I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 403

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◈ Episode 403: Earth’s movement (3)

The mountain rose slowly, as if it were alive.

All the beasts scattered as if they were rumbling away, and Ludger also flew up into the sky, capturing the scene even more.

It was a rocky mountain that pushed the forest out and stood up.

It rose sharply and had the huge sword that Belcart had fired earlier.

But I could feel Ludger and Belcart at the same time.

That is not a natural phenomenon.

Rather, it was more like something moving with ‘will’.

Rudger remembered seeing something similar to that.

“no way.”

It was a time when he was wandering around the world with his teacher, Grander.

Rudger, who went out to sea by boat, looked at the horizon where the sun rose early in the morning.

there it was

A being that exhaled the sea fog of dawn from its entire body, revealing its gigantic figure.

It resembled a huge whale, but with more fins and slender tentacles on its back.

That overwhelming sense of intimidation was a strange sensation that was hard to experience in life.

Fearful yet friendly, solemn yet beautiful.

A spirit born with will in nature.

Among those spirits, the existence that stood at the highest peak.

“Elemental Lord.”

The existence that stimulates the instincts possessed as creatures to the limit simply by existing.

It was the unknown and awe of this world that had not yet been revealed.

The elemental lord of the earth, who occupied a part of it, appeared in this place.

Koo Goo Goo.

The world stirs up.

The air shuddered just as the elemental lord raised his head.

An earthquake of that magnitude should have occurred right away, but surprisingly, the ground was calmer than anything else.

‘Mountains move on the bare ground, but there is no sound. I can’t believe it even after seeing it.’

The elemental lord of the earth was such a being.

Since he was the land itself in the surrounding area, his appearance did not have any repercussions on the land.

‘Besides, what’s the size.’

Despite being quite a distance away, the elemental lord of the earth was completely out of sight.

But overall, I could guess what he looked like.

Pardon the real turtle, but he resembles a giant turtle.

I couldn’t help but express it that way.

The massive rocky mountain that rose out of nowhere was the carapace of the elemental lord.

There was a giant sword that Belcart had fired a while ago, and even that giant sword felt shabby compared to the shell.

“Why is the elemental lord here?”

The elemental lords are known to exist in remote places untouched by humans.

Actual observations are extremely rare.

In fact, only three cases have been observed.

A water elemental lord who stays in the deep sea and occasionally rises to the surface.

The elemental lord of ice that exists at the north pole, at the edge of the frozen land beyond the sea.

An elemental lord of fire that lives deep in the magma of the volcanic field and burns forever.

And at this moment, another new elemental lord has been observed.

The elemental lord of the earth, who pulled out his long neck and raised his head, exuded an irresistible presence.

It was natural.

In the first place, the mountain itself is alive and breathing.

If you are not overwhelmed by that, where are you supposed to be overwhelmed?

Due to its size, the elemental lord of the earth was sufficiently observed even from a distance.

“Three, my God.”

The people waiting at the outpost became contemplative as they saw the tortoise made of rocks standing tall over the forest.

In a tense situation where you don’t know when the leyline will burst, even a giant monster has appeared.

Weak people gasped and passed out, and some panicked.

“calm down!”

Ekaterina had to work hard to stop such people.

But while she was talking like that, the embarrassing thing was that she was all the same.

Won’t the wizards of the old mage tower come back, and won’t the leyline they were heading for break?

So the moment I thought it was over, the secret mansion’s ley lines stabilized, and a huge monster popped out from there.

Even after organizing the situation, it was difficult to follow with my head.

“What the hell is going on?”

As a viewer, I had no choice but to pray fervently.

I hope this all ends safely.

* * *

Ludgar looked at the elemental lord of the earth.

I don’t know why the guy who hadn’t been observed until now suddenly appeared.

However, the moment he met the immaculately large eyes of the elemental lord of the earth.

Even though Rudger didn’t listen, he could see why.



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“Right. Did you want to prevent this disaster too?”

The elemental lord of the earth did not dare to agree.

However, considering where the two legs were now firmly rooted, Ludger’s words were no different from the correct answer.

Collapse of the Kasar Basin.

catastrophe that would result from it.

The Lord, Lord of Elements of the Earth, came to stop it.

As the being in charge of this vast land, I don’t want this place to collapse and fall into ruins.

So now, the elemental lord of the earth plugged the bursting leyline with his own body.

No, beyond that, he even restored the cracked ground and stabilized the fluctuating leylines.

‘Stabilizing the twisted leyline.’

The leylines flowing through Kasar Basin are a huge torrent of energy.

It was almost impossible to block the useless leyline the moment it exploded.

But the Elemental Lord of Earth made it all too easy.

A power close to a miracle for mankind.

It was a sight that made me realize how transcendent the elemental lord was.


Then a huge explosion exploded over the elemental lord’s head.

It was an attack by Belkat, who was enraged at the appearance of the elemental lord.


Belkat felt the sky fall at the arrival of the elemental lord who thwarted all her plans.

poured everything

I’ve been planning, building knowledge, and getting help for years.

He did not hesitate to burn his own life for a purpose.

I did, but what does this mean?

Natural Disasters. Other than that word, nothing came to mind.

A living natural disaster, on the contrary, prevented him.


The mysterious power that had faded and faded away was rising again.

What that meant was that the prison that had been barely destroyed would return to its original state.

Can not be done.

I mean, it didn’t end like this.

What did you come all the way here for?

Belkat gritted his teeth, fashioned a massive iron sword and shot it at the elemental lord’s head.

The steel sword, imbued with intense lightning, shot at near the speed of sound and crashed into the elemental lord’s forehead.

