I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 405

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◈ Chapter 405 Waiting (2)

At Belcart’s sincere persuasion, Isabella and Leslie agreed.

Holding hands, the two children walked slowly over the perforated barrier.

Belcart just watched the backs of those two people.

The children smiled at each other as if they were happy, but occasionally looked back to see Belcart as if something was wrong.


Belkat waved to the children, telling them not to worry.

The children must have felt trust in that figure, and soon they quickly sped up and ran over the fog barrier.


It’s so far away that even the sound of small footsteps can’t reach.

Even though the distance was not far, the disappearance of the sound made me feel an indescribable distance.

In the sight of the two friends leaving, Belcart overlapped the old scene.

The two children had transformed into adults in an instant.

The two looked happy.

The sight of him holding hands with the person he loves and walking toward that light was the salvation he so longed for.

Belkat let out a cough that he had been holding back at the sight of his friends completely disappearing before long.

Blood trickled down his mouth as he coughed violently.

It meant that the insides were completely damaged.

That meant an irreversible death, but the smile on Belkat’s lips never stopped.

“At least, I couldn’t have been late.”

Belkat murmured while wiping away the blood and leaned against a large wooden pole with staggering steps.

The body that reached its limit was now struggling even to stand still.

Belkat, who closed her eyes and caught her breath, opened her eyes faintly at the presence she felt from the side.

“Rudger, is that Celish?”

Rudger stood next to Belcart without answering.

The two did not speak for a while.

A gust of wind blew through the forest and scattered leaves.

Mana gradually began to fill up in the atmosphere along with the tickling sound.

The pure white fog barrier in front of my eyes was completely restored.

“It was a life full of regrets. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t regretted my choice.”

It was a sudden statement, but Rudger silently listened to it.

“Originally, Isabella was not supposed to die. Because I was the one who had to go to Kasar Basin that day. But I got busy with my magic thesis, and it was Isabella who went instead. If I had gone that day, she wouldn’t have gotten into this.”

That was Belcart’s first regret.

He thought Isabella’s death was his fault.

“After that, Leslie came to me in despair. While I was in despair for a year, Leslie was working hard on the Cassar Basin. She holds out the hope that Isabella might be alive.”

“… … .”

“Leslie told me. Maybe she’ll find Isabella. With the mysterious phenomenon of Cassar Basin, she might be able to see Isabella’s spirit. So she asked to go with me. He said that if I help him, he might have a chance to prove his hypothesis. But I didn’t help.”

Belkat’s second regret was related to Leslie.

Leslie asked Belkat to overcome her sadness and find Isabella, but Belkat couldn’t.

“Leslie is strong. You have a much stronger heart than I do. I admired Leslie, but at the same time I was jealous. Because he had things I didn’t have.”

So I declined Leslie’s offer.

But Leslie didn’t give up.

He persistently tried to persuade Belcart and argued that his hypothesis was sufficiently probable.

“I was also vaguely fascinated by that claim. But I couldn’t bet everything on an unfinished hypothesis. I gave up. But Leslie didn’t give up and headed to Cassar Basin.”

And Leslie became missing and disappeared.

At that moment, Belcart realized her mistake.

He had left even the last of his friends.

It wasn’t just about letting go.

The two friends were imprisoned in a prison called Kasar Basin, and were not even allowed to close their eyes in peace.

“My jealousy, selfishness and stupidity killed my friends.”

Belkat, born of self-loathing and regret, inherited the data about the Cassar Basin left by Leslie.

He explored the Cassar Basin and at the same time searched for a way to save the souls of his dead friends.

But the walls of the cruel reality were high.

Suffering and blaming myself over and over again, my mind was worn out and broken.

The only thing that was able to endure it was the conviction that it was purely to save friends.

There was only one.

“Then I met him. The one who guided me and gave me direction.”

“Zero order.”

“okay. He taught me what to do. In return, I worked with his limbs. Waiting for today.”

Belkart met with the Zero Order and became the First Order.

The code name [Leslie] was named after a friend whom he was most jealous of and still recognized at the same time.

Belcart has been thoroughly prepared for a long time.

To save Isabella and Leslie.

The one who had only been helped by the two, in order to help for the first time.

“Then one day old man Rimray came to visit me. You know about me, you do what I’m about to do. He asked me to put him in there.”

