.

“Certainly everything that happened in the forest… … .”

“I don’t know if that’s all Mr. Rudger did. I don’t know anything else, but the elemental lord of the earth is not something that people can command.”

“That huge rocky mountain, that is.”

“It is, in fact, a miracle plus a miracle. But that doesn’t mean you can attribute everything to miracles. If the guy hadn’t fought, he wouldn’t have bought himself the time to get there.”

Ekaterina nodded her head as if agreeing with him.

At the same time, he was indignant at the behavior of the wizards of the old mage tower.

“Abandoning one’s duty and seeking only one’s own life! How immoral… … !”

At that moment, the wizards of the exorcism tower, who had fallen out of the outskirts, returned to the plaza at good timing.

They too would have noticed that the situation had ended safely.

Gregorium, the person in charge of the old magic tower, approached Catherine with a brazen face, but hardened his face when he saw Derek next to her.

“Derek Olson. You came back safely.”

“Gregorium. Where did you fall for yourself to live alone, did you see a lot of virtue?”

Gregorium hardened his expression at the bony horse, but soon a smile formed on his lips.

“Not much. Why did you buy it and go through such trouble? It would have been fine if I didn’t have to.”

“Do you really think so?”

“As a result, isn’t everyone safe? There was no need to take risks and suffer in the first place.”

Gregorium decided to go out, openly and brazenly.

Derek’s face went cold at that attitude.

“you… … !”

Ekaterina burst into exasperation.

“You gave up the fight and ran away, what are you talking about!”

Gregorium waved his hand with an expression of regret.

“Your Majesty the Queen. You misunderstood something. We didn’t run away, we just strategically chose the safest next best option. Is it so wrong to seek ways to make more people live?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Or do you think you had to stay and fight? see Who else came back alive besides Derek? If we were there, things wouldn’t have changed.”

Rather, it was Gregorium’s claim that only deaths would have increased.

Looking at it rationally, Gregorium’s judgment was not wrong.

Even if the wizards of the old mage tower were there, they wouldn’t have been able to protect the ley lines of the cliff.

But quitting knowing that and fighting to the end were completely different.

“Gregorium. Isn’t that the least bit of shame?”

“Should I feel ashamed of surviving by making the best choices?”

“Do you feel anything when you see the people who stayed and fought until the end? When the proud wizards of the Mage Tower fled, the free-class wizards risked their lives to fight!”

“So they all died. It was a stupid choice.”

“this… … !”

“Rather than that, where did that great teacher go? He laughed out loud when he saw us leaving, but he himself isn’t even here. Could it be that he is dead?”

“… … He chased the darkness and headed to the forest. He chose to fight without giving up until the end.”

“Then I would have died. Seeing that he never came back. If you’re lucky, your life might have been saved thanks to the elemental lord, but did you gain anything from doing that?”

Derek’s face turned red with anger.

It was the moment he was about to clench his fist and swing it at Gregorium.


With a cheerful sound, Gregorium fell backwards.

“… … !”

Derek stared at Ekaterina with blank eyes.

Ekaterina’s straightened fist vehemently stated that she had hit Gregorium.

The cold queen of the north slapped the leader of the old magic tower on the cheek with her fist.

It’s a fist.

It’s common sense to slap the cheek with a knife in a situation like this, but Ekaterina blew her power straight.

Even how neat and good the posture was, the moment I saw it, I was admiring it.

‘Did you train your body instead of cultivating?’

Derek was taken aback by that unbelievable fact, but felt a sense of relief at seeing Gregorium beaten.

“Hey, what are you doing!”

Gregorium was furious as he touched his cheek.

His cheek swelled greatly from the blow.

“You’re stabbing a person in the Kuma Tower right now! Don’t you know that this can turn into a political problem! no! It’s too late! The Kingdom of Utah will never receive the support of the Kuma Tower!”

Gregorium wrote evil with bloodshot eyes.

Ekaterina laughed and snorted when she saw Gregory like that.

“I also have nothing to say to the rogue!”

She was a person of political importance.

I had to pay attention to people’s eyes and take appropriate action.

Being emotional was obviously not allowed.

But I didn’t want to close my eyes to this behavior.

Ekaterina did not regret what she had done.

“… … Can you afford it?”

“This is what I was hoping for!”

Gregorium was speechless at Ekaterina’s cry.

“If I turn a blind eye to such wrong things, who will believe me and follow me! I did not come to this place for this!”

At that answer, Gregorium’s face turned red.

He licked his lips and sounded a warning.

“That action. I will definitely make you regret it.”

“It would be better to keep those words from yourself first.”

“… … what? What kind of guy!”

The sudden voice made Gregorium look around to find its source.

But there were no other people around.


Gregorium raised his head, belatedly realizing that the voice had come from above him, from the sky.

“Uh, what… … .”

Gregorium stuttered at the sight of the huge beast floating in the air.

It was the same with Derek Olsen and Ekaterina.

The white deer floating solidly in the air, scattering magic power, caught the attention of the people at the outpost.

The deer showed off its presence by shedding magical light.

All the people swallowed their saliva at that huge and majestic power.

With the sudden appearance of Yeongsu, silence fell over the noisy scene.

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