However, unlike the big explosion, the elemental lord was fine.

It didn’t show any reaction, as if it wasn’t itchy.

Rather, the steel sword bounced off with a crumple and fell to the floor with a thud.

Belkat gritted her teeth.

The armor creaked, and the thread veins inside the body burst.

His body, which had reached its limit, was crumbling.

‘Just a little bit more!’

This moment had been predicted since the last time he visited Victor and received the drug he had requested.

– Oh Hyo-hyo. This is amazing. That Mr. Leslie asked me for something like this.

Victor let out his characteristic grotesque laugh and handed the reagent to Belcart with a gloved hand.

-This is it. Thanks to you, I had a really fun experiment! Oh, don’t worry about the effect. Because this is what I guarantee! With this, you will be able to achieve more than 300% of your skills!

Saying that, Don Victor sat in the swivel chair and spun around, staring at Belcart through his glasses.

– But it’s a huge burden. As for me, I should be happy to see the results of this masterpiece come out, but since I’ve been with you all this time, I’ll give you some advice as a fellow First Order. Please do not use it.

That was really serious advice for Victor.

-If you use it, you will surely die. It’s not just dying. It will be terribly painful, and your brain will be damaged. Even the moment you die, you cease to be yourself. Where is such a terrible death?

His face, which was always smiling, had a rare weight.

Belcart recalled the conversation we had at that time.

okay. So he said something when he saw Victor like that.

“It is what I wished for.”

okay. obviously said so.

Why does that suddenly come to mind at this moment?

Belkat couldn’t figure out why.

It is because confusion came to his memory that he should realize the reason for.

Side effects of medicine and excessive physical abuse.

Some of Belkat’s brain cells were overheated.

“I, I… … .”

Belkat, bleeding from within the armor, stared blankly at the elemental lord.

The elemental lord also looked up at Belkart, who was attacking him.

insignificant mortal. At the same time, the person who conspired to collapse the Kassar Basin.

The elemental lords have already seen through everything that is happening on this land.

That’s why he didn’t harbor any anger towards Belcart, nor did he harbor feelings of being arrogant.

It’s a moment in those gigantic eyes, but what dwells there is just compassion.

Even that disappeared in an instant, turning into something heartless.

“… … !”

Belkat couldn’t bear the gaze of the being who ruined everything.

Belkat charged at the elemental lord with a magnetar sword in her hand.

The figure of Belkart leaping toward the great mountain was like an ant leaping toward a rock.

The elemental lord opened his mouth wide while watching Belkart’s appearance.

From the largest and deepest cave in the world, a shockwave that surpassed thunder erupted.

It was a simple exhalation.

However, the elemental lord’s exhaled breath struck Belkart and threw him far away.

The beasts of the forest bowed their heads at the sight.

In front of the awe of Mother Nature, the beasts who lived under its grace did their best to respect the higher beings.

It was the same with Yeongsu, the owner of the forest.

Eventually, fully stabilizing the leyline, the elemental lord slowly turned and left.

Being one body with the earth, the elemental lord did not have to walk on all fours.

As if the ground itself were water, it moved as if it were swimming with its head buried in the ground.

Even so, the ground did not crack or shake.

The forest in the middle naturally moved the way to the left and right, and when the elemental lord passed by, it returned to its original position as if the wound had healed.

The carapace protruded slightly above the ground and broke through the fog of Kasar Basin.

In an instant, the dome-shaped fog shrouded greatly, and the flow was twisted here and there, and holes began to be opened.

“… … You have been of great help.”

Rudger, who watched the whole scene, headed in the direction of the outpost as if he remembered something.

* * *

Belkat opened her eyes, moving her eyelids that could not be opened.

Where are you?

Belkat raised her upper body in agony as if her entire body was about to cut off.

hood gain.

Fragments of the shattered armor that wrapped around his body fell helplessly.

Belcart was able to examine the surrounding scenery only then.

This is the outermost part of the Cassar Basin.

It was the end of the forest that touched the barrier of fog.

The floor was full of shattered metal fragments along with craters.

‘Jin, is it?’

The exhaled breath of the elemental lords.

Caught up in it, Belcart was blown away and landed on the ground.

Belkat remembered what had happened at the end.

The summoned beast, Gold Bird, took Belcart as its body and then fell to the ground together.

Thanks to that, Belkat survived without dying yet.

All the armor was broken and even the gilt bird disappeared, but he was still alive.

Belkat’s gaze turned to the misty veil.

“… … !”

There was a huge hole in the place where it would normally remind me of a white wall after waking up.

Through the hole, I could see a huge rock disappearing over the mountains.

It was a trace left by the elemental lord of the earth passing by.

Belcart slowly rose from her seat.

His staggering steps were precarious. Still, his mind was clear.

Didn’t they say that the aftereffects of the drug ruined both the body and mind?

Belcart thought so and smiled.

Clear mind meant that the condition was serious.

If not treated right away, he will die sooner or later.

If he escaped through the hole and received treatment, he might have a chance to survive.

But with staggering steps, Belkat headed in the opposite direction, not the fog wall.

ha. ha.

How long did he walk through the woods while catching his breath?

He fell several times in the middle, and each time he got up again.

Every time he stood up, his bones snapped and his muscles screamed.

Still, Belcart did not let out a single moan of pain.


Then, with the sound of stepping on leaves, someone appeared in front of Belcart.

Belkat’s hazy gaze turned to the front.

There, a little boy with brown hair was looking at him.

Belkat recognized the boy and her eyes widened.

Leslie tried to call the boy’s name with trembling lips. If the boy hadn’t asked first, he certainly would have.

“Who is the uncle?”

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