Belcart smiled as if she still remembered what had happened that day.

-I’ll take care of the house.

– Considering the skill of the elderly, do you really need to take risks? I will do it.



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Rimray shook his head at Belcart’s words.

-We both have the same purpose. The salvation of my daughter, Isabella. But I still have a bad relationship to unravel. You have lived only for redemption, but I have another reason: revenge.

– If you make a mistake, you will be returned. If you die, revenge and nothing else.

– When a person lives for a long time, he knows when his end will come. And where does he greet you? It’s like an unavoidable fate. So you have to be willing to endure it. The place suits me.

-but… … .

-Choosing a place to die is the last privilege of an old man. Don’t even bother with that.

Belcart couldn’t respond to that.

In the end, Limray successfully completed all of his roles.

All that was left was himself.

journey so far.

days of long agony.

The end was today.

“Is it just because you wanted to be liberated?”

Ludgar murmured as he looked at the dome of fog that covered the entire Cassar Basin.

Belcart nodded weakly.

“okay. For just two people, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. He tried to kill thousands of people who participated in this place to save the two souls who had already died. No, more people would have died if the Cassar Basin collapsed.”

Belkat did not know what she was about to do.

He knew better than anyone else and worked while facing the truth.

Just hoping that two friends will be freed.

“It is not your fault that those two died. It was just an accident.”

Upon hearing Belcart’s story, Ludger calmly recited.

The deaths of Isabella and Leslie are obviously regrettable.

But it was purely an accident.

At least the School of Truth is said to have been involved in Isabella’s death, but Belcart was never responsible for it.

“Nevertheless, you did your job. Even though I knew it was the wrong path, I blamed myself and walked the thorny path. Even if there would be no salvation of your own at the end.”

Belkat dies alone here.

And, of course, the souls of those who died in Kasar Basin are imprisoned there forever.

Isabella and Leslie were saved by Belcart.

Then who will save Belkat’s soul?

“Why do you do such foolish things yourself?”

“Then I ask. Why did you just get out of the way without killing me when you could have killed me?”

Belkat returned the question to Rudger instead of an answer.

“Even if I died, you would have wanted to kill me more than anyone in the position of fighting me like that, but you didn’t. Besides, he even came to visit Isabella and take her to me.”

“… … .”

“You didn’t have to let me save my two friends. You could kill me and free the souls of two people instead. But you gave me a chance.”

Belcart, who continued talking, smiled.

“After all, you are just like me.”

Even though there is no salvation of one’s own at the end.

Even if you don’t know that you could lose your life.

He was determined to walk this path.

“Do you need a reason to help someone dear to you or to commit a foolish thing?”

That’s what being human is.

You can sacrifice others for the sake of one precious person.

Without forgetting that the arrow could return to him.

Even if the opponent receiving the favor doesn’t want it.

It is to push for an egregiously selfish act.

“That’s what love is.”

Rudger didn’t answer.

There was no word of approval or denial.

But even without saying anything, Belcart could tell.

That his answer was a sufficient answer to Ludger’s question.

“You’re not really the First Order, but seeing you go around like that, it must be because the Zero Order also condoned it. So, even in a country like this, I will support you.”


and don’t stop

Belkat’s voice, muttering as if the wind was gone, resonated loudly like thunder in Ludger’s head.


A handful of blood poured from Belcart’s mouth.

“… … You’re tired. Come on, I need to rest.”

“okay. I was very talkative while holding on to a sick person.”

“Assuming you had a good experience before you die.”

Belkat’s head gradually turned downward.

His face was white from lack of blood.

“store. This is an eternal prison. The living should not be where a sinner like me should be.”

At that, the sound of footsteps went away.

It was the sound of Rudger leaving.

Belcart smiled self-deprecatingly as he heard the ringing in his ears.

-I promised.

Humans are truly selfish.

He freed the souls of two friends from this prison and finally brought them together.

satisfied with it

I thought I was satisfied.

But since he said he would die soon, why did he want to see the two of them again?

At that moment, Belcart’s body trembled greatly.

Belkat was terrified in a world that was now blurred and full of darkness.

The side effects of the medicine Victor had been putting off had finally exploded.

“Hey, where are you?”

I don’t remember anything. why is he here Why does my body hurt so much, and why can’t I see anything?

Belcart’s spirit now went back to when she was 7 years old.

No, it was worse than that. Belkat even forgot her own name.

The only thing the damaged brain remembers was that he had a friend.

“Guys. Where are you?”

Belcart cried like a child.

“Rimray! Isabella! Don’t leave me!”

Belkat wrung her hands.

In the darkness where nothing could be seen, 7-year-old Belcart was alone.

“please. don’t leave me… … .”

Belkat’s sobbing body tilted to the side.

At that moment, there was a hand supporting Belcart’s body about to collapse.

“Who, who are you? Are you my friend?”


“I can’t see anything. wow, where are you? What about my friend? please help me I want to meet that friend. I am… … !”

Belkat prayed with both hands to the man who helped her.

However, the further back he went, the lesser the voice became.

All of the remaining vitality was exhausted.

“please… … .”

Belkat talked to herself like someone who had lost her soul.

Rudger, who had been silently watching the scene, opened his mouth.

“You have made a very big mistake. It’s a mistake that’s hard to forgive. What has happened now is the price of that work.”

“I-I don’t know. I don’t know anything.”

“Even if you don’t remember it, it is the truth. What you did won’t go away And you will probably be punished for a long time.”

“Why, why only me… … .”


The wind blew.

“Nevertheless, the punishment ends someday.”

“… … .”

“Everything is like that. The present pain and suffering will disappear as time passes. farewell too If you wait patiently, there will surely be a day when we will meet again someday.”

Because there is no eternity in the world.

The same is true of this eternal prison.

“Hey. The world won’t forgive you. But not everyone will point fingers at you. At least your friends will wait for you, forgive you, and accept you.”

“… … really? Will my friends wait for me?”

“okay. ’cause you’re always late Friends will understand. So just relax and close your eyes.”

At those words, Belcart slowly closed her eyes.

His breathing became even, then faintly cut off.

“Even the nightmare of this moment will be nothing after waking up. So wait.”

Rudgar carefully laid Belkat on the fallen leaves.

Belkat’s expression was as calm as a person in repose.

At the last moment, Belkat could die as Belkat.

The wind has stopped.

Even the corpse of Belkat had disappeared, as if she had never been there from the beginning.

As if it had already been pushed away.

* * *

Rudger walked out of the woods.

Now that the mysterious phenomenon is getting stronger, return to the outpost or you will be caught up.

But Rudger had no choice but to stop.

A huge beast was blocking the path in front of him, revealing its presence.

His height was so high that he had to raise his head quite high to meet those eyes.

A huge deer with a mane of white and azure, stood still and looked down at Ludger.

“Are you trying to say thank you?”

Ludger asked on the premise that he would not be able to understand what he was saying, but to his surprise, Youngsoo nodded in agreement with Ludger’s words.

As the head moved, the reverberation from the golden horns scattered in the air like a haze.

“… … Can you hear me?”

Yeongsu looked at him asking if that was a problem.

Rudger thought he was asking something wrong.

Even though it wouldn’t be strange if he had lived for a long time and possessed more than human intelligence.


Young-soo poured mana from his body and put his will into it.

It was Youngsu’s way of conveying his thoughts to humans.

Rudger could understand Youngsoo’s meaning even though he hadn’t listened to him.

He was thanking himself now.

“I didn’t mean to receive such a thank you. I did everything to live.”


“Even so, I got some help. But it seems to me that there is nothing they can do for me right now.”


“In return for saving the forest, I will do one thing for you. You’re talking too much. You know what I want?”

That said, but Rudger had no intention of asking for anything big.

Rudger looked straight into Yeongsoo’s eyes and said.

“Can I take some of the horns on your head?”

The spiritual beast is a mysterious existence that has accumulated a huge amount of mana and escaped from animals.

And Ludgar judged that the spirit beast’s main magic power was coming from the golden horns on its head.

If you get a part of that horn, you won’t be envious of any elixir in the world.

Of course, I thought it might be an excessive demand, so I thought about changing it to something else.


“… … You say?”

However, when Yeongsu agreed to his request, Rudger was rather taken aback.

Youngsoo won’t lie, so that must be true.

I really hope you will get something like this.

Rudger asked Yeong-soo even though he thought he had a windfall.

“Could you give me a piece of tooth or something?”

… … .

Youngsoo stared at Rudger this time with an expression of incomprehension.